Picture of No Batteries Required...Hand Tools Only

These instructions are written for teachers’ w/limited woodworking knowledge, skills & tools, in mind who would like to share the joys and experience of woodworking. I can assure you there's no need to be intimidated by the idea or concern of operating dangerous machines or power tools. The only power tool required is an electric/portable drill. Aside from gluing, your students should be able to complete this project in a few class periods. It's a great project to incorporate into a unit on manufacturing or mass production.

It's very inexpensive to boot; an 8-foot 2 X 4 and 3-foot dowel rod will make approximately 5-6 gumball machines for less than $5.00.

Concept: Students will plan and manufacture a wood product as they study woodworking and learn about the "production" industry using an assembly line process. Emphasis on the safe use of hand and power tools to develop "jigs" and fixtures designed to streamline production. Develop an appreciation and understanding of manufacturing and the fundamentals of woodworking technology while organizing and running their own industry. The products or projects are made for their own personal use or to sell.

Lessons Learned:

*Able to describe and apply the design process.
*Interpretation of multi-view, pictorial and schematic drawings.
*Produce a product using a managed production system.
*Proficiency in safe operation of hand and portable power tools.
*Identify safety measures necessary in "production" industry.
*Construct a product displaying craftsmanship and skill.
*Application of quality assurance systems used in manufacturing.
*Recognizing that all jobs are equally important and quality work has a self-gratifying value. 

Application: Students will use hands-on skills and manufacturing processes to solve problems in and beyond the classroom...

Before beginning construction, I will cover "How to make a miter box" or "simple jig" that will aid students in cutting straight lines...

Now, Let's Begin!


GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
this has 1 power tool: the drill
desperado dave (author)  GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
you're absolutely correct....in all my excitement to post I over-looked that! thanks for bringing to my attention.

:( i wantz a patch
derpo :D
but its a good idea...
J-ro3 years ago
I like this project
This is awesome
Excellent instructable, and a really good project. I particularly like the addition of the "Student Assessment Form" (which you appear to to refer to as a "rubric" for reasons which I'm sure have nothing to do with Puzzle Cubes).

Thank you for sharing it and do keep up the good work.
desperado dave (author)  Dream Dragon3 years ago
DD, appreciate the compliment...have couple other projects hope to share in near future...

pj633 years ago
Awesome.... I love 'Traditional' work...CONGRATS on a Great .....Well written 'ible'................ Wood is such fun and easy to get hold of if you look about.....
desperado dave (author)  pj633 years ago
isn't that the truth....appreciate your comments! =-)

mikeasaurus3 years ago
Great toys, I love it!
desperado dave (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
thanks Mikeasaurus....