No, this is the absolute greatest and easiest to make paper airplane, no really, try it!

Step 3: Finish the plane (add tail)

Picture of Finish the plane (add tail)
Open the wings, and make a cut one inch from the rear of the plane on the bottom of the v slanting slightly forward, and push it up to convert it from a v to an /\, and crease it so it stays up strait.
Fold the wings back down, and perk the up a little, so that the still face downwards slightly, but aren't facing up.
I threw it and it hit the door but it works realy well thanks.
Delo974 years ago
It's not so good, but I put the cut rear in other models, and they are now great!
knex dog5 years ago
the plane looks really cool, but when you throw it it tends to veer upwards.
treetrees5 years ago
Nathis5 years ago
I incorporated the flap design into other failed models, they work great now thank you so much
I accidentally folded the wings wrong, where the tips were lined up with the bottom and the wings were folded at a horizontal line; I folded over this mistake, correctly, and the finished plane flies so well, I'm not sure how to describe it. Try and see if the extra folds help the design...
Tappers6 years ago
Awesome plane! Really easy to make and it flys great. My little bros are always telling me to make it! LOL
16zzundel56 years ago
I had To Rip It.
I think I did mine wrong. The instructions could be a little better, but it flies great anyways.
this thing flys great. great design.