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When life gives you muffins, make a muffin cake! So what do you do when the last brunch guest has gone home and you are left with a surplus of Costco muffins, strawberry jelly, and a pound of cream cheese? Well, if you're me, you build a cake. The following instructions have been tweaked quite a bit since the first go round (which used random muffins and strawberry jelly for filling). The final cake is a real crowd pleaser (seriously, it can feed a village). Be careful who you serve it to because you will start getting requests for more (I've probably made about 50 of these things for friends and family).

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

- 12 Costco muffins - chocolate-chocolate chip work best. You can use any of the flavors except the blueberry. They seem to be to soft to hold up a cake.
- Cream cheese frosting - whatever recipe you want use. Make enough recipes so that you use 3 packages of cream cheese. Make sure it is room temp (or so) when you frost the cake.
- Nutella ganache

- 1 large tub of nutella (or two small tubs)

- 2 cups heavy cream

- 3 large candy bars (optional). I used Butterfingers. Any crushable candy bar would work.
- Chocolate covered coffee beans (optional)

DwightS11 month ago

I've just joined instructables. So my comment is late....but I LOVE this idea. So easy! But definitely brilliant. And I absolutely loved the way you wrote your instructions. Hilarious!

Harlowexedgar4 months ago
Great idea, sounds delicious! Will definitely try!
Kinnishian4 years ago
You can add a tip for crushed candy, freeze the candy beforehand to make crushing easy and non-mushy. This is a cool idea
Toxonic06 years ago
I tried this cake and OMG THIS IS THE BEST DARN CAKE EVER! THANK YOU WILSONER! I can die happy now!
What a great idea!! :-)
jbrecken6 years ago
Geometry nitpick: that's 45 degrees. Rotating it by 90 would make it line up exactly.
wilsoner (author)  jbrecken6 years ago
Thanks. Fixed (math is hard).
scohal6 years ago
Everything about this cake is great. The only problem is that the cake may crumble into the muffin chunks when you slice it... but who cares... CAKE
wilsoner (author)  scohal6 years ago
I holds together surprisingly well (although not perfectly).
Cool! Om nom nom.
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
costco muffins are the best!
canida6 years ago
This is genius!
sounds tasty
PKM6 years ago
Every once in a while I see a recipe that makes me make a face like :O

The bacon explosion (or whatever that multi-pound roll of sausage meat and bacon was called) made me do it, and when I got to the part where I realised this cake was just muffins, nutella and cream cheese I just did it again.

Remember to lift with your legs LOL
Chicken2209 PKM6 years ago
It would seem like it would fall apart easily when cut
I'm not sure but I think the nutella holds it together
korgoth256 years ago
thts genius
scoochmaroo6 years ago
Could you include the recipe you use for the frosting?