Nintendo DS and 3DS Game + SD Card Case/holder.





Introduction: Nintendo DS and 3DS Game + SD Card Case/holder.

Store your loose DS and 3DS games with an old CD jewel case, and some CNC know-how!

Back in the day, third-party PS1 memory cards were sold in a CD jewel case with a custom molded insert. I still store my memory cards like this (but I lost the insert). I've never been able to find a case similar to this; so I decided to make my own. ( I was happy to sacrifice some "clearance" CD's I bought...listening to music from the 90's/2000's is the fastest way to induce buyer's-remorse.)

You will need:

  • a scrap of 1/4" thick wood ~6x6 inches
  • A CNC router (or a dremmel with skilled hands)
  • jewel case for with the CD insert removed.
  • calipers (or a ruler and a good eyeball)
  • safety goggles

Watch the video for the complete guide!

Like any CNC related project, the hardest part is the drawing. The drawing took about 3 revisions. Calipers are a must. Another tip is a printer. Sounds silly, but printing your design at 100% scale and laying the parts on top is the only way to identify outstanding issues before heading to the machine.

The end product was so nice I made one for my SD cards! Next step is to laser cut a bunch more! And remake the holder for my PS2 memory cards.

I will be selling these (eventually) on my website at



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    This is a good idea, I'm tempted to try this with my camera SD cards. Would it work for something like that?

    Oh yeah, Check the 4th picture (you have to click "show all"). I made one for SD cards. Works as expected!