Nintendo Gamecube Racing Wheel Made of Knex and a Nintendo Wavebird





Introduction: Nintendo Gamecube Racing Wheel Made of Knex and a Nintendo Wavebird

Well, It took me a few days just to get it to work right, so of course I didn't want to take it apart so I just took a TON of pictures that I am hoping will help you build it :)
This wheel was designed for F-ZERO GX. I am eventually going to make a casing for it out of LEGOS.

w00t I get to upload the first one of these things! YEAH!

Also, if you don't want to view each picture individually, here is a slideshow!

When it is finished uploading there WILL be a video of it on the first step, which actually won't be a step. Lol. Enjoy!

Step 1: Just a Gameplay Video



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Check out mine, too! You and jakesllama were my inspiration.

Also on Instructables under the same video name.

check out mine

i did it! theres a pedal on him now and he is on a stand perfect what else should i add to it?

You've already gone farther than I can ever go. Lol. The only thing I can think of would require modding everything else and making a shift thing for games supporting manual shift, but that would take the chance of messing EVERYTHING up.. I would leave it as is and start racing. Tell me how it works, I may just have to try it your way lol.

thanks lol well theres a string going from the pedal to the switch theres a movie here to explain it better enjoy ps it isn't very strong i had to fix it s couple of times while in play pss may take a while for movie to load :(

Holy crap that's sweet! What sucks though is I have no string lol

lol im still going to try and make a more smarter one ive came with an idea for a analog stick for the sp

Analog (sp?) is impossible. Maybe a joystick, yes, but not analog. Also if you want analog get a gameboy player for the gamecube lol.

yeah i dont have a gb race game game so i might as well forget it (i already have one lol)

Mario Kart Super circuit with a joystick? Hmmmm... I have a friend who has a GBA SP, and he has a third- party accessory that clips on the front. It is a joystick and rubber pads for the "A" and "B" buttons. I believe it was made by MadCatz.