Nintendo Zapper Nerf Gun





Introduction: Nintendo Zapper Nerf Gun

I used parts from a pneumatic nerf gun to enable a classic Nintendo zapper to shoot nerf darts.
You pump it up, load a dart, and then pull the trigger to fire. The classic firing noise has been preserved. Ranges are about 45 feet with a suction cup nerf dart. Functionality as a light gun has not been preserved.



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couldn't you use a jolt or a reflex?? way less pumping.

I have 3 nintendo zappers. 2 of which I would like to change 2 of them so please put up instructions asap. I really wanna do this.

can you post or send me some instructions on how to make it pleas

 zOMG! how cruel! you cant do that to a NES zapper!

you can buy one cheap no offense. it is cruel somewhat

Yer I know, I was jus' kidding bro. I'm a nintendo guy, so I take this differently, you get me?

ok i took the gun i got apart and i see how the trigger n pump would fit but i see no way to relocate the barrel 90 degrees to fit in the zapper barre. if you can give me a hint there then i can make mine

i just bought the nerf gun he used to make this, if any one has a spare nes zapper that doesn't work, send it to me so i can make an instructable so others will know how to make it

 I have an old 1985 nintendo zapper, it doesn't work any more and it's laying out in my backyard. thanks for the Idea!! :-)

:/ if only I still had my zapper.