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I have wanted to write this Instructable for a long time but could not bear the thought of a photo of a roach. I found a plastic one; problem solved. I think you get the idea from that sentence that I am just a little bit, somewhat, sort of, come to think of it, mildly, TERRIFIED of roaches. This is the story of how I got rid of the roaches in my home and they have stayed gone for 10 months now after just the initial treatment.

Update: By the time I moved from this home described here, the roaches stayed gone for 6 years, I baited one more time inbetween. It is important to click the button right under the title that says '8 Steps' or you will think that this 'ible is only one step long - it is 8 steps long. Be sure to read all of the steps before asking questions. Other questions you might have, might be answered in the comment section. Which is not to say not to ask questions, please by all means do so if you need to.

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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
maple syrup pour.jpg

Boric acid powder*
Karo syrup - you may substitute honey, maple syrup, pancake syrup or make a simple syrup of sugar and water.
Rice flour - you may substitute any flour you have on hand.
1 Popsicle stick
1 Mixing bowl

Amounts as follows:
2 parts Boric acid
1 part flour - any kind of flour is fine: white, whole wheat, rice, etc.
Enough Karo syrup, or what ever sweetener you choose, to make a peanut butter-ish consistency mixture

Important note: Boric acid powder is not something you want to inhale, get into your eyes or swallow so mix this up outside. Wear a dust mask until it is mixed up. It has no odor.

For a 2800 square foot home with 4 bathrooms, I mixed 2 cups of boric acid with 1 cup rice powder (any flour will do) and about 3/4 cup of Karo syrup. I used a plastic bowl to mix in and stuck the bowl and left over bait up into the attic/crawl space when I was done baiting. If you don't get finished baiting in one day put the bowl into the fridge, covered, and it will stay workable for another day or two.

*(Sometimes available in hardware stores in the US as "Roach Prufe" (this was the only way I was able to buy it, the canister is 98% boric acid and 2% blue coloring). Also, commenter ScottP6 says he was able to buy boric acid on Amazon for $7 for a pound. That is enough to share with neighbors and friends for years. Any boric acid that you find will be fine though, just make sure it is mostly boric acid.

I had to restart my comment.

Well I've made an account to share my excitement! The day I received my keys to my apartments I noticed there was roaches. I was so mad that I complained to the apartments, all they told me was they had pest control do a full cleaning so roaches might be coming out more & not to worry. So I waited two weeks to move my stuff into my apartment. I prayed that the pest control fixed the problem. Guess what! It DIDNT! no surprise huh. So I tried everything I bombed my place I set up traps I even bought boric acid and put it everywhere. Still didn't work. I had finally given up and it was time to move my stuff into the apartment.

So the night before the move I researched one more time to see if I could find the answer. I came across this post. Since I already had boric acid I thought well it's worth a try. I read the comments and made sure I did everything right I was determined to get rid of these nasty bugs! So I stayed up for four hours opening outlets and baiting everywhere and everything.

After I had moved in I realized there was still roaches I thought to my self well I gave it all I had. But a couple days had passed and I saw maybe 3 roaches in my entire place. Then I didn't see any! (well none alive they were dead). I tried not to get too excited as I thought this is too good to be true. But as the days passed i didn't see not one roach. I think I cried for joy for a week. This had actually worked! If you are reading this and you're at your breaking point I'm telling you THIS DOES WORK! But only if YOU DO IT RIGHT! I'm happy to say my place has been roach free for three months THANK YOU NINZERBEAN! for this post. Sorry for the long comment! Thank you again!
Ninzerbean (author)  Tasha_calderon26 days ago
Oh Tasha-calderon I am so happy you took the time to write - thank you so much for your wonderful words. I have had the worst day and this has made me so happy. I am sending you a virtual hug!
I cannot thank you enough. Me & my children live in a clean roach free home. You have made our place into a home. I am forever grateful! Thank you again!
Ninzerbean (author)  Tasha_calderon25 days ago

Dear Tasha, I know, I understand, I've been there - house into a home sort of thing. It's why, you are why, I wrote this Instructable. To turn houses into homes. I will be forever grateful for your comment.

Dseg15121 month ago


First off let me start by saying thank you so so so much for sharing this! I finally have my sanity back after endless nights of sleep deprivation, and hugging a can of raid every night! (not literally, but yes always ready on my night stand). -- I apologize for the length of this--

My family and I moved into a home that my father owns and was previously rented out to filthy tenant. Of course, it was infested with huge flying American cockroaches. I cleaned every inch of the house literally on my hands and knees & repainted. I too am TERRIFIED of roaches, and can't count how many times I cried, squealed, jumped, and yelled for my husband every time I saw one. At times I would be brave enough to spray them myself, but they would charge towards me!! AHH, My husband finally got tired of all the crying and complaining & called a professional exterminator. He came and sprayed outside and the baseboards.

I would see some dead, but I would still see a lot alive, if not more than ever. I studied them one night sitting at the kitchen table around midnight and I noticed that one by one by one they came out from behind the kitchen cabinet where the sink goes. Long story shorter- there was a nest back there & a hole leading right outside. I took the entire cabinets to the dump & fixed the hole. ( I installed all new cabinets)


SO, this is where you come in! I did EVERYTHING you listed in the steps. I have gone through 4 cans of foam, and atleast 8 of silicone caulking. This house had so many gaps, and crevices! I spent countless days just sealing every room! In addition to this, I also bought new weatherstripping.... I strategically placed the boric acid paste in every room, every outlet, every door way. I didn't skip a single one.


After 2 or 3 days of putting the paste, I saw ONE live one... It's now been two weeks and I haven't seen one. Not even a dead one.

I'm just in denial.. Is this real? Are they really gone?!

What you posted here works! ....Don't take "shortcuts", & these steps do pay off.


Ninzerbean (author)  Dseg15121 month ago
Dear Dseg1512,
Thank you for taking the time to write. Comments like yours make me so happy.
50sgirl6 hours ago

Thank you for all of this wonderful information, I hope to start the treatment tomorrow.I will be so thankful to be rid of these nasty creatures !!

Ninzerbean (author)  50sgirl1 hour ago
Great! It's a big job, be prepared to spend a few hours doing the prep work and baiting. Read a few hundred comments to get more tips. Once you do it though, you will be good for about 3 years.
bart22017 hours ago

Hi I have oriental roaches (waterbugs) in the walls of my apartment. they are especially bad in the bathroom, I have plugged holes and the big ones can no longer get in but the babies are still getting in. Every day I'm picking up or killing at least a dozen of them in the bathroom and have started seeing a few in the kitchen lately. I know they are behind the wall in the bathroom, before I caulked the crevices and holes around pipes the large ones would be coming in, about ten a night. These kind do not climb smooth surfaces very well, when they end up in the sink (coming from behind medicine cabinet and light fixture) they cannot climb out so they cannot get back to the nest even if I do put bait. How can I eliminate them from behind the walls? We have no german roaches but the entire complex is infested with these oriental ones. I make sure that my drains in the tub and sink are shut all the time. Is there some way to use the bait and get it into the walls so that I can kill them where they live?

Ninzerbean (author)  bart22011 hour ago
OK, so you have your answer in your question - pull that medicine cabinet off of the wall and bait the holes that must be there. Same with the light fixtures, take out the bulbs and get some bait up and into where the bullet hits the bone, uh, sorry, song in my head, you know where I mean though, the space where the fixture does not quite meet the ceiling - I DO NOT mean putting it into the light fixture base. At the very most or least you can drill holes and stuff the bait into the empty space behind and then spackle up the holes again. Bit a of a fuss but you could do it in unseen places such as under the sink. This is absolutely unacceptable to have these critters in your house - but not knowing anything about them I hope you will get back to me about whether this bait works for waterbugs. Don't leave your toothbrush out at night for sure.
edgar200116 hours ago
hi so im thinking about trying this but im worried about where to put the bait. It says to put it everywhere but if i put in it my room wont it attract them to my room plz help
Ninzerbean (author)  edgar200113 hours ago
I going to assume that the only place you can put the bait in your room is in your electrical outlets (take out the screws and put the bait inside the wall) so unless there are other cracks leaking into the walls where they live I can only think you have bigger problems than roaches. Roaches live in the walls. That is where you want to get the bait to. They are already there. You won't be attracting them to your room.
Ksco94259 days ago
My house is super old. My main problem is that my hot water heater is in my kitchen! It's in the corner right between the kitchen bars so I can't get in between it and I'm pretty sure that's where the roaches are coming from. I have an inside dog and I have to keep his dog food in his bowl covered up with Saran Wrap most of the time or it will become infested. I just discovered them in my pantry so I have to throw all my food out too. I'm just so disgusted with seeing roaches in my home. What do I do since I can't get to the place I'm pretty sure is the source of the roaches?
Ninzerbean (author)  Ksco94259 days ago
Your vacuum will become your best friend. I still think you should bait your whole house, not just the kitchen area. It may take a few days longer to work but it will.
Thanks for the advice!
Ninzerbean (author)  Ksco94255 days ago

How's it going Ksco9425? It's been 4 days so you should be having good results by now.

I'm working on getting the ingredients. I also have a lot of hole patching to do. There are a few really big holes where the pipes in my kitchen are which the foam won't take care of. Any advice on what to use?
Ninzerbean (author)  Ksco94252 days ago

There are two types of Great Stuff expanding foam. The one for outside windows will not expand too much but the other one will expand by over 50% while curing. There really is no space too large for it. After a curing you can trim it with a steak knife.

mnkyd2910 days ago

Thank you for this instructable. I have done everything here except the foam. I see that the landlord has done this except I see one hole under the sink. oddly enough, I never see roaches under the sink yet everywhere else. kitchen, bathroom, baseboards etc. how many days does it take to stop these suckers? Its been 5 days and I feel like I've been seeing more out than normal and not sure its working. I want to make another batch and try again...

Ninzerbean (author)  mnkyd295 days ago

Mnkyd29, I missed your comment so I apologize for the late reply. Seeing more roaches after baiting seems to be one an occasional occurrence from what I have read - they sort of get into a frenzy looking for a safe food source. This did not happen to me but I have read about it now a few times in the comment section.

After baiting, it takes only a day or two to see results - but in your case maybe there is a colony living inside that you must find and get rid of. There may be something you did not do in all the steps or did not do the whole house etc. Other than those suggestions I can only say that if you did a good job on the baiting you should not be having to do this again for years.

I think you might want to plug up that hole just to be safe.

nordsteph11 days ago
I think I have cockroaches but have only seen one in my apartment. About 2-3 weeks ago my step niece was taken from her mom and her mom asked me to come get her monster high doll house...I knew they had cockroaches bad so I told her she had to make sure it had no bugs. I took it home but didn't bring it inside. Instead I left it outside under the stairs of the upstairs apartment, about 10 feet away from my front door. One day I was coming back from taking the garbage out and when I was walking back into my place I saw a cockroach trying to get in..he was on the tile right on the entrance to door..I squished it, inspected the area to make sure there were no more and then automatically went back outside to check the doll house. It was crawling with baby cockroaches all over it!! So I picked it up by the very top, ran to the dumpster and threw it in. The dumpster is for all the apartments..We have two. I haven't seen any cockroaches since until today. My grandson came and told me there is a cockroach on his power ranger you gun! I went in his room and sure enough there it was! It wasn't a baby but wasn't huge and it moved slower then a cockroach normally moves but it was cockroach. I flushed it down the toilet twice and inspected his room and my kitchen..which is very very clean.. does this mean there are more than the one today? Should I tell the apartment manager? We had cockroaches one time about 4 years ago since I've been here but they treated all apartments and they never returned but now I'm worried..what should I do?
Ninzerbean (author)  nordsteph5 days ago

Hi nordsteph, sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment somehow. So anyway, I think you should be on the look out - finding a roach in the power ranger gun is very strange, and it makes me think that there are more because why in the world would one be in there? Roaches have no bones so they have no problem fitting through and under the most impossibly small openings. I think it would be a good idea to bait your house ASAP before you end up with a real problem. I would also tell the manager, maybe they are coming from another apartment.... You can be super clean and still have roaches. They can live on anything, food wise I mean. I think there was an experiment in the 60's where a group stayed alive for 1 year on toenail clippings.

Junietunes8 days ago

I was cleaning my house the other day, and found what I thought was a beatle. I thought nothing of it until today I went to use the flour, which was full of cockroaches. I got rid of the flour. But then I started searching the rest of my kitchen, under the stove, in drawers, behind the fridge, and just everywhere. There wasn't as many in those spots, as in the flour. I made the mixture above. How long do I have to wait for it to work? do I let my landlord know I have them? What else should I do? I got rid of all open bags of food of any kind. I just want them gone!

I was also wondering if you think that the flour was the nest area?

Ninzerbean (author)  Junietunes5 days ago

Hi Junietunes, I like your name. I don't think the flour was the nest area. The nest area is huge, it has to contain thousands of roaches. But I also think you have German roaches, usually they are small enough to fit into a bag of flour with their friends. They are much harder to get rid of. You might want to read a few hundred comments to get a better idea of what others have done about German roaches. Of check out online to see if you have regular American ones or Germans. One is much easier to deal with. As far as your question about the bait, it works right away. You should see results in a day or two. This will be evidenced by dead roaches lying about and not seeing any live ones that aren't quite sick. But you need to follow all of the steps - plug up holes, undo your light switch covers, it takes a long time to do a house throughly. Letting your landlord know seems like a good idea, but not if he or she is going to send in a big name commercial company that only gets rid of roaches for 90 days. They use bait and sprays that stop working after 90 days so you will have roaches returning, it makes you hire them again, and again.

Sara_046 days ago

I am moving into an older trailer. When I moved in the landlord said she saw a bug on the floor and her husband killed it. She couldn't tell me what kind of bug. She did fill all of the cabinets with boric acid. I've never had a roach problem and had no idea what boric acid was. So move in day and I found a dead roach in a bedroom. A weird place I thought. They called Orkin for me who said they would fog. He said he didn't see any roaches, but didn't think it was bad at all. He said the house was very clean. So I wait a day and come back to air out the trailer and I find about 9 dead roaches and a dead spider. gross! He pulled all of the drawers out and opened the cabinets. They are pretty gross in there. This is an old old trailer so there are many cracks and crevices. Some friends and I are going to come in on Friday and clean the place but I'd like to know there are no bugs before I move my things in. I found a similar recipe from a girl living in NYC. I am going to try your recipe and hopefully it will kill the roaches and we can clean and move in with no problem. The only thing I worry about is all the places they can get in. I might have to ask the landlord about the expandable foam insulation.

Ninzerbean (author)  Sara_045 days ago
Sara_04, the cracks and crevices are the biggest problem as you have figured out your self. Your landlord seems to be willing to help but it also sounds like she knew what she killed or she would not have put boric acid in the cabinets. That will not really be effective because a roach has to run across it for it to work and you don't want roaches inside of your cabinets in the first place. So get those cracks filled in first thing, then bait. It sounds like it is going to be fine.
mrkr25 days ago

Will this method work on Water Roaches? We get these ugly nasty creatures in the summertime. I have seen then come up through the hole in the manhole cover in the street at night!!! EEEWWWWWWW!!!

SusanT3 mrkr19 days ago
We live in Houston and the storm drain /manhole cover by the curb would be crawling with them at night... Exterminator treated it with diatomaceous earth and a secondary perimeter insecticide. They came flooding out within 30min., the diatomaceous earth dessicates their chitin apparently... Ones we saw were dead within 20min...none at night there still 3 days later. We'll see how long that lasts. Pretty sure that was a source of roaches at the house.
lam0nt SusanT37 days ago
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is truly a great additional step for anyone that is trying to keep them away for extended periods. About once a year we remove our outlet covers and dust inside the walls. We also throw some into the attic spaces (think crop dusting). It's great for places you rarely would go. DE is like talcum powder so it is a bit messy but think of how persistent that makes it too. I never see any live roaches but occasionally see a dead one that is clearly a victim of DE :-D
Ninzerbean (author)  mrkr24 days ago
I can not even fathom how disgusting this is, I'm sorry I can't even answer you comment for fear of being totally grossed out. I would never go out at night if that was going to happen. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight thinking about this. Maybe you could make a small movie, put some small toy animals and people around the manhole cover and..... EWWWWWWWWW!

mrkr, I obviously don't know, I obviously don't want to investigate - but you can, and please report back.
Ksco94259 days ago
I've also bombed my house and it killed a lot of bugs but they didn't completely go away and now they're coming back with even more.
Ksco94259 days ago
I've also bombed my house and it killed a lot of bugs but they didn't completely go away and now they're coming back with even more.
attraktiv10 days ago

just two hints:

1. you can buy boric acid in dollar general store (this green stores), this is 100% boric acid. Be careful in other stores, where you can see 60% of acid and 40% of "something" (probably chalk or any other inactive thing)

2. when picking up the syrup, take the transparent non-colored one. This way the whole thing will be black and less noticeable on white elements.

descutia0512 days ago
Ok sowefinitely be trying this. I live in apartment. I see them everywhere. The manager has tried getting treatments done and they do not help because they can not use the strong stuff since i have two crawling babies. Hopefully this works because i have run out of options. I am tired of seeing them crawl across my tv and turning on the lights to see them scatter in dozens.

I did find this at Dollar Tree. 100% boric acid.

Ninzerbean (author)  descutia0511 days ago
Yep, I've read that a few times now, that boric acid can be found at dollar stores. This WILL work, IF you follow all of the directions and then read a few hundred comments from the comment section - it sounds as if you have the German kind, they are harder to eradicate for sure. But there are a lot of things to do even before you bait, and I mean it, you will get rid of most of your roaches if you can find out where they are hanging out in your place - and I say this ONLY because they sound like Germans which like to live inside vs outside like the ones I wrote the Instructable for. Keep us posted, you will be fine very soon.

hi. I have been battling the bugs for years. I bomb my house every few months and use bait stations. That usually helps. But this week I discovered so many roaches outside!!!! I lifted empty pots and almost died when I saw all the bugs. I threw everything out and clean out the yard and sprayed. I thought I was good, but just a while ago I found a few in our pool! GROSSS! Can I use this mixture outside? I don't see anyone commenting about outside use. HELP!!!

