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I used parts from a pneumatic nerf gun to enable a classic Nintendo zapper to shoot nerf darts.
You pump it up, load a dart, and then pull the trigger to fire. The classic firing noise has been preserved. Ranges are about 45 feet with a suction cup nerf dart. Functionality as a light gun has not been preserved.


Crafterkid123 (author)2014-09-25

couldn't you use a jolt or a reflex?? way less pumping.

Kbionbg (author)2011-02-07

I have 3 nintendo zappers. 2 of which I would like to change 2 of them so please put up instructions asap. I really wanna do this.

PYROMANIACC (author)2011-01-10

can you post or send me some instructions on how to make it pleas

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-02-22

 zOMG! how cruel! you cant do that to a NES zapper!

DooMer10 (author)~Aeronous~2010-06-21

you can buy one cheap no offense. it is cruel somewhat

~Aeronous~ (author)DooMer102010-06-22

Yer I know, I was jus' kidding bro. I'm a nintendo guy, so I take this differently, you get me?

sillyzombie666 (author)2010-06-12

ok i took the gun i got apart and i see how the trigger n pump would fit but i see no way to relocate the barrel 90 degrees to fit in the zapper barre. if you can give me a hint there then i can make mine

sillyzombie666 (author)2010-06-11

i just bought the nerf gun he used to make this, if any one has a spare nes zapper that doesn't work, send it to me so i can make an instructable so others will know how to make it

funnydan (author)2010-05-03

 I have an old 1985 nintendo zapper, it doesn't work any more and it's laying out in my backyard. thanks for the Idea!! :-)

bounty1012 (author)2010-04-10

:/ if only I still had my zapper.

rdy2kll (author)2010-03-24

awesome im going to but the broken zapper from a half price books close to me and im going to do this! great idea

MAVREV13 (author)2010-03-20

nice mod what is the range and what gave u the idea???????

arb1ter (author)2010-03-17

 Thats PIMP!!!!!!

onizuka2 (author)2010-02-12

guys slow up...jeez...its simpler then it looks its just a zapper....take one of nurfs smallest gun,take it apart,and fit it into the can easily gut a zapper because its an NES item.... ¬_¬

sillyzombie666 (author)2010-01-04

PLEASE show us how to make it i have a spare zapper n must make this

Jimpiedepimpie (author)2009-08-25

This is a zapper secret strike(3 dollar nerf pump gun) intregration The internationals of a secret strike are in it.

You sir, are correct.

now you shouls use it!!! instructions- 1 make an instructable  2 shoot some ceramic ducks with it!!!

zieak (author)2009-12-13

Very cool. If you could post a photo of the innards that would be great!

Flashflint (author)zieak2009-12-14

I will see what I can do, there seems to be a good deal pf demand for some instruction on this.

Maxaxle (author)2009-12-13

IMO, you should have made it from a better gun.

Flashflint (author)Maxaxle2009-12-13

This is the only gun that fit in the shell.

msgoldstein1995 (author)2009-08-11


why's that pic good for??

Hellchild (author)d4rksaber2009-10-16


globman (author)2009-09-14

look pretty kewl

blowfo (author)2009-08-14

make a vid plz on shooting

Z1ggy (author)2009-08-11

i think we need an instructable for this.

Flashflint (author)Z1ggy2009-08-12

The thing is, It takes a lot of sanding and fiddling to get all the parts to fit and work. It would be hard to come up with something that could be considered comprehensive instructions. Next time I open it up, I will put up some internal pictures.

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