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I have wanted to write this Instructable for a long time but could not bear the thought of a photo of a roach. I found a plastic one; problem solved. I think you get the idea from that sentence that I am just a little bit, somewhat, sort of, come to think of it, mildly, TERRIFIED of roaches. This is the story of how I got rid of the roaches in my home and they have stayed gone for 10 months now after just the initial treatment.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
maple syrup pour.jpg
Boric acid powder*
Karo syrup - you may substitute honey or maple syrup or pancake syrup
Rice flour - you may substitute any flour you have on hand
1 Popsicle stick
1 Mixing bowl

Amounts as follows:
2 parts Boric acid
1 part rice flour
enough Karo syrup to make a peanut butter like consistency mixture

Important note: Boric acid powder is not something you want to inhale (get into your eyes or swallow) so mix this up outside. Wear a dust mask too until it is mixed up. It has no odor.

For a 2800 square foot home with 4 bathrooms, I mixed 2 cups of boric acid with 1 cup rice powder and about 3/4 cup of Karo syrup. I used a plastic bowl to mix in and stuck the bowl and left over bait up into the attic/crawl space when I was done baiting.

*(available in hardware stores in the US as "Roach Prufe" (this was the only way I was able to buy it, the canister is 98% boric acid and 2% blue coloring).

Step 2: What my kitchen used to look like

Picture of What my kitchen used to look like
For every roach you see there are probably 100 hiding in the walls. If you see a roach in the daytime it means you have such an infestation that they are crowding each other out of their hiding places. Did I say gross?

Step 3: What my kitchen looks like now

Picture of What my kitchen looks like now
No more roaches!

Step 4: Once upon a time....

Picture of Once upon a time....
About 16 years ago I rented a house that was infested with roaches, I called an exterminator who declared it was the worst infestation he had ever seen (in case you don't want to take my word). His company used a bait that had the consistency of peanut butter and he put a little dab of it behind all the drawers (out of reach of pets or children), under the sinks on the pipes coming out from the wall, and he even took off all the outlet and switch plate covers to put the bait inside the walls.

It was a miracle, I never saw a roach again. In that house.

When I moved I used the same service and the same guy (let's call him John because that was his name) did the same thing, but this time is was a new house that I had bought. Once a year John would come back and do the same thing and in 14 years I never saw a you know what. Alive that is. Once in a while there would be a dead one. Back then I had a husband so the dead ones were not so much a problem.

Step 5: Then.....

Picture of Then.....
The husband left, I had to move and buy a new house and guess what? I took John with me, but this time John wasn't using the bait. In fact I was calling John every week for help with the roaches. My new house was new to me but really very old, and it had a lot of roaches. A week would not go by when I did not see one or two or .... more. It was so bad I could not get out of bed at night and turn on a light for fear of what I would see. I implored John to use his magic peanut butter but he just told me "we don't do that anymore". What was a poor girl to do?

The Internet to the rescue!

Step 6: And this is what I found out!

Picture of And this is what I found out!
The magic peanut butter that John's company had been using was so successful that clients started canceling their contracts. Oh. Gosh why hadn't I thought of that - who's going to hire a pest control company if they don't have pests. John wasn't using the stuff that WORKED because if he did his company wouldn't have any business.

It has been 10 months since I ended my contract with the pest control company and I baited my house with my home made poison, and (drum roll please) I have found one dead roach in all that time.

Step 7: How and where to use it

Picture of How and where to use it
behind picture frame.jpg
in out let.jpg
behind sink.jpg
on top of doors.jpg
pocket door.jpg
Using the popsicle stick, put a dab of the bait where roaches like to go - up high and near water. They also like to live in your home's walls so undo all of your switch plate covers and outlet covers and smear some on the back of the outlet cover itself. The bait is not sticky so I find it easier to put it in areas where it can sit so it won't fall off. After it dries out it becomes hard and stuck to where you stuck it.

Roaches like to bring food back to their colony and when they bring this food back it will kill lots and lots of roaches, roaches who never even scurried over to your house. This is disgusting but even if he's a greedy roach and just eats and does not share with his buds, when he poops back at the colony and his buds eat that poop they will die.