I forgot to husband is an avid gardener. We live in south florida and we have lots of plants. I make him water in the morning so that by nightfall the grounds are dry.

Ninzerbean (author)  appreciatingadriana15 days ago
​Hi appreciatingadriana, I am afraid I wrote a very long comment and it just evaporated and I don't want to try to be creative again. Bottom line is that if you can find places to put the bait where it won't be washed away then try, I could never find that many places outside my house that were not affected by rain. I did have my empty pots in a shed and I baited the shed for that very reason, no more roaches in the shed. That is as much help as I can offer.
Sdhanson716 days ago
Where can I apply this paste when they're crawling into the door of my dishwasher?
We just moved into our new home. Built in 1886!! Yeah. It's a good one, but the previous tenants, (was previously a four-plex) were NASTY I mean Ga-Ross humans!! I have cleaned and cleaned and 45 bug bombs. It's a 3000+ sq home. Old pocket doors, lots of cracks I'm sure. Biggest area of concern is the kitchen. Gaps behind counters, range/oven, dishwasher, built in microwave, fridge, double sink, disposal... I will "bait" per your instructions and the expandable foam is on my list as well.
I have a 6/4 year old son... I have a food obsessed scavenging black lab AND an equally food obsessed beagle... How can I safely and effectively place the bait in lower areas (floor level) that the pups and minions won't go getting?
I'm in Northern Illinois and I'm pretty sure these are the infamous Nazi Roaches. I'm thinking a nuclear explosion wouldn't even scare these a-holes off. I don't like them, but I'm more concerned about food storage, contamination, etc. my children are like walking vending machines. :(
Up at 3am my first night in my new home, itching and googling ways to kill roaches...
Ninzerbean (author)  Sdhanson716 days ago
Well your new house sounds pretty great, yes well, you do have a problem, but it's solvable so don't worry. Don't put any bait around the floor area. Just don't. It would be visible and your dogs might lick at it, it wouldn't do any real harm to them but then there is no bait. It sounds to me like you need some help removing the appliances in the kitchen to be able to find the nest(s) cause if you are dealing with the Germans (I like your term but I hate to disparage German people, when it's bad enough they have roaches named after them) you are going to have more work before the bait can work.

Old houses are a problem that way and your whole family is going to have to pitch in - the human vending machines will have to be unplugged from their source of power - no eating any food anywhere but (fill in the blank). Period.

There area zillions of places to place the bait that the roaches will find that are out of site - especially behind the drawers in your kitchen but none of this will seem to make a dent until you can find out what appliance they are living in and have a vacuum, and some help, ready to suck those suckers out of your house.

Pocket doors lead right into the guts of a home, there is NOTHING between them and the inside of the walls so that is a great place for you to get as far inside of the walls as possible by placing the bait on top of the pocket doors. See my photos above, I had pocket doors too in my old house.

Knowing that you set off 45 foggers which did not work is very helpful to others reading these comments. That is a lot of foggers. I always think that is a good start when you have a big problem but obviously not.

Food storage can be solved by storing as much as possible in your freezer and ziplocks bags. Like flour and cereals can be stored in the freezer. You want to get rid of all the food sources in the house so the roaches will have to eat the bait, not that they won't want to anyway but it's just better if it is the only food. Oh, yes, get rid of all the cardboard boxes that food comes in and if you just moved in and have not unpacked all of your cardboard boxes from moving do so and get rid of them.

Because of all you have tried so far and there is still such a problem it may be beneficial to find a small (not a big name) professional outfit that will work with you to find the colony(s) and does not require you to sign any stupid contract. And then use my bait to keep them away or to kill any that may still be there after the professional has dealt with them.

Keep in touch to let us know how you are doing. Can you teach the human vending machines to vacuum in exchange for a roach free house? Vacuuming every day is going to be mandatory for a few weeks.
rayne667617 days ago

Hi Ninzerbean,

Not to jump on the bandwagon but I have to say I literally made this account just to thank you. I am TERRIFIED of Roaches, and for the past 4 years my family has had a big problem, however they only came out during the summer. This summer they are getting particularly restless, with me seeing about 10 small ones a day, and only one large one (today I saw two!), so I shudder at the thought of what lies in the walls. I am at wits end, so I decided to sit down and try to figure out what to do, (I sat down on my coffee table, because I can barely trust the couch to not be hiding one!) and found this on my computer. From what I've read in the comments this works miracles, so I wanted to thank you in advance! I eagerly await being able to go out to the store to get supplies for this, however, I would like to know what you think of just plain commercial roach bait.

Ninzerbean (author)  rayne667617 days ago
Hi rayne6676, This site - Instructables is so great so you will be happy you signed up just to find other things to make or share what you make.

So commercial roach bait, like a roach hotel, I like a lot! I would use them for sure (if I needed them). Sprays are good to keep around to squirt on a roach until you don't have any reason to use it. I have a can in the cupboard under the sink my self. But I only ever see a dead roach and usually like you say, only in the summer. So they must have been alive before they were dead. I've seen two dead ones this week and I think it's been a year since I've seen any.

I am all for commercial roach bait, but it won't last like my bait will, what I don't like are commercial pest control companies. There are some good ones out there for sure but not the big names in my experience. Unless you only want your bugs gone for a month.

My bait works, but you have to bait your WHOLE house, you can add a few hotels and keep a can of spray around of course. You might want to set off a fogger if you can't sit on the couch so you can knock them down to give yourself a good start. The comment section has a lot of good advice from other people.

Write again when you are roach-free.

Hi I made this a week ago and it still ok for me to apply. Will it still work. I place it in the fridge. I had applied some intially

Ninzerbean (author)  Nekhebt MutI23 days ago
If you can still spread it and it sticks to things you can still use it.

thank you

maria24024 days ago
Hi, thanks so much for this informative article!

I recently moved to New Orleans where there are so many roaches on the sidewalk at night!

I live in a garden apartment where the windows and doors are wood and old, and they don't close perfectly.

I lined the outsides with boric acid powder (99%) but I seem to get the occasional roach in my apartment.

I went ahead and made the paste to stick around the place.

I was just wondering if you think it's counterproductive to place it around my apartment if I do not actually have an infestation; do you think I will actually be inviting them in now?

I would really appreciate your advice!

Thanks again!

Ninzerbean (author)  maria24024 days ago
On the sidewalk at night? Gross! But anyway, no, I don't think it is counterproductive to do the bait even when you don't have roaches. Just in case one comes in he or she will bring the bait back to the colony living out on the sidewalk (ha ha) and then they won't go back to your place. It would be a good idea to get some window sealer for your windows, it comes in white and brown and you can always peel it off if it looks terrible, but I don't think it will.
Tell me about it! It's horrible seeing them scuttle around all over town! :D Thanks so much for replying. I really do appreciate it very much since I was in the middle of deciding how to approach my situation. I placed the bait around my kitchen and in cabinets.
Good idea to try and seal the gaps in my windows.

Thanks again!

Hi Ninzerbean,

I made the paste from the instructable and so far I have not seen anymore roaches.... the last one I saw was about 5 days ago. We weren't infested in the sense that they were everywhere all the time but the one I saw was huge and came out in the daytime so I was pretty freaked. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a time where I need to clean up the product. I have it spread everywhere I could think of in our apartment, some in pretty visible places like along the baseboards. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ninzerbean (author)  Laurenjavabee24 days ago
Well.... the reason for the paste in the first place is to be able to put it in places where it will stick, horizontal places, vertical places. NOT places where you can see it, or dogs can get to it, or strangely curious babies. But since you asked, yes try to wipe it up off of your baseboards, you make need some very hot water to do so. As long as you put it in all the places outlined in step 7 you will be fine to get rid of the paste that is on your baseboards.
I made an account just to share my excitement with everyone. i moved into my new 3bd 2bth apartment about two months ago. I was so wxited to have my own place that

We moved into an older house that was new to us and for our first summer found more roaches than I've ever seen before. It's a big house but I've sprayed, set up baits, and then finally tried this. I'm really excited for it to work but the night after I made this concoction we saw more living roaches than ever in one night.

Does this mean that it's working somehow? Or am I not supposed to see any of them? I'm just a little worried this isn't going to work after all that work setting the bait EVERYWHERE.

Ninzerbean (author)  DiscoPandaLvr26 days ago
DiscoPandaLvr, I have read of this same thing happening before, other's have written about it - but I don't know why it sometimes happens and no one has written back that the situation resolved itself or not. I have supposed some answers but only you or someone else that this has happened to can tell us what the end result is. Please do. Obviously the bait is having an extreme effect. The roaches is going bonkers trying to find another food source and maybe are gearing up to flee your house? Please stay in touch.
NeY228 days ago
I really want to thank you for all of your efforts. I've been reading these comments all night. I will try to make my long story short. Lol I decided to take myself and my one year old from Los Angeles to stone mountain, GA. Boy can you say culture shock. Well I moved into my place to find hundreds of roaches have a party.. I've been here only a week and I have been up every night up until 3 in the morning killing roaches.. I've completed all steps listed above. But, my question is should I just let the roaches eat the mix and not do anything (killing everyone in sight) or should I continue cutting out all lights, then quickly Turing it on and spraying every roach I see? Thanks again! Please pray for me lol
Ninzerbean (author)  NeY228 days ago
Well thank you for thanking me. I think that you need to figure out where the roaches are coming from and what kind they are. The reason for that is so your efforts have fast results. So if they are German ones they are living in something in the place - from reading the comments you know that that could be appliances and warm things.

If they are the regular large American ones then they are somehow getting inside so you know you have to close up those holes. Look under your sink cabinets and behind the washer and dryer etc.

If you have really completed all the steps above I am wondering what you may have missed - remember, in my case how it was the worst infestation that John had ever seen? He opened up the drawer under the stove and that is when he said that: I ran out of the house screaming.

Then he came back and did a thorough extermination and applied the bait, that is when they never came back. So I contend that you must get rid of your roaches if you have a huge infestation - first. If you just have roaches, like a normal amount that only come out at night etc. then apply the bait. I mean well, it sounds like you might want to leave the place for a little while and set off a fogger (bring your baby) and that should give you a leg up on the situation.

So what I am trying to get across is that the bait will work, but if you are staying up until 3AM and killing the suckers and not giving the bait a chance to work (it really works in as quickly as a few days, almost right away in most cases) I think you may have to use some extreme measures to cut down the population. Obviously there is something keeping them there.

This must be so frustrating to you, here in a new place, making a new start and this crap is just hanging over your head poisoning it all for you. But it is a war, and you will win, and in a few weeks your life will be all together wonderful and great. Let us know how it goes.
deago991 month ago
Thanks for the info, I made this today and baited my apartment. How long do it take before you know if it works or not?
Ninzerbean (author)  deago991 month ago
About a day. If you don't see results that soon you may not have baited your whole place, or you may have German's which live inside and therefore you have to find the nest and dispatch it first. Also follow ALL the steps - seal up gaps.
JTR2 Ninzerbean1 month ago

I live in a trailer that I recently purchased. Just bombed my home two weeks ago and that seems to have made it worse. at the moment I've only found small ones and they look like brown braide the ones with a brown spot on their back. I have some gaps that are going to take time to fix such as replacing my front and back door. Can I still fill in other gaps with Great Stuff and then try this paste?

Ninzerbean (author)  JTR21 month ago

Yes, I think so. The gaps are a problem for sure. Is there anything you could use to seal the gaps in the doors in the meantime such as a door sweep that you can buy from HD or Lowes? There is a plant called Rabbit Tobacco that is advertised to keep roaches away. I picked some last year and put it around in bunches but only because it was pretty, I obviously don't have roaches. But I looked it up and found people selling it for that purpose. Just a thought....

weavemaster1 month ago
Thanks for sharing this because I just recently moved in my first apartment and the roaches make me want to move back home. I bought the boric acid and sprinkled it around the house but now I can use the mixture to paste it around the corners of the walls and in holes
Ninzerbean (author)  weavemaster1 month ago

The bait is so much more effective than the sprinkling method. See step 7 about where to put the bait, and DO NOT limit your baiting to around corners and holes, you have to bait in all the places in step 7.

KechiG1 month ago


Ninzerbean (author)  KechiG1 month ago

I has not been discontinued.... I am puzzled at your comments. Boric acid is used and will continue to be used probably forever. You can find it at dollar stores, Amazon, Walmart...

Hi, Ninzerbean. Thank you for your reply. I'm referring specifically to the Copper Brite Roach Prufe in the yellow and black can pictured above.

Ninzerbean (author)  KechiG1 month ago

Pictures are great - but words are better. It says that I used Roach Prufe, but that any boric acid powder will work as long as it is mostly boric acid, that it is available on Amazon. That is why there is one of those little "*" marks next to the word 'boric acid' in the ingredient list. Be sure that when reading this 'ible you read all 8 steps so you don't miss anything.

Hello, this looks really helpful and I'm starting today!!!! I was curious though, there is no WAY I'll be able to finish getting all my boxes and clutter out in a day or two, that being said, have any of you tried this stuff, while you were still in the process of decluttering? Or is it pointless? I got new neighbors a few months ago. I hadn't seen a roach in almost a year, and now all of a sudden they are in my coffee pot, and I see antenna sticking out of my outlets!! My house is clean, I just have a lot of boxes in the spare room.
Ninzerbean (author)  CindiVengeance1 month ago
Roaches love cardboard, they live in it and eat it. I think you need to get rid of your cardboard at any cost to your connivence.
Ok, so i tried this yesterday, and today i realized that i accidentaly mixed up the portions. I put 2 parts flour 1 part boric acid -_- will it still work? Or should i start over?
Tleigh871 month ago
Help! I can't find this stuff anywhere but on Ace online and for some reason it won't let me purchase!
KechiG Tleigh871 month ago

SAME HERE!!!! I'm running into the same issues!! If you find out where to get it, can you please let me know????

Ninzerbean (author)  KechiG1 month ago

Amazon carries it. Lots of places online carry boric acid. You are onlline to get to this 'ible, I don't understand why you can't google boric acid powder and get all the same hits I get.

Ninzerbean (author)  Tleigh871 month ago

Amazon carries it. Lots of places online carry boric acid.

Ok so had rhis problem for a gud minute have been using black flag home insect control plus german killer which works really well but cant spary this stuff in to outlets so did sum searching and came across this made it last night to thick worked a lil but remade and came out perfect. Now deep cleaning and placing everywhere mainly in the kitchen. Exterminators are to rich for my budget so hopefully this will make a huge difference. To the point want ro sell my house and start over!!! Praying .......check back in later
JessW31 month ago
We have been battling this war for almost two months we've been sprayed twice and baited once by the "pros" I just made this mixture and put it everywhere like you said along with some serious deep cleaning. Haven't seen any upstairs or in our bathroom. Only the kitchen and now the living room. This situation is literally making me crazy I'm freaking out everyday I refuse to eat or cook at all in my house until this problem is completely gone. I am truly praying this stuff works! Eating out everyday and the lack of sleep and amount of stress is wearing me and my wallet down!
Ninzerbean (author)  JessW31 month ago
Hi JessW3, I know, I understand. It does seem to cloud everything. I promise though that this will work. Most importantly seal up any areas in the house where they can enter from the walls (where they live) or the outside. Get rid of cardboard boxes. Pull out all the appliances that are hooked to water and see if you need to seal the holes for the pipes that come into the inside from the outside to the appliance.

I have said this before but it doesn't hurt to repeat it - killing them does not last. This bait is something they will bring back to their colony, feed to their friends and watch them die. Then they will communicate to each other not to go back to your house. People don't believe me, they say they are not like bees. But in some ways they are in that they do communicate to each other. Of course if you have German's it is much more difficult to get rid of them because unlike the large american ones they live inside. Sometimes they come in in a play station, or a used microwave.

But you are going to be fine, this works. Keep in touch, read a few hundred of the comments. Share how it goes for you.
I am absolutely AMAZED!! A few days past since I posted before and it has been officially two full days since I saw ANY of those little disgusting things! Not even a dead one now! This is so exciting this really does work I haven't been this happy and relaxed in a long time! I even proudly walked barefoot through the kitchen today YAY!! Thank you so much! And to anyone doubting it PLEASE AT LEAST TRY THIS! The boric acid power is so inexpensive and most people have the other ingredients already on your home
Ninzerbean (author)  JessW31 month ago

JessW3! Yipee! Thanks for sharing. Isn't is great to take walking around in bare feet for granted once again?

CristianoC21 month ago
I recently (6 months ago) moved in an apartment with old neighbors and people who live above me. Well recently killed a few without knowing what they were and asked my girlfriend if maybe she knew and she had no clue what i was talking about like i was a lunatic. I saw one in the bathroom and tried to kill it but they can fit through anything (tried using a brush i dont care i throw the thing away and buy a brand new one) i am in the process of moving so i brought some boxes home which i think might have been the route cause of this whole nastiness! I read the steps to moving whwn you notice you have roaches but its all mind boggling, i have never seen or had roaches in my house in my life! Im a total neat freak so i had no idea about them until i read what they were and im horrified and disgusted! I wanted to tell the apartment manager but itd only make a bigger deal out of this. As of this moment i am not sure what to do, i have TONS of clothes more so than a 21 year old guy should have and im afraid to even touch them now because roaches are the nastiest thing in the entire world and i swear to it! I mean ive had ants before during the summer but roaches!? Thats beyond ants, thats beyond anything gross! My question to you is, what exactly do you suggest i should do?
Also, it is 3:53 am and i am scared to walk anywhere or eat anything or even sleep for that matter! These things as what ive read can be anywhere its so gross! I certainly am not cool calm and collected about this one bit. My question still remains the same, but not just about the clothes. Lol. This "article" totally made me feel not so alone. Thank you and i hope you respond asap!
Hi, im a thirteen year old girl living in an apartment in chicago, and im scared out of my mind theres a cockroach in my bathroom now, i have not tools, no ingredients, no proffesional, and they have been showing up for a while now and this is the first one in the daytime. My mom brushes it off and doesnt care, and i dont know what to do or who to talk to that i can trust. Im really afraid to kill any bug, and cockroaches look and seem like death. Please help me someone, i totally agree with CristianoC2
Ninzerbean (author)  symonebarton20011 month ago

Symonebarton2001, as I told ChristianoC2, the help is in the 'ible. If you can't get your mom to buy the ingredients and follow the instructions there is not anything anyone can do to help you. I'm sorry, it sucks to have a mom like yours that won't take your fears seriously. Maybe she has some other good qualities? I understand what you are going through, but I can't help you.

