Introduction: Niron's Machine

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Today I am go ing to tell you how to make toy with a card board now see it

Step 1: First Step

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We cut card board in square make sure it the same all.

Step 2: Cut 5 Part

Picture of Cut 5 Part

We cut card board a gain but we cut in five part and make sure all the part is same too.

Step 3: Make It in One Box

Picture of Make It in One Box

And we make it in one box not to big not to small and be careful too.

Step 4: Cut Shape Like a Shell 2 Part

Picture of Cut Shape Like a Shell 2 Part

We cut a shape like a sell maybe two part if you want to do it strong you can cut three part and glue

Step 5: Cut 6 Circle

Picture of Cut 6 Circle

We cut six circle.

Step 6: Glue It to 2 Part

Picture of Glue It to 2 Part

And we take four circle and glue together into two part.

Step 7: Glue

Picture of Glue

We have left two we glue in to one part.

Step 8: Put Hold

Picture of Put Hold

We put two hold on the top and put straw go in and cut it short

Step 9: Put the Circle

Picture of Put the Circle

We put the hold on the circle and put the stick go in

Step 10: Put the Hold

Picture of Put the Hold

Put the hold on sell card board and put the stick in to the sell card board

Step 11: Cut Propeller

Picture of Cut Propeller

We cut the shape like propeller and put the hold

Step 12: Put the Stick

Picture of Put the Stick

We take the two circle that we glue and put the hold on both and put the stick in to that circle

Step 13: Design

Picture of Design

This my design if you want to do your design you can do it

Step 14: This Is My Painting

Picture of This Is My Painting

This is my painting when we paint we have to be fearful

Step 15: Paint

Picture of Paint

When you paint out side finish you can paint in side to

Step 16: Finish

Picture of Finish

This my picture when finish

Step 17: Toy Movie

Picture of Toy Movie

This is for play with the toyi


samuraijack (author)2013-09-15

pretty cool machine....

rimar2000 (author)2013-09-13

Excellent work, congratulations!

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