No Heat Curls





Introduction: No Heat Curls

Great for if you don't want to use heat on your hair

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need wet to damp hair,and 2 hair ties

Step 2: Split

Cut your hair into 2 sections

Step 3: Split2

Take 1 of the sections and split that into 2 do that with the other section

Step 4: Twist

Take one of the the sections of hair from the section and twist away from your head. Do that with the other section of hair

Step 5: Double Twist

Now take the back sections and twist it toward your head and just keep twisting. Once you get to the end put a hair there

Step 6: Night Time

Now go to sleep

Step 7: Morning!

Take the hair ties out and untwist everything

Step 8: Brush

Now take a brush and brush trough it good

Step 9: Done

Look how beautiful your hair will look



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    Super smart! I would never think of this

    I'll try using that sometime ;)

    Thanks but I usually put a no frizz gel in after that so it's not frizzy but that will work too

    Tip-Don't brush it out at the end. It will get frizzy.

    Hey and please vote for me in the hair and makeup contest!

    Great instructable. Will teach my niece how to do this :)

    This makes your hair looks so pretty and it's great that you don't use heat to damage your hair! Nice job!