I also have a little bro that i really care about and im so scared for him, especially when my mom has always pinned bug problems on me, she wont buy the materials that you have up there, i have no money, and im the unheard one in the family, im so scared someine please help...reply.....anything!???!?!?

I think anything you're asking is probably covered in the article... The comment she added at the end even says something about clothes/sheets, etc... What else are you looking for, suggestion-wise?

Ninzerbean (author)  CristianoC21 month ago

Dear CristianoC2,

What exactly should you do? Well this "ible sort of kind of is all about telling you what to do, so I sort of am puzzled as to what to tell you to actually do besides to go back and read it and read a few hundred comments - those comments are so helpful. Then follow the instructions and you should be fine. Yes it is gross but you have to put it in perspective. There are worse problems in the world, right?

deana11081 month ago
ok I have a question. or actually a few.

background: we have had a few roaches come out in the daytime which I just read means that's an infestation. great. we live in an apartment in a private house. I was cleaning behind the TV and the fridge and I am still itching myself because I keep feeling like they are on me. there were hundreds. and my husband was gone, so I dealt with it on my own. I have that ortho spray and it has seemed to work a little. we also had an exterminator come, and he sprayed crap. whatever. I didn't pay.

question one: can I put boric acid in electronics? I honestly don't think I have the guts to take the back off of my fridge and see what is in there. and if I do and there's an infestation, I know you said vacuum bit can I also put the bait or just the acid in the electronics too? (I will be checking the xbox, cable box, WiFi router and whatever else tomorrow. they were infested in my kureig!)

two: is harmful is this to pets? I have a dog who is quite curious. also, she has a habit of eating the roaches if she sees them. if she sees one that is "infected“ with the boric acid and she eats one, will she get sick?

three: my landlord has hardwood floors that do not go all the way to the wall. will clear silicone be okay without damaging it?

four: you can put this bait in the electrical sockets? also, when I go to bed I want to start turning off the extension cords. will that stop generating heat overnight and when I am not home?

I seriously thank you for your reply. this article is the only one that has given me hope that it can end.
Ninzerbean (author)  deana11081 month ago
Answer One: putting boric acid in your electronics won't do much good. Putting the bait in there won't do much good either - roaches in your electronics means they are German ones and you have to physically get rid of them before you bait. The shear numbers of them means that there will be enough to find food to feed on that your putting out bait won't be enough to kill and or discourage them.

Answer Two: If your dog eats a roach that has eaten some bait I don't think there will be a problem. The boric acid kills bugs and things with their skeletons on the outside of their bodies. But still, it's not something that should be ingested. I personally would not worry too much but I would try to discourage it.

Answer Three: Your floors need quarter round to finish them off so that the space is not there. When you apply it use a lot of caulk to seal it in a matching color to the quarter round. You can put the quarter round on with builder's cement/glue or a nail gun. I would ask first - I mean ask your landlord to finish the floors. That sounds like the installation of the wood floor was not finished. Do not use clear silicone - it will prevent the quarter round from fitting snug up against the walls.

Answer Four: Pulling the extension cords won't help. Once they have set up a 'home' they will stay no matter what you do about the heat. As to the electrical sockets - it is a way of getting into the walls where roaches roam freely. It is probably against codes and not safe unless you turn off the power and never use anything metal, use a popsicle stick.

You have a big job ahead of you, I wish this was more help but your HAVE to get rid of them first. I mean physically get rid of the majority so that you are starting fresh. Because you have German ones that live inside vs outside, it is harder. Read the comments, there is a wealth of stuff that can help. Good luck. It can be done but it takes a lot of constant vacuuming and being on top of stuff, cleaning, and no food out, and even put your dog's water bowl up at night. No cardboard etc. Seal holes in the walls, get the landlord to help.
belma.rueda1 month ago
So I'm back I couldn't find my previous post to comment there so here's a new one back then I followed your method after like a lot of people sleepless nights with German roaches that infested my home and treatments and expensive fumigations that didn't work! Anyways after a whole week of deep deep cleaning and putting your magic potion everywhere after about two weeks I was almost roach free and after then no more roaches at all! Then a few months after I moved, I had no more roaches and I put the stuff around the kitchen and bathrooms of the new place, anyways everything was good until a week ago I bought my son a used tv and today I saw a German roach in the room where the tv is! I cried! I can't go through that again! I immediately made some more boric acid and put some on back of the tv and around the room and closets and other rooms and bathrooms adjacent to that room but I'm freaking out! I think the kitchen should be ok since I had put the boric acid mixture down 4 months ago when we moved but I still put some extra, do you think I have a new infestation within the week the tv has been here? And do you suggest I re-do the whole house or should that be ok?? The tv is mounted to the wall otherwise I would've thrown it out but then again the roach was already out so I'm not sure it would've done any good either! Thanks so much for your help! I really hope I don't have a big problem again it was horrible!
Ninzerbean (author)  belma.rueda1 month ago

Belma.rueda, so sorry I missed your comment 5 days ago, I was traveling and working on my ipad which is hard to do, anyway thank you for writing. Oh those nasty TV's! I am afraid there will be more than the one your saw. You need to get that TV vacuumed and vacuumed! There could be a real infestation inside and you don't want them to find any more hiding places. The German's are just terrible to get rid of. I don't think you need to re-do the whole house if you did it right the first time, that will last for years. I'm just worried about how many are in the TV and if they have spread. I think for your peace of mind you have to get that TV down and examine it to make ultra sure. Keep in touch. Good luck.

Hello I wanted to know will any brand of boric acid work or does it need to be that roach prufe I'm looking for online at the different hardware stores and they don't seem to carry it thanks
Ninzerbean (author)  helloitzme691 month ago

Any brand is fine, just try to get one that is in the 90% or higher boric acid. Sorry for the late reply.

JessW3 made it!1 month ago
Fingers crossed wish me luck!!
twhite07821 month ago
Gd afternoon Ninzerbean, I moved into my apt a few mnths ago and have in this last month strted seeing roaches running out here and thr. This is a very old building and cld tell from cleaning b4 my initial move in tht thr was a roach problem at sum point but thght that it had been taken care of since my apt had been vacant for over a yr and tht im really just now seeing them.I hav a 2bdrm apt with living rm dining rm and 1bthrm but i hav only seen them in my kitchen coming from the cabinets and sink area my bthrm near sink area and in my hall from crevices whr the wall and floor meet nvr in bdrms living rm or dining rm. I strted out just using Raid spray and i noticed them coming out more i guess running from the fumes...idk but i kno whr thr are a few thr are a thousand!!! Im afraid of the pests and its frustrating but i cnt live like this even with the few roaches i hav seen!! I am a clean person i sweep and mop daily i dnt leave food out and i keep kitchen clean and dry no dishes left behind dirty in sink but i still see them (although just a few) i hav spoken to neighbors who hav lived here for several yrs and they also hav the issue which i knew since i hav nvr had them so i cldnt hav brght issue is im so afraid to bomb my apt for fear tht my problem will get worse and they will come running from everywhr or strt running throughout the rest of the house and take over!!! My other concern is tht if my neighbors are not taking steps to get rid of thr bugs tht i will always hav the roaches!! I came across ur solution for this and hav been reading comments and feedbck all morning and feel hopeful tht this can b remedied and i too can b roach free but can u tell me how effective the bait will b for my home even if my neighbors choose to just deal with the bugs and not do anything to get rid of them?!?! I hav the ingredients for the bait and plan to treat my entire apt and i most definitely need the product to seal the holes whr the pipes are (they are huge way too big for actual size of the pipes.) Thr is water damage under kitchen sink i can see so i think tht is whr the majority of them are living but bcuz i kno the whole building has had the bugs for yrs i just want to do wht i can to clear my home!!! If u cld answer my questions on how to handle my situation with my neighbors taking no action and how it wld effect my goal to get rid of them i wld greatly appreciate it!! Any ideas and/or suggestions are welcomed and if i didnt provide sum info u need please ask!!! I am so paranoid i get up at nite to spot them i cnt sleep and so worried they are going to totally invade and take over my apt...Im a single mother of 1 and cant afford to pick up and move so if i can solve this problem with ur bait it wld b a blessing!!! Thx and i hope u can help me!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  twhite07821 month ago
Dear Twhite0782,
I think that your problem CAN be solved. I am about to buy an apartment myself. Not that that matters but I too will for the first time be dealing w neighbors. So first of all sealing up your space so roaches can't come in is the number 1 most important thing to do. I do not know about bombs but can only imagine that they are a short term solution. I believe that sealing and baiting will be the only thing you need to do. If you see any live roaches after that there must be a spot that is still open.
I know you are sure you didn't bring them but is there anyway they could've come over with some video game box or appliance? I have been running this 'ible for so many years and I have read horror stories of appliance infestations that the owners had no idea about.
I also urge you to have your neighbors read this 'bile. The buggers live in the walls so if everyone can just block up openings with caulk and foam and spackle and seal the home the bait will do the rest and they won't come back for years and years. But even if your neighbors don't do anything, I think that surely you will soon have no more roaches.
ladyofcesar2 months ago
Hi we just moved out of a highly infested apartment. Where we live now there are no roaches of any kind. But......We brought em with us. I've killed about thirty this past week. Yeah that many. I've set traps and am cleaning every night. Not leaving n e signs of water. How effective is this and how long will it take to see results thank you !
Ninzerbean (author)  ladyofcesar2 months ago
I am going to suggest that you read some of the 800 comments to get an idea of how effective this is and how long it takes to see results. Perhaps there in the comments you will see similarities of some other people in your situation and can therefor gage how long it will take, what it will take (getting rid of the objects you brought with you that are being used as a home for the colony) so that your question can be answered. I wish I could help you more than that but without more information about your situation I can only suggest that if you did not see your questions answered in the 'ible itself then the comment section would be where to look.
Yes. The comments are very helpful. So we Apparently brought em in air conditioners tvs and space heaters. Its starting to get bAd my nine month old cant sleep in his crib n e longer because he has asthma n starts to have cough spells becAuse bAby roaches are all over it. Where do i put the mixture exactly ? This house has no roaches but we unfortunately brought them with us. Thanks for responding too.
Ninzerbean (author)  ladyofcesar2 months ago

See step 7 for where to put the mixture. Maybe you are only seeing the first 2 steps. You have to find those things that you brought the roaches in on and maybe get rid of them or take them apart and then use an air gun compressor type thing to really clean them out. I tried this myself with an air conditioner and I could not take it completely apart, after 2 weeks bagged up in the hot sun with a box of boric acid sprinkled all over it, it still had roaches and I had to throw it out. So I know first hand how hard it is to get them out of appliances. It may be impossible. Some have suggested freezing the appliances. I don't know. But act fast before they get into more places. Vacuum every day. It's really hard when they have built a colony inside your house. It can seem overwhelming but it will get better every day if you just keep vacuuming, and bait too, but you need to knock down the population when it is this bad, before the bait will work. Keep me posted though, I really care.

So i am buying the ingredients later today. We've been low on funds and havent been able to buy the stuff lol. I will keep u posted. Wish me luck !!
brathly19822 months ago


I signed a lease for a vacant house and while renovating it (long story), I found out it's infested with German roaches. I hired an exterminator and he put out the magic peanutbutter, but the German roaches are harder to kill than the palmetto bugs.

I THINK I have an advantage because I'm not moved in yet, but it's been 3 weeks and these beasts are still there (although much less).

Before I hired the exterminator, my neighbor bombed the house, which killed about 40% of the population, I think. Then I hired the exterminator, and his bait also produced a large amount of dead roaches, but only at FIRST.

Then I bought a steam cleaner and I blasted the roaches out of the kitchen cabinets and from underneath base boards, and then I had the guy put out more peanutbutter (it's called Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait, and after I saw what he used I ordered it online.) Anyway, so I cleaned like a mad person, then my neighbor set off some bug bombs, then I cleaned again, then the exterminator put out the Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait. And you know it LOOKED like all the roaches were gone because I did not see any new ones that were dead lying aroung, but then when I started to paint the house, I saw a bunch of antennas sticking out of all the outlets! My roaches live in the wall, quite happily, actually. So i FREAKED OUT because they came out and feasted on the fresh paint. So I cleaned some more, and then made your paste with really delicious maple syrup that I actually did not want to share with those beasts and I took off ALL the light switch plates and outlet covers and I put the bait there. And I realized I had access to the inside of the walls through some of those light switch holes. And I threw Harris Roach Tables (made of Boric Acid) into the walls through the outlet and light switch holes. I am hoping that the roaches will eat the boric acid in the walls and die before they make it back into the house :(

I wanted to move in this months, but the roaches are still there :( It was a horrible, heavy infestation, and I decreased the population, but I just found out that the fridge is infested with roaches - how can I get them out of there? Like how do I get rid of the nest? You always said "get rid of the nest" but HOW?

Please, could you tell me how I can de-roach the fridge? I do not have the $$$ to replace the fridge. Thank you so much

Ninzerbean (author)  brathly19822 months ago
Awe, this is such a drag.

When I say get rid of the nest or infestation I mean physically - vacuum vacuum vacuum. I really am so sad to read this, I wish I could make better but I am stumped - how are they getting in? Are there any holes you can plug up? Can you rent a large shop vac for a week and vacuum inside the walls? Is there carpet? Can it be removed? Maybe they are eating the stuff under the carpet? I am brain storming here - but do not move in until you have this fixed - as in NO roaches. And for the time being unplug the fridge and anything else that stays warm. Let me know if any of these ideas help. Obviously they are really hungry if they are eating paint. Hmmmm, what could you put in the paint that might kill them? Boric acid! Some people have lured them out with bowls of pasta water, you know the water that has a bunch of starch from cooking pasta in it.


Thank you for replying to quickly!

I heard that German roaches do not come in from outside, they are only brought inside. So the previous tenants brought them in, and I think the reason that I haven't been able to get rid of them is that there were still eggs in the wall that were not affected by bait and spray.

It takes up to 4 weeks for the eggs to hatch, so even if it looks like all roaches are dead, there may still be some unhatched egg sacks somewhere, that hold up to 40 tiny baby roaches.

I think I'm dealing with the 2nd generation since I've started fighting them.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to the walls :( the whole in the wall are just big enough to push a boric acid tablet through.

In addition to baiting, I also dusted every crack in the wall with Diatomaceous Earth. I'm just using all methods I can think of at the same time. I want to get rid of the roaches sooooooooo badly!

Ninzerbean (author)  brathly19822 months ago

Well be sure to stay in touch, everyone can learn from what you are learning. Let us know if the diatomaceous earth works. After you move in go and get a cat. They love chasing roaches but I just would not want to pet mine for a long time afterwards. I can still picture in my mind little Peanut with a roach in his mouth, a big palmeto bug, he's been dead for 15 years and it still grosses me out.

Oh my kitty has been on top of the hunting game! She first stalked the bathroom then kitchen and I told my boyfriend I bet anything she's hunting those suckers at night!
I wish my mittens (thats my cat lol) would hunt n kill them. She just would watch them go by.


you may use some insect growth regulator to break the reproduction cycle of the roaches. There are several products, such as "Gentrol Point Source IGR Insect Growth Regulator". combined with the boric acid you should get rid of your pest.

raerae3751 month ago
Okay so inam very excited to try this I am going to do it tomorrow yes this is posted late cause I cannot sleep and am paranoid so long story no way to make it short.
I just moved into my apartment three days ago and keep seeing a ton of roaches they were all coming from behind the cabinets in kitchen and bathroom so right away I started spraying and put down boric acid behind fridge and under dove and sink well they still kept coming out during day and night so then I decided to coulk the cabinets in kitchen behind fridge and under counter top and after I did that I bombed twice so I have seen way less you knows lately then before but now im seeing them coming from under the light in kitchen and from the top of cabinets so its getting to the where me and my mom are so paranoid that its effecting our sleep. So I decided to do some research and found really svafy stuff that they can eat your skin toe nails finger nails leave lesions crawl in your nose ears this is not helping situagion but I am going to take off all plugs and do that stuff behind there and get the foam stuff cause I honestly don't know where to go from here cause I have a two year old and this scares me terribly. Thank you for all your patience reading this long story and all these comments makes me feel tiny bit better that ppl go through se thing
Ninzerbean (author)  raerae3751 month ago

Yep, we are all in this together. Knowing that there are lots and lots of people with the same problems helps. And you will get rid of your roaches. Promise.

SarahE61 month ago
My friend calls this morning and asks if she can stay with me and my kids a while. I say it's okay, then help her move her things (in plastic garbage bags) into my 4 story home. I have 5 kids, so crumbs are a given. She tells me once her stuff is already in my house, that the apartment she was only in a week, had a few roaches. Then the land Lord sprayed and she hadn't seen them Again. But she brought things from there into my home and now I'm petrified. What can I do?
Ninzerbean (author)  SarahE61 month ago

Well this is one of those things that happens to me all the time - no good dead goes unpunished. The only bad thing I think that your friend may have brought over are electronics - play stations, microwaves, stuff that roaches love to live in 'cause they stay warm. So inspect those items very very well. There would be no harm to bait your home but at 4 stories this is going to take a few days to do. Just to be on the safe side of course. I think it is important to have your friend and you look very carefully at everything she brought with her. Keep in touch, let us know if you find anything.

vicmburu1 month ago


I'm glad i came across this. Walmart, here i come and hope the "roach-reaper" will have a busy week. Hahaha. I'll post my results.

vicmburu1 month ago
markvin12341 month ago
maloyski1 month ago
Madddde it hope it works!
Ninzerbean (author)  maloyski1 month ago

Hi Maloyski, It's been two days - how is it going? I didn't respond earlier because there was not really any question. So now I am just following up. You should have seen major results by now.

hmr8231 month ago
I am going to try this, since we moved here 6 months ago we see a huge dead bug every now and then and my boyfriend convinced me they were beetles from outside but this morning was the last straw I went to pick up a dead bug with toilet paper and it sprung to life and went under my sink! It was like 4 inches long I am traumatized, my question is will this harm me if I'm pregnant, I am 5 months
Ninzerbean (author)  hmr8231 month ago
No, just do everything I say to do, dust mask, etc. It's not something you want to breathe, pregnant or not. Get your near-sighted boyfriend to mix it up, outside, with a dust mask. But there is no harm in your applying it.
Thank you so much, I am so glad I came across this forum
Ninzerbean (author)  hmr8231 month ago

You are welcome, when you wrote that you were traumatized, I knew just what you meant. Keep in touch and happy pregnancy!

