Picture of Nitro RC Nos style boost kit very simple
i will show you how to make a simple booster kit for RC nitro car using only a few easy to get items.

Step 1: Items...

you will need

lighter(refillable is better)
Rubber tubing
Ball inflater pump adapter
some tape
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tazerboy4 years ago
THIS IS NOT A BOOSTER KIT!!!!!! THIS WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO GAIN ANY SORT OF POWER, because your just injecting more fuel into the engine ,which just makes it super rich. Instead of giving more power it will even decrease power. what you need is a oxidizer, a compound that give out oxygen. such as nitrous oxide (no2), or hydrogen peroxide etc... this is so because the oxygen in contact with the fuel allows a more powerful burn, which increases the the horsepower of the engine.
i think the principal concept of using a refillable lighter's insides ( aka Guts! ) is a pretty great & a truly applaudable approach to fitting this kinda of gear to an already existing setup! My Question to both tazerboy & pyrotecnix is: Instead of refilling the lighter with Gas (no doubt lighter gas, lol), if one is after an oxidizer for a better & what SHOULD-BE a NOTICEABLE RPM-BOOST, would one achieve this goal by filling the lighter refill component with Liquid-Oxygen ?

The Same oxygen that is sold here:

Oxyfit Canned Oxygen

IF Yes, then we should see An immediate performance-boost, Yes ????????  or No ??????

What do you reckon ???

Again, Top-Marks for pyrotecnix for the build and
Again, Top-Marks for tazerboy for reiterating the NoS-Boosting-Principal ! 
When i wrote Oxidizer, i don't mean pure oxygen. Because the engine itself is made out of metal, having a pure oxygen injection would cause the internal parts to rust. Which leads to engine failure. Therefore, i suggest NO2 nitrous oxide, because it is does not rust the engine, and the nitrogen bond in NO2, releases HUGE amounts of energy. SO I RECOMMEND USING NO2 as BOOSTING_AGENT. (Refers to offtherails2010)

Its sold in mini canisters, looks like CO2 tanks for Airsoft guns. Google up Whipp cream chargers. However the problem of regulating and pressure control requires more mechanical knowledge. I guess its up to you from here. (pyrotecnix)
okay ive finally got myself 40 eight-gram NOS chargers (whipped-cream chargers!) and am about to embark onto making a NOS system for my RC 1/10th scale car !

Will post it here on instructables with speed results from my RC Rolling-Road (also under construction & i only need 1 mor ingredient, lol !)

Thanks again for pyrotecnix that made this instructable & to tazerboy for the informative spec on NOS !!!!!

Watch these spaces (especially the space between spaces, lol !)
What happened? did it explode?
hahahahaaaa !! lol no - no explosions !!!

ive collected loads of the "whip-cream chargers" and the are like the shape of the co2 cartridges and am still wanting to build this so after a hell-of-a-lot of research the whipp cream chargers are filled with Nitrous-Oxide (NOS) so i'll be fitting one of these to my car pretty soon and making an instructable about it when i do !!!
lathasuresh4 years ago
nice ideas, flowin thru ur brain pyrotechnix.i like the idea of an n2o tank. but it should hav been more practical for e.g . n2o gas (duh) as its an oxidizer & requires a lot of o2 to ignite.should hav mixed lighter fuel with home prep n2o, would have had awesome outcome
lol at mrbuild.

good idea pryo-jim
Ismith174 years ago
I tried this and it didn't make any difference. great idea though
MrTheErnie5 years ago
 cool, is that the acme conquistador...i have a cyclone...which is basically a touring car version of that...
zack2475 years ago

i dont know a lot about cars like this as i use electric ones, but wouldn't that cause damage to both the engine and air filter? air filters aren't suposed to have liquids in them, thats what the covers are for, right?

