Nintendo 8bit PC


Introduction: Nintendo 8bit PC

Made my old NES into a media PC.

The DIY community if full of different versions of these but after some research this is in my opinion the best design.

One of the old controller ports is converted to USB so the old controllers can be used! You´ll need a chip from To map the controllerkeys to stuff i use Eventghost (A for Enter, B for Backspace, Start to launch XBMC etc)

What comes to hardware i guess any Mini ITX board will do but i picked the Asus AT3IONT-I DELUXE. This is why:
- Laptop style power supply
- Comes with a remote. Not perfect but does the job. Remapped keys again with Eventghost.
- Plays all HD videos without problems
- Good price

UPDATE: I added som USB ports under the lid. Pics coming later...



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    This is nice and all but I was looking for something different that maybe someone could help me find. I am looking for how to turn the old NES electronics into something useful. It's one thing to gut the electronics and reuse the case, but I am hoping to repurpose the electronics as well. Surely it can be hacked to work like an arduino?

    Very nice project. I love the retrousb chip for the original ports on the front. I also did this to use unmodified controllers. If you ever want to use snes controllers you can make an adapter from an snes and nes extention cords by swapping the two wires on the chip`s wiring diagram.

    Have you experimented with software yet? I ended up using winxp and hyperspin front end, and totally hid the operating system to function like a MAME arcade system but with Nes and Snes capabilities.

    In response to sonic dudes comment, an ssd is so worth it, but I am with you on the lack of optical drive. Adds noise, heat, and less air flow when a network, flash drive, or alcohol 120 virtual drive would do it without any issue.

    Once again, great job.

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    Hi Beave!
    Sorry for taking ages to reply! :-/
    About software: I am somewhat of a Windows developer so I am running win7 and XBMC for media. I also have a webserver, ftp server and loads of other services running on it. No problem after I upped the RAM to 4Gb. For the past year I've been meaning to add an SSD but it's not that slow except for booting...

    Nice build! What would you say the total cost of this project is?  

    I've done a similar NES->PC build, reusing a Samsung n210 mini PC. Fits perfectly in the NES housing and makes my NES mobile! ( I included the battery and screen in the build). 
    Have a look:

    Liked your solution with the usb chip, enabling the use of unmodified controllers. I have to get one of those.

    Great job! :)


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    Hi zpeeder!
    Brilliant find with your solution. Quite snug but it works!

    About the cost for me: It is so long ago that I cant really remember. The motherboard was basically the only cost plus some small sum for the retroUSB chip.

    Not to ... 1-up you (harr harr) but I'm making a MUCH simpler build that doesn't need an external power supply. Instructable coming soon

    No DVD or Blue ray drive? It should fit easily where the game cart door is. Otherwise nice build. An SSD would make this completely solid state and even quieter.

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    Hi, Yeah I was planning on adding an optical drive. Techinally no problem. The machine has been up and running now for over a year and sofar I havent found the need. I also have another machine in the network with a DVD station so I could always use that as a shared resouce..

    I have however updated the cart door so that under it hides a few USB ports and additional audio ports...