Nissan Altima Input Jack Repair





Introduction: Nissan Altima Input Jack Repair

In this video, I'll show you how to save over $300 by replacing your 2008 Nissan Altima auxiliary input jack.  I've found that many owners of this model car have their input jacks break after a while, resulting in poor quality audio.  This repair will show you how to remove the old jack and replace it with a new one so you can enjoy high quality music again.

For the original article (and to get the link to purchase a replacement jack) check out my blog post:



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    11 Discussions

    How do I get my broken jack in the aux input out I really need to know what to do???


    2 years ago

    Thank you for the information. I was able to replace my aux input without much effort, but now I have a different issue. Originally, I had to replace the input because the tip of an aux plug was broken off inside the input. I was able to remove it but once done the sound was very low and only certain speakers worked. So I purchased the new aux input online and replace it. The issue now is that the stereo does not recognize anything being plugged into the jack. The stereo says "No AUX Input". After this happened I pulled the stereo again and re-soldered the 7 connections to ensure that none were touching each other but this still didn't work. I also made sure that I used the correct type of solder. All other features on the stereo seem to work fine so I doubt the board is damaged. That leaves me thinking that either the new aux jack is defective, or it was damaged due to some of the new solder joints touching after my first attempt. Any idea what could cause this or any suggestions where to go from here?

    Is this process any different for a stereo with a 6 CD changer?

    I'm curious as to what model your Altima is. When I took my radio board out, there were only three clips. I have a 2008 Nissan Altima SE. Not sure if I should be concerned about where my fourth clip is, because there is a spot for the fourth clip

    Another question! I found a replacement jack on ebay for $20 but found another one on for like $3. Just want to make sure its the part i need. Same name...same number, but why the drastic difference in price?

    I cant seem to get the link to load to find out where to buy the replacement piece. Where do you get one and what is the price range? Mine is doing exactly what you described you were doing. I called an audio shop and it was going to cost $30 JUST to take it apart and SEE if they could fix it.

    1 reply

    Sorry, my website got erased, and my most recent backup was from 2012 :/ The part number is K2HC107A0005. Just google it and you'll find several places that sell it!

    Excellent tutorial and a great job. I had to wiggle my 3.5mm cable around to get stereo sound. It was a pain and the Nissan dealers are useless.

    1 reply

    Thank you! Ever since I put up my original blog post on this topic I've discovered just how common this problem is. It seems to me like the audio jack they used must be of low quality for it to be a problem for so many people. And with such a simple fix, it's a shame they don't offer a less expensive option for repair other than just replacing the entire stereo unit.