Picture of No Bake Treats: Keri's Snack Mix
Last Christmas, I developed this recipe as an alternative to giving out cookies or candy as gifts. Everyone loved it! I enjoyed it so much, I not only made myself several batches over the past year, I also decided to bust it out again this year for Christmas.  The ingredients aren't as inexpensive as cookies, but if you want to bypass baking this year, or give people a yummy, healthy* treat, then my Snack Mix recipe is for you.

Packaged nicely, Keri's Snack Mix is a great gift for a neighbor, coworker, or hostess gift.  It is also great for munching all year.

*I do not consider Chocolate health food and the cranberries I use are loaded with sugar, but the recipe is rich in nutrients.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Picture of Ingredients and Supplies
SnackmixMaitai 020.jpg
SnackmixMaitai 021.jpg
large mixing bowl
large spoon or spatula
clean and dry glass jars with lids ( I got mine at the 100 Yen Store, which is the Japanese equivalent of the American Dollar Tree or dime store)
optional: scissors, paper, double-sided tape, ribbon, etc. for embellishment

3oz. package of Dried Bing Cherries
6oz package of Dried Cranberries
16oz bag of Raw Almonds (without shells)
6oz. quality chocolate* chips such as Ghirardelli or Godiva ( You could also chop up a solid bar into 1/2 inch squares.)

One batch equals about 4 cups.

*If you choose white chocolate, it is delicious with this mix, however, the dried fruit will turn it an undesirable brown color. You have been warned.

Step 2: Combine Ingredients

Picture of Combine Ingredients
Open each package with scissors, then pour the entire contents of the Almonds, Cranberries and Cherries into the large mixing bowl. Add about 6oz chocolate. Mix the ingredients with a large spoon or spatula until evenly blended.
Toffy4 years ago
This is a very well done and nicely decorated gift. Thanks for taking good pics and sharing.
Very Keri (author)  Toffy2 years ago
Thank you very much! By the way, I have no idea how I missed your comment for almost two years. So sorry!
Screamo4 years ago
This looks delicious Keri :D!