Picture of Nintendo Candy Tin Portable Guitar Amp!
In this instructable I'll show you how to make a small portable guitar amp out of a nintendo candies tin and some electronics.

what you will need:
Nintendo Candy tin (I found mine at costplus but I'm sure they're everywhere)
Electronics for a simple LM386 amp
(LM386 chip, 10uf and 250uf electrolytic capacitors, 10ohm resistor and .05uf cap)
a mono right angle 1/4th inch inch jack with screws (found mine at futurlec)
SPST switch
2-3 coin cell batteries (larger 3v ~CR2032 work ok)
small speaker (under 1.7inch diameter, i think i pulled mine from one of those talking birthday cards)

wire, soldering iron, solder, perf board, tape, dremmel and/or drill or nibblers, screws (for mounting the switch) etc...
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Step 1: Step one: EAT CANDY!

possibly the best step: eating the candy from the tin
(you don't have to eat it, you can put it in a baggie or somethig if you want)

you might want to clean out the inside of the tin to get rid of the candy dust in there.

make any measurements and realize you'll have to squeeze wire, perf board, electronics, a speaker, batteries and a switch all inside that little candies tin.
racurcio6 months ago

It's a small project, even though it's really cool. I have a Strat, so I don't think I'll be able to use without a few adjustments. But I can try to use a different jack.
I always like projects that use nintendo characters, usually that means the author it's a good person to have a conversation xD

Next time if you could post more pictures will be better.

Congratulations for this instructable o/

TheShabz2 years ago
Very clever. Have you tried to plug it into a Strat? I'm curious to see whether the tin will hit the body of the guitar or if the jack is at enough of an angle on the Strat to clear it.
sonicase (author)  TheShabz2 years ago
i haven't tried (cause i don't have one)

i mention it might not work for strats

if you want to test you could go to guitar center or something and see if they have those same kind of jacks and then put something flat on the back of it to see if it fits.
Got a have an adapter of some sort to use that Mario Bro's Mushroom Amp, along with a standard Stratocaster...
very very cool amp though!
rimar20002 years ago
Very clever and useful thing!
SeamusDubh2 years ago
Do you happen to have an image of the board and components together prior to installation into the tin?
sonicase (author)  SeamusDubh2 years ago
i've added pictures of how it might look on breadboard and perf board, it's not exactly what's in mine (because i don't want to take it apart again) it but it should work
cryptex2 years ago
dude this is amazing