In this project I used a broken Nintendo Advantage controller and a signal booster guitar pedal kit to create what I like to call the "power-up".

What you will need:

Nintendo Advantage Controller
Guitar Pedal Kit (most should fit inside the enclosure)
Soldering iron
Power Screwdriver
Small Phillips head screwdriver
3/8" Drill Bit

Step 1: Strip Out the Parts

Use screwdriver to take off the back of the controller. Then proceed to strip out all the parts except for the joystick portion. Remember to save all the original materials, we will end up using most of the materials to piece the controller back together.
Awesome idea! do you have any issues with outside electronic interference without having shielding inside the modded case? i need to go to my local goodwill and see if i can find anything interesting to put some of my stuff in. And BTW i LOVE general guitar gadgets
You should put a pedal in wich uses more of the buttons on the joystick, would be cooler ;)<br /> <br /> nice idea, im going to make a pedal with my old sega controller<br />
Why do you take&nbsp; out all of the buttons if you only need to take out a few of them?<br />
Really awesome idea. Gotta get myself a Nintendo Advantage now to do this. I love how there are two dials already on the controller.

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