Picture of No Equipment Full-Body Workout
Are you tired of all those advertisements saying; you have to buy this equipment  or you will never get a full toned body? While some of these machines may work, they are super expensive! But honestly you can get the same results if not better with this quick workout I've put together to tone every muscle (or close to it) to get you feeling your best and looking it too.

Why workout?  Tests have shown that when a person (male or female) is physically fit, they feel better overall, have a stronger immune system, sleep better, and have higher self esteem. Now who wouldn't want this? It only takes 20 minutes for a full workout a day, 2 hours a week. I have created this to be the shortest possible full body workout to fit around everyone's busy schedules these days.

**I am not some kind of salesman trying to sell you guys a product or book or anything it is just a quick  workout i have created after being fed up with all the steroid popping body builders trying to sell the public "their" products.**

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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
-Yourself, with a committed, determined mind.

If you have at least the 3rd one (you can workout naked, whatever floats your boat.) you will have enough to start this out.

Some people go for a light jog or run before they exercise this is entirely up to you, personally I don't, but it does get you blood flowing and works your muscles more.

Step 2: Push-ups

Picture of Push-ups
Yep, just plain old push-ups.

Push-ups are done by lying on your stomach and pushing your core up and down (s lowly ).

10 reps

Muscles being worked:

Pectorals (chest)
Deltoids (shoulders)
Triceps (back of arms)

**For best results make sure you go down low enough that your elbows are a complete 90 degrees or lower.**

Also biceps are not exercised and neither are legs very much

(please reply to this) how long will it take to see visible results?

mariob44 months ago

I tryed for the first time and I like it the only problem is the next day my muscle hurt so much I can't do half the rep should I just train every 2 day or it's normal and I just have push myself ?

Push yourself and try listening to music it helps alot
loikkonen mariob44 months ago

Hello, this is completely normal and is actually a good thing; it means your muscles are starting to shape. If you can't do it the very next day, do it the day after that!

It's actually important to keep breaks. Say, three or four days of working out (they don't have to be consecutive days) and the rest of the week resting. Best results are achieved when your body has some time to recover. Just like if you stay up all night, you're going to be tired and less productive in the morning, if you get my point.

sensen913 months ago
Hey im trying to build my body strength for bar sports, before i can master that do i need to slow down with attempting the bars and do more of these type of work outs first? I do it but like every other day and not as much as this guy is doing in these pics!
sensen913 months ago
Hey im trying to build my body strength for bar sports, before i can master that do i need to slow down with attempting the bars and do more of these type of work outs first? I do it but like every other day and not as much as this guy is doing in these pics!
iLovefaceb0ok5 months ago

Thank you for these instructions , i did for the first time and i can say it's pretty good

erellguihard6 months ago

Great workout! I'm a girl so I have to add some butt in there ;)

And you Mr are very attractive

shopkins811 months ago
You sir are quite attractive
loiske1 year ago

good post :-)

Tastytoast1 year ago

Good workout, knocked me on my arse this first try. I'm going to stick with it, seems like it'll save me a good 90 quid.

Hey Bike Guy,

This workout is really cool and I just started today. I'm doing half of everything you suggested because I am weak and have back problems, but hopefully be able to do the full workout In no time Thanks!!!
MrMakrelli2 years ago
So cute Om nom nom :p
aabakan3 years ago
Doing those at your weight may be easy but not when u are 200+ pounds :/
try taking to milk jugs filled with sand and punch the air and running this can help to get you to where these a re a pice of cake
Emsaid aabakan3 years ago
I would say try to do the whole work out but maybe make it easier like push ups on your knees, planks on your knees, leg lifts with your legs bent ad so on and once the whole work out gets easy then bump it up and make it harder for yourself
i am 200+ pounds and i do some similar workouts like this on top of taking karate and fencing classes... your weight and strength level are nothing tthat should stop you... if you push yourself and are motivated you can do things like this and even more... i was doing 500 pushups 1000 situps running 6 miles and doing other things like pullups and tricep dips a day for like three months....

WARNING!!!! if you attempt to get of your couch and do the kind of workout i described without prior training, you will seriously hurt yourself!!! it took me six months to build up that kind of strength and endurance, i also was not doing the pushups and situps in one set, broken into ten for each exercise.
The Bike Guy (author)  aabakan3 years ago
you can always change the routine however you would like (make it shorter, longer) this is just what i use, if you would like to know anymore information just ask im willing to help.
For the leg lifts you could also just put your legs up in the air and have someone else push them toward the ground, and you keep them off the ground and bring them back up. Doing this can help you work out your sides too, just have them push your legs to each side. ^-^
Why after?
The Bike Guy (author)  freakyqwerty3 years ago
there was recently a study people did and in fact stretching before loosens your muscles and decreases your performance, many people still do it before its just a personal thing.
As I recall, from a study my college gym instructor directed us to read, (quite possibly the same one) doing dynamic stretching before hand is better for your muscles than static stretching.

For the less informed, what I mean by that is that doing the same or similar motions to those you expect to be doing in your exercise/activity, but at a low intensity, is a better warm up for your muscles than sitting and pulling your limb to the limit of your range of motion. As a concrete example, if you are doing just about any sport, a warmup jog is great because you will undoubtedly be running and will as likely be sprinting as well. Other good stretches that are specific to muscle groups are plentiful enough to warrent an ible of their own.

Since the exact reasoning for why dynamic is better does not come to mind, I am not going to speculate or hypothesize why this is the case. For those who are interested Google is your friend.

If I remember, I will hunt down the email I got it in, but I have to leave the computer I am currently at and have plenty of time to forget.
Oh right that makes sence…
its good to styretch after you warm up before you do a heavy workout it wil keep you from pulling muscles and hurting yourself... but its important to stretch after you workout so that your muscles do not get tight afterwards... like i said up above i have done heavy workout with exercises like these before and now do karate and fencing... i make sure to stretch everytime, once you get an injury from not doing it your not likely to forget
TheJenx3 years ago
Situps are actually pretty bad for your back. Crunches are easier on it, but it's still best to stick to planks and other core exercises, especially if you have any back problems. Great routine other than that, though!
The Bike Guy (author)  TheJenx3 years ago
you know id never thought of that good point, thanks.
Merterm3 years ago
i find your routine wonderful because i have to maintain some muscles, i don't do to much sport.. Thank you for this instructable :D
The Bike Guy (author)  Merterm3 years ago
well thanks (: and i guess your welcome