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Introduction: Nixie Clock

This is our Nixie Clock made with atmega 328

We all know these wonderful old lamps (Nixie). It is time to re-use them! so we made this nixie clock. We are Greek Inventors and you will find us here: Greek Inventors WebPage.

Also here: facebook, youtube, googleplus.

Step 1: Materials

The list ... honestly is huge. (I am joking).

Surely we need 6 nixie tubes.
1 x power supply for nixie tubes (~ 170v dc from 5v boost converter).
6 x chip driver for nixie tubes (74141 or K155NA1).
3 x chip shift register (74hc595).
1 x atmega 328.
8 x LED blue.
Some push buttons, a simple power supply 5v-2A dc.

Last we need a RTC (Real Time Clock) DS2231S

Step 2: Power - Boost Converter 170v Dc

A simple circuit with the IC 555. A 170v booster from the 5v to feed the nixie tubes.

1 x 555
1 x bc547
1 x IRF740
1 x coil 100uH
1 x diode UF4004
1 x 4u7/200V
1 x 470u/15V
1 x 2n2
1 x 100p
1 x 220K
1 x 2K2
1 x 10K
1 x 1K
1 x Pot. 1K

Step 3: RTC - Real Time Clock DS2231s and Temperature Ds18b20 PCB

We decide to use the ds2231s for the time and date, we also put the temperature sensor ds18b20.

Step 4: Connection 74141 and Nixie Tube PCB

We make the right connections, based on the manuals and testing the nixie tubes.

Step 5: 74hc595 Shift Register Connection PCB

We make the right connections. Based on manuals.

Step 6: All Together

And we finally connect everything together. We also connect the atmega board and after we have programmed it, we are ready!

Step 7: Delicate Box

Finally a box is needed. But it should remind something of an old age ... something retro. That's why we made this fantastic wooden box.



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    Very nice clock. I am planning to make one for myself.

    I would be greatfull if you could provide for the schematics and program.

    I have all the ingredients, just looking for a nice recipe to cook myself a beautiful clock.

    Niiccceeee. Nixie tubes are always a hit for me. Very well laid out and built. Bravo sir, Bravo!

    What a beautiful clock! I've always loved the industrial look of nixie tubes.