It took me most of a day to go all around my home looking for out-of-the-way places to place the bait, undoing all the switch plate covers took the longest. Pulling out the drawers in the kitchen was really easy because most of the time you can access the back of the drawer from the cabinet underneath. At my former house it used to take a crew of 2 guys, 4 hours to do the whole house.

The most important places are the pipes coming into your home either for your sinks or you washing machine and dishwasher. Attics and crawl spaces are prime roach habitat. Roaches have no bones so they can slip through the smallest sliver of space. It's gross.

Step 8: Why this works

Picture of Why this works
Boric acid powder is a proven roach killer, what I am presenting here is a way to get the roaches attracted to it (sweet smelling Karo syrup) and to eat it (flour and Karo syrup). Making it into a paste enables you to place it in areas where powder alone would not stay.

I read a lot of information online 10 months ago to come up with this solution but aside from the boric acid powder it's not an exact science - I think peanut butter mixed with boric acid powder would work just as well. The thing that really got me really interested is when I read industry information about folks canceling their pest control service because the baiting method was so effective. I made up the recipe based on common sense, what I read, and what I had in the cupboard. The proof is my roach free house. It's a huge relief and I wanted to share.

Please ask any questions you may have!
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FoxysMyGirl2 months ago

I had a problem with roaches last year following a roof leak. It grossed me out. It was the big kind that are supposed to live outdoors. They found a way into my attic and it was terrifying to me since I am a big chicken about roaches, nothing else only roaches. I saw this recipe and didn't want to make anything that would be a bait and attract more but then I thought about how they would take it to their nests that I wouldn't even know how to find in order to spray or treat them. I did it and it has been Miraculous!!! Thank you!! No roaches, not one in an entire year! It took less then 2 weeks and even in the two week period I was seeing fewer and fewer. I didn't have a lot in my house but I would see a couple per week and I knew there was a lot in the attic. Had I not used this recipe I am sure I would have seen more and more and been disgusted every time. I saw a bug on my porch last night so I am making the recipe again today. He may have just been from the flower beds but I don't care, it is not starting again here. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this amazing information!!

Ninzerbean (author)  FoxysMyGirl2 months ago
Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I know it works, that's why I posted it so many years ago. I wish more people would simply do it. I mean just read the ible and follow the instructions.
(removed by author or community request)
Ninzerbean (author)  gina.camarata9 days ago
Thank you Gina! I don't think that that termite recipe is correct. It makes no sense, cat food is not what termites eat. I know that termite treated wood is treated with boric acid, but surely not with cat food. Not to mention jelly. Please look more, this can't be right. If you get rid of the pinebark mulch I think you can be sure the termites will leave as well. Why are you not using cypress mulch?
Thanks for getting back! I made the roach-be-gone goo and placed it all over the house and garage as you've directed. Florida has certain seasons when the bugs are worse. As the dry winter months near, I now feel prepared for them as they are attracted to moisture; pipes etc...
As to the other recipe, I thought it a little odd also and while I bought the ingredients, I didn't make any yet as I have 2 cats and an aging Golden. I am still designing an inaccessible way to bait. Here is the site I found it on. Any input would be great. As to the pine bark, it doesn't seem to matter, I used cypress in my side beds and they ate that too. Also found them in my garden where I mixed in some peat. They ate my pressure treated deck in 4 years. We don't call our place Junglehouse for nothin! lol
I loathe to use poison. Any idea before I have an army of raccoon and panthers after the cat-food bait??? Sincerely, gina

Hello! I am about to try this out. We bought our house a little over a year ago and recently, some disgusting neighbors moved and well.. all their bugs came to our house! :( My question is, I have boric acid but its not blue.. its called "boric acid III." I don't know if that'll make a difference or not. I didn't see anybody post anything about this in the comments section, any idea?

As long as it is boric acid (please, not boric soda) you will be fine. Sorry about your neighbors... but maybe that is why they moved.

ugh, sorry it posted through my business page.

CrazyPills3 days ago

Hello everyone, I live in FLA and never had a problem with roaches thanks to do your own pest control shops and websites. Here in NC it is aweful. I have the exact same problem as ohasweethooooome.

