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Made from photo paper and red electrical tape. I've always wanted to do something like this. There's no cover over it... Would anyone know how to get a clear case for the original DS?


Iridium7 (author)2011-07-20

If you're going to make an 'ible, then make more steps.

TheInsaneFanboy (author)Iridium72011-07-20

I know, I'm just not sure if it's entirely necessary. The make of it is quite simple, and I feel it's more of an idea starter, like an inspiration to put your own flag on a device. I intended this to be a photo submission of a completed project, but if there's a few requests for a how-to, then I'll for sure make an Instructable for it.

jingo69 (author)TheInsaneFanboy2011-08-26

I like the idea 4.5*

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