No Carve Pumpkin




Introduction: No Carve Pumpkin

No carve pumpkin decorating is a great alternative for anyone who:
-Doesn't have time to clean out and carve a pumpkin
-Doesn't enjoy the mess and clean up of carving
-Has children too young to handle carving tools
-Or is just looking for a fresh way to decorate and still honor the pumpkin tradition

This is the pumpkin I made this year. First, I painted the outline of a crescent moon. Then, I painted all of the pumpkin surface except the moon black. After the paint was dry, I used white dimensional paint to add some contrasting details.

The pumpkin is very striking, and took very little time to make (about 45 minutes, not counting drying time). An additional benefit of a no carve pumpkin is that your decoration will last longer than the traditional jack-o-lantern. If you enjoyed this instructable, please consider it when voting on the Halloween Decoration Contest!



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