Burgunday1 month ago
I used agave syrup, is that ok?
Ninzerbean (author)  Burgunday1 month ago
I think that will be fine. But if not please let us know.
PhillyZ1 month ago
I just moved to a new apartment in a major city (hence the name). Never seen or dealt with a cockroach before even having lived in another apartment here. Last night I was watching TV and in the bluish glow I saw a large creature scuttling along the floor. I freaked. Popped up, light on, it froze. I made a move for a paper towel and it dove under my laptop bag. Once I was ready for the kill I pulled the bag up and the bug darted away. It didn't seem to run very well on hardwood so I caught up to it and ended it's foray into my apartment promptly. I've determined through research (and the....pungent odor to put it kindly) that it was an adult female oriental cockroach. I'm very upset about this as I just moved in and already I've had an unwelcome guest. Could it have been a lone scout or do you think the old adage of "for every one you see, there's 10 you don't" holds true here? Thank you for so diligently maintaining this comments section, I can tell I've come to the right place.
Ninzerbean (author)  PhillyZ1 month ago
If, and only if, I were brave enough to look up what an Oriental cockroach looked like I would be able to tell you if they live outside or inside and what they eat etc. But since you are braver by far than I am, you might do that very task. I am listening to an Audible book that takes place in the 1600's and I have started to sound like I am from that era as well.

OK, skipping ahead 400 years... PhillyZ, I don't know why my bait would not work. I don't know if you have a problem or not, I don't know if there are more where that one came from. I do know that personally I would not live in an apartment or house that I did not do this treatment to before I moved in. I think you have come to the right place, and maybe we can all learn from you - but no photos!

I can't say I am really sorry not to know more about Oriental roaches. Well, for your sake I am, but not for my own sake. I'm sure you understand - and now I have learned that they smell! Just when you think things can't get worse....

We have a two month old newborn baby. Is this safe to use in our apartment with her?

Ninzerbean (author)  iamashleyjanice1 month ago

Yes, as long as your baby can't use a screw driver and open up switch plate covers or get inside of cupboards and pull the bait off of the backs of drawers. See step 7 and think to yourself if your little baby can get to any of those places where you are going to place the bait. I sort of really doubt it. I don't mean to come off as snarky but it is an amusing idea. I love babies... enjoy yours! Babies are great, but they make for lousy teenagers...Speaking from experience.

maloyski2 months ago
Attemping this tomorrow... Hope I have the right boric from dollar general says its for ant and roaches....I'm gonna fixes them suckers up real good I've been seeing them in bathroom first the to kitchen...boyfriend said he seen one in living room last night... It's a wrap I'm concocting anything that I can... Thank you very much for this recipe!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  maloyski1 month ago
Hi Maloyski,
You are welcome, and I am glad your cat is helping too. The hole in your bathroom that you say you can't access - you have to. It's vital that you plug it up with expanding foam or something durable.

Great article! I've also used Boric Acid for ants and it works quite well on both those and roaches. The Bonide brand is electro-static charged so you can simply blow the dust into the walls straight from the bottle and they carry it home stuck to them. My personal favorite method is more organic, but best to use in the south or during the spring and summer up north when it starts getting warm out.

Get a few dozen Tokay Geckos and set them loose to do what comes naturally. They love eating roaches, and can get into the small places cats and humans cannot reach. It's actually becoming quite popular, and it's a safer alternative when you're pregnant or have pets and small children that are attracted to sweets or just generally seem to find the one thing that they shouldn't.. Find a reptile breeder or distributor to buy them, because the mark up in pet stores is insane, especially for something you're going to let loose and not keep as a pet. Once they run out of bugs in your home, they'll move on to another location where there are bugs to eat. I saw them hanging out by my bug zapper a lot, or near the porch light after my roach problem was gone. They eat lots of pests, from termites and moths to mosquitoes and ants as well as roaches and palmetto bugs. They aren't aggressive, and even if you happen to have a curious pet or child who does confront and corner one, their bite is pretty much harmless. I'd be more wary of an iguana doing damage than a gecko any day.
I read a comment here that suggested getting cats, but they aren't going to be able to hunt enough to make a dent in a roach infestation. Cats are wonderful companions, and great at killing mice and sometimes rats, but don't get your hopes up on them killing all your roaches, it's a sweet idea, but not practical for a pest that can squeeze through a tiny crack in the wall.

Ninzerbean (author)  Jennacide1 month ago

Jennacide, Your name cracks me up. I have said in the comment section that I don't advocate sprays around the perimeter of homes because of the geckos. In FL they used to sell them just for this purpose. I think I will add your idea of getting a few of them to the 'ible. I will credit you of course. Thank you for writing.

ailyaily082 months ago

Just wrote a post that got deleted: long story short -- I've made this twice in 8 months, but I just saw two LARGE roaches in the kitchen in the last two days. That's where I put the majority of the mixture. I am from the north and living down south temporarily, and I suppose the season has begun? I never had a problem back home in Boston, but I have awoken with roaches in my clothes as I slept while I was living in Santiago, Chile. My question is this: should I just keep making more? Will that help? I first used molasses, then syrup and now all we have left is honey. Will it make a difference? Thanks Ninzerbean for the help and patience you provide to everyone here. It's pretty amazing of you.

Ninzerbean (author)  ailyaily081 month ago
A lot of people just use the bait where they see roaches but this is the wrong approach. You have to bait your whole house, every single place where you can get inside the walls, switch plates, outlets, inside pocket doors, everywhere. I think the only reason you are seeing roaches after having baited is that you did not bait the whole house. It's takes hours to do. And seal up any areas that roaches could be coming in such as around pipes under your sink or where the washer and dryer are installed. I don't think what you use, honey, or kayro syrup will make any difference. Molasses is probably just as good.
maloyski1 month ago
I've been seeing them on top my fridge last night I smashed three on top and chased a few down on the sides.....I'm so afraid of this getting worse ! Our neighbors below us moved out and now we have been seeing them at day time and night time.....I think I found where they are coming in through the bathroom but have no way to access and plug I'm afraid they have moved to the kitchen invading fridge.....goodness sakes about to rip my hair out ! Doing light switches tomorrow!
maloyski1 month ago
I've been seeing them on top my fridge last night I smashed three on top and chased a few down on the sides.....I'm so afraid of this getting worse ! Our neighbors below us moved out and now we have been seeing them at day time and night time.....I think I found where they are coming in through the bathroom but have no way to access and plug I'm afraid they have moved to the kitchen invading fridge.....goodness sakes about to rip my hair out ! Doing light switches tomorrow!
ZakyiaA2 months ago
My roach story isn't as scary, but it's still gross. I live in a condo, on the bottom floor and more than once I've had a roach plop on me from the sky out of nowhere! I am not sure where they are coming from as I do not see a hole on my bedroom ceiling, but there is a ceiling fan could they be coming through that? Idk it freaks ms out but I definitly will try this to get rid of them
Ninzerbean (author)  ZakyiaA2 months ago
Yes, there could easily be a hole into the ceiling that has not been well sealed when the fan was installed. Try to get up there and seal it. Use caulk or spackling compound. There may only be a small slit where the cover meets the ceiling but roaches have no bones and they can come through the smallest openings.

summer is approaching, it means roaches is approaching too. Time to make bait again and again. As of now we dont have any more roaches. But it really took me months to kill them all last year.

sjane-12 months ago

OK great information here, including the comments. But I have a few questions still. Just moved into a rental house about month ago. Saw a few dead bugs when we were doing our initial clean, but didn't know they were roaches (Moved from the north to the south and never ever had a roach problem) So long story short, turns out its roaches. I believe they are the German roaches. Didn't see them too often until recently, like maybe 1 every other day in the past week, all in the kitchen. I have yet to see them in bunches always solo, and and I had pulled out the fridge when we first moved in and checked the pull out drawer from the oven and didn't see anything that I would think would be a nest. How should I check under the fridge and where else could the nest be? What is the most effective way of disposing of the nest if I find it? What if I never find it, what do I do then? Recently was up in the attic and saw none, not sure if that is a good sign, but then again I wasn't looking for them. From what I have read here I guess that means there are tons more than I see. Would you advise bringing in an exterminator first, and then applying your bait method? How should I go about baiting the attic? I am totally at a loss of what to do, since I never had this problem before. I have just purchased a new bed and a couch and have brought in some of my other appliances(e.g. Kuerig , Kitchen Aid mixer, toaster oven, etc) and am now crazy paranoid they will become infested. Recently just placed Raid bait traps and Egg Stoppers, in the kitchen where the problem is, but am going to be using your bait method.I have 2 small dogs(one is a doxie, too!) so I need to be careful. I clean with bleach and try to keep everything as dry as possible (though I still leave the dogs water down during the day). Thanks for the great instructable and sorry for all the questions. I am just getting super worried about my problem now.

Ninzerbean (author)  sjane-12 months ago
Slow down. Do not use bleach - it is very very toxic. Stop that crap right now. Use a vacuum to vac every day, move your fridge, vac in hand, get friends to help. Just slooowww down. This does not happen overnight, you need to get rid of the roaches you have, you need to go back and re-read the ible, read a few hundred comments, realize this is a war, but you will win this war. Repeat after me "I will not use bleach any more because it will hurt me and my lungs and my dogs." You are becoming very sleepy, you will wake up and start from scratch, get rid of cardboard, unplug things that stay warm, use expandable foam to seal 'leaks' into your house. Re-read the 'ible a third time. Get to work.

OK, no bleach. But how do I know where the nest is? I have been looking for one but can't find it. I hadn't seen any in days since I place the Raid bait, but last night saw one in the bathroom. Also how can I tell if they are in my appliances? I just bought a new couch and dont want them to infest it, is there any way to prevent that?

Ninzerbean (author)  sjane-12 months ago

Well maybe you don't have Germans, I don't know. I don't know anything about Raid bait or egg stoppers either. I only know about my method. If you have not tried it yet I don't know what to answer other than I have. If you don't have Germans there won't be a nest in your house. The only way I know of to prevent roaches is my way. I just can't tell you about the stuff you are using 'cause I am not familiar with it. If you don't see roaches in your applliances then there are not any there.

kpass0012 months ago
I feel like I have found a safe place to vent my horror story on this topic. Thank you for writing this and providing a space to solve this horrific problem. I apologize ahead of time for this lengthy post, but I have a lot to share...

My boyfriend and I bought an older home to fix up and live in 6 months ago. Living in central Florida near the coast, we get the huge palmetto bugs...We share the same hatred for them! Spiders are fine. Beetles or ants? no worries! But palmetto bugs, or anything resembling a roach, sends me running to another room screaming like a baby...and I will not return to that room until I have proof of the kill...and even then, it's iffy.

...back to my story...Trying to be proactive, right after we finished the renovation of our house, (floors, paint) I started the search for a pest guy before moving in. I hadn't seen many roaches at this point, just a few dead ones sporadically while cleaning. But figured I wanted a nice clean slate and needed a good bug guy in case it ever became a problem. So I began the interview process...yes, I actually grilled each company about their routine and what I should do if I ever saw a roach. I thought I had found a winner when Bill responded, "With me, you won't see them!"

Pssshh...we'll see about that...

So Bill comes for his first treatment the day before Thanksgiving. It takes him about 3 hours to administer his treatment on the exterior, the interior, including behind all electrical plates. We sign our contract and pay him for the year. Before leaving, I make sure that I understand his policy about coming back for more treatments if needed. He agrees he will come back anytime throughout the year, free of charge, and mentions that I may see a few dead ones over the next few days, but by the weekend I shouldn't see any.

Holy dead roaches! For the following 24 hours every time I turned a corner, there was a new one dead on its back. That day pretty much involved me freaking out each time I saw one and my boyfriend hustling to pick it up and flush them (because flushing is the only proper way to get rid of a roach, am I right?) I was impressed by the amount the treatment had killed, and simultaneously freaked out by the amount that were obviously living in places I had not seen. I'd say we saw about 10 dead roaches in a day's time. Regardless, I did not see another roach after that until....

Christmas Eve, I was getting ready for church in my bathroom. I was bending over to pull on panty house and felt something strange drop on my back.....yes, you guessed it...a palmetto bug had fallen/flown onto my back!!! The horror! I freaked and called Bill immediately...yes, on Christmas Eve...not my proudest moment. He came out a couple days after Christmas and he completed another treatment in our master bathroom/bedroom...the scene of the well as a few more spots throughout the house. His response to me seeing a roach was that perhaps one treatment didn't cut it. This next treatment seemed to put my mind at ease and I didn't see very many after that in January or February, with the exception of one or two when it rained outside (I despise the rain for this reason.)

Fast forward to now (April)...oh jeez, where to start? It's rainier, it's hotter, and I am seeing about one a day in our bedroom! Also, it's not just that I'm finding them, it's HOW I find them (or rather how they find me) that has made me an absolute obsessed, grossed out, and freaked out mess over these God forsaken creatures...

First I saw a dead one in my closet, few days later dead one on the floor of the bedroom where I step out of the shower, next day alive one at night in our master bathroom, next night one climbing on our ceiling fan (ew!!!) and the climax of this story occurred when I woke up one night earlier this month to one alive in my bed!!!!!! Wait, I don't think I placed enough emphasis...this disgusting bug was in my bed!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought for sure at first I was hallucinating because I'm just so darn afraid of the things and I was half asleep...but realized it was real as I watched my boyfriend chase it around the bed to kill it (bless him.) Definitely close to one of the worst nights of my life. I couldn't understand why I was coming into contact with them like this...were they after me? (I'm only halfway kidding)

Ever since I have been a paranoid mess. I refuse to sleep in my room, I have moved to the other bathroom. I have moved my clothes to the other closet. It's pretty insane. I think my boyfriend is hanging on by a thread, poor guy. Bill has come back twice since then and still can't tell me why I keep seeing them in that part of the house only. I realize now why you say the pest companies are useless. Bills a nice guy, but he's fired.

To make a VERY long story short...I am desperately seeking refuge from these stupid bugs. It seems our problem has been contained to our master bathroom/bedroom. I haven't seen ANY in the kitchen, or other parts of the house since the initial treatment. Can't really figure out why. We very rarely leave any laundry lying around, I sweep and vacuum our wood floors every other day...maybe me leaving our room has deserted my boyfriend and his messy habits are going unnoticed by me and inviting in more roaches? I'm not sure.

I truly hope the baiting works, although I am nervous that the problem will become worse before it gets better... which I'm not quite sure I can handle at this point. However I am going to go for it as I just bought my ingredients today and I can't keep going on living this way. I am trusting that the method is solid, based on your advice, and thinking since your problem was also with the palmetto bugs, we will have a similar success in our house. I plan to follow all of your steps and bait all day in all locations suggested. I read in comments that putting ortho or some other product around the exterior might also be a best practice? Also, we have yet to caulk our baseboards, which I am wondering if you think should be done before, during, or after the baiting process? Any further advice you could provide based on our situation would be greatly appreciated! I want them gone!! Thanks!
Ninzerbean (author)  kpass0012 months ago
Dear kpass001,
I just spent 30 minutes writing to you and when I went to add the photo of the product I was suggesting to seal up your windows and I lost the whole thing. Sorta disheartening.

OK, first of all big props to your boyfriend, he is a keeper.

Then to you, I am curious as to why Bill's method did not work, I am impressed with how much homework you did to interview the pest people and even though I have a low opinion of most of their methods there are some good ones out there. Did he give you an explanation?

Baseboards - if there is any way at all to seal up your house's inside from the outside, and the inside of your walls then you must put the bait there and then seal. Since your house is old and it is in Florida it may have settled and be out of square, windows may not close all the way - put your hand up to the edges and see if you can feel any breeze of warm or cool air on your wrist. Then use the stuff I suggest in the photo, it's called rubber weatherseal and it comes in all different sizes from 1/8" on up. Roaches have no bones, they can get in through unbelievably small cracks. Also get down on your knees and check all your doors to the outside and see if there is air coming in.

Also check the pipes under the sinks to see if there are any spaces cut out around the cupboard back wall that is allowing roaches to enter through the spaces. Expandable foam is great to seal these spaces up.

My washer and dryer were installed so poorly that roaches were coming inside through the sloppy hole made and not sealed behind the dryer vent.

If your boyfriend is really not scared and does not find this to be a big deal you may want to bait by yourself and not have him help, he might not do a great job if he does not really have a problem with the roaches. It takes hours and hours to do the whole house and not to skip any outlets (yes, it is not a good thing to to building code wise, probably not safe, turn off the breakers to be sure, use only something wooden to place the bait etc). Do you know that so much air comes in to our homes from the outlets that they even sell insulation for them? They are really cutouts right into the wall cavities, this is the reason you bait them.

Anywhere you can access the inner walls you must bait those areas and then if possible seal them up - in that order of course.

I am moving back to Ft Lauderdale in two weeks for the summer, I could stop by on my way down if you are not too far off of 95 and just take a peek to see if I see anything that is not obvious to you. Just PM me if you want me to look, it's the 10 of May, Sunday.

I don't know about the Ortho around your house, I didn't do that, I don't see the need to do it based on my own private Idaho philosophy of believing that roaches are like bees in that they communicate with each other. It will also kill geckos and geckos love roaches. They used to sell them in Ft Lauderdale just for that purpose, you let them go inside and they do their thing. Not lizards, you know geckos - with their little suction cup ends of their toes and they only come out at night? You don't want to hurt them, so I would not spray around the house.

