In this instructible i will teach you how to make a Stand to hold you Nintendo Wii, games, and controllers. This is pretty easy to do if you have the right tools. I found that you can buy this at walmart for about 50 bucks. But i decided to make one myself and use the extra cash to buy mario kart!!



Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-some typed of saw (to cut wood)

-plywood ( or whatever you have laying around)

-two different colors of paint (your color choice)


-sander (for final touch ups!)

hammer and nails (or screws with electric screwdriver)
kinda half assed isnt it?
Awesome Instructable!!
I have that exact same TV!!!
woa a floating wii wii are all gonna dieeee ahhhhhhhhhhh lol
Today me n my dad are making one and im making some changes to personalize it the way i want!!!!!
Thx for ur Instructable... its really easy to make n cool... Ty dude...
big tv.
<em><strong>TOO BIG</strong></em><br/>
mines bigger O.o but its breaking T.T
your such a gamer
hey u have Jak 3! <br/><br/><h4>BEST GAME EVER</h4>
Very nice!Super mario 3 FTW!
I like it, its clean and matches, but isnt this really just a shelf?
coool , very neat! here , were i live they sell , stuff like this for over 120 bucks , now i can make one using scraps

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