Make perfect hard boiled eggs everytime!

Step 1: Equipment

Pot with lid
Cold water
The eggs did not peel well. Salt could be tasted as well. However the salt caused the yolk to peel easier from the white. Thank you for the idea.
I like my egg yolk to have the green color. I think it taste better that way. Just my thoughts.
I found an even easier absolutely no-fail way to hard boil eggs. They peel easily even if very fresh (I have three hens).<br>Just put about an inch of water in a pot, put your eggs in a steamer, boil for 18 to 20 minutes. The heat can be turned down once a boil has been reached.
I moved to St. Pete, FL 2 years ago from CT and I have yet to get a boiled egg that I can peel and keep its' shape. NOT 1 !!! I have tried the Salt way, NO LUCK!!! <br>I have never heard of steaming them, but my love for a Hard-Boiled egg has led me to this recipe. I will be trying this recipe today!! I AM KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED!!! IN ADVANCE TO ClareBS...TYVM!!!
just chunked a handful of boiled eggs off the back deck that seemed to be welded to the shells,Im thinking the starting with cold water is to blame
Good technique!<br /><br />This reminded me - I meant to do hard boiled eggs for part of my supper tonight. I better get on it. :D

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