Owning and operating a nitro powered radio controlled car or truck adds an element of excitement and realism to this hobby above and beyond that provided by the electric RC counterparts. Unfortunately, it also poses some unique challenges. The one question that is posed to me the most often is 'how do I start a gas powered RC car'?

Well, first of all, you need to assemble a few necessary items. These can be obtained either individually, or purchased as a package with or without your radio controlled car or truck. You will need the correct nitro fuel, a glow igniter, batteries for your radio transmitter and receiver, and a small screwdriver.

Have your glow igniter fully charged and ready to use. Make sure you have installed batteries in your controller (transmitter) and the car's on board receiver. Verify that they are functioning properly by operating the steering, throttle and brake. After all, you want to be able to control your RC car once it is running! Fill the car's fuel tank with the proper nitro fuel. Be careful  fuel is extremely flammable and toxic! Check with your engine's manufacturer or your local hobby shop to make sure you are using the recommended nitro mix. 20% is the most popular. OK? Now we are ready to fire her up.

Clip the glow igniter to the glow plug located in the top of the engine cylinder head. Rotate the engine by whatever means your car or truck uses such as manual pull recoil, on board electric starter, drill operated shaft starter, or portable starter box. You may have to 'choke' the engine to initially supply fuel to the carburetor. You can easily do this by placing a finger over the exhaust outlet. Watch for fuel movement through the fuel hose so you know when fuel has reached the carburetor. You don't want to flood the engine!

Once the engine has started and is running smoothly, you can remove the glow igniter. Drive easy for a few minutes until the engine warms up a little. After warm up you may find it necessary to adjust the carburetor high speed needle, low speed needle, or idle speed set screw to maximize performance.

This might all seem intimidating to you, but it really isn't hard to learn with a little practice and patience. The sound of that high performance nitro engine springing to life makes it well worth the effort!
sources www.hobbiedown.com and actionvillage.com

Step 1: How to Drive You Gas RC Car.

I no most people think its easy to drive but most do not.
Realize that your controller works just like the steering wheel on your regular car. When you move it to the left, your RC car moves to the left and when you push the controller to the right, your car moves to the right.
Drive as fast as you can the first few times you take your RC car onto a new track. This will help you get a feel for the track without worrying too much about making a mistake.
Stick to the middle of the track instead of trying to hug the edges. Your lap times might not be as good, but at least you won't drive your RC car right into one of the track barriers.
Look for lines or the areas of the track where more experienced racers drive their cars. This should give you an idea on how to lower your lap times.
Draft with other cars just as you would if you were racing NASCAR instead of driving an RC car. Not only can you increase your speed, but you can also see where other cars are running and what spots drivers are avoiding.
Be consistent any time you drive your RC car. The more time you spend racing and practicing, the better you'll get.
ive but most dont.
<p>Nice instructable!</p>
Go or stay electric
Yes I think if you want your <a href="http://www.nitrotek.fr/voitures-rc/1-5eme-rtr-voitures-a-essence.html" rel="nofollow">RC car</a> be great then you must have to do some maintenance after the run. And this post is really most helpful for maintenance of your RC Nitro cars.
you did something wrong.... you showed a carberatur of a gas car. thatisnt nitro.
yep it is its off an air plane nitro rc
no the freaking carb may be from a plane but it is not a nitro carb it is a zenoa or zy carb (gas engines) cus i have the same car on my 26 cc gas car....
&nbsp;the carb is from a nitro engine. based on observations it is a car or boat. not an&nbsp;airplane. because of the elongated section on the intake. this allows a venturi and or an air cleaner to be fitted. i am an engine machinist and have been in the hobby for 8 years. trust me. i know.
<p>it is realy from a zenoa engine<br /> <br /> i have the same on my 26cc gas car<br /> <br /> <img alt="Carb ajusting." src="https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FBG/787R/FRXUYSSM/FBG787RFRXUYSSM.MEDIUM.jpg" /></p>
how much cost <br>
&nbsp;O i see the carb your talking a bout, i thought you&nbsp;meant&nbsp;the slide card ;)
I have a smartech rc car with a .15 engine in it and i just keep burning one glow plug after another I am using hot micoy glow plugs what am i doing wrong.
You're running too lean
check the voltage on you glow plug ingnitor.
I just charged it.
is the voltage higher tan 1.5 volts? if it is it burns the plug
it's 1.86 volts
mm it is on the edge do you have a working plug? if you have press it in it if it stays on and it doesnt bur the voltage is oke if it burns it is to high i had that problem with my firsth car.
burnt glow plug may mean your engine is too lean<br />
but when you tyyed evry plug that means the glow voltage is to high<br /> <br /> my firsth car had the same <br /> 4 -plugs until my shop gave me a new glowstick (glow plug ingnitor)
My first car was a Smartech after that i got a HPI Savage XL. There is a huge difference with the whole feeling and XL was easier to maintain. I suggest that you do the convention to Monster trucks
Maybe to lean can you tell me more about the car and what fuel and I would say try a COLD glow plug. tell me what climate you are in....
can u teach me about that !!!<br>
this is my nitro rc <br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZykgJuKrNo4&amp;feature=feedf
I have 3 remote control cars, which are running on dc battries....<br>but now i want to make a car with ic engine and also remote controlled.....<br>so please give me detail information.....<br>may i get a kit for that car from any where?<br>if yes, then in how much cost?
ive got a hyper 7 with 36. engine and full aluminium set up
It seems like most of your instructables have been copied from other websites.. At least you could put the sources of what youv taken from other's work..<br />
try hobbytown.com Hobbytron.com and towerhobbies.com
&nbsp;A good place online for cheap spares is Hobby king. (www.hobbycity.com)
I found a nitro shop online that sold Rotary engines for RC cars and trucks but i lost it.
&nbsp;maybe an OS NSU system, with&nbsp;adapter&nbsp;plates?
do you want a nitro rc car?
I have 2 trucks, one needs an engine, one needs a carb, starter, front drive shaft and all the little things for the right side.
I have a nitro rc car and when I leaned the carb out there was too much smoke. It also went too slow.
more smoke means the mix is richer, so it will slow the car down. you must have turned the screw the wrong way and richened the mix instead of leaned it, just try turning the screw the other way.&nbsp; just dont lean the mix too much because that will considerably shorten the life of your engine + the leaner the mix the hotter the engine will run, so unless you have money to burn go carefull.
Thanks very much for posting this. I'm soon to be getting an HSP Warhead nitro and wish to gain all the nitro RC knowledge I can get.
my nitro car blasted whenit gained full speed
I got a revo 3.3 yeah!
that traxxas there good cars to
exceed rc owns at this type of racing agreed

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