Step 5: Step 5

Now to assemble your earring! You'll need a jump ring, piece of chain cut to your desired length, and earring hook.  Begin by sliding the jump ring through a few strands of thread at the top of your tassel loop.  Then attach one end of the chain by sliding it onto your jump ring.  Attach the other end of your chain to the jump ring and you're done!

For more info and supplies visit: http://kollabora.com/community/jewelry/projects/no-hassle-tassel-earrings
Here is a pic of the mussel shell and tassel.
Very cool project. I was inspired to make some tassels with silk thread and added them to a muscle shell. All other beads were too loud hanging the shell. Thanks for the technique and great pic!
love your hair by the way <br>
How easy is that!! Great instructable!
Thanks so much! If you give it a try, we'd love to see your work!
So cute and simple :)

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