Nintendo DS Slot-2 Lights





Introduction: Nintendo DS Slot-2 Lights

How to make a source of light out of 2 white leds & your filler cartridge(the useless thing that came in your ds's gba slot).

Step 1: Gather Materials...

I've found a cheap set of wardrobe lights, cheaper than white led itself; so I've decided to use them, instead of buying some...

Step 2: Dismantling

Open up the cartridge and prepare some wires...
p.s. take a look at the polarity (2nd image).

Step 3: Soldering Time

Desolder 2 leds
solder them to the wires
look at the 7th picture and make something similar
put some insulating tape between the wires in the cartridge

Step 4: Cartridge Mod

Take the bottom part of your cartridge and engrave it with something, like a dremel...
then detach the internal plastic separator part.

Step 5: Assembling

Put the pcb into the cartridge case (use some glue to fasten it);
close the case with the screw (do you remember where you put it?)
add some glue to the leds(to prevent short circuit).

Step 6: Let There Be Light!!

You've finished!



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    do you need a resistor in that?how will i know the voltage?

    Step 4, pic 2: "here you can see it more clearly"

    Are you kidding me?

    Quick question. Are you soldering the wires to both of the outermost contacts? The picture was hard to make out.

    Step 3 pic 8: "here you can see it more clearly" lol
    Step 2 pic 2: n° of pins (1 & 32)
    you can solder the wires to the track of the circuit (use sandpaper first) or to the contact directly (but no more than 1-1,5 mm).

    Ok... got mine to work. Found out that it is practically impossible to embed an LED into the front cover of the blank (the plastic is incredibly thick!) so I left that part off and only used the top half of the blank. Other than securing the circuit, it's pretty easy. I've attached pictures of my stab at it. Overall, it's a cool project. Thanks m6233555m! (or can I just call you 'm'? ;) )


    wel i used a tiny flat screwdriver it worked for me

    i made one just like that... i have a diffused blue led in a pink filler from one of my friends, i got my ds used, so i was mad when i foundout that piece was missing, waiting to be modded

    Call me "m"... glad to be helpful.

    Ok... got that. What about the voltage output? Say I wanted to use only one LED. Would I need a resistor?

    The output voltage is 3.3 volts, I just tested it.

    Thanks, XOIIO! I know I should be able to do that myself but for lack of tools... :P