So stay in touch, let us all know how the process went. I do not think in your case you will see a lot of dead roaches after doing this. Also one more thing, go back through the 'ible reading it all again, and enlarge all the photos, it's really better, you see a lot more details.

I would tell you to read some of the 800 comments but in your case which is so much more like mine and we were and are not dealing with the Germans I don't think you will find too much in the comments to help. But they are sort of pretty fun to read, you know you are not alone anyway.

Oh, one more thing, think of it this way - we (I think) are scared of roaches because they are unpredictable and we don't know where they will run, they are fast. But there are probably a few million people in the world who would trade their problems with yours; that helps to keep our fear of the buggers in perspective. I know how you feel, I scream so load that my throat is sore the whole day, I can't help it. But I try to keep the whole thing in perspective and think that I am bigger, that they are running from me, and that there are real problems in the world that can't be solved, this one can be solved and it just takes a bit of effort and claiming your house back one room at a time.
jules08033 months ago
We are having to move from the apartment we have been living in for three years because it is INFESTED with german roaches. I know they are inside our electronics and one of our couches. My question is, can we take these items and use the bait to get rid of them? It sucks that our furniture has to be left behind because these nasty apartments are infested. I know for a fact it isn't just our apartment that has this problem. We have had the landlord gel the apartment and it didn't work. We have used baits, the ortho home defense from Home Depot and it is STILL infested. We move next weekend and we are worried we will somehow take them along to our new place. Any suggestions?
Hope I can help with this. I moved to Hawaii 2 months ago and have already seen more roaches here than I've even seen in all my life (zero). I spend all my days planning and preparing for my escape off this infested island when miliatry orders are up in 3yrs. So far this is my list:
(1) Get many, I mean A FRKN TON of airtight plastic storage bins (ZipLoc weathertight is a brand), it may end up costing, but its the way to go since roaches love to hide & lay eggs in the flaps & weaving of cardboard boxes.
(2) Tiny roaches will live & breed in the motors of appliances so toss them in plastic/garbage bags & store in freezer for a couple days before the move to freeze the life out of them!
(3) wash all your clothes, curtains & bed linens on the hottest setting (without damaging) and IMMEDIATELY move them from dryer into plastic bins so roaches wont have time to attach & hitch a ride.
(4) Those efficient little devils can feed off of the GLUE in your book bindings so throw all your office supplies, magazines, tampons, diapers, etc into the sealed bins with a roach bait station in every bin to feed & kill them & DONT open the bins for a few weeks, so that any placed eggs can hatch, feed & die also.
(5) Do a thorough cleaning of the new place before your stuff arrives, behind fridge & oven, etc then bring your stuff over & shake everything off outside! I know you'll worry what the neighbors think but at least they will see that you obviously are not comfortable living in filth & are taking measures to avoid another such situation. Wipe down & inspect everything before stocking shelves & cabinets & rewash all the linens again for good measure.
I wish you luck & cant wait to do this myslf in the roach-deterring snowy weather of NewEngland!
Ninzerbean (author)  NorEaster2 months ago

NorEaster, This is great advice for the german ones and I will refer folks to it. Thank you for taking the time to write. If we can get the whole world to do both of our methods we could seriously decimate the population, well maybe. Anyway I think I may copy and paste your comment into my 'ible - you don't mind right? Because in a month or so it will be a few page clicks away and I think it is sound advice that I don't want people to miss when reading the 'ible. Let me know, otherwise I can feature your comment which moves it to the top of the list of comments.

Sorry, haven't been on in a while. Yes, feel free to spread the word, warn the masses, these buggers have been on the planet long enough! lol

Ninzerbean (author)  jules08033 months ago

The bait will not work for your situation. You know where there are so you must get rid of them. But taking apart your electronics is going to be very very hard, and what if you leave an egg case behind? Your couch - wow, I don't know how you would be successful there. This is just terrible. I wish so much that I could help but this system is more about making your house or apartment free of roaches and more about the large non-German ones. You need not baits but a very strong vacuum. Baits are for luring roaches to the bait so they take it back to their colony and the other roaches then learn not to go to your house, but because you have them and know where there are and are not removing them physically, they will still be there. Somehow the situation must have gotten out of control and now... I think you should start over. But if you see even one single roach in your new place - which hopefully you will bait the day you move in, you will kill it right away.

It started about 8 months ago. One roach here... none for a few days. Another roach there gone for a few days. Then there was a nice break didn't see any for a few weeks. Time passes by we're starting to see them every day about 2-4 a day. I just woke up and saw two within a 2 foot radius of each other on their backs. So I sprayed them. We get a lot of packages delivered to our house. We generally see them in our laundry room, family room, kitchen and bathroom all of which are in the same portion of the house. Lately in the bathroom I've seen a few baby roaches tiny little things the size of tictacs. Can you list a few not so common sense style hiding places that I should bait in. Please and thank you. I've read some of the comments I saw behind frames, drawers and cupboards, microwaves, inside outlets and light switches. I'm making a list of everywhere that I've seen them myself.

See step seven for the best places to put the bait. Remember to put it all over, not just where you see roaches.
Hi. I made this recipe up last night and put the bait around my kitchen and bathroom. I strongly believe there is a colony under the refrigerator. Now, did I make these roaches hyper with the syrup, because as of this morning they are running rampant! How long does this take. Also we have the small roaches (Germans) I believe.
Ninzerbean (author)  stacy.white.902 months ago
I know I keep saying this but it does not seem to be understood so I will repeat it here for everyone's benefit - this will not work if your whole house is not baited and all of the preventative steps are taken. Roaches are inside the walls, they are not just inside of the walls of where you see them. The bait does tend to make the German ones very active as they go crazy looking to relocate - to an area of your house where there is no bait, so that what they bring back to eat will not kill their family and friends.

When I say that it takes about 4 hours to do an average sized home I think that if it took you less time then your home is very very tiny or you skipped some outlets, had no space that needed expandable foam, or no drawers to put the bait behind.

If you know you have a colony under the fridge you must dispose of that colony first.

Reading a few hundred of the comments will help as well as everyone's situation is not that unique and similarities will be noticed that you can learn from.
Karenmommy2 months ago

we lost our house and had no roaches. I had never seen one ever! Then we moved into a rental house and all of a sudden I saw them everywhere. We left that house and moved into another rental house. This 2nd rental had a worse infestation plus what we brought and we stayed there only 5 months. Now we bought a house again and I am over run. I wanted to call pest company but hubby won't let me. I am going to try this, this weekend as I can't take it/them anymore.

Ninzerbean (author)  Karenmommy2 months ago
Karenmommy, if you think you brought some with you, you must find that item that they came in on. Game players, air conditioners, microwave ovens, anything basically that gets plugged in and is a bit warm and dry. If you have German roaches they live inside and are harder but not impossible to get rid of. The bait will keep them away but not until you get rid of the ones living in the house, so you must vacuum almost daily, you must get rid of all cardboard and use plastic to keep pasta or cereal or whatever the cardboard was in, in. Read the zillions of comments because there is a lot of helpful hints that might apply to your situation in particular. Good luck, keep us posted on your progress and best all congrats on having your own house again!
Hello and thank you for your response. They are in our couches and behind our stove and refrig and behind dishwasher. I have 3 messy little boys as well. I had been using chemical sprays that I bought online but they didn't work. I clean daily and just dread going I to my kitchen. I also found one or 2 in my bathroom. I had no idea they liked toothpaste. Yuck!!! I am a mom on a mission and will remove all cardboard (still have boxes from our recent move) and bait my entire house while keeping our cat and my kids safe.
Ninzerbean (author)  Karenmommy2 months ago

Karenmommy, you are going to have to get rid of the roaches you have before the bait will have much effect - this is only because in your case they have set up colonies inside your house and that makes them harder to get rid of. You have to knock down the colony first. In my case when John said it was the worst infestation he had ever seen, well he had to get rid of the infestation first, then bait, that kept them away.

Toothbrushes must go in plastic bags, they love toothpaste. Really gross. I am afraid you might have to get rid of the couches, also the fridge and washer are going to have to pulled away from the wall and vacuumed to death. It's a war. Enlist some soldiers. Don't let your boys eat outside of the kitchen table. Read the comments.

ScottP62 months ago

Just an can get bulk boric acid powder on Amazon for really cheap and avoid paying the high prices of products that tout roach/ant control. You can get a pound for less than $7 (look under industrial/scientific not pest control when you search)

Ninzerbean (author)  ScottP62 months ago
Thank you ScottP6, I will put that in the introduction. A pound will give you enough to give to your friends and neighbors too!

I also want to say how wonderful it is that you take the time to keep answering questions here. So many people write something up never to revisit it again. You set the standard for how "how-tos" like this should be done! You are doing a really great thing and helping lots of people!! Thank you (I believe you can never hear someone say thanks too many times)

Ninzerbean (author)  ScottP62 months ago

Thank you for the thank you, but I can't take credit, Instructables sends me an email when there is a comment on an 'ible. Except for awhile it stopped working, then there are settings that maybe an author does not have set up to receive emails re comments. I think most authors respond to comments, or I would like to think that.

Here is the link...

ScottP62 months ago

I've always used the powder...but the other evening I saw one crawling along the top of the wall...<shudder> I am going all in on your bait method. I might make a video of how I do it following the authors instructions with loads of links and gratitude to this site (if the author is ok with that). I'm going to use unbleached flour (cause thats what I have)...I'm hoping for a 2-fer with ants as well!

Ninzerbean (author)  ScottP62 months ago

Sure, make a video, be my guest. Some day I'm going to write a book with all the comments in it except I will block out the names. I won't watch your video because of how much I don't want to look at roaches. Sorry.

And yes, this works for ants as well, just put some on their path.

taral73 2 months ago
One question: Is boric acid harmful to my dog if he accidentally is exposed to it? He's a 13lb mini dachshund.
Ninzerbean (author)  taral73 2 months ago
I have 2 wiener dogs! I wouldn't want any dogs or animals to eat the bait but you are putting it in areas where there is no way for them to reach it unless they can open your bathroom cupboards and use tools to open switchplate covers. But the whole point of using this bait is to put it in places that roaches go, not where dogs or babies or cats or even people go. It sticks to horizontal places like the backs of kitchen drawers, places we don't even see much less go.
My concern is if I put it above door frames and it fell off he would find it and eat it because yes he eats ANYTHING! But, since you said it sticks well I won't worry about it too much. Also, I got a different boric acid than yours pictured, mine is actually 99%. Is that ok? And yay for weiner dogs, they rock!
We had none for 9 years now we have nasty neighbors and they are comming in. I am going to mix this up this weekend and apply it everywhere. I will not live like this. I just killed 4 of them in the kitchen that I just cleaned 2 hrs ago. I am putting my trust in you and doing what you say. I hope this works. Being a single mother I do not have the money to have someone come in and spray every couple months. I have ocd so my house is cleaned every day and night. Again I am putting my trust in your words.
Ninzerbean (author)  shannon.foraker2 months ago
Shannon, it's going to work. Even if your neighbors are nasty I urge you to go to them and not insinuate that they might be the cause but urge them to do the same treatment, offer to share by mixing up a batch and bringing them half (but ask them about it first because it will get hard and unworkable in a day if left outside). Even if you can't get your neighbors onboard it will still work.

But you could go over and ask if they have a flat head screwdriver for your switchplate screws and tell them why you need it, like it is just you with the problem and you are just telling them what you are doing to solve it.
Burgunday2 months ago
Omg thank you for this.
yatzi142 months ago
In need of that treatment asap!!!!!!! Tired of all these roaches crawling around everywhere! So emberrassing when guests come question is, is it safe to use it when you have a 1yr old and a 3 year old? How long will it take for the treatment to harden? Thank you!
Ninzerbean (author)  yatzi142 months ago
Unless your kids can open electrical outlets or pull open drawers to get behind them or above doors I think they will be safe. Sometimes it never gets hard, depends on the humidity. Good luck to you.
Very helpful. Thanks!!! (:
KyrieY3 months ago

If I apply this solution, how long do you think it will take to start seeing results?

Personally, my cockroach problem has been kind of up an down. A year ago, there would occasionally be a cockroach at night every week or so in the garage/kitchen/living room/bathroom. Last winter, the problem kind of died down, and I didn't see any cockroaches for months. However, the problem is just now coming back. In the last 3 days, I've seen 2 cockroaches in the bathroom (1 in the early morning and 1 at night).

If it makes a difference, my house the gigantic cockroaches, not the little german ones.

Also, is there a need to apply the solution in the attic? I haven't been there for months -.-

Ninzerbean (author)  KyrieY3 months ago
Your roach problem does not seem too terrible so I would think that if you did a really good thorough job on baiting and did all of the steps and of course the attic, you would see results by the following day.

It does not matter if you have been to the attic or not, roaches live where you don't. Those are the places you need to bait. If there is stuff up in the attic for them to eat such as the glue on cardboard - they will be there. They actually don't care if you don't write or call, they have no shame in stalking you anyway.

Yes, get up there to that attic and bait away along with all the other places listed in step 7.

And good for you to take control of the situation before it gets worse. The warm weather and rain drives them inside and/or makes them more active. Go figure. Maybe they get bored like humans do.
KyrieY Ninzerbean2 months ago

Alright. Thanks for the advice!

One more thing. What is the purpose of the expandable foam insulation on the pipe? How necessary is it?

Ninzerbean (author)  KyrieY2 months ago

If you have gaps between your walls and the inside of things - most houses do - then use the foam to seal the gaps.

KyrieY Ninzerbean2 months ago

Once again thanks.

I've started the process of applying the bait, and I've run into a few more things now.

Yesterday, I started to put the bait in the places you mentioned, but I didn't finish because there were still places that weren't baited yet. As a result, I put the bait in the refrigerator over night, and I plan to finish the job today.

1. Will the bait still work if I apply it today? If it matters, it is still kind of sticky and seems like it can still be applied.

2. For my situation, is it necessary to put bait behind every single outlet cover and switch cover?

Ninzerbean (author)  KyrieY2 months ago

It's good that you put it in the fridge, it will be fine once it comes to room temp. It does get un useable after a few days 'cause it gets too hard. About doing your whole house and every outlet cover, you know what I am going to say don't you? There are only two ways to do things - the right way and the other way. So yes, you do have to do every one because you just don't know where they are living inside of your walls and where they can freely rome, so you have to do all of them to do the job right. The crew that did my house, it took 2 guys 4 hours, that is basically all they were doing was the outlets. Mind you that it is against all sorts of codes and be sure you are using a wooden popsicle stick and the power is turned off etc.

KyrieY Ninzerbean2 months ago

I've applied more bait around the house, and it seems like the situation is getting better, as I haven't seen any cockroaches in the bathroom for days. However, a little cockroach came out today at 9am in the living room today when the sun was already up. Should I be concerned?

Ninzerbean (author)  KyrieY2 months ago

I don't know, only you know if you put it everywhere you should in your house. You were debating the need to put it everywhere so I don't know if you really thought there was a need. Personally I just would not take chances. If you did a thorough job then I don't think you need to be concerned, but if not then yes, you should have some concerns. Did the roach seem healthy? Or near death? A 'little' one could mean a baby or a different breed. Vacuum daily for egg cases, get rid of cardboard, read the comments. It's a war you know, you don't want to let down your guard until they are all gone.

sburton1092 months ago
We moved from a rent house that had a horrendous german cockroache infestation. And now in our new house it seems as though we have brought them with us. We tried so hard to bag everything, spray furniture down, throw away electronics... Had to buy all new appliances. It was a nightmare. But I've seen a few scurrying around recently after about 1 month here. Will this solution work for german cockroaches by chance?? I'm almost 8 months pregnant, have a 4 yr old as well & want to get rid of these guys before new baby arrives..
Ninzerbean (author)  sburton1092 months ago

Suburton109, it just shows how incredibly tenacious you have to be not to bring them with you, which I am not saying you did, but you might have. So, yes this works with germans but it is harder, the comments are a great source of help here on germans. It takes more work because they live inside vs. the one's I dealt with - the giant palmetto bug roach. With the germans is seems that you must find the colony and find it fast, you are very smart to know about the electronics. Vacuum all the time, maybe a shop vac so you don't have to go through expensive vac bags. But wear ear protection, the noise level is not safe on those shop vacs and in no time you will damage your hearing. I use hearing protection whenever I vacuum now and it's a central vac, not very loud except then using the nozzle on stuff. Also it is so much more relaxing to not hear the noise, but I am digressing. OK, back to you, the fact that you are pregnant and all, well the boric acid is safe for you to use but have your husband or SO mix it up, I say to wear a mask when mixing but really you can't be too careful when preggers. So you can be the one applying it, not a problem, it's the powder I am worried about you breathing...

so bottom line, yes it will work for the germans but you must be aggressive in finding out where they are living and get rid of the colony along with baiting to prevent future infestations. Good luck, you will be fine. But keep in touch, tell me if you indeed find a colony that you may have brought with you - your story is especially a learnable story because you were so tenacious when moving.

I am about to leave my house in the woods and move back to Ft Lauderdale and I dread finding a rental and probably finding roaches too.

I live in dorms at a college campus and my room got infested and now my boyfriend's is. He just recently got moved into a new room and we both think we saw a roach already. Since it is a confined area& theres rooms in the same building, would it be safe to put in the rooms? Theres no attic or anything but Im just wondering where i could put this?
Ninzerbean (author)  angelruthashley2 months ago
It is absolutely safe, put it in high places, behind things, dark places, it is so non toxic that it is safe. Just mix up a small batch. You might want to get other dorm dwellers involved too and it is a fun way to meet people. OK, not fun, but it is a way to meet people, and if you guys have the problem everyone may also have the problem.
Supermom813 months ago
When the pest control company came out to your house when they were using this bait, did they do anything to find the colony and get rid of it? I definitely want to try this but it also gets me nervous to think that there is a colony living behind my fridge or oven that I would think we would need to get rid off first before putting out the bait? Is that necessary?
Ninzerbean (author)  Supermom813 months ago
In my situation when they said "This is the worst infestation we have ever seen" there were hundreds living in the bottom of the oven, in a pull-out drawer. Yes, they knocked down the population tremendously before they baited. This was a rental house and it was just gross.
frozenshade3 months ago

I made this and am wondering if I perhaps did something wrong. It hardened up. Is it supposed to stay soft like peanut butter? It was soft the first day or two, but we live in Florida so wondering if heat and/or lack of humidity lately had something to do with it.

