Introduction: No Candy Valentine for Kids

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If you have a wee one in pre-school or elementary classes that won't allow candy Valentines, here's a simple and fun no candy valentine for kids that should keep them happy and busy enough to not miss that sugar buzz!

Step 1: Supplies

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Buy as many of the first two items as you'll need for the number of kids in the class.

  • faceted 'gem' bouncy balls*
  • 2 5/6" x 3 3/4" plastic sleeves (I bought mine at a comic book shop)
  • card topper print outs (print as many of the attached pdf as you need - there's six toppers per 8 1/2 x 11" sheet)
  • stapler
  • paper cutter or an exacto knife, ruler, & cutting mat

*If you can't find any faceted 'gem' bouncy balls, you could also use actual gem like stones as long as their big enough to not go up noses!

Step 2: Cut Your Card Toppers

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Using a paper cutter or an exacto knife with a ruler & cutting mat, cut out as many toppers as you need.

Step 3: Stuff & Fold

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Put one 'gem' bouncy ball in each plastic sleeve.

Fold all your toppers in half.

Step 4: Fill in the 'From'

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Have your child fill in the 'from' backside of the toppers before you attach them to the sleeves. It's WAY easier than doing it after.

Step 5: Finish Assembly!

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One at a time, slide a folded card topper over the top of a ball filled sleeve and staple the card to the sleeve as pictured.

Repeat for each Valentine. And ta da! You have not boring no candy Valentines!


There is no sugar buzz ;) (search for "sugar hyperactivity study")

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Muhaiminah Faiz (author)2014-02-11

Such a cute idea!

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