They only are here from June to October. Then finito. Even in the summer, however I never see roaches in my kitchen at night. I can open the light in the bathroom or kitchen late at night and NO roaches. Once in awhile, during the above mentioned time period, I see a live on or a baby one. Maybe once a week and that is during the day. I have made your mixture and put it outside. I have also taken large pieces of duct tape and put a dab in the middle. I do this outside because I tried inside and caught nothing. Buy the real duct tape and this works wonders. My mix is not blue because the boric acid I use is white. I still am afraid to leave my home for a vacation because I wonder what I will come back to!

I have a German roach problem in Florida in the swamp. It's literally the perfect storm of pests. I'll definitely try this recipe. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

Ninzerbean (author)  tricia.yeager4 days ago
The Germans are very hard to get rid of, read the comments as you are waiting for them to die, you will learn a lot. Be tenacious. Some people have had good success and other's not so good, but I wrote this for the giant ones... It was a long time ago and I didn't know the habits of the Germans back then. It will work, but you just may have to add other things to the arsenal of weapons, depending on your situation. Keep me posted though.

So did you just leave the bowl out or did you actually put it on things (like roach bait?)

Ninzerbean (author)  katreceswenson14 days ago

I don't understand your question, sorry.

I had the same question... once you've made the mixture what do you do with it? Roll it into balls and place on work surfaces? How far apart?

Ninzerbean (author)  dcarma5 days ago

Sorry for the confusion, I think a few people may be new to the site and are not clicking the button to see all the steps on one page, step #7 explains how to use the bait, but really, you should read the whole thing. Not just #7.

she means do you just leave it in the bowl or do you scoop it out an put it in certain places? I was wondering the same thing, do you just spread little bits of it in random place throughout your house? Just kinda curious as to what you do with the mixture

Ninzerbean (author)  crystal.m.davis.185 days ago

See step 7. Maybe you are not looking at all the steps? If you are not a pro-member I think you have to click a button to view all the steps on one page, I guess that that would make the 'ible a bit vague if you were only see the first step. Thank you for explaining what Katreceswenson was asking, really I had no idea.

we have a bad problem in our kitchen in our apt and nothing we have done has helped people have come in and sprayed and even bombed i cleaned everything out and still nothing I am going to try this and I hope it works

we have a bad problem in our kitchen in our apt and nothing we have done has helped people have come in and sprayed and even bombed i cleaned everything out and still nothing I am going to try this and I hope it works

LSTC7 days ago

I just put down my first ultra cheap mini batch. It seems each time the apartment exterminator visits (monthly) the little critters get flushed our way. I noticed the only difference from what I prepared and what the dude used is the color. I prefer the DIY approach. Thanks in advance for your generous and helpful advice in the road toward a solution to a common problem.

How about adding a scoop of Cypermethrin to the mix? With the sugar content of the syrup, would the repelling feature of the chemical be mooted, or would it counteract the entire process?

Ninzerbean (author)  wpickering28 days ago
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This works, there is just no reason to add Cypermethrin.

hello there and have a good cockroachesless day

I'd like your opinion on something.Although you keep pointing out how important it is to put the magical staff all around your house, I'd like to put it only in a cupboard in the kitchen.

Living in a 30 square mt apartment and those last 3 years I ve been sleeping with one eye open (if sleeping any). The problem appears in summer and then dies down in autumn-winter(and god I hope it will, this time too). Thing is that after fighting it every summer, covering every crack in this hole-home (and cracks it had, my pride and joy), putting a white liquid bait all over the apartment, then adding a brown liquid bait [that made the job, obviously, a russian one] and laying boric acid this summer I had only one big dead. And then nothing. Did I say that I have German ones, oh yes, those biiiiiiiig dictators never fail bringing me nightmares.

A few days ago I saw a baby tiny winy in the kitchen.Then I checked the cupboard over the extractor (that I have sealed and never use after I realised that there must be a nest inside it). There were poo. Cockroach poo (a little difficult to be some other kind know, emphasis). I m just scared shitless to fully open this cupboard. The wood of the cupboard is not fully attached to the extractor's pipe, and this is how they travel now. I saw two other small others on the kitchen. And since I m too scared and tired to fully open it so I can put tape around it and clean it.......

