Picture of Nintendo DS lite Notepad
Retrofit your Nintendo DS into a notepad. You can take notes even without batteries. Idea is to create a writable surface on the lid of your DS, using a Scotch Magic tape.

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
We'll need the following things for this things:
1. Scotsh Magic tape (cos it has a writable surface)
2. a paper knife or a pair of scisors,
3. a pencil of course (for taking notes)
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mike!!!4 years ago
would be easy on a dsi.....DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON THE CAMERAS and NOT DSi XL
I would do this in a heartbeat if my ds wasn't as modded as it is. No surface really available for this lol

Great job though. I never would have thought of it.
urtlesquirt4 years ago
Um kinda bulky..
Sunny1246137 years ago
hm I guess this is cool,if you want a $250 note pad
Thats the 3DS
are you serious? a ds is only about $130 even for the lite version
even more so you can get a 20$flash cart plus a msd card and do this exact thing digitally.
StaneStane (author)  R4Man186 years ago
Oh but digital solution wouldn't work if battery is empty. Go steam punk I say
or just make the first altoids tin pocket whiteboard with a built in led light because it can fit a battery with a little bit of work a piece of white board on top and an eraser battery and markers in the bottom of the lid.
futeng R4Man186 years ago
Stane is just telling you how to do this if you want to do it. That's all.
St Jimmy4 years ago
I have a trashed (washing machine) ds lite. I bet if I take it apart I could fix a notebook on the inside and have notes when I open the top!
sw5t4 years ago
i have a black dsi which really sucks fr this
This is awesome im gettin a DSi for christmas and i want to do this with a case so i wont ruin it will that be possible??
doesn't a ds have two squares on the front?
 not a ds lite
you cant see them that well in the picture, but they are there
yes it does
jaxxster16 years ago
or you can get a dstt, R4 and install
wtoto jaxxster15 years ago
hey when i download this where do i put it on the the micro sd do i put it on the root? or the games file?
jaxxster1 wtoto5 years ago

I dont think that it matters

wtoto jaxxster15 years ago
no it does matter
jaxxster1 wtoto5 years ago
just put it in the games file then..
seabananers5 years ago
i just showed this to my sister and she immediatley wanted to do it
artix5 years ago
is this reuseable

McKayla20135 years ago
It would be cooler if you did a pain white peach of paper and then follow the steps it gives you a clean slate and i use dry easers makers
noname4207 years ago
hahaha man thats hella funny and awesome at the same time, we just need to put lasers and flashing lights on it and its good to go.....sorry i just like lasers and flashing lights :)
could you use a material that you could write on sharpie and then erase it?
Probably not, since I don't know what material can do that, but you could take off that layer to reveal to clean layer underneath.
DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That looks so awesome! Great idea, I don't have a DS unfortunately. I have the old one. When I get a new DS (hopefully soon), I will get a white one, along with some Scotch Magic tape. Great idea! +1 rating.
What game systems do you have?
PSP (share with friend), PS2, Xbox 360 (share with friend), might get Gamecube, Computer. Gameboys. Different types.
dude dont ever get a gamecube they sux i just sold mine the games are overpriced and the system is lame. and psp rox way better than ds. i got a psp and my mom got a ds and i have to say pspis waaaaay better
junits15 im_tux6 years ago
game cube was one of the "powerhouses" of its generation and now the games can be bought (used only) for like $10 and besides, it can be modded to run linux! :) And with the R4DS you can do so much more cool things with the DS like run emulators and play movies.
LIAR! DSs pone all, specially the new DSi ! You could put the tape ound the camera...
Get a psp! much better... and it costs about $50 more, totally worth it, even though i have a ds, i would much rather have a psp. Its not like you can argue with Santa Claus...
Santa Claus does not have a return policy. It was a sad day when I found that out after writing him for a refund. ;)
StaneStane (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
Ah, don't, troll please. This is not about which is a better system. This is an instructable for people who happen to have DS Lite. Thanks for dropping by.
I have the crimson black DS Lite. Wouldn't the white duct tape leave a sticky residue on the DS? I think I'll just put a index card on it and put the scotch tape over it.
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