No Candy Valentine for Kids





Introduction: No Candy Valentine for Kids

If you have a wee one in pre-school or elementary classes that won't allow candy Valentines, here's a simple and fun no candy valentine for kids that should keep them happy and busy enough to not miss that sugar buzz!

Step 1: Supplies

Buy as many of the first two items as you'll need for the number of kids in the class.

  • faceted 'gem' bouncy balls*
  • 2 5/6" x 3 3/4" plastic sleeves (I bought mine at a comic book shop)
  • card topper print outs (print as many of the attached pdf as you need - there's six toppers per 8 1/2 x 11" sheet)
  • stapler
  • paper cutter or an exacto knife, ruler, & cutting mat

*If you can't find any faceted 'gem' bouncy balls, you could also use actual gem like stones as long as their big enough to not go up noses!

Step 2: Cut Your Card Toppers

Using a paper cutter or an exacto knife with a ruler & cutting mat, cut out as many toppers as you need.

Step 3: Stuff & Fold

Put one 'gem' bouncy ball in each plastic sleeve.

Fold all your toppers in half.

Step 4: Fill in the 'From'

Have your child fill in the 'from' backside of the toppers before you attach them to the sleeves. It's WAY easier than doing it after.

Step 5: Finish Assembly!

One at a time, slide a folded card topper over the top of a ball filled sleeve and staple the card to the sleeve as pictured.

Repeat for each Valentine. And ta da! You have not boring no candy Valentines!



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