Question: can I just put this magic staff only inside this area that has the problem? I ll slip it on a post-it.

obviously you don't really know since you don't have the same problem (and maybe because you're a bit more brave and you would flip this cupboard open and do your job) but an estimation will help me.

hope you'll see the message.

have a nice day

Thanks for your courageous effort! I made a boric acid paste once to kill ghost ants and it worked great, but I only made a teaspoon to use near a water source they were invading.(the spray nozzle on my sink) Now I have high hopes for your blue goo roach killer! Florida living is a bug trial at best. There are zillions of creepy crawlies everywhere. The stuff is on my list and I am going to the store right now. I will keep you posted. PS: I found your site while searching for a termite killer recipe. Every garden bed I have is infested with them under the pine bark mulch. The recipe for that is Boric acid, grape jelly and cat food, but it needs to be inaccessible to pets and wildlife. I will keep you posted and pass on your wonderful site info. krzycat55

OMG! Thank you so much. I was mortified when I discovered what this bug was and in my kitchen! It seems I have the german type, but this site is the best I have found on advice. I will update everyone soon as to how this goes.

its been a week since i put a homemade bait and this hoi hoi traps everywhere. But im frustrated coz it looks like they are still many of them. I discover their nest at the back of out refrigerator and we clean it and put q bait. Now i made another bait again using peanut butter. How long does it take to kill them all?

Ninzerbean (author)  Jonettemardavid16 days ago
I could answer you but I really can't stand looking at that photo. All the answers though are in the 'ible, and in the comment section. It's quite a lot if reading but anything I wrote here would just be repeating.
LindaF120 days ago

I have had a serious German cockroach infestation for nearly 2 years. I just spent 2 weeks emptying my kitchen cabinets and moving all the appliances so I could dust boric acid and diatomaceous earth everywhere - everything is back in place and NOW I find your instructions! As soon as I catch my breath I'm going to whip up your formula and start all over. I can't believe I have to take all the switch plates off yet again. My roaches reside mainly in the kitchen. When I make a sandwich I have to be fast. If I have to go back to the fridge for a tomato or mustard there will be at least two roaches running at break-neck sped toward the sandwich! "Shy" is just not a word that applies to roaches. I am slowly making my way through the comment section here and I am amazed at the people who use wicker. German roaches love anything made of straw or wicker. I have had to discard everything made of straw and wicker because those materials provided so many hiding places that they were just teeming with Germans of all sizes - particularly babies and small nymphs. I will let you know how it goes. You have a very pretty kitchen - you must be a serious chef.

I don't know what the Germans use to kill "German" cockroaches but I do know that they call them "Russian" cockroaches!

Ninzerbean (author)  LindaF120 days ago
For a problem as bad as yours I would also suggest that you get rid of any cardboard containers such as cereal boxes, pasta boxes etc., maybe even put evertything with a label into some giant zip lock bags. Also check your dishwasher if you have one. Or any appliances. I think you need to fog the kitchen. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your prompt reply! I have already put everything that was in a cardboard box in zip lock bags. From what I have read on other sites, fogging does not work well for Germans because they can hold their breath for 40 min. Is fumigating and fogging the same thing? I have two questions:

(1) How long does this formula stay spreadable? I am a slow worker.

(2) Does this formula definitely work for German roaches? I have now read all the comments and sometimes it is hard to tell if people are discussing palmetto bugs or German roaches. It appears that some people use this formula successfully with German roaches - but, then, there are a few who apparently are not successful even though they affirm that they are following your instructions to the letter. I have a few Palmetto bugs, too. So I am still going to do your formula. It is hard to live in SC and not have Palmettos.

Even though I have read that the only reason you see Germans during the day is because they are experiencing crowding - I don't know that I believe it. I have destroyed four nesting areas in my kitchen during the last month but the number of roaches I see during the day has not lessened. I think the reason I see them during the day is because they are hungry. Since I have been discarding food scraps left on dishes immediately and taking the garbage out every night before bed, daytime roach activity has definitely increased. My German roaches are very aggressive. When I cook, either day or night - as soon as they smell the food, here they come. They crawl right on the stove among the cooking pots. If I'm slicing and dicing, they come right up to the food prep area. They act as though it is their kitchen and I'm just the "worker bee!"

