Moms are people too. Some moms play video games, and really all moms appreciate it when expensive 1.25 inch game cartridges don't get lost. Personally, I like a little bit of cute with my practicality, and this case fits the bill. It has one velcro pocket for the Nintendo DS, one velcro pocket for games, and one velcro pocket for the charger. And, after all those little pockets get velcro-ed shut, the case folds in half and zips closed to ensure that no tiny pieces go missing. Yay! Plus, the case is quilted, which means more padding in case of dropping accidents. The fire flower applique is a complete bonus. It's not functional at all.

Step 1: Materials & Notes

half yard aqua fabric
scraps of red, yellow, white and green fabric or felt
half-inch double fold bias tape
20 inch separating zipper
quarter yard accent fabric (mine is a polka dot)
thin quilt batting (I like cotton)
stick on velcro
sewing maching

All seam allowances at 1/4 inch unless otherwise specified.

<p>I love It!!! so cute!</p>
I like the case its quite nice and I like the flower power-up... sky blue is my favorite color too it makes me happy to look at it
For some reason, I really like this :-D If I didn't already own a retail one, I would definitely try to get my mom to make me one.
this is awesome:D<br />
I take my DS with me everywhere and this is cute and practical. Thanks!
<em>Hey! </em> I knitted a ds case and was going to put it on instructables! If you like this you'll love mine.<br/>
I get mine from feltandcraft.com and they have a million diffrent colors
Very nice! I love the flower on the front.
Ohhh I could make this out of felt! I have a huge stash of wool blend felt.
This would be so good with felt--you wouldn't have to double layer the pockets!
Your case is super-adorable! I may have to quilt a back-up case for mine now :D
Very cool. And great pictures too!

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