Picture of Nintendo DS arcade stand / charger
This is a Nintendo DS stand/charger. The main idea is for it to look like an old school arcade game. the charger plugs into the ds through the back.

not my original idea!! mine is just the "better" version. its colored, and has better instructions.

enjoy!! :)

credit to Duobix for coming up with the basic idea.
[original ds charger arcade maker]
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Step 1: Cutting it out..

Picture of cutting it out..
you will need:

exact-o knife
nintendo ds

first draw out the out line for the 1st side of the arcade game ds charger thingg as seen in the picture.
the cut this out with your knife. [make it 10 in tall]

okay now you have two walls.

Step 2: Measurments

Picture of measurments
like i said, it should be roughly 10 in. high

then make it exactly 5 in. wide.
connect the two walls by hot glue-ing a top and botton.
(i would make these 5 x 6.5 inches)

Step 3: The back of your arcade machine

Picture of the back of your arcade machine
the back you just cut out and glue in, use alot of glue!! you want this to stay on.

cut a hole in the back so the charger cable can go though. (as seen in picture 2)

Step 4: COLOR, make it look niceeeeee

Picture of COLOR, make it look niceeeeee
now, i made mine look like an old super mario bros. arcade game.
but i also considered:
space invaders
and pac-man.

but i leaned towards a more nintendo theam! i would like to see creativeness so send me photos.
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i made one for my ipod
ginger200373 years ago
Hmmm.... I have plenty of cardboard, but I think that it would look good and have better support for the ds if it was made out of wood... Hello next project! lol
tbraddy3 years ago
i made one for my gameboy advanced SP
5STARGBLOOD3 years ago
srry here it is
5STARGBLOOD3 years ago
im putting mine together wt DT ill post a pic when im done
sugarhi9116 years ago
i made one thats looks awesome thanks
beauwalker23 (author)  sugarhi9116 years ago
sennd me a pictue. i'd love to see it
I suggest posterboard. It would be easier to cut and color.
No offence, but the photos are terrile. And it looks kind of crude.
He's a 15 y/o guy who has a great imagination and is putting his mind to work. Don't knock him for that. I think is a really neat idea. My son would think it's cool too.
Yes, madam. But I m 14, and I could probably make sometink better. Age is not an excuse. But still, its a nice project.
Why don't you show us and make one then? I personally think it's great, beauwalker.
I take on your challenge! And what exactly is a beauwalker, if you would care to explain.
beauwalker23 (author)  Klaus Baude 1236 years ago
its a name. whats a klaus?
a klaus is "santa" in german
sooo..... have you made one yet??
beauwalker23 (author)  Klaus Baude 1236 years ago
Okay, to clear all this up....I took it with a bad camera. I know how to take good photos. Im a bit of a photographer. I realize they're not great pictures. its all about the instuctible anyways....
Sorry, I didnt want to be rude. Your Instructable is quite nifty.
you spelled terible wrong
klercke4 years ago
i diddent know there was a game called frogger galiga space invaders and pac-man or that there was a cardboard exact-o knife marker nintendo ds times have (the point) use commas
ohh i c in the instructable its top to bottom not left to right
i made one for a dsi and it is actually the same size, just bigger screen and slightly bigger very nice. the best 8 games i ever traded in
slightly bigger very nice
caityjay5 years ago
Because I can be sort of a perfectionist with this sort of thing, I would probably bind the edges after gluing with masking tape or cover the whole thing with contact paper somehow to hide the raw cardboard edges (and I'd have to cover the inside, or add another panel under the top part to hide it, which I don't think would be too hard). Thanks for the "improved" 'ible, this is such an awesome idea! Sweet little display :)
and then spray paint it over right?
Of course! The joy of spray paint.
i just found out that it makes a good cup holder or a pop can concealer
how do you fit a dsi
don't worry i did it already it works but i have to paint it
and 40$
halo994 years ago
What king of cardboard are you using? i.e.popcorn box THICK-poptart box THIN-or shoe box...the the cardboard im using keeps bending and my DS just falls in when im playing
probably corrugated cardboard
3553745 years ago
WICKED. This looks really awesome im building it right noww  XD
dominic62455 years ago
Dude thank you so much for the idea i just finished mine.......i still need to add a theme
boopsta15 years ago
its sweet im gonna make one right away
awsome idea
Human Being5 years ago
thats AWESOME!!! too bad i don't have a DS. Is there a way to make for the psp cause thats what i have
beauwalker23 (author)  Human Being5 years ago
Your charger light is red >.<
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