Ninzerbean (author)  frozenshade3 months ago
There is nothing wrong with it being hard, it usually gets hard after a day depending on the humidity. If you didn't get it all used up and/or finish your whole house though you will have to mix up another batch because you can't spread it around once it gets hard. Is that what you meant with your question or are you asking if it is alright to become hard once you have put it where you want to? Either way I think I have answered you, but if not ask again in a different way I guess.

Yes you answered my question. I wasnt sure if it was supposed to stay soft or not is all. Thought I may have done something wrong. Thankyou very much for getting back to me.

I just moved into an apartment 4 days ago and I think it's infested with small flying roaches. I first saw them on the night of day 2 in the kitchen. At least 3 that night, I only killed 1. They're telling me it's just water bugs and roaches don't fly. I've only seen them in the kitchen and a couple in the living room. Today I put boric acid all over the kitchen, window seals, front doorway and even some in the living room. I didn't come across this until after.. Do you think what I did will help? What do I do?
Ninzerbean (author)  Ballroomblitzz3 months ago
Roaches fly. Do you think I would seriously tell you that sprinkling boric acid all over your house would work if I spent the time and effort to write this 'ible and to answers questions every single week? While I enjoy helping other people rid their homes of roaches I do not enjoy having to deal with bizarrely inane questions such as yours. I apologize for being offensive but you deserve the truth.
Well, thank you for verifying that they fly. Sorry for wasting your time with my inane question.
Ninzerbean (author)  Ballroomblitzz3 months ago

Dear Ballroomblitzz, I did not read all of your question and I was rude to you. Let me start over and say that sprinkling the boric acid powder will get on the feet of the roaches that run over it and it will kill them, it will kill them probably before they can return to the colony. As a consequence there is only a short term gain and the opportunity to dissuade the colony from hanging out at your house is lost. I don't think you need to wipe it up or anything but it hurts more in the long run than helps. I am upset at being told all of my faults by the real estate broker who had listed my house yesterday. I had a former husband who did that frequently so you'd think I would be used to it but it turns out it still really hurts and I was very angry and I took it out on you. Please accept my apology for being rude.

Yeah your first response kinda bummed me out, not what I expected but I understand, thank you for getting back to me and apologizing. Hope you're having a better day today! Take care.

also you should take care to find out what kind of roaches you are dealing with. if you are dealing with german cockroaches (tiny, creepy, crawling on the wall by the tens and 20's) you may have trouble killing them since they tend to reproduce VERY quickly and by their numbers end up overrunning most of their natural predators except for house centipedes who love eating roaches but who also look creepy as hell. they also are very hardy when it comes to poisons. of course boric acid isn't a poison and thus they cannot build any immunity or resistance to it but at the most it will stunt their numbers. next you have the oriental roaches which are larger slower and seldom seen since they prefer to live around water. they generally walk on floors and have trouble making it up walls or on counters. american cockroaches are the third and they (as well as oriental cockroaches) prefer to live outdoors but both make their way into homes when they can. german roaches cannot fly so you are in luck. i had german cockroaches at an apartment once and i tried everything from sprays to boric acid to exterminators to diatomaceous earth. nothing made a dent. i eventually moved out. i recently moved into this apartment and found oriental cockroaches. laid down some boric acid bait stations and poured boric acid in every dark nook and cranny and had my neighboring apartments do the same. no more roaches going on 9 months now.

Awesome, thanks!
Ninzerbean (author)  george.shaub3 months ago

I try to get everyone to get their neighbors onboard but I think people have a fear that only they have roaches. Silly. Thank you for your input.

henrydsuza3 months ago
Robin F4 months ago

Sounds like your potion is effective and has helped so many people...kudos! I came across your Instructable after I found roaches under my house living on the fiberglass insulation between the floor joists. We had a small flood in our kitchen, and in order to dry our wood floors I went under the house to see if the insulation was wet. It was, so I pulled it all down and found live roaches living happily on top of the insulation. I know the water must be the attraction for them, but if we only had the water problem for a couple of weeks, I wonder if the roaches were there before? We will replace the insulation that was wet, but I'm afraid that roaches may have gotten to the other insulation as well. ? Replacing all of the insulation will be costly and doesn't promise to solve the roach issue. My question...what would you do in this situation? Thanks!!!

Ninzerbean (author)  Robin F3 months ago

Sorry that my response is late - there is a glitch with Instructables and I am not being notified of comments coming in. Anyway I hope I am not too late - there is no need to replace your insulation, the water attracted the roaches. They may have been there before, but replacing the insulation will have no effect on their being there now or later. You simply need to bait.

Awesome. I appreciate you responding and will bait away down there. The wet insulation is in bad shape so I will replace what looks damaged and bait at the same time. Thanks again for your help!

Freakedout4 months ago

I read all steps multiple times before even attempting to try this. I am like you, cannot even open an encyclopedia with a bug photo in it. My husband and I bought our home several years ago and it is surrounded by trees and near a pond. I have never seen a roach before moving here. The yard is polluted with them, they are under every rock. Ewwwe! We saw 2 inside before we moved in and then never saw any more for a few years. It appears that they come in through the basement. I do not see them often but, it has been mor frequent in the last few years. I would rather die than call an exterminator. We live in a rural area where everyone would talk & think that you were just filthy pigs. Not true. After exhausting every idea, I came upon your intstructible. First of all, may God bless you for trying to help others! I followed your instructions to the letter at the beginning of October 2014. Never saw any after the 23rd of October. Then all of a sudden, they are coming back. First, I found a few dead ones. That was ok. Dead is good! Now, I have seen 2 live ones crawling in my living room on 2 different occasions. Do I need to repeat the process? It absolutely worked for 3 months. No exceptions. Why are they back now? Have you experienced this, or has anyone else? I trust your responses because you really do know what you are talking about. Please help me.

Ninzerbean (author)  Freakedout3 months ago

This can happen if there is a lot of rain and it drives the roaches inside to seek shelter, there is nothing you can do about it until they find the bait. Obviously they did not hear from the former roach residents of your house that your house is a bad place to be. As long as you baited your WHOLE house the bait should last for about 3 or 4 years before you would need to refresh it. Also maybe you brought something into the house that was infested? I did this myself with an item from a garage sale, ugh, gross, freaked out etc. I am sorry not to have gotten to your comment sooner - there seems to a be a glitch at Instructables and I am not getting notified of comments.

Also, if there are that many roaches around your house it might be a good idea to buy some products you can use outside to lessen the population - diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled around your yard. They hate that stuff. Wear a mask when you do the sprinkeling.

I really appreciate you responding. I agree, the rain totally complicates this issue. I am planning on treating outside as soon as the weather will cooperate. I will keep you updated. Again, thank you. You are helping a lot of people.

lupeluu 4 months ago
I was so excited to buy this product and get started on my road to clean happiness! !
But when I went to our local HARDWARE STORE they tell me ROACH PRUFE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! !!
What? !?
Everywhere? Probably worked TOO good and was putting Exterminator businesses OUT OF BUSINESS, is my guess.
So now please tell me. Will another brand of BORAC ACID WORK? This bottle says 100 percent, no coloring nor scents. I cannot live like this. It's exhausting to be bleaching DAY and NIGHT, be on top of everyone who comes into my apartment AND it's so embarrassing! ! Somebody HELP ME!
Ninzerbean (author)  lupeluu 3 months ago

There is a glitch at Instructables and I am not being notified of comments, so I'm sorry this response is late. Any product that is mostly boric acid will work. 97% - 100%, your common sense will lead you. Bleach is not something I would use in any way that you could be inhaling the fumes. It is very toxic and has no use in the bug war.

katieh934 months ago
Hi there! So I just moved in with my dad in Vegas. I understand the heat but it's dry? I don't know. Anyways, there's the German cockroaches that came in with used furniture. A armoire and a used TV that was included. (Maybe that's why it was so cheap?) Not a lot bevause i rarely see them. Anyways, they leave us alone but still crawl on the tables, walls and in the cabinets in the kitchen. They don't bug me as much because I lived on a ranch near a pond where it was infested with the red and black ones that bite during the night. So as long as they stay away, I'm not too worried. And also the fact that we are moving next month because the landlady won't get rid of them. The couch and ottoman are being left because we know for a fact that's where they are. And everything that can be left, will be. So what my question is, even if we do happen to bring along 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4), think it would be effective to do this just as a kill them off at the beginning and hopefully prevent them from repopulating?
Ninzerbean (author)  katieh934 months ago
Absolutely. Yes, bait the next house you move to right away.
seans8 Ninzerbean3 months ago

I have a question? When you say bait what does that mean? Your instructions just say mix the bait in the bowl and then put the bowl away when you are done. What do I actually do with the bait? Spread it all over the floor? Wipe it on the walls? I am sorry it just doesn't explain how to actually use the bait. Thanks!

Ninzerbean (author)  seans83 months ago

I think you are only seeing step one. Step seven is quite detailed about where to place the bait.

lupeluu 4 months ago
I'm sooo desperate to get rid of these filthy roaches that when I couldn't find Roach Prufe i bought some other brand that says it's 100 0/0 BORIC ACID. PLEASE tell me if I follow all steps to this recipe I too can be rid if these nasty roaches FOREVER! !
I bought 2 bottles and am going to make enough for ALL 8 (2 bedroom) apartments. Other wise I think theyd never REALLY. Go away, right?
I'm on my way home now to try this and I gotta tell you, I'm excited! !
I just moved in with my 9 year old grandson and it's ridiculous how I have to bleach morning noon and. Night!!
Robin F4 months ago

BTW, we do not see signs of roaches inside our house. We use Ortho Home Defense from Lowes on the base of the exterior and interior walls every few months and have been lucky not to have a problem...or so I thought!

thumplover885 months ago
I have a long trail of roach infestations in my lifetime. :( I am currently living in townhouse apartments that have a German Roach infestation. Needless to say, it is uncontrollable. I treat the apartment, but it does nothing to the amount that are in this entire building. After 3 long years in this horrid place, I am happy to say that I am moving to a HOUSE. A real house!

Only.... I'm not so happy anymore. We had seen the house initially and checked for roaches. Cabinets, sinks, stove, bathroom, refrigerator, top of closets and doors all clear! No feces and no roaches, dead or alive. We happily paid our security deposit and signed the 1 year lease! We have decided to leave behind all furniture except our mattress and dog crates, which we would clean and inspect very well before the move. Well, all was for not, my dear friends! We received the key and went to shampoo the carpets/clean over the house before moving anything in.... And behold!!! Roaches. A couple dead here.... A few babies there. And the fridge.... Pulled it out to a nest behind/in it. And they're German roaches! I wouldn't have expected anything else of course!

"Enough is enough! I'm sick and tired of these monkey fightin bugs in my monkey fightin life!" - edit of Samuel L. Jackson 'Snakes on a Plane'

^ Without the edits.... That's how I felt at this point. We brought this issue to the landlord immediately and showed him the fridge and other areas. He said he had never seen that many... maybe one or two babies here and there. *facepalm* When there are babies.... There are parents/adults. Common knowledge to mankind in general about all living species. Anyways, he agreed to have an exterminator come and treat the house. So a plus!

Only, anymore, that is only a temporary solution. I have witnessed that personally. So after the exterminator came (today), she said based on what she saw behind the fridge... It was a heavy infestation (yay!).

The house has been empty for 2 months which I hope has tamed them down some, and I plan on using this method to treat the entire house before moving anything over. Thank you for this informative and helpful post and all the wonderful comments! It means the world to people like me who can't seem to shake these disgusting bugs from my life! Wish me luck! ;)

Happy Baiting everyone!
Ninzerbean (author)  thumplover885 months ago
Happy Baiting Kate! I am glad you read the comments, though there are more than 700 there is a lot of knowledge there. Good luck, after all you have been through you really deserve to live roach-free forever. Keep us posted on your progress. Has the fridge been removed/replaced? From what I have learned on here used fridges can be the source of many problems.
I unplugged the fridge immediately when I found the nest (It was running since the power was on) and pulled it away from the wall. It has been treated and about 50 dead ones fell out of it when I went in after the exterminator had left. I flushed all dead roaches down the toilet that I found to ensure any egg sacs were not going to hatch. We plan on replacing the fridge as soon as our finances permit! I will definitely post any results I have within a week or two. :)
Ninzerbean (author)  thumplover885 months ago

Be careful if you replace it with a used one. You are very brave, 50 roaches would have had me running down the road.

So an update is in need! I baited the entire house upon moving in 2 weeks ago and have seen only 3 roaches since! My husband and I have been very clean and DRY with the kitchen/bathroom and have kept our pet food bowls clean and sealed in with their food when it is not meal time. The fridge (which we have not replaced yet) has been roach free completely (have been daily checking 4-6 times) the entire 2 weeks.

I'm so happy I live in a home now that I can walk on the floors with no hesitation! My previous apartment was so bad you couldn't go barefoot without stepping on the hundreds of babies that stormed the kitchen floors at night. :(

I will be reapplying bait as needed and plan to do a total re-baiting every 6 months or so. Again, thanks for all the wonderful help and comments from everyone :)
ivan_s4 months ago

Tanks !!! Exelent

Mnmnm4 months ago
Idk how it is everywhere but here if you're renting and there's a roach infestation the landlord has to get rid of it or you can get the lease terminated. So to those people who are renting and feel stuck because of the lease check the laws in your area you may be able to end it.
karamba714 months ago


I have recently purchased a place abroad. I work from home and plan to spend half my time there. During my last brief visit (I went to arrange for some building work to be done), I found quite a few dead cockroaches, and I have a total phobia. When coming back home and doing research from a safe distance, I realised that the black spots I had seen on floors, inside kitchen drawers etc. is roach poo and that the thing which looked a bit like a mouse dropping is an egg case. When I wipe up the black spots, new ones appear so I am pretty sure there must be quite heavy activity going on although I have not seen many live ones (1 half dead, and 2 babies in December). I feel quite optimistic after reading your "'ible" and have ordered 2 kinds of gel in addition to everything I need for your recipe. I go back in 2 days time and look forward to trying to sort everything out, although I am also dreading it.

My main worry is that I am having the whole place fully rewired, which means a few weeks of loads of new holes being made in the walls and so on. There will probably be a lot of dust. I'll try to keep it as clean as possible, but do you think the building work will interfere with the baiting? I'll follow the caulk/foam tips for pipes, around windows etc. where no work is being done. Once it is all done, I'll do the electricity sockets as suggested.

It is really good of you to be so responsive and helping so many people, good on you!

Ninzerbean (author)  karamba714 months ago
Dear Karamba,
If I answer your question may I come visit? It sounds great in that it is sure to not have any roaches. Anyway the new wiring is a GREAT time to stick the bait in the holes in the walls. This is really super news. Roaches don't care about dust and dirt, they are looking for food. Just make sure your workers are neat freaks in that they don't stick food remains inside walls - a common practice - out of sight out of mind. Soda drinks are almost normal to find inside walls. But all in all this is the perfect time to bait. Get that stuff into every hole and opening that is made during the rewiring. Enjoy your roach-free second home!

If this works, and I am hopeful, you will be more than welcome ;-) I have some commercial gel baits which I will use in places as well.

I got here late last night, and I am pleased to say I have found no more dead roaches and no more faeces. I am happy, but also don't quite believe it. I am still going to blitz (although with a bit less urgency than I thought) and bait the flat, but I think and hope it was less bad than I thought and that it should all work out in the end.


First I like to thank you for your information you provided. But there thing is I live in the UAE and I just moved into a new studio that have roaches every. Where. Mainly the kitchen, the toilet and pretty much anywhere. But here I don't think I'll find the exact same poison you're using to kill those unnecessary insects. Could you please tell me a substitute to use or maybe the anything with the same effect. I got the studio for a year and I know for a guy I shouldn't be afraid of those, but I have the biggest phobia. I almost got a heart attack once seeing a dead one upside down.
Ninzerbean (author)  George.A.Baskharon4 months ago
Is there a reason you can't order boric acid online in the UAE? There is no substitute that I know of that is as safe to use, but I guess any poison disguised in something delicious would have the same effect. But it would have to be really inert - have no smell or bad taste. Really, I just don't know.

First I like to thank you for your information you provided. But there thing is I live in the UAE and I just moved into a new studio that have roaches every. Where. Mainly the kitchen, the toilet and pretty much anywhere. But here I don't think I'll find the exact same poison you're using to kill those unnecessary insects. Could you please tell me a substitute to use or maybe the anything with the same effect. I got the studio for a year and I know for a guy I shouldn't be afraid of those, but I have the biggest phobia. I almost got a heart attack once seeing a dead one upside down.
aryali5 months ago

Hi! Thank you for your well written instructable. i mixed flour, honey, boric acid powder as per your instructions two days ago. I baited my house as you suggested, especially around the kitchen area. I know it will take time to work but I have been seeing almost double/triple the amount of roaches in the past two nights after i placed the baits. I have been holding off on killing them on sight (one because they gross me out and two because I'm hoping they will eat the food and take it back to their lair.) I haven't seen them eat it (I put a few in cabinets in the corners so that I can check on the bait). Should I be worried that there the ratio isn't right? i mixed the flour/boric acid and added honey until it looked like peanut butter. I would greatly appreciate any advice! I've been poring over the comments but didn't find anyone saying that there was a big increase in roaches.

Ninzerbean (author)  aryali5 months ago

There have been comments about seeing more roaches after baiting, they do die down (puns are always intended) but it does mean that you have a nest somewhere inside that you must deal with first. Keep the vacuum out to use if you don't like killing the ones you are seeing. I know what you mean about grossing out. Normally seeing more is NOT the case but because it has been written about at least twice I think it is because you have not gotten rid of the infestation, so it will take longer. But that is only my guess. My infestation was beaten down by the professionals and then they used the bait to keep them away.

