Picture of Nintendo End Table ( N-End Table)
More Coats added and Pictures Uploaded
General Safety Tips Step added

Okay, so back to business.
If you have ever used a Nintendo 64 you know the original Nintendo logo. I have wanted to build this table for quite some time but have always had some things come up.

My intent for this table is to have a glass top and to be used for holding games. The shelves are wide enough to hold Nintendo 64 games and nick-nacs  but not wide enough to hold PS3 or X360 game cases.
The doors are completely removable and held the in place by magnets. The magnets I used are strong enough to hold the door firmly in place. I was able to pick up and move the table from my garage to my room without any of the doors falling off.

If you like this project please vote for it. Thank you.
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Step 1: General Safety Tips

Picture of General Safety Tips

Here are just some general safety tips to keep in mind during the project

When working with a large amount of saw dust you should either where a mask or attach a vacuum to your currently tools
Work in a well ventilated area when working with fumes or sprays (spray paint)
Where hear protection when working with heavy machinery for extended periods.
Do not where gloves when working with spinning power tools because cloth can be easily caught
Always know where the blade and your hands are.
Obvious but often ignored. Don't drink and use power tools.
Kidzdelight5 months ago
Can this table be modified into others letter
musick_083 years ago
May I suggest building a nintendo 64 into the actual table? Then you could have a Nintable 64 ;)
kgrewe (author)  musick_083 years ago
Hmm. Maybe.
dombeef3 years ago
Wow, it brings back old memories, I might have to make this in the near future, congratulations on being a finalist in the Krylon Contest(I dont know the winners as I posted this message)!
kgrewe (author)  dombeef3 years ago
Thank You and Good Luck if you decide to make the project yourself. I'm really enjoying my table. The table is currently located in my living-room and I have found so many uses for the drawers besides games (remote, small pads of paper, pencils).
dombeef kgrewe3 years ago
I have also made a papercraft version so that might help me! And it must be a great converasation piece when people come over
mary candy3 years ago
woo so a wonderful job!
I still have my old nintendo too.
I love it.
kgrewe (author)  mary candy3 years ago
Thanks. I still have mine I just need to find the time to break out some of the classics.
dimtick3 years ago
I'm glad you posted some updated photo's. paint job looks much petter.
mdf soaks up paint like a sponge. primer is a must before painting. what I like to do is to prime the 4x8 sheet before I start cutting. once peices are cut, if I think it'll be hard to paint later, I'll paint the pieces before assembly.

also, mdf has formaldehyde and kicks out a ton of dust so a good quality mask is a must.

Nice Job
kgrewe (author)  dimtick3 years ago
Thanks, I really like the paint job now. I had to wait a couple of days to finish the paint job because it was just too hot to spray paint.

P.S. I worn a mask and had a had a wet dry vac running every time I cut.
This was a learning experience Thanks.
blackderby3 years ago
Aw man, after all that work you decided to use spray paint? I though for sure you would use just a regular brush and a foam brush for the edges. Would have saved you a lot of work and a lot of runs. Awesome idea and great execution though!
kgrewe (author)  blackderby3 years ago
For anyone interested in building this project. It really wasn't that hard to do. This was my first build and a learning experience. I plan to make it again with some improvements. It could probably be completed in a weekend. I wanted to use paint brush but it wanted to enter it in the spray paint contest. I could of used a brush and lied but I wanted to do it honestly. The spray paint does give it a nice shine though.
nice table man! spray paint would have worked just fine, but you need to do some preparations before you do. i have some experience working with MDF since building some speakers. so here is my advice: you have to sand everything with a fine sanpaper, otherwise your paint will not be even. then you need to buy a special MDF primer (the one you chose will get soaked into the material) wich is very sticky and not very nice to work with, but if you coat your MDF with it, dry it, and then sand it very well, your spraypaint will be perfect. since my speaker project, i know that the quality of the paintjob is all about priming and sanding. i hope i could help. (i'm sorry for grammar mistakes.. but beeing from germany excuses them, i guess ;) )
kgrewe (author)  Taschenratte3 years ago
Thank you much and your grammar is just fine by the way. I will look into the proper primer to use. I suspected that was the cause. Since posting I have sanded the edges down and sprayed on a few more coats and I will be posting some new pictures today.
flyingpuppy3 years ago
That looks complicated, but I love the idea!
Z0M8I33 years ago
You have my vote! This would go great in my game room!
Way to go Kent, keep up the great projects...You are so smart.
Great Job ! Nice to see you use your time wisely during the summer break. Can't wait to see future products that you make. Good Luck ! You have my Vote.
Great Job ! It's cool how you used your time wisely during the summer break. Good Luck! Can't wait to see other products in the future. You have my Vote.!
squiggy23 years ago
You are my hero
Hallmar3 years ago
How much $$ did you spent in this awesome project?
kgrewe (author)  Hallmar3 years ago
I have a lot of scrap pieces of wood leftover that I plan to use on future projects. I had planned on keeping a running total but I had to buy some tools to get me started. A Reasonable cost would be $28 wood and $11 for paint. But you can reduce the cost by buying a larger sheet of wood. I did not have a truck to buy the large sheets so I bought 3 of the smaller pieces.
But in the end you will have leftover pieces and paint and a really solid table.
Stay tuned I am going to turn the leftover pieces into a companion cube box from portal.
splazem3 years ago
PeckLauros3 years ago
Very nice!
tinker2343 years ago
it looks cool, but i think that you should have put a lip on the tops and get some glass fitted to it. and maybe stain the glass. hmmm sounds like something i would do if i made this lol still though it looks awesome.
kgrewe (author)  recklesskiba3 years ago
I do plan on having fitted piece of glass cut. I was in a little rush to put this instructable online so for the picture I took a piece of glass from a table I already had in my living room. But I completely agree that the glass should be fitted. Since I haven't ordered it yet I might go with stained glass (that does sound cool) or sandwich a Mario poster between two pieces of glass.
SHIFT!3 years ago
I am into this!