In this Instructable, I will show you how to make your own free website, using a content management system (Joomla). I wont skip out on anything, Throughout  the tutorial, I'll show you how to setup a domain, web hosting account, install joomla, the basics of joomla, how to put advertisements on your website, and how to draw traffic. I will also show you how to insert google analytics so you can track your website.  The only cost to you is time, It takes plenty of time to get a decent website up and running. You'll also be expected to maintain your website and update it with fresh content as often as possible if your don't your website will only make pennies.

This (Mr.Picture) is my website. I have probably spent at least 100 hours making everything the way I want. And I'll never be done. No good website should ever be done!

(If you have lots of experience with the web, you may want to check out my simplified version)

Step 1: Mistakes I've Made.

I'm going to be honest and admit that I've made lots of mistakes along the way. Firstly, don't try to make more than one website at a time, or you will end up with two incomplete websites that your unhappy with. Don't pick a topic because of the money you could make on it. Pick a topic you really love, otherwise you will slowly but inevitably give up on it. Another thing I learned is that if you want something done right, do it yourself. Getting someone else to write articles or edit your images is your choice, but its you might not be as pleased with the results. Also, try to keep a secure list of passwords and user names that you use to maintain your website, this will greatly increase your efficiency (I can't count the amount of times I've forgotten a password to an affiliate site or a forum).  Lastly, don't violate your hosts or advertising affiliates terms of service. You will get caught, and you will regret it.

I should also mention that Joomla sometimes has issues with IE6, but who cares, everyone should be using Firefox!

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<p>also if you set up a linux box.</p>
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<p>I'm still trying to figure out what is the 1st thing I need to do?????? And what's a DNS?</p>
When I put in the xtreemhost server names on the co.cc setup, it returns with an error saying &quot;ns1.xtreemhost.com is on our block list.&quot; Any ideas?
Lately I've been using www.dot.tk and I've actually been pleased with it now that they support DNS.
One question...Ive put in the nameservers on the domain site, theyve been there for ~2 days, and im still unable to get to my site.
bravo! well done mate
is this website maker safe?
Joomla? Joomla is completely safe.
I was privileged to work with a small group buiulding a lawn care forum last year.&nbsp; Our going-in position was that we would keep the content changing and of very high quality so the Google spiders would boost our ratings.&nbsp; It works.&nbsp; If you can provide well written content, you're going to do better than if you try to put together articles that are little more than strings of keywords.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Nice job on this.&nbsp; <br />
Thanks.<br />
Nice but, I&nbsp;don't see any top-level domain here. Where are they?<br />
A co.cc could be considered a top level domain, because it doesn't really require as much typing as a non-top level domain. Though I do see your point.<br />
Really well documented instructable, the end results are impressive, especially for no cost. One suggestion would be to spellcheck your site... <br /> <br /> 5*<br />

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