Picture of Nintendo wii racing wheel
These are 2 completely different racing wheels.
Please vote on your favourite
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Step 1: The box

Picture of The box
These are the first things you must build.

Step 2: The Wheel

Picture of The Wheel
This is the wheel part.

Step 3: The back

Picture of The back
Put this on like this

Step 4: Put it together

Picture of Put it together
Clip it on like this. The piece is no actually clipped to the snowflake piece

Step 5: Wheel 1

Picture of Wheel 1
This is hoow you hold it

Step 6: Wheel 2

Picture of Wheel 2
This one is easier but weirder.
Build this bit

Step 7: The holder

Picture of The holder
Build this too

Step 8: Put it together

Picture of Put it together
Clip it on like this.

Step 9: Taa da!

Picture of taa da!
There you have it! Im the first one on instructables with a Nintendo wii racing wheel!
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xboxdude4 years ago
like it
tayatipoop4 years ago
1 one is my fav
1st one looks sturdier than the second
supersaddy7 years ago
if ur planning on geting Mario Kart Wii, it comes with a wii wheel but this is a great in-expensive way!
thebboy7 years ago
oh, i just now understand what it is. brain fart
Hellchild7 years ago
too small
Bartboy (author) 7 years ago
Has anyone even made it yet? like 100 peaple have seen it but only 2 have made a comment on it
1st is way better except put some more handle on.
Bartboy (author) 7 years ago
I made another wheel! its so much simpler! search simplest wii wheel
Vynash7 years ago
hey the first it the best these are awesome
Bartboy (author)  Vynash7 years ago
Thanks, your knex guns are wayyyyy better than the one i made
Bartboy (author) 7 years ago
I know they are not very good, but the wiimote is a messed up shape and size, plus you must peress all the buttons exept for B
thebboy7 years ago