Ninzerbean (author)  LindaF119 days ago

Dear LindaF1,

The bait will stay spreadable for at least 4 or 5 hours. But you can put it in the fridge and that will give you some more time. I now live in SC too. In the woods even. I still don't have roaches, except a dead one every few weeks, since I baited this house when I moved in 2.5 years ago. Fumigating and fogging are different. I really wanted to say bomb but am afraid Robot will hold up my reply to you. So anyway, I too of course have read all the comments and seen that some folks have had varying luck with the Germans, and I have learned a lot. This works like a charm with the palmetto bugs which was what I was dealing with in Ft Lauderdale. But in SC I have seen both and the Germans are the dead ones I find. No palmettos.

I recently talked to a restaurant owner about this solution and he was going to try mixing up a slurry of the bait and put it into standing water. This is fine for a restaurant but not something you want to do in your home - but in your case I think you might want to try something along these lines because unless you are pulling my leg you have a severe problem. Like your health is at risk from the bacteria and stuff these guys carry. You need to take really drastic measures.

Finding the infestations is fantastic, if not really gross, but I think you may need a severe knock down that only an exterminator can do, not a regular service call but something special. I would call a non- national company to find someone that can work with you and your situation until it is under control and then use my bait to keep it under control. In my situation there had only been infestation inside and it was in the bottom drawer of the oven in the house we had rented. But I'm worried that your problem is even bigger than " the worst infestation he had ever seen" as I wrote about in the beginning of my story in the 'ible.

I'm on vacation and using an ipad instead of my computer so there are sure to be tons of typos here. I hope you can work through them. Pls stay in touch.

aaryak5 months ago

my shoe works better than all these methods.
n then its splashhh

LindaF1 aaryak20 days ago

I admire your tenacity, aaryak. You must know something I don't! I have tried your method with no success whatsoever.

therese87 aaryak3 months ago

I read that if you do this you need to be careful not to leave any trace of the roach guts because that will attract more roaches as they enjoy feeding on the remains of their dead buddies :(

i will try this, but its hard to find the boric acid powder in japan, so i just bought the market ready roaches bait with boric acid. I bought something like rice cake flavor. I hope this will work. I upload an image of what i bought. The box has 16 pieces so i put it on every place that roaches may live. This post help me about boric acid

Ninzerbean (author)  Jonettemardavid1 month ago
I don't know, I sort of don't think this is going to be the same thing as my 'ible. I mean it does not seem to be any different than using the store bought stuff because it is just that. My baiting system is all about putting it (because it is sticky) on the backs of drawers, water pipes, behind toilets, up high, inside walls. I am sorry that you cannot find boric acid powder in Japan. Can you maybe try harder? A chemist shop maybe?
Companies do not want their roach bait to be effective in being brought back to the colony, they want you to see dead roaches laying around so you will think it is working, but that will not get rid of the problem. It will just make you buy more of it. If you use my system the roaches are gone for years and years, you only have to do it right the first time. It takes hours but it is worth it not to have to do it again for years.
I was out of my house for 2.5 months and got home last night and no roaches anywhere - dead or alive.

ok i already able to get the boric acid online and follow this step. i use mapple syrup. i hope they die very very soon. i have seen many of them at the back of the refrigerator, i have clean it and put some of this. ive been using a hoy hoy traps too.

Plus she can order online.

wireman33228 days ago

I first wanted to say thank you for sharing this information. My mother has started having a problem with roaches showing up, and its really started to get to her. She cant stand the thought of it. Im going to make your mixture and spread it where you have shown.

Secondly i want to comment on the social argument going on in the forum. And i'll have to agree with the NOT social side. The definition of a social insect is "any of numerous species of insects that live in colonies and manifest three characteristics : group integration, division of labor, and overlap of generations." Roaches do have two of the three, but miss out on the division of labor. There are no "queen, warrior, or working" roaches.

But yet they do form colonies, and interact as Nizerbean has stated. I read of one study where the group made a cockroach robot that had characteristics so close to the living creatures that it was able to get the whole colony to follow it to anouther living erea. I looked for the webpage that was on before commenting here. While i was unable to find that particular page, it looke like they might be marketing the creation already. But why go through all that when such a simple solution as this is available.

Thank you again Ninzerbean, best wishes.

Ninzerbean (author)  wireman33227 days ago

Thank you wireman, very interesting - thank you for taking the time to write. I think that the comments to 'ibles are as valuable or more so, than the original 'ible.

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