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Introduction: No Less Than Legendary

Let me introduce you to my newest build: No Less than Legendary. This is my favorite pistol that I have ever built. With a smooth handle grip with minimal broken parts this has to be one of my comfier handles.

The Features of No Less than Legendary are listed below:

Removable magazines

Iron sights

Great power and range(for a pistol(40-45ft. on average))

Magazine capacity 14+

Counter-weight in the front for aiming stability

Trigger guard

Ergonomically Adept

New reliable trigger system



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How have I not found you before?! Subbed!

This is the best handle fed pistol ever, IMO.

Thank you, it means alot for this to be the best handle fed pistol according to you. You made my day :D :P What do you like most about it? I was mostly going for looks but came up with decent internals as well. And the whole removeable mag thing is so cool i just had to add it to my design.

All the things you mentioned, and also the fact that the design is so much cleaner then the most pistols on this sight, since it doesn't have that many blue rods sticking out, and how you got around the cut parts on the handle. It looks pretty hefty too, which is great. Also, the metallic color scheme looks great on this pistol.

Plus the bottom of the mag fits against the handle very well.

lol :P

Well its dumb then. :P