Introduction: No Heat Curls

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Great for if you don't want to use heat on your hair

Step 1: Things You Will Need

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You will need wet to damp hair,and 2 hair ties

Step 2: Split

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Cut your hair into 2 sections

Step 3: Split2

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Take 1 of the sections and split that into 2 do that with the other section

Step 4: Twist

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Take one of the the sections of hair from the section and twist away from your head. Do that with the other section of hair

Step 5: Double Twist

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Now take the back sections and twist it toward your head and just keep twisting. Once you get to the end put a hair there

Step 6: Night Time

Picture of Night Time

Now go to sleep

Step 7: Morning!

Picture of Morning!

Take the hair ties out and untwist everything

Step 8: Brush

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Now take a brush and brush trough it good

Step 9: Done

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Look how beautiful your hair will look


4everbagelz21 (author)2014-07-30

Super smart! I would never think of this

JuliaForever (author)2014-07-04

I'll try using that sometime ;)

fluffy52601 (author)2014-07-02

Thanks but I usually put a no frizz gel in after that so it's not frizzy but that will work too

ag_cochrane (author)2014-07-02

Tip-Don't brush it out at the end. It will get frizzy.

fluffy52601 (author)2014-06-27

Hey and please vote for me in the hair and makeup contest!

fluffy52601 (author)2014-06-27


bruised knees (author)2014-06-27

Is cool. How old are you? :)

medossa (author)2014-06-27

Great instructable. Will teach my niece how to do this :)

This makes your hair looks so pretty and it's great that you don't use heat to damage your hair! Nice job!

fluffy52601 (author)2014-06-25

Thank you Abigail!

Abigail02 (author)2014-06-25

That looks very pretty!

Eldalote (author)2014-06-24

Good instructable! I have exactly the same curly hair! :D

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