No-Minute Laptop Stand





Introduction: No-Minute Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is not actually "made" from anything ... it is just a re-purposed Fellows model 21100 booklift. When used as a booklift, the narrow ledge is nearly horizontal, when used as a laptop stand, the narrow ledge is vertical. I did this to add cooling but got a bonus in a much better angle for my wrists and much better visibility. Since I already had the booklift, this was a no-money deal.

Step 1: Assume the Position

This is the usual orientation for the booklift. It's good for holding books, but lousy for holding a laptop.

Step 2: Collapsed

Collapse the back props and lay it flat on its back.

Step 3: Allemand Left

Pivot it 180 deg. and we're almost there. Elapsed time: 2.7 seconds.

Step 4: Vera Alldid

That's it. Set the laptop on the booklift and we have lift-off. Good angle, good cooling, good elevation and a nifty little wire channel for those pesky USB cables, too. The Toshiba laptop has a little plastic nib just ahead of the battery that snags on the small arm of the booklift. As an added bonus (not shown) the booklift nestles exactly over the laptop for travel in your bag.



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