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Living in cities can often mean having to make do with spaces that are not optimal for their purpose - i.e.: a "bedroom" (read: study or large walk in closet) with no closet. My no closet storage solution has a tiny footprint and offers you a good looking way to keep your clothes organized in a spatially subtle way.

Using an existing cabinet and only four uprights with two cross bars, this project is simple to make considering how functional it is! Let's get started.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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What you'll need for this project:


(x1) Ikea Stuva cabinet - 23 5/8" W x 19 5/8"D x 25 1/4" H (whatever combo of drawers/shelves you like or your own cabinet if you don't mind free styling with the directions)
(x2) 4' x 1 1/4" dowel
(x4) 1" x 3" x 8' kiln dried wood (I used poplar)
(x1) cotton clothes line rope
(x4) 1 1/4" wood screws
(x8) 1 3/4" wood screws
(x8) 3/4" steel washers
masking tape


hand drill
chop saw
belt sander
palm sanding block
sand paper
drill press
1" hole saw
measuring tape
bottle or cup with a 2 1/2" diameter

Step 2: Level Your Cabinet

Picture of Level Your Cabinet
cab 6.jpg

Before you get started, find a level bit of ground in your workshop to place the cabinet. Adjust the feet of the cabinet to make sure that it is as level, on that level ground, as possible.

Step 3: Making Your Angle Guide

Picture of Making Your Angle Guide

Print out the angle guide!

You'll be making angled cuts on one end of all your uprights. I've provided a PDF drawing that shows how I figured out the degree of angles to cut on the upright bottoms. If you're going to be modifying this project for a different drawer set, draw your own based on the one I've included.

Step 4: Get to Cuttin'!

Picture of Get to Cuttin'!
cab 8 needs ps.jpg

Set the chop saw angle to 6 degrees, so the angle is slanting to the left.

Neatly stack the (x4) 1' x 3' x 8' pieces of poplar on the chop saw and cut one end of all four pieces at that 6 degree angle.

GRANILYN5 months ago
Love this . I put wheels on an end Table I had used your plans and use it in my Laundry Room. I can hang right out of the dryer. I have my Ironing stuff stored in the end table
BlasMFO6 months ago

Amazing!... Just what I need.

thundrepance6 months ago

love it, paige, love it!

umberto056011 months ago

Great job, Paige.

Nice idea. Last night I was at Ikea and I saw this product. I remembered your project and I took a picture. This can be a slight different solution for people as lazy as me. ;-)

It's Enudden. It's a bath towel rack. It can be used instead of the top shims. Of course it will not be so strong and smart, but it's almost ready and requires just minor fixing.

Syd0the0kid12 months ago

This is lovely! Now, how do I get rid of clothes so they all fit in this space?

Paige Russell (author)  Syd0the0kid12 months ago

That was definitely the most difficult, but most rewarding part of this project!

flie72712 months ago

To get the "rounds" even, cut the corners as you suggested, then stack the four legs on top of each other & tape together.
Insert a piece of dowel through the holes to align the legs & then use your belt sander to round-off the legs - All will be exact copies of each other!

shazni1 year ago

Clean and stylish design! Thanks for posting

jmdushi1 year ago
Stylish and clear i'bles, thank you Paige Russell for sharing.
JON-A-TRON1 year ago

I love it! A center finder is a handy tool for finding the centerline of a dowel: Starrett-6-mini-square-and-center-finder-16R-grad-cast-image-No.jpg

Nice design! I love your titles for each step--very fun. :)

Paige Russell (author)  watchmeflyy1 year ago
Thanks watchmeflyy!