Step 10: The Roof Top

Step No. 1  Layout pattern on an extra piece of 2X4. Clamp to bench top and cut with hand saw.

Step No. 2  Glue and attach to body

this has 1 power tool: the drill
you're absolutely correct....in all my excitement to post I over-looked that! thanks for bringing to my attention. <br><br>
:( i wantz a patch
derpo :D
but its a good idea...
I like this project
This is awesome
Excellent instructable, and a really good project. I particularly like the addition of the &quot;Student Assessment Form&quot; (which you appear to to refer to as a &quot;rubric&quot; for reasons which I'm sure have nothing to do with Puzzle Cubes).<br><br>Thank you for sharing it and do keep up the good work.
DD, appreciate the compliment...have couple other projects hope to share in near future... <br> <br>DD
Awesome.... I love 'Traditional' work...CONGRATS on a Great .....Well written 'ible'................ Wood is such fun and easy to get hold of if you look about.....
isn't that the truth....appreciate your comments! =-)<br><br>DD
Great toys, I love it!
thanks Mikeasaurus....

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