No Melt Microwave Popcorn Ice Cream Treats

Take gourmet to a whole new level!  Dazzel your guest with this Table Appealing, Guest Wowing, Fun Eating,  No Melt Ice Cream Treat!  
This recipe is quick to Make, Easy to do, and Good to eat. 

Step 1: Things You Will Need For The Sundae

Picture of Things You Will Need For The Sundae
It is very beneficial to read entire directions before buying the ingredients and making this dish.


Butter for hands OR Pam.

Raspberry Jell-O (small package.) 
You may use what ever flavor you like though.   

Pop corn.  Regular popped popcorn ( remove hard uncooked kernels, (You don't want to chip a tooth.)

Cool Whip , NOTE: I used Cool whip but Marshmallow cream wood be much better!

Sweetened condensed milk.
In case you don't know what it is,   http://www.eaglebrand.com/products/SweetenedCondensedMilk.aspx

Magic shell, is usually in the ice cream section of the store next to the toppings.

Here is a link on how to make your own with just 3 ingredients.  Magic shell is about 5 dollars for a small bottle. http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Magic-Shell-Recipe/

Cherries in a small jar. Try the ice cream section of the store or canned fruit section.

Crushed pecans for garnish.

Clear dessert dish.  The small dessert dish was easier and the outcome was better than a wine glass as pictured.

I thought it was easier to hand mold the balls rather  than use an ice cream scooper because you need to make some small balls for the smaller part of the dessert dish

Wet wipes ( opitional)

NOTE:  This treat is a sticky treat so for a party I would have wet wipes available at each setting.  Place any  left over balls in a clear bowl for finger treats.   You might be able to use melted white chocolate to resemble the whip cream and then top with the nuts and a cherry to create a more eater friendly treat.  You might even try Hershey's kisses for the top and make a small indention into the ice cream ball to set the cherry.   
It is my favorite.
sunshiine (author)  susanchen20113 years ago
Thanks! You have been busy! I appreciate your support!
suayres4 years ago
I had one question: in the first step picture, you showed a can of La Lechera, which you identified as sweetened condensed milk. The La Lechera I see in my grocery store is dulce de leche. Is that what you use in the recipe?
The dulce de leche verson of La Lechera is actually a super thick -caramel- product that is made by very slowly cooking a can of sweetened condensed milk for a long time. It is much more firm than regular sweetened condensed milk, but a lot more tasty. it will work, but it won't be as pliable as the other product.
sunshiine (author)  suayres3 years ago
I am sorry I overlooked this but yes I think it is the same.
tylercard3 years ago
Drool. I want this right now!
sunshiine (author)  tylercard3 years ago
Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!
mary candy4 years ago
oh gosh it seems so delicious !
wanna try.
sunshiine (author)  mary candy4 years ago
It is good! Thanks for stopping by Mary!
pecospearl4 years ago
Ah this is right down my alley because I love popcorn. Oh Sylvia, won't you come over here and make me some?
sunshiine (author)  pecospearl4 years ago
Sure! I will make the other version that is finger friendly!