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Why purchase an expensive game case from Gamestop that is as big as the actual DS and only holds four games, when you can make a smaller, sturdier one that holds eight?

Step 1: Empty Out an Altoids Chewing Gum Tin

You may

-eat them at a leisurely pace and have an empty tin in a week,
-throw out the gum because you don't like it anyway, or
-stuff your mouth with as many as you can comfortably chew and be done in a few rounds.

Step 2: Put in Your Games

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One can fit up to eight games into one tin, or four games and the plastic cover for slot-2 on the DS Lite.


mason0190 (author)2010-07-20

how did you get Rub Rabbits!? Are you in Europe or Australia!?

sillyzombie666 (author)mason01902010-08-10

ya i got my copy of feel the magic on ebay in case for like $8 but ya i need to pick up rub rabbits as well if its as good as feel them magic

No, I'm in the US. I got it at a regular GameStop!

fishgish509 (author)2009-12-09

on Elite Beat Agents, did you unlock the hard rock level

sillyzombie666 (author)2009-11-11

i have like 8 games and i use this tin thanks so much for the idea, i've been using it for like a year i think. if you need to hold like 50 games buy and r4 chip and a usb device to copy the ds games so you can legally own all the games and have it on one cart

grenades_and_ham (author)2007-02-11

why dont you just buy one those memory card wallet cases they sell at wally world in the camera department its only like 4 bucks and ho9lds like 30 mem cards

ARVash (author)grenades_and_ham2007-02-11

ds games are a little to big for that :<. anyways nobody has 30 ds games. Not to mention the classy Altoids tin

knex_mepalm (author)ARVash2009-09-27

I have 38!

aquafae (author)ARVash2009-03-05

A lot of people have that many DS games. I do. I'm trying to find something that will hold at least 50 games. There is one thing called the Nintendo Ultimate Game Library, but they're really rare and hard to find. I've been playing around with different cd cases, sewing, gluing, etc, trying to make my own, but so far I haven't found something that works well enough yet. I hate lugging around a small handbag full of cases and cartridges.

wupme (author)aquafae2009-05-13

Did you take a look on those stamp collection foils? They are the same like those for collecting card games, but smaller. I think you can get them in A5 or even A6, that would make a nice system to store DS games. Lucky me, i only own 1 DS Card, and that is always in the DS :)

DSWiiLOrd1o1 (author)wupme2009-05-28

I bet that that one game card, just spitballing here, is the R4 or AK2/AK2i. Tell me if I am right, and that is what I recamend that dude with like 50, since that is waht it holds, or even more. If you don't know what that is then look it up on google.

wupme (author)DSWiiLOrd1o12009-05-29

Nope its an Cyclo DS Evolution, in my opinion way better then the other ones. It just has a problem with the ezflash V+ memory extension for slot2, but thats already adressed, and they'r working to get it going with the next firmware upgrade.

knex_mepalm (author)2009-09-27

I bought a case which holds the charger, ds, 20 games, earphones,mobile phone,spare stylus,stickers,and more junk for $25 AU oh yeah!

welder guy (author)2009-09-04

i bought a case that holds 20 games and the charger and some small exessory (like headphones). for $15 at the shack.

peterson00 (author)2009-06-09

I love this product. It holds 12 games so I can take it on vacation with me and not worry about where my games are in my purse or suitcase.

DSWiiLOrd1o1 (author)2009-05-28

Also, it works better if you dent in the bottom so that it is flat instead of curving in, then the top closes nice and easy.

llama lord (author)2007-12-28

wait....wats that weird black thing in the very last picture on the bottom? but anyway, ,nice Instructable!

its the slot 2 safety cover card for the ds lite you may have the regular ds

I believe it is called a bay plug.

dsman195276 (author)llama lord2008-01-06

that is the plastic peace you put in the gba slot on a ds lite to keep dout out.

mailmanbam (author)dsman1952762008-07-08

how come it has a chipboard in it??

dsman195276 (author)mailmanbam2008-07-09

i usd to wonder that too, i think it is so that it competely covers the board in side the ds.

Yerboogieman (author)llama lord2008-03-18

in your picture thats the guy from that TBS sitcom, the office

casey321b (author)Yerboogieman2008-05-14

yea... his name is Dwight. I dont know how to spell it :D

DSWiiLOrd1o1 (author)2009-05-28

Correction. I believe the "plastic cover for slot 2" is called a bay plug. Not 100% sure but I think so.

tqwerty (author)2009-05-24

And, its a good security update. What robber is gonna steal your Altoids? :P

Bomberkid (author)2009-03-09

Can't go wrong with what's cheap and looks cool! Though I can't help but worry if someone would mistake it for real gum....

mettaurlover (author)2008-06-08

actually, now it's six, and the size of the lite. of course, you can get a bunch of those 3-game cases that are about the size of a few pencils...

and the big case is the size of the lite. exactly the size of the lite. even i get confused sometimes, but it IS good for taking the thing and saying that it's just a bunch of games...

NetReaper (author)2008-05-24

it would be nice to dye or decorate or do some sort of coating on.

Actually, I lined the inside with electrical tape. You could probably also use spray-on glossy paint on the inside, like we did for the inside of our metal medicine cabinet.

Noodle93 (author)2008-02-08


If you want to, you can add this to the Nintendo group. It's aimed at gathering all mods/hacks/builds that are related to Nintendo.


bounty1012 (author)2008-01-02

it looks like a DS.

jamnoopers (author)2007-07-29

neat idea, just wish i had 8 ds games

xboxteen01 (author)2007-03-04

pretty cool. i wonder if this would work for my SD cards?

SD cards are slightly narrower than Nintendo DS cartridges, so while they will fit, they won't be as snug. You can probably fit three per layer, and probably five layers... so 15 SD cards?

actually i tried it,i took the plastic case things that they come in,cut away the case and hot glued in the mounting piece,i can fit 10 SD cards in it snugly,it rattles abit but not much. but thanks anyway

celsmore (author)2007-02-13

This is awesome, I never would have thought of trying this. I have not found a good way to store my DS games before this. Weissensteinburg obviously doesn't know how easy those suckers are to lose!

Sk8rDuck (author)2007-02-12

Good idea! My sisters are always losing their games because the dont have a good case. Looks like the DS games fit perfectly in there.

Weissensteinburg (author)2007-02-11

So, to make a storage container out of an altoids case, put stuff in it? Thanks.

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