Step 6: Drilling Base

Picture of Drilling Base
drill mouth.jpg
drill mouth at angle.jpg
drill vertical.jpg
Base with holes.jpg


CAUTION:  Always clamp the work piece as there’s a risk that the bit could catch, causing the wood to spin uncontrollably; causing injury. Be aware too, that w/the wood securely clamped, the drill could unexpectedly twist/spin if the bit catches.


Step No. 1 Drill the 1-inch hole for the dowel rod. Place a “backer-board”, piece of scrap wood underneath the base to avoid “punching” through and accidently drilling into the bench top.
Step No. 2 Drill the second 1-inch hole for the "mouth" at a 45 degree angle, approximately 2-inches deep.

TIP: Start in vertical position and gradually lower drill until achieve 45-degree angle then continue until reach desired depth.  

Step No. 3 Drill the 7/8 inch vertical hole, approximately 4-inches deep, until it intersects the 1-inch “mouth”.