butane, like propane, turns to a gas when released from its container.
the lighter fluid turns into a gas when it escapes the container
Get a Rotary. They are faster.
Acepilot425 years ago
will this ruin my engine????
AWESOME!!!!!!!! does it melt the tires and how fast does it make it go plus is it relatively safe???????? awesome lookin though!!!!!
A: this doesn't work and B: I believe you may have got the wrong idea seeing as you think this may melt the tires. It does NOT make flames come out the exhaust as the last picture suggests, Sorry to disappoint :(
candle3606 years ago
dan_rickard6 years ago
i have done this. also i injected the intake with Butane from just a lighter, opened all the way up, to all the way down. here is what i learned : gas's such as butane, which is in lighters, lights at a particular mixture with air and heat. engines in a RC engine don't get anything close to these requirements. thus, it pretty much did nothing except make the engine run like crap, i mean puttering, missing and just stopping all together. butane, when expanded from a liquid form to a gas form, creates Cold. nitro engines, Must keep a particular temp to continue to run, under by 5 degrees, and no go. if its over by 5, you'll over heat by compounding affects. when mixing butane gas in larger volumes, you tend to cool the intake, which in turn, cools the entire engine, and thus causes the nitro not to fire off. all in all, would work great, if we had a GAS, or liquid which could Help nitro instead of hinder it.. but again, anything you do to HELP your engine run, will only make it run HOTTER.. which in turn causes BAD things to happen. just my experiences with nitro engines and trying to Boost them. great build, i give 2 thumbs up for creative thought on how to use the lighter valve with a servo..
can't you just inject pure nitromethane your average nitro fuel is 15% nitromethane anyway
mclovin75966 years ago
what is the product called that hpi makes that is similar?
robot7976 years ago
make a movie if it works i build it in my boat
ShotPain7 years ago
dumbass, Tamiya,yokomo and HPI make these for like 10$ US each
ok if you dont want to over heat save up some money and go to a car parts store or a motorcycle store get the smallest bottle of nitrous and switch the tubing out with metal and then set a release valve to do the same thing with the lighter but make it a little leak or else you will have a shrapnel bomp
you could buy nitrous cartridges used for rc cars http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXPXU5&P=7, they resemble co2 cartridges and could likely be put in a co2 tire inflator which already has a lever/button to control the flow.

and for the guy who said you can buy this sort of thing for $10 look here: , They cost $180 for a nitrous kit.
also to its not like a nike at all its almost like a dildo
10 dollars at this dirt bike dealer ship near me ok
dapyrodude7 years ago
what type of nitro car is this it looks very similar to mine
heres a really cool 1/3 scale Ferrari i stumbled across(making it RC would be even cooler) http://www.autoblog.com/2006/11/30/video-homemade-1-3-scale-ferrari-312pb-fully-functional/
ACME conquistador i think.....iv got the acme condor pro...maybe thas what yoou have...its the same as this but the buggy version
what you can do to give it a boost is, to use feul with a higher nitro percentage instead of a gas. if i run my car on 16% nitro it has much less power then when i run it on 25% nitro so you might want to try that
Thermionic7 years ago
Not only is this not a boost of any kind, it will only strip lubricant from your engine and help it overheat. Take the lighter element out of this, and use NO2 canisters from a baking supply store. Using a servo, you can modify the baking version to an authentic boost.
so, if you do this mod, just with NO2 it will work? you don't have to mix it, heat it, or anything else?
af_juicy7 years ago
DID you every try it. I mean because those motor work on compression but there is a fire. I think you would foul out quit a few glow plugs if it does ignite.
pyrotecnix (author) 7 years ago

blue beast7 years ago
This will just put more fuel to your mix and lean out the amount of oil in the total mix especially since you will have to run it a bit lean(needle) on the hi
side to compensate!! You can get whip cream chargers
from cooking supply stores like in the mall or online,
those contain actual NO2 and with a old co2 bb gun
you can use the cracker and valve assembly from that
with a bit of work. In my opinion it is not worth it
but to each his own!! You could get about the same
level of performance with a intercooler to chill
down the incoming air especially on hot summer days!
The denser the air= more o2 per cubic foot of air
Using say a plenum that hooks to the aircleaner made
of a few layers of aluminum foil and before going on a run spray the intercooler with keyboard duster
held upside down (don't get any in the intake stream
or it will die) It will give a bit of a performance
increase as long as it stayed cool could probably
use a co2 cartridge and have it mounted and constantly spray on the intercooler (without intaking any of course) I use the keyboard duster on
really hot days when I am racing, I will start it up
get it warmed up then spray the cooling head until
it is frosty then blast the carb and air cleaner(without intaking any or it will die) It gives me a
bit of a buffer to being able to run it a notch leaner than I could have if I had just started warmed it up and went blasting.
pyrotecnix (author)  blue beast7 years ago
great idea for intercooler thanks
Sorry pyrotecnix, but I do not feel that your insructable is plausible. If you are expecting the tubing to suck the gas out of the tank, it will not happen because there is no suction. What will happen however is one of three things. One: nothing will happen due to the internal valve found on the inside of the pump end and there is a chance that the spark ignition will not even be successful, causing you to constantly accelerate then decelerate to receive the desired ignition. Two: The gas will just slowly be released as the fumes rise, and a mild "lighter-like" flame will be emitted. Or three: the mild flame will eventually cause a backfire as the flame travels through the fumes and back into the gas tank. Im sorry, but the "NOS" affect is highly unlikely. It may however look cool:)
pyrotecnix (author)  BOREDOM KILLS7 years ago
yer I no i just thought it would be cool if it worked, also gas does go through the pump adapter thing you can feel it and it you light it is will , well light, you do have a point about it might not even ignite in the engine, it was just an experiment ,thats all
nerfer1927 years ago
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