Your ratio is just fine btw. Just make sure you put it in ALL the places I suggest in step 7.

aryali Ninzerbean5 months ago

Thanks! I put them in all the places my dad and I could reach. They are german roaches and I saw that you suggested they might be harder to get rid of. I will let you know of any updates. Thanks for the reply. I checked behind the fridge, under the sink and in the cabinets but couldn't find the infestation. I'm not quite sure where else to look. If anyone has input please let me know. I

Ninzerbean (author)  onlygod5 months ago
Try getting some foggers and leave them on when you go out for the day. That should do the trick for the short term. I would not use my bait because it takes a long time to do it right and you are on vacation!
alee135 months ago
I just found this post and I definitely want to try it! The thing is, I'm pretty sure there is a colony inside at the least the electronic part of my oven (it runs on gas but has electric for the settings and such). Any advice on specifically where to bait for this? I can probably move the oven away from the wall but can't really take it apart and I'm nervous about putting any bait inside. Not sure how it would react with the gas. The house is a rental and the oven belongs to the landlord.
Ninzerbean (author)  alee135 months ago
You will need to get rid of the colony first. For many reasons this is the best solution. I would suggest a strong vacuum. Or better yet ask for a new oven from the landlord.
alee13 Ninzerbean5 months ago
I doubt that they would provide a new oven for that reason... They'd say I brought the pests in. I can try a vacuum, I'm just not sure how to get to the inside of the electric panel
SabrinaL25 months ago

We moved into a house a few weeks ago and we are a bit out in the "sticks" and have noticed 1-2 roaches here and there but my husband was sure that they were waterbugs. I do not clean my drawers and insides of cabinets every week but I keep the surfaces and everything else as clean as I can. I am up at night very often and the other night i noticed a roach climbing up my drink. EW, i was able to kill it and look at it and determined it was a male german roach.( 2 black stripes and wings, ironic- because I grew up in germany) Today i started cleaning out all cabinets, behind the stove and the fridge. I found a roachfamily ( about 10) hiding in a cabinet we do not use at all, there is no moisture there either. I presented your Idea to my husband and hope we will try it out before getting an expert. I will definitely report back!

Ninzerbean (author)  SabrinaL25 months ago

There must be a link between your growing up in Germany and the... just kidding. Anyway have your husband read the comments, maybe a few hundred or so, ask him if he wants to see roaches at the end of each month or not at all. Exterminators do not stay in business if you don't have roaches. They have to make sure that the roaches only stay out of sight for 30 days so that you know that your money is doing something. So you will keep getting monthly pest control.

eltyshaun6 months ago
I hate roaches. The sight of them makes me go crazy. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and we are both neat freaks. So I had to get my own place asap. I found this place thst seemed nice. Was I in for a big surprise. I woke up in the middle of the night to get myself sonething to drink and they were everywhere. I also noticed there were different kinds big,small and tiny. I nearly lost my mind. Went to the store and bought all types of Tupperware to store dishes,utensils you name it. Whatever else that couldn't fit like my cups, store them in my refrigerator. I complained to the apt manager and he sent the exterminator out there twice. Yeah they killed a few but it seemed like more can to take each one they killed place. I even went to try to attack them on my own. I used thst roach combat blurt stuff that people were praising online, did nothing, still more came. I even put boric acid all over my house. Killed a couple but stil more came. I even watched a few evade walking into the boric acid powdered. Now I have intelligent roaches. Its getting so bad now I'm finding them getting into my bedroom which has never happened before. I'm afraid to wake up with a festation on my bed or even worst crawling on my face. I looked at some of these comments and sulfur acids is definitely a no no cause I'm afraid it might affect my tenants. Please someone give me advice that they know will work. I have 9 months on my lease and I'm high tailing it out of there if I cant get a grip on this situation. I wont even buy new furniture afraid they will get in it and start a colony. Guests, forget about it. Its an embarrassing and I dont want anyone thinking im a dirty person or they are scared to eat in my house. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  eltyshaun6 months ago
Why are you asking for help before you have tried this? I understand how upset you are, I was that upset as well, that is why I wrote this 'ible. But you are going to have to use it before it works. It's like how hard it is to win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. Be sure to read all 8 steps, read a few hundred of the comments, you will be fine very soon. Really.
I will try it, I also read a woman on here who is a stay at home mom tried it and she still was having the issue. I was beginning to think we both might be dealing with the same issue. I've spread boric acid roach enoz all over my apt snd it has failed. I'll try your method and can you tell me approximately how long it will take so I may contact you with the results?
Ninzerbean (author)  eltyshaun6 months ago

To determine how long it takes to see results you have to put your situation in the best possible light - look thoroughly inside for inside populations, look to see how to plug up any holes you have or spaces that roaches can come through, make sure you have almost no cardboard and your kitchen area is perfectly clean etc. The less you do all of these things the longer using my bait will take to work and viceversa. For the people I know personally, whose houses I have been in, it takes one day to see results. It can take about 4 hours to bait an average sized home. Using expandable foam and a vac and other prep can take a whole day. At the point I used it on both of my houses since I wrote the 'ible I saw results the next day. But the evidence of a severe problem at this, my second home, took a few weeks to be finally done with ever seeing a roach, alive. It was not until I redid the kitchen last year and was pulling the insulation out from between the studs that I saw that this house was a roach house for sure. It was very gross, but they were all dead. It had been over a year since I had baited.

Eltyshaun, this can be confusing information because I tend to write too much and everyone's situation is different, but depending on how big your problem is and how much prep work you do before baiting will determine how fast your roaches leave. Ideally it will be the next day.

Spreading boric acid powder around is the opposite of what I am trying to get you to do here, that will not keep roaches away, you won't do much good at keeping them away if you just kill some. You have to make your house a known death trap to the roaches, teach them not to come back. I urge you to re-read this comment, and the 'ible, and few hundred or so comments to get a grasp on what your problem is like compared to others and how hard you have to work. But once it's done it's done, your roaches won't come back for years and years.

Ok I'm going to purchase some foam sealant today and start the process. I'll keep you informed on the results. Wish me luck!!!!!

Ninzerbean (author)  eltyshaun5 months ago

Hey eltyshaun, give me an update, how's it going?

Hey Ninzerbean, first off I want to say thank you for your helpful information and for staying in contact. I did what you ask and for the first couple of days I saw a few take the bait and after consuming it, they would crawl away. Then a couple days later I would still see a couple around and a few always in my kitchen sink. I also saw some dead ones on the floor and in the corners. I started killing the ones I saw alive hoping I was helping the situation. Then a day later it got really cold outside and then I saw a couple. Now I see one or two every now and then and a couple days after that I've only seen one so far. Now for the past couple of days after that, I walk in the kitchen and I don't see any around like I use to, but I'm sure maybe one will come out or even 2 so I figure its still working its magic. I was right so now one or two would come out a couple to a few days later at a time especially the baby ones. So I'm still keeping an eye out because I have started the treatment on December 30 and it is now the 15th of January. I'm hoping by the end of this month, I wont see any more roaches. A new realty company has taken over my apartment complex and they have hired terminex and they want us to remove any baits or powders associated with killing roaches so that the stuff they use wont cause the roaches to go into hiding in the walls. I really don't want to do that because I feel that if I leave the bait that you recommended, in time it just might work and get rid of all the roaches. What's your thoughts on everything I just posted?

Ninzerbean (author)  eltyshaun5 months ago

Hi eltyshaun, thank you for keeping in touch. I will get to your question in a moment but first I have to ask how you can see roaches eating the bait - it should be in places that you can not see - behind drawers, inside the walls, around pipes under your sink, etc. Most roaches are doing their roach thing out of sight, the bait should be out of sight too. It really should not be possible for you to see them eat the bait.

But do not remove it when the Terminex (in my experience the worst of them all) people come, but make sure it is out of sight. Remember that the exterminators make money by getting rid of roaches for a month, then they come back. If the roaches did not come back the exterminators would go out of business. That is why they don't want you to use this bait. If you don't have roaches (and soon you won't) the exterminators will be out of a job.

The roaches ARE hiding in your walls - the stuff they use will cause the roaches to hid or die but only for a month. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Does it make sense to you? You could be a jerk and ask for proof of what they are saying, but just make sure your bait is hidden - as it should be anyway - and let them do their thing, as long as you don't have to pay for it. I wouldn't let them in if it were me, but it probably won't hurt. I am just not into chemicals around my house.

Well to answer your question how I saw the roaches eating the bait, I put some bait above the windows frames and door frames and particularly on the window frame I saw 2 of them eating it. I told you, I had a pretty bad infestation since they were coming out during the day. Now since I last wrote you 4 days ago, I haven't seen any, even when I get up late night, early morning, I don't see one, not even a baby one. I can't thank you enough and I did think that was odd what the guy told me cause when I told the terminex guy I had bait everywhere he said good and didn't even spray any area. he most know something. Anyways, thanks again! I'm still gonna keep in eye out though just in case. If anything changes, Ill be right back on here hitting you up.

Ninzerbean (author)  eltyshaun5 months ago

Oh eltyshaun this is great news, I feel like we have been through a lot together and I am so glad your hard work has paid off. Thank you for writing!

llilitu5 months ago
How can u tell what kind of roaches they are we moved into an apt complex that is infected
infested they moved us apts but the same problem everyone we hv talked to said they hv the same.problem b4 moveing our stuff in this apt we bombed 3times and nothing has resolved this issue
Ninzerbean (author)  llilitu5 months ago

Dear Llilitu, To find out what kind of roaches you have, you will have to research them, maybe online. That is way beyond the help I am willing to give because it would mean I would have to look at photos of roaches. Ugh. Could you delete your other two comments that are repeated below as they are just duplicates.

llilitu5 months ago
How can u tell what kind of roaches they are we moved into an apt complex that is infected
infested they moved us apts but the same problem everyone we hv talked to said they hv the same.problem b4 moveing our stuff in this apt we bombed 3times and nothing has resolved this issue
llilitu5 months ago
How can u tell what kind of roaches they are we moved into an apt complex that is infected
infested they moved us apts but the same problem everyone we hv talked to said they hv the same.problem b4 moveing our stuff in this apt we bombed 3times and nothing has resolved this issue
Pixiewings85 months ago
Well i was in my kichen, cleaning and making sure food in shelves were sealed. Made the bait like you said except my house is only 1000 sq. Ft. The next morning saw one eat some of bait and run to hiding place. Now they just walk past thr bait. Going to do rest of house today. Does it lose its sme or something the longer it sits? Because they sure arent going for it.
Ninzerbean (author)  Pixiewings85 months ago

Pixiewings8 - you should not have the bait where you can see it. See step 7 for where to place it. They are walking past the bait on their way to a dark damp warm place, those are the places you want to place a bit of bait, but really you need to follow the instructions in step 7.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I did put it where you said in step 7. In outlets, on pipes, behind drawers, behind stuff on shelves, under stove, etc. That was just extra places where I put it
We have to move out of our home asap. Between work and having a child it was hard to find a place in the city so quickly. We have never had a roach problem but I have seen a friend who did and it was horrific. I have severe anxiety and I couldn't deal living how they had to with my child. We have luckily found an apartment that is available. The apartment is nice, other then not have central ac and heat. However, they said the previous tenant had bad roaches. They assured me that the apartment was bombed 3 times and cleaned and the fridge was taken out. They keep assuring me it's nothing to worry about and told me they would bomb again if need be but shouldn't have to. I don't have a lot of options but is this a mistake moving in? Sure re roaches are gone now but since this is an apartment will they be back shortly after signing our life away?? Please help!!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  Inneedofadvice1235 months ago
I think it is good that the management was upfront with you about the previous tenant. But roaches like inside the walls, in warm and wet places like behind the pipes going into the walls. Bombing and removing the fridge is not a 100% sure thing to be sure there are no more roaches you would have to look carefully for any feces, or egg cases. You would have to pull the oven away from the wall and look carefully inside of it. Does this place have carpet? I would look under that before you move in. If you have no choice then at the very least use my bait everywhere before you move in. I am just a bit suspicious - why did they bomb the apartment 3 times? 3? Why wasn't once enough. Maybe pay an exterminator a small fee to thoroughly inspect the apt?
oldyes5 months ago

This is great advice. I flip houses for a living. Most of the houses I buy are initially in bad condition and are usually with a roach problem. From my experience, I would say I've been pretty successful getting rid of roaches. I would like to add a few more tips to supplement.

- Boric Acid Method. Works great! The important thing is to make sure you put it throughout the WHOLE HOUSE. This includes attics, AC, water heater, and all those other places where applying becomes a challenge. Instead of open areas, apply around edges, behind stuff, nooks, and crannies. Should be somewhat labor intensive. Gotta do this for at least 2 weeks.

- Winterize. This is probably the most interesting trick I picked up. Roaches need water to live. They can live for weeks without food, but die much sooner without water. What I do is cut off the water supply at the main. Then, winterize the home. Winterizing is basically pouring an "anti-freeze"-type solution in your pipes so they don't freeze. Its safer than it sounds. Basically, roaches don't drink this water. No water equals no roaches. This will require you to live away from your homes for a while. Then de-winterize. Turn on all the faucets and let the pipes clear out for about an hour. Get a plumber to do this. I pay my plumber $50 for winterize/de-winterize services.

- Boric Acid Part 2. I usually do this last. Spread some boric acid in powder form around the perimeter of your home. Roaches don't usually eat the powder form but they'll stay clear of it. If they trespass, they they will get some on their bodies. This will be absorbed, or they'll lick it off. Either way, they'll die from it.

Hope this helps.

Ninzerbean (author)  oldyes5 months ago
Great info about winterizing for those that can do this. It's nice to know that you are selling roach-free homes.

I go into detail in step 7 about where to apply the bait but most people skip that step. Since it can take 4 hours to do an average home by yourself how do you do it for 2 weeks? After you bait the whole house what are you doing for the other 13 days of the 2 weeks you refer to?

Thank you for commenting.
DanDeLion405 months ago

Some of them are very difficult to eradicate because they will form multiple colonies all over the house in every little place they can get into. They ESPECIALLY like warm places with small entry points. This means inside appliances and other electrical equipment like cable tv boxes, audio equipment, computers, power adapters, chargers etc. The female will stay inside there laying egg sacs and the tiny young ones will come out and spread the infestation.

Ninzerbean (author)  DanDeLion405 months ago
Yes! I can't repeat this information enough.
hueritalopez6 months ago
You probably did but you weren't specific on how many days it took
hueritalopez6 months ago
How many days did it take to get rid of all the cockroaches
Ninzerbean (author)  hueritalopez6 months ago
Every situation is going to be different of course. For my situation I never saw a live one again after baiting. I am pretty sure I say that in the 'ible.
nomobugs6 months ago

@ninzerbean - hello! We just moved into our first house, which is very old and saw NOTHING at all upon moving in - no signs of roaches whatsoever. Before we left for vacation, I noticed an "adult-sized" roach on the kitchen counter, killed it, and had a mini meltdown. Upon getting back from vacation, I noticed a small roach (like the size of half a hole punch) on the stove and then saw another the next day, also on the stove. I was having such a freak out that I pulled all appliances away from the wall - to see no signs of roaches behind them, just dust and some old toys, which I cleaned up. I also checked the cabinets and wiped them out again. We immediately baited following the steps you have provided. We did this about 3 or 4 days ago but we continue to see about 2-3 smallish (again like half the size of a hole punch) bugs. Does this method also work for these "babies" that seem to be coming from the oven? We've only seen two that were even close to being adult-sized (or so I think) - which I understand there could be MANY more, eeek. Along with everyone else, I am having major anxiety issues with this. Should I just continue to be patient and let the bait work its magic, or is there something else I should be doing? The only location we have ever seen any bugs at all is in the kitchen.

Ninzerbean (author)  nomobugs6 months ago
Firstly you must bait the WHOLE house, this will take a few hours. It doesn't matter that you are only seeing them in the kitchen, they are there for food but they live all over inside the walls. Be sure to view each photo, read all 8 steps. I think you have the regular ones and the little ones are babies that are hatching from egg cases. Yes, I understand you are freaking out. You have to get a grip and put this fear into perspective - there are far worse things so think of one of the more very worse things and dwell on that while you pull apart your stove.

I was happy to read that you pulled everything away from the wall to investigate but believe me they are somewhere. Think about what they like to be able to find them - warmth, wet, dark. Think about anything that you leave plugged in, if it is plugged in it gets warm. Roaches have no bones, they can flatten themselves into and under the tiniest places.

And yes, to your question, this bait will kill the babies you are seeing. Read the comment section, take a break and go investigate for any openings to the walls behind your dryer or washer, under the sinks where the pipes come in from outside, behind your dishwasher. Plumbers and builders do not care at all if the holes they make to install pipes are sealed. Really, they just don't care. Amazing eh?

Seeing an adult before you left on vacation worries me, if it was in the daytime especially. Anyway, stay in touch, let me know how it goes, especially if you find any anywhere unusual or if you didn't bait the whole house and it you find any holes that you can seal with expanding foam. That will make a HUGE difference. Just keep in touch, we can all learn from your experiences.

