No, that's not a mistake, there's no added fat or even bread in this bread pudding style pudding.  There is however couscous - don't switch off though, it's a really surprisingly tasty recipe.

This instructable was a collaboration between myself and Helsbels who is my lovely wife!

Preheat your oven to 180'C or 190'C if you've not got a fan assisted oven.

150g couscous
2tsp cinamon
1tsp mixed spice
350ml Boiling water
2 desert apples or a large cooking apple - peeled and chopped.
4tbsp sweetener
150g sultanas

Big enough pyrex dish.  If you've not got pyrex, use greaseproof paper to line a metal container - not grease!
Chopping board
Measuring jug
Teaspoon and table spoon

Step 1: Dry Mix

The first step is to combine 150g of couscous, 2tsp of cinnamon, 1tsp of nutmeg & 4tbsp of sweetener.

Stir well till the dry mix looks roughly the same colour.
Do you add just two eggs as they are not listed in the ingredients ?!
This looks amazing!
how is it no fat if your adding 2 eggs? Eggs have fat dont they?<br>
It's a fair point, it should really be no added fat - most cakes require a lot of oil/butter etc. This doesn't and is much healthier. Eggs of course do contain high levels of cholesterol, but again most cakes also include eggs as well as the butter/oil etc.
The amount of cholesterol in eggs can vary widely, depending on how/what the chickens are fed. I use a brand of eggs which are organically raised, and fed an entirely vegetarian diet (surprisingly, typical grocery store eggs are from chickens which are fed a diet which includes some rather gross stuff). The eggs I prefer are delicious, their whites much more viscous--an indication of higher quality, at least that's what my late grandfather always maintained, and he raised chickens his entire life--and they're both lower in cholesterol and higher in Omega 3s. And, unlike many typical grocery store eggs, their shells are strong enough not to break into smithereens when you try to crack them. So, though they cost more, I consider them well worth it.
I'll add this to my list of recipes to try! Yum yum!!
When I first saw the title of this 'ible, I thought &quot;How on earth can that be possible!?&quot;, but having read it, it actually sounds very good -- a brilliant alternative to bread! It might also be possible with Millet... I may have to try that some time :) Cheers
It's very tasty, I'm even taking some cold to work for lunch =)

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