No, this is the absolute greatest and easiest to make paper airplane, no really, try it!

This instructable gives you detailed instructions as to the creation of the WORLDS BEST PAPER AIRPLANE

Step 1: The basic start

Picture of The basic start
First, you fold a peice of 8.5X11 paper in half, crease it, and reopen it.
Then, you flip it over so that the fold is mountain (/\) side up.
Next you fold the top corners (at 45 degree angles) towards the /\ crease.
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LoganB6 made it!5 months ago

I have put a staple in the nose of mine and folded the tail wing. Very nice, flies straight.


nice but what the flat tip for?

To keep the nose of the plane from being bashed when landing (or crashing).

alillio made it!7 months ago
good design. I made a couple modifications. very accurate

i was at my grandma's house when i tried it, so it flew horrible. it kept crashing and doing half loops...

lislis3822 years ago
nice dude
jivaka2 years ago
The best ever !Now this is my favourite desgin for a paper airplane !
I was skeptical at first, but this is the best airplane I have ever made!!!!!!!!!! :)
made many but... holy crap! this is amazing
Ada223 years ago
Out of the hundreds of paper airplanes i've made, best one yet!!!!!! :D
abraham093 years ago
the most cool and simplest thing ever......thanks 7B)
ses127 years ago
this is very complicated and too hard too make.....
it really isn't that hard, just look at the pictures :)
Kaddock ses125 years ago
complicated? you just cut the airplane
Skill and difficulty is an opinion.
it's almost so easy, that you don't even need words, just pics, how could it be hard, it's one of the easiest planes to make
Kevio bro ses126 years ago
this is not complicated at all.
coolboy45 ses126 years ago
just follow the pics and then its easier to under stand
dude its the simplest thing ive ever seen in my life!?!
best plane in the world, but can someone tell me how to post videos even though i'm not allowed.
out of ALL the planes i've ever made and tried to make... this is the absolute best... simple to make great stability and flies great.... awsome
PaperHangar4 years ago
Nicely done. I really love this airplane. I've made one very similar to this many times before. I tried this one out and it flew incredibly. Extremely stable paper airplane. Thanks for posting! Check out some of ours on PaperHangar.com
wilheln4 years ago
thanks man, this works great, and it wasn't hard!
arukshan4 years ago
it really works thanks
Cyruss4 years ago
Out of all the Paper Airplanes i tried on this site, this is the best. the plane is consistent looks cool, the steps are easy, and the commenters on this board help alot. For physics we have to make a project (nt neccesarily a paper airplne) That travels 25 yards, and im thimking im going to get an A!
I threw it and it hit the door but it works realy well thanks.
ftorres44 years ago
The plane flies very well.

Great instructable.

Thank you!
Delo974 years ago
It's not so good, but I put the cut rear in other models, and they are now great!
Darkmast5084 years ago
Great plane! While I'm currently restricted to a small room, it flew very well and straight. I would also like to mention on the quality of the Instructable. Very well laid out, deep and yet simple to follow.
Anykey4 years ago
thanks for the instructable , but wtf with the brown marks on your bed xD
knex dog5 years ago
the plane looks really cool, but when you throw it it tends to veer upwards.
knex dog5 years ago
the pics are confusing.
octollama5 years ago
I wish I had this plane for a contest we did at school. My boring plane was fine when i practiced but It ended in an epic fail. But this Plane is amazing
timmy115 years ago
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in this which type of motor is used??plzz tell me
Very nice. one of the best planes ive ever made/flown.
Nathis5 years ago
I incorporated the flap design into other failed models, they work great now thank you so much
lycoris3 Nathis5 years ago
It flies good with a paper clip holding the front. 
plzzzz tell me,how to make it
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