I had a broken NES, a rotary tool, two small hinges, some glue and Alpha Flight's Sasquatch. What I ended up with was a lunchbox that gets all kinds of funny looks.

This is my first project, and kinda sloppy. I only had about two hours to do the whole thing. I'm sure I'll improve it over time (add a latch and file down the rough edges some more) but for now, it holds my lunch admirably.

Step 1: Remove the guts

Picture of Remove the guts
Opening the NES case and pulling out it's guts is pretty easy. Take out all the screws you can find and lift the parts out gently one at a time. The wires can be unplugged from the motherboard pretty easily. I had to use pliers to get a decent grip on them though.
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oreoosmarr1 month ago

Cool I wanna do this but...my NES is working and I also have a mega drive.i wonder what I can do whith a mega drive:?(

rotinaj7 years ago
If you had put the hinges on the back, you could incorporate the power and reset buttons and possibly the controller port into the latch.
Great idea. Just yesterday I pulled my old unit out of the back of the closet to try and come up with an idea like this one. I don't need a lunch box but you can always use it for SOME kind of box.
Got a Gameboy and games that need a carrying case? How about a really cool case for holding your Wii or Gamecube games? That's be neat: A retro Nintendo system storing the newest generations...
might do that with sega megadrive......
 Yeah, because no one uses those things now.

i collect them :)

i still have my NES and MegaDrive(both fully functional).... i would only gut it if it wasnt working
or gameception.... :O
fllynt rotinaj7 years ago
thats not a bad idea, although i would add a handle so you can carry it around, and i would add the latch. that would be a really good idea!!! :D
make the handle retractable into the card slot
loki233 rotinaj7 years ago
yeah, if you attach the power and reset buttons to a thin piece of metal and then attach that to the top part of the case, you could use them as a latch
popeye12311 year ago
Alphabeta442 years ago
this is fantastic. i can actually MAKE this! well, i mean, if i had the system.....
In the process of making this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, just about to add the hinges. This is a great instructable! :D
Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
This would be so cool if I had the nerve to kill my precious NES.
amandaggogo3 years ago
Been needing a good project to do with my sad broken NES. I think this one will do nicely.
vulcan243 years ago
I am going to make a gameboy sandwich case XD
If the posts are not too thick, a good way to get rid of them would to cut them out with some small tin snips, just an idea... love this 'ible! !!!!
Here's an idea for a handle, you could add some sort of spring mechanism that fits behind what would normally be the where you put the cartridge, so you can open the little door thing, and pull out the handle, and when you set it down and let go it just gets pulled back under and you can then close the little door.

If that made sense.
Appollo644 years ago
Great Instructable!
KNEXFRANTIC4 years ago
why the nes is awsome
lilwitteck4 years ago
I just made a second one for my club to raffle off at my schools home coming and we made over $100!! i use mine everyday and everyone already wanted one anyway :D
anthonyyy05 years ago
oh this is sooo coool!!!! Im going to start the school year rockin' my new nes lunchbox :D
Joe Martin5 years ago
If you actually use this MAJOR geek points to you. This is something I would use with no problems/cares whatsoever. I love it!
Hey, I took your wonderful idea and applied it to my Super Nintendo. I didn't really follow your plan, and it probably didn't turn out as nice as yours as I made it up as I went. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. :)
how about a mini screen and a micro computer Nintendo emulator on the inside so you can play old games while you eat with and  a classic controler tucked along with to use. no idea on how to power without a wall socket. would be silly at the office :)
i made this and have had multiple people tell me that i should do that!
Madrias3576 years ago
Now that is funny! I knew a friend who did something similar (major computer geek). He took a dead printer, gutted it, and made it into his lunchbox. Access food through the ink door, snacks through the paper-tray (that stupid flip door that holds your paper for all the world to see, well, his had room there for snacks and sodas.) Was always funny to see a Canon printer in the fridge.
 WOAH! Bad idea with the Printer. The ink cartridges, especially from the older types, were carcinogenic. He'd better have scrubbed that printer REAL good before letting any food near it. Love the NES lunch box. I'll have to find some dea NESs and do some serious modding. One guy made a PC out of his...
He cleaned that thing up good, actually.  5 days with the shell soaking in water with who-knows-what added to the water, followed by pulling it out and giving it a hot-water-and-scotch-brite rinse.  I'm surprised there weren't holes in the case from the scrubbing.

Also, the printer was only about 2 years old and died an early death from board failure.
moocowdog5 years ago
thats fricken awesome
scratchr5 years ago
What about lead poisoning? I would cover the inside with epoxy or something.
lead posining from plastic? i don;t think so, anyway its china thats bad with lead not japan.
grate idea!!!But you to apart a nes dude!! i gess if it was broken............
I don't think i could bring myself to take apart a nes, broken or not. I just cant do it! I really want one though.. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Too much history, too many spare parts. You could make something great! I would be the person to store the parts away for when I get an idea.
on the other hand im not much of a gamer......all i got is a gameboy that i hardly ever play..........i wud probly use it for sumthin mor usefull.....like makin it stronger and bilding one of those small skate bords you sit on, then find a steep paved hill........:)
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