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This are two products that will protect your Nintendo DSi XL or DSi and after I did my research I found them to be probably the best on the market for this gaming console. This are the CM4 external housing and the Pelican 1040 case. I will give you in the shortest way I can the information on where to get this items and why you should get them.

Step 1: CM4 Housing

This is the CM4 housing. It will protect the outside shell of your DS avoiding dust scratches and at the same time is smooth in the outside and comfortable for your hands. The best product I found in the market. A little expensive but if you like to protect your investment you will consider it.


A sleek fabric-wrapped aluminum cover that compliments your on-the-go lifestyle with improved comfort, grip, and style.

Product Highlights:
Aluminum frame tightly wrapped in soft-touch fabric provides ultimate comfort and protection
Fully play-thru cover with improved comfort and grip
Sleek contours and materials create premium touch in hands
Made with durable synthetic leather and custom-tailored for a snug fit


I did one of these recently you should check it out, the name is, DS cases, the good, the bad, and the really overpriced. <br>
why do you need a pressure lock case for a ds
It&rsquo;s not about the pressure lock feature but the protection that the pelican cases give. It's almost the same price as a regular Nintendo case and protects it way better. If you travel with a sea (duffle) bags around the world, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc., you will need good protection for your gadgets. Thanks.

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