letterpress holiday card (for chicagoans)

Step 1: Front and Back

I was lucky enough to have access to letterpress equipment, but any stamp, stencil, screenprint, etc. method would work. I chose a porous cardstock because the ink dries quickly and you can keep working. Once I figured out my card dimensions and registration, I printed the font and back on one side (unfolded - you do that last).
lol. i got it after i read the comments, and i LIVE in chicago haha. not only that, I live right next to Western station (which is that photo up there)
and at first i just thought you were pulling off some kind of bad kerning joke.
LOL. Ke rni ng j o k e. H a!
Brilliant. I'll think of this the next time I'm on the platform, bouncing to keep warm, and the train is an hour late... Then I'll get angry... Whatever, you get my vote!
Yeah, I got the El reference from reading other chicago i'bles/watching The Fugitive, but I'm not from chicago, so I only got a chuckle :-)
Sweet. ;)

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