Nintendo Wii Racing Wheel

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Introduction: Nintendo Wii Racing Wheel

These are 2 completely different racing wheels.
Please vote on your favourite

Step 1: The Box

These are the first things you must build.

Step 2: The Wheel

This is the wheel part.

Step 3: The Back

Put this on like this

Step 4: Put It Together

Clip it on like this. The piece is no actually clipped to the snowflake piece

Step 5: Wheel 1

This is hoow you hold it

Step 6: Wheel 2

This one is easier but weirder.
Build this bit

Step 7: The Holder

Build this too

Step 8: Put It Together

Clip it on like this.

Step 9: Taa Da!

There you have it! Im the first one on instructables with a Nintendo wii racing wheel!
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1st one looks sturdier than the second

if ur planning on geting Mario Kart Wii, it comes with a wii wheel but this is a great in-expensive way!

oh, i just now understand what it is. brain fart

Has anyone even made it yet? like 100 peaple have seen it but only 2 have made a comment on it

I made another wheel! its so much simpler! search simplest wii wheel

hey the first it the best these are awesome