No Mess Way to EASILY and ACCURATELY Measure Solid Shortening, Butter, or Margarine





Introduction: No Mess Way to EASILY and ACCURATELY Measure Solid Shortening, Butter, or Margarine

You know what a mess you can have trying to measure out soft, greasy stuff like solid shortening, or margarine. Not to mention you might not get an accurate measurement. You might be leaving behind a lot of your ingredient.

This is a quick, easy, LESS messy way to measure.

Step 1: Step 1: Utensils.....Nothing Special

Have your recipe. How much shortening (or margarine etc) do you need?

Glass measuring cup (used for liquids)

Shortening (or margarine etc) that you wish to measure

Spoon to scoop shortening

Step 2: Step 2: Do a Little Math

For this Instructable I'm going to measure out 1/4 Cup of shortening.

In my liquid measuring cup (Glass) I'll put 3/4 Cup of cold tap water

NOTE:  The math is that 1/4 C + 3/4 C = 1 Cup

I will add solid shortening to the 3/4 C of water until the level of the water shows 1 cup.  The shortening has displaced the water.

NOTE:  The shortening must be submerged in the water

Step 3: Step 3: Drain the Water

Next you'll drain off the water, and use the shortening in your recipe. There is very little left in the cup, making clean-up easier, and you get to utilize more of the shortening in your recipe.

Just to show that this works I scooped out the shortening and put it into a 1/4 C measure



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    I never learned this in Home Ec... or anywhere until now. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Glad you liked it!

    Good idea, but I have some recipes I would be very hesitant to try this with since even some small amounts of water might end up in the material being measured and cause some changes to the recipe outcome.
    I love my displacement measuring cups to use for solids and other "glunky" things. But you did a great job here!

    yeah this wouldn't be appropriate for ALL recipes. I have one of those measuring cups that pushes the solid shortening/peanut butter/margarine etc out like a giant syringe that works well too. I use several different methods depending on what works best for each recipe, and of course my MOOD!

    Ha ha! love it - another "mood" cooker like me!

    Yay, Archimedes! This is a great solution, but only for solids which don't readily dissolve (or dissociate) in water.

    I think I learned this in a Home Ec class when I was in Jr High........that was a L-O-N-G time ago.

    Honestly I couldn't have put the name of Archimedes with this but I knew it was science.

    Yes it has to be used for solids that don't disolve in, or absorb fluids

    I learned it in home ec in junior high as well.. it's such a great trick. I use it for peanut butter as well.

    I use regular measuring cups for peanut butter.......then I have an excuse to scrape out the cup, and EAT it! ;-P

    It's terrific, and thank you for putting it up :-)