No Heat Headband Curls (over Night)





Introduction: No Heat Headband Curls (over Night)

Are you sick and tired of dry damaged hair because you have to use heat well this is the hair style for you! These heatless curls are bouncy and add volume to your hair with out damaging it. It's so comfortable that you can sleep in it! Your friends will ask you how it got so curly and you can tell them with a headband!:)

Step 1: Things You'll Need

-damp hair
-head band ( the ones that are stretchy)
-small hair clip
-about 8 hours
- hair spray
- mousse
- styling gel
- bobby pins

Step 2: Take a Shower

Take a shower and wash your hair. Your hair needs to be clean and free of dirt or other bacteria on your scalp.

Step 3: Brush Your Hair

After your shower brush your hair making sure it's still damp this is the time when you can apply mousse or other hair products. IF YOU USE STYLING GEL WAIT TILL STEP 10!

Step 4: Grab Your Headband

Put your head band on hipster style.

Step 5: Wrapping Your Hair

Take a small piece of hair about an inch in width from the front of your hair. Repeat on other side of head.

Step 6: Wrapping Continued

Then take that piece of hair and wrap it around the head band like in the picture. Repeat on other side of head.

Step 7: Almost Done

Take another small piece of hair with the other piece you just wrapped around the head band and wrap it too. Continue doing this till you get to the back. Repeat on other side of head.

Step 8: The Back

Once at the back of your hair there should be two large pieces of hair. One on both sides of your head .Take those and slowly wrap them around the back part of the headband.

Step 9: Hair Sticking Out No Problem!

Take a bobby pin and pin down those stubborn hairs!

Step 10: Styling Gel

If your hair tends not to stay curled then apply styling gel to the wrapped part of your hair.

Step 11: Holding It in Place

Take the small clip and clip the back of your hair to hold it in place. You could also use a silk or satin shower cover and put that on as well to hold it in place.

Step 12: Go to Sleep

Get some beauty rest!

Step 13: Unwrapping

Remove the clip we put in the back. If your hair is wet no worries! The wetness of the hair will keep the curls together more! When you wake up slowly unwrap the hair that you set in place the night before. Don't tug on your hair! You could ruin the curls if you tug on them to hard!

Step 14: Hair Spray

Proceed to style as normal but if you use hair spray for this style only use about 2-4 sprays this style holds pretty well on its own.

Step 15: Show Off Your New Curly Hair Style

Show your friends! :) Enjoy!!



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I did this last night but i had to use a skinnier headband because my hair is so short, my hair turned out pretty but this red mark on my face not so much!

these are EXCELLENT clear and easy steps to follow, you should do more for those simple but usually hard to follow cute hairstyles!!! :) thx a billion im gonna try it out RIGHT NOW!! (gotta wash my hair first though, going in now!! ;D)

Hi. So I'm trying this tonight. Recorded it and am gonna put it on my YouTube channel. So if your interested in watching my YouTube name is Briona Taylor and this is my current profile pic:) Feel free to subscribe, if you want❤️


so cool ill try it

Since I can't edit my post... I remembered a big point for long hair. Twist it first before you wrap it around the headband. It makes it easier to keep together. You have less flyaways to get caught in other wraps that way. Also, run a hand between the band and your hair where you can, just to make sure there aren't any tangled pieces. :)

I can only do this method during the day, at night it keeps falling out. I've used it with a clip but maybe next time I'll try using multiple clips. One thing that's worked well for me at night has been this weird beard twist thing:

I tried this and it worked really well! Thanks for the tutorial! XD

This is awesome! I love it! I just can't get all my hair wrapped around neatly in the back... This is something I will be doing all the time! My hair does not curl with heat.. :(


So pretty! Definitely gonna do this for the next special occasion! :D

Cool if you like this tutorial I have more on YouTube you can check out my channel

It's a really good tutorial and I m gonna do this all the time!!!

Your welcome I was just messing around one day and thought of this I'm glad I could help and that's what my friends thought too

It's amazing
The more frequent the prettier the curls my friends thought I used a curling iron thanx

Can u do this with dry hair but I will try and let u know