Picture of Nintendo DS game case
Why purchase an expensive game case from Gamestop that is as big as the actual DS and only holds four games, when you can make a smaller, sturdier one that holds eight?
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Step 1: Empty out an Altoids Chewing Gum tin

You may

-eat them at a leisurely pace and have an empty tin in a week,
-throw out the gum because you don't like it anyway, or
-stuff your mouth with as many as you can comfortably chew and be done in a few rounds.

Step 2: Put in your games

Picture of Put in your games
One can fit up to eight games into one tin, or four games and the plastic cover for slot-2 on the DS Lite.
mason01905 years ago
how did you get Rub Rabbits!? Are you in Europe or Australia!?
ya i got my copy of feel the magic on ebay in case for like $8 but ya i need to pick up rub rabbits as well if its as good as feel them magic
courier12point5 (author)  mason01905 years ago
No, I'm in the US. I got it at a regular GameStop!
fishgish5095 years ago
on Elite Beat Agents, did you unlock the hard rock level
Correction. I believe the "plastic cover for slot 2" is called a bay plug. Not 100% sure but I think so.