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Introduction: Nixie Clock

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All you need are

- some Nixie bulbs (get them on ebay, fleamarket aso)
- an clock electronic (various offers on electrinic markets) to access the bulbs (with instruction)
- an mains adapter for the electronic unit (between 9 and 12V DC)
- an old Typewriter

than disassemble the typewriter and try to find some parts that looks great together with the bulbs. make an arrangement, where you put the typewriter-parts and the bulbs with the electronic unit together. if you like, you may also use some pieces of an old mechanic clockwork to simulate a mechanic of the clock. enjoy...

Take Care because of the high voltages! Please read first the Instructions of the electronic units carefully and be sure, that you know what you do!

If You like to use the pictures to publish enywhere else, you need to keep the watermark. You also need to write where its from.


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    Great look man I love it, give people a NIXIE and they sure get creative.

    I really like it, but would need to know more about how to make the clock electronic. The nixie tubes are relatively simple (a little hard to find), but the electronics to run them as a clock are a little hard to find. Can you suggest a source or supply them?

    Great looking by the way!

    Really cool. It would be great if you could actually make an instructable for this. What you have is a very generic list of what you need, and some pictures.

    One of these clocks might help you make this instructable.

    Awsome! But if you want to get the Ipad 2 you should make a real Instructable tutorial, step-by-step.

    its ok, but really confusing.sorry I don't think I can make this :(

    This looks really cool, but I don't understand how to get the clock display into the bulbs. Will you be adding more detailed instructions later?

    2 replies

    the bulbs are called nixie-bulbs, the wire is alredy integrated in the bulbs and the bulbs are filled under vacuum with neon-gas. the affects the illumination. each bulb has 11wires inside, one for each letter and one for the ground. so when the clock counts, one by one wire glows and shows the time in that way. but you need an electronic unit to drive the bulbs. bulbs you can get by ebay for example.

    Thanks, that was illuminating (pun intented). :-) I don't have a lot of electronics experience.