Picture of Nixie Clock Housing
A lot of instructables about Nixie tubes are concerned with the electronics. I was lazy and bought mine. It was a fraction of the price of the tubes anyway.

Therefor this instructable is not so much a how to, but more a process of the aesthetic part of creating a Nixie clock. I still tried hard to make general instructions out of it and not just tell you what I did. In addition to the instructions I also added my experience in Italic.

I hope you will get inspired to create a unique looking clock.

Parts I used:
- IN18 Nixie clock board from Kosbo
- 6 IN18 Nixie 1991 tubes New Old Stock from Ukrain through eBay.
- Phillips B2X80U Tube Radio from online ads
- Hole saw and drill kit from local home improvement store
- DPDT momentary switch from eBay

The moment I first came across Nixie tubes and the modern implementation of them in clocks I was in love. This is something I wanted to have. However a lot of the housings available for sale didn't complement the technological beauty of the Nixie tubes at all.

Wanting to give this a personal twist I was set to at least make the housing myself.
inkypete 2 years ago
I have a question would happen to know how to wire 3 nixie tubs to a tattoo power supply to display the watts it produces
kholt424 years ago
Great looking project. Does the radio work? Thanks for sharing it.
magnific0 (author)  kholt424 years ago
Hi, thanks for the complement. Unfortunately the radio only works when the clock is off. The nixue clock greatly interferes with the reception. I might try in the future to add an external antenna and see if that works out.
tzq33tdq4 years ago
would it be posible to use numitron tubes
magnific0 (author)  tzq33tdq4 years ago
Sure, numitron tubes look great. What kind of tubes you use is not really the issue here. I'd say, find a good instructable on how to build such a bare clock (only tubes and controller board) or buy it and then follow this through to make a housing.
hg3414 years ago
wow you really made it look nice
i have a old tube amp that im trying to clean up though i dont think i can do it the same way you did
magnific0 (author)  hg3414 years ago
Thanks for your complements. A tube amp is really cool too. Send some results when you get them.