I don't think we will throw the eco-system out of balance if we rid the world of roaches.
Jiad6 months ago
Sorry was just giving my idea like everyone else. any ways your idea still Rocks! You Rock! God bless! Thank you for taking the time to share.
Jiad6 months ago
Sevin Dust it dose MIRACLES!!! Solved my problems with in TWO DAYS!!! I had german roaches and many other roach species I had never seen before in my life RUNNING WILD!! In my new apartment I had major axiety. My god mom told me about Sevin Dust. Its a powder for out door use on gardens but my god mom has used it for years inside her home and it has never been an issue for her pets or kids and She did not mix it with anything she told me just pour the powder every were in corners and spread it out wearing gloves or a spoon but you can mix it if you want to be more discrete and dont want your guests seeing powder all over your place. I personally did not give a damn I perfer my guests to see powder then nasty roaches any day of the year! I poured the powder in the edges of each room in my apartment and spread it out with a spoon. I put it on counter top edges, inside cabinets, at the bottom of my windows and doors. I even went a step further and spread it on my patio and grass next to my apartment. The second day the roaches were gone!!! My god mom informed me it kills mice as well and its good to put the powder down every 4-8 months. I have researched the Boric Acid and its very popular as well but I did not find out about it till after using the Sevin Dust wich is now my new Best friend!!
Ninzerbean (author)  Jiad6 months ago
Jasmne.Dai, Here is a link to the Material Safety Data Sheet on the poison you have put inside of your house - dangerous to you, pets, children, bees, plants, the water system, you name it and you have harmed it. I would suggest a respirator and lots of vacuuming to get rid of it. Or call in professionals, you are at risk. It is not a product to use inside, it is not a product to even touch with your hands, it is DANGEROUS and you should warn anyone who comes into your house until you can get rid of it. I'm sorry to tell you this but after you read the MSDS I think you will be as concerned for your health as I am.
Jiad Ninzerbean6 months ago
Thank you I do appreciate but again my GM and I have recently meet others that have used this for years as I stated before inside the home and has never had an issue and they are very healthy people and the animals and kids have never had a issue and mind you my GM Is now in her early 50's her 3 kids now in there twenties. She started the use 10 years ago. I meet her friend that actually got her hip to this and she has a hudge house and a big family along with pets and has never had a issue. She infomed me once she got it on her skin nothing happened. She simply washed it off. I think that warnings label over do it some time for the companies saftey they dont want to be sued lol but I feel if it were that bad the people who I know that have used it would have all been sick or some sort of issue by now. So to each its own if you dont feel its safe in your opinion its simple dont do it.
Ninzerbean (author)  Jiad6 months ago


I appreciate that you don't think there is any harm in the insecticide that is for outdoor use that you are using inside because no one you know has gotten sick. I appreciate that you are, like myself, trying to help people - but this is not the place to advocate a known poison such as Sevin dust when what I am trying to do here is give a nontoxic way to rid people of their roaches, a way that won't harm our eco-system, bees, dogs, cats, pets, children, a bait that can be applied as a paste so that it can be applied in places that animals and kids can't get to by mistake and even if they did it is not toxic. Your method posted here in the comment section, is only going to confuse people into thinking that I advocate Sevin dust. I don't - and this is why: from the MSDS: "Repeated overexposure may cause more severe cholinesterase inhibition with more pronounced symptoms. May lead to rapid onset of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, involuntary shaking, excess salivation, pinpoint pupils, blurred vision, profuse sweating, temporary paralysis, respiratory depression, and convulsions. Do not take internally. Inhalation Harmful if inhaled. May produce symptoms similar to those from ingestion. Avoid breathing dust. Chronic or Delayed Long-Term, This product or its components may have target organ effects. This product or its components may have long term (chronic) health effects."

Call me overly cautious, but why take a chance with a chemical such as Sevin powder, that if you get on your skin you need to wash for 15 minutes and call a poison control center? The common sense that you are advocating tells me to read the directions. MSDS's have saved the lives and quality of life for many people who otherwise would still be using toxic solvents in an unsafe way in schools and workplaces without otherwise knowing the long term effects of doing so.

For the long term health of everyone who comes into your house, eats food that your prepare or wonders why there are no bees outside, I can only urge you to get that poison out of your house.

Jiad Ninzerbean6 months ago
I showed my GM and some friends your method and they liked it as well and found it to be A great ideai!!! Its just they are used to the Sevin Dust method.
Jiad Ninzerbean6 months ago
And also I forgot to add that MSDS sheet is no different than poisons I have read up on in the past that can be placed in the home to rid bugs, mice etc... Its common sense you dont go around putting things like this inside your mouth or sniffing it up your nose. Thats asking for trouble. Now another product I used in the past that is really good BUT caused my eyes to burn and turn red was Raid spray and When I use bleach it dose the same thing. I actually had to open windows. Its alot of things that can harm you. That every day people use on the regular and again its just common sense. Im not going to be sniffing in Raid or bleach up my nose eithor.
Hello. Thank you so much for posting this and checking up on it. I used this recipe about a week ago. I have it all over my house. Ever since I did it, it has been so much worse though. I see them everywhere. Before it was just in my kitchen. Now I am seeing them all over my house. It is literally causing me so much anxiety. I am pregnant with two toddlers which doesn't help. I have read the whole post multiple times, so I'm pretty sure I did it right. Is it normal for them to all come out after doing it? Is there anything else I can do? We will be buying a house next year and more then anything I don't want to bring them over. We will be leaving all the kitchen appliances. Thank you so much for your time.
Ninzerbean (author)  melissa.burnham36 months ago
Dear Melissa.burnham3,
This is not normal - the only thing I can think is that there may have been a huge colony living inside your house that you did not know about, you may be dealing with German roaches which live inside. I had the giant ones also called palmettos, they live outside but come inside to get food. But anyway I think the thing to do here is try another form of pest killer that is safe to be around for you and the kids, to get rid of them. I think that the reason you are seeing so many after baiting is because they are freaking out about having nothing to eat but that poison. They are swarming to find new food, they know there is a big problem now. I believe you did everything in the post correctly - the difference may be in that you had a infestation inside and or they were Germans. This will still work, but you are just going to have to be more diligent. Because you are pregnant the thing I would do personally is vacuum and spray with hairspray if you have to. But this is not normal, I don't know for sure but I think I have read about this happening two other times.
Keep me posted. I really wish there was more I could do. But your experience will help others, that is why I want you to stay in touch.
Oh no... They are the German ones. Maybe I need to bomb, but if its a colony inside walls I doubt it would get to them. I vacuum and clean non stop it feels like. I'm a stay at home mom with two toddlers. I see them everywhere all day long. I didn't use to see more then a couple and only in the kitchen. I just don't know what to do.
I have posted photos as well
Hi not sure if you have resolved your problem. try Sevin Dust it dose MIRACLES!!! Solved my problems with in TWO DAYS!!! I had german roaches and many other roach species I had never seen before in my life RUNNING WILD!! In my new apartment I had major axiety. My god mom told me about Sevin Dust. Its a powder for out door use on gardens but my god mom has used it for years inside her home and it has never been an issue for her pets or kids and She did not mix it with anything she told me just pour the powder every were in corners and spread it out with your hand wearing gloves or a spoon but you can mix it if you want to be more discrete and dont want your guests seeing powder all over your place. I personally did not give a damn I perfer my guests see powder then nasty roaches any day of the year! I poured the powder in edges of each room in my apartment and spread it out with a spoon. I put it on counter top edges, inside cabinets, at the bottom of my windows and doors. I even went a step further and spread it on my patio and grass next to my apartment. The second day the roaches were gone!!! I could not beleive it!!! My god mom informed me it kills mice too!! And that its good to put the powder down every 4 to 8 months or when you start seeing bugs again. Now I have done my research on the Boric Acid and its very popular alot of people are using it but insense that made your situation worse I think you should try the Sevin Dust like I did and I hope it works for you as well:)

I know a way you can get rid of all of them in one go, but it is somewhat dangerous (so disclaimer, use this advice at your own risk) if you don't know what you are doing, but it is worth it. I moved into a place with an ex girlfriend that was infested with them. A friend told me a trick. I went to a garden supply store and bought a bag of sulfur, I put the bag of sulfur in a pot that I wasn't going to use ever again, put a little water in the pot, sat it on the stove on low, and we left the place for a few hours. The sulfur burning will leak into any crack or crevice in the home and anything that breaths that remains inside will die which includes roaches. If you decide to do this, you will need to be extra careful. Once you do it you will need to let the home air out. Open the front and back doors and sit in your car until it airs out enough for you to enter the home. Then you can go inside, open windows, set your alarm, and maybe spend the night at a relatives. I know it seems like a lot, but trust me, it was worth it. In Russia they use this method and it not only kills all roaches but repels them for up to 10 years, they hate the smell. People used to use sulfur candles, but they have since been made illegal in some places.

Ninzerbean (author)  thebestthereis6 months ago

Dear thebestthereis,

It's comments like yours that make the comment section of Instructables as useful as the 'ibles themselves. Thank you so much for sharing your method which I have no doubt works. I doubt that people have the nerves of steel and fortitude that you have - I mean living with your ex-girlfriend must have been as crazy as the roach problem ;)

More and more often I am receiving comments about what must be German roaches (which live in colonies inside) and this is just great advice to point people towards - combined with my bait, the roaches should be gone in one day - and never come back. I can't actually advocate your method because I have never used the sulphur stuff and I would really worry if I were in an apartment building and it got into the neighbors' apartments and what might ensue, but I thank you very much for your time in sharing what worked for you, your brother and your ex-girlfriend. When are you going to get your own place? :)

I keep telling people that if they have a colony living inside they must eradicate that first, and it usually is the kitchen applicances and game players and audio equipment: warm and dry. Buying used kitchen appliances, ariconditioners or game players is just asking for trouble these days.

@ninzerbean, well it was a place me and my girlfriend at the time had gotten together on equal footing. I let her pick the location which turned out to be a colossal mistake because I was new to the city and didn't know the area too much. As for when I was living with my older brother, that was during my final year in high school a couple of yrs ago when I was 18. Yes I have since gotten my own place. :) But back to the matter at hand here, yes the sulfur method can be extremely dangerous as you've stated, and in an apartment building I probably wouldn't try it, only as a last resort. I initially heard of the sulfur method from my grandmother. Her friend in New York had roaches and the maintenance people weren't doing much about it so she took the measure to put half a pot of sulfur on the stove and go downtown for a couple of hours. It worked, got rid of all the roaches in the building, but the tenants had to go out of the building for hours. It creates sulfur dioxide if I am not mistaken, which inhaled directly for long periods is very deadly, which again is why I would only use this method in a house where no one else was at risk. But your method and my method are very similar. The key is to Bait, Trap, Kill. Lure the roaches and poison them. It takes longer than sulfur, but it is effective. Bombs arent

Also, if you do not want to use the sulfur method which is a definite way to get rid of them all, you can do what I did when I lived at my brother's house. He had a bad infestation that came from some very nasty neighbors. It was so bad the roaches got inside the microwave, you could see them behind the timer. What I did there because I hadn't known about the sulfur was to buy four cans of raid, paper plates, boric acid, two bottles of bleach, a couple of jars and I took an empty spray bottle and mixed the bleach with dish soap and put it in the bottle. I pulled all of the dishes from the cabinets, and put them in the sink, and I hosed the cabinets down with raid (I used different kinds of raid because roaches develop an immunity if you use the same exact product over and over again). Any roach I saw I sprayed directly on contact. I washed all dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I pulled the refrigerator and stove from up against the wall to find a nest back there. I raided them, killing everyone I saw, and then I sprayed the bleach and soap mix all over the walls. Roaches leave brown streaks on the walls, these are their feces, and they can smell each other and this is how they follow the trails. I made sure I bleached and scrubbed all of the brown feces trails off the walls, and out of the cabinets. Then I took peanut butter, and sugar, and mixed boric acid with it, and put it on paper plates, and slid them under the stove and under the refrigerator because roaches love dark places. I took the jars I got and put water in them and put them in corners that were out of sight or range of my brother's dog (roaches will go in the jars to get the water if you place it in a corner, and for some reason once they get in they cant get out and they drown), then (I wouldn't suggest this because it can be dangerous) I sprayed raid in the outlets (roaches hide their often because of the dark). Instead of this, I would suggest getting those plugins they have that you plug in the outlet that repels them......

After doing all of this the roach population was drastically cut. I counted them as I killed them, and the ones that came out of my brother's microwave alone were over 50 roaches. As I was raiding them they wouldn't come out, so I kept turning the microwave on at 10 minute intervals to get it so hot that the heat would run them out, then I would spray them directly with raid. After all of this, the roaches were gone. Make sure you raid regularly at intervals, keep your house clean, and also use Home Defense. Switch up your products before the roaches can develop immunity to them. THIS is key. Exterminators know this, but they continually use the exact same stuff.

Does anyone know if it gets way worse before getting better?! I am going crazy.
Jiad6 months ago
Why dose my comment keep disappearing?
Ninzerbean (author)  Jiad6 months ago
I don't.
Ninzerbean (author)  Ninzerbean6 months ago


Jiad6 months ago
Wow im going to try this. Thanks for sharing!!! I put down seven dust wich dose miracles but its so noticable. I will post an update later THANKS AGAIN!!
Jiad6 months ago
gravityisweak6 months ago

Thanks for sharing this knowledge. By the sheer number of views this has, you know you're doing something right! I've personally never had roach problems (just a critter or two here and there) but coming across this allows me to store it in that special part of my memory where if its ever a problem I'll know right where to read. Yay for knowledge!

Ninzerbean (author)  gravityisweak6 months ago
tiffany.yocum6 months ago
What kind of roaches does this kill i seen u put a comment on someones comment that said u might be dealing with german roaches. So does it work for german roaches
Ninzerbean (author)  tiffany.yocum6 months ago
It does but it takes more effort - you have to get rid of the colony inside your house - it can be in appliances or audio equipment. You have to be really diligent in getting rid of all cardboard and cleaning cleaning cleaning. It is just simply harder to get rid of Germans.
Cne346 months ago
Do think ortho Will work as a paste. I've used it as a powder. But I have a small dog now.
Ninzerbean (author)  Cne346 months ago
I don't know. You have to read the ingredients and see how high the percentage of boric acid is.
DavidB336 months ago

5 lbs Boric Acid + free shipping. Arrives by US mail. Powder boric acid is very fine, can be dusty to work with but is essential for use in dry pest control applications. $15.95. Do the math. I used a baby powder container to poof it and peanut butter, corn syurp, DME, and boric acid with a dash of cinnamon for my baits. Share with friends.

KarenZ16 months ago

Hi, first of all just want to thank you for your continued attention on this forum - it's been 5 years and you're still here! Stumbled upon this article (actually, I sifted through countless links after re-wording questions in the Google search bar) and spent the last hour reading your instructions and comments. I live in Australia down in Sydney and moved into my unit about a year and a half ago - no pest problems up until about the last two months. One crawled on my dad while he was sleeping. I was so disgusted but couldn't wrap my thick head around the fact that there were probably 30 more for every one where we couldn't see. I wasn't surprised my dad encountered two in his room because of his eating habits - he leaves empty cans and food wrappings on his desk overnight and one time left a scraped-clean half a melon in his room. Like you, I am so repulsed by these critters I can't even stand seeing an image of them (which is why I've been so stressed about looking at article after article). As disgusting as it may sound, I've spotted the droppings of these American roaches in the drawer of my kitchen utensils (I have to wash everything I use again before I eat now), along the sill of my kitchen window (from in the inside) and alongside the kitchen wall next to the fridge. After my dad told me about his experience I rushed to purchase some roach baits which I've placed in the kitchen next to the fridge, between the fridge and the counter, next to the oven, and in corners of the kitchen overall. I've gotten my dad to help clean the counter tops and rid of any potential food, wipe down the stove top and microwave etc. It's been a little over a week and I can't tell if there has been any progress. My father spotted one on the stove top today that actually raced under and into the oven (we didn't even know they were connected) after he turned the lights on. Frankly speaking, my major anxiety is not helping me cope with this well, the problem's been on my mind ever since I placed the baits around. It's gotten to the point that I have to wait a moment after turning on the kitchen light in the evening before entering, if I absolutely must, and I shamefully admit it has reduced me to tears a few times when I think about it. My extreme fear heightens every time there's been a sighting. I know I can't call an exterminator for advice because my dad always thinks I'm over dramatic and obviously, exterminators = $$$. I would spend as much money on it as possible if it means getting rid of these critters, but I'm only 16! When I mentioned to him about making a stop at the local Bunnings store to purchase some boric acid powder just now, he was pretty annoyed and said the commercial roach baits were enough. Clearly I have no choice but to do this myself. Tomorrow I'll be getting all the ingredients you've listed above and start cracking down on this widely acclaimed remedy. I really, really, really hope it will work. I'm pretty sure I can't place the bait in the oven because of the poison and neither the kitchen drawers, so will smearing it behind the sink tap suffice? And the 4cm space between my fridge and the counter? And due to my problematic near-phobia state, can I only bait it in the kitchen? I really do not want to attract any to my room, living room or bathroom etc. I'm sorry for the really lengthy comment (probably the longest to date), and will be super grateful if you leave a reply. Thank you so much!

Ninzerbean (author)  KarenZ16 months ago
Oh Dear KarenZ1,
I wish I was there to help you, I totally understand the tears. Yesterday I found a tick on my dog Otter that was so big I almost started to cry, I was so grossed out that I called a neighbor who told me to bring the poor little OtterBean to her and she removed it. I was dancing all over her kitchen like a total spaz freaking out. I had to go home and strip the bed, wash everything and now I don't even want to pet him. How sad is that?

So, anyway, the stuff is not poisonous to you, you can safely put it in your silverware drawer, just pull the drawer out as far as possible or go up from the underneath of it and scrap some bait on the back.

But, and this is the big but, you have to get your dad on board, he has to read this 'ible, he won't be the first dad to do so. He has to help you bait the whole house or it won't work. The stuff you are using probably kills roaches, you don't want to kill them as much as you want them to bring some bait back to their home-base, and then some will die by eating it but the important part is that they then tell each other NOT to go back to your house - because the food there is killing them. They work as a colony, not that much different than bees. But I don't want to get into a whole thing about bees and the definition of colony again on here. This is not common belief about roaches - it's my belief. Think about the multi-billion dollar a year pest control product market. They do not want to solve the problem. That would put them out of business. So anyway, point being, you HAVE to involve your dad, I don't want you to be taking the switch plate covers off the walls and he has to not leave food stuff in his room.

You have to bait your whole house for this to work, the bait will not attract roaches to your room, they live inside of the walls, that is where you are putting the bait, and around water, damp, warm, dark, high up etc. places.

Keep in touch. Be strong, be brave. Find someone who is not afraid to help you if your dad won't. Tell him I told him he HAS to help you.

Read the 'ible again and again, click on all the photos, read the comments, don't put the bait inside the oven but instead in any cracks or small places underneath the oven. Vacuum every day. This will get really old, the vacuuming, but it does work, you will see results in only a few days.

Try getting that expanding foam to plug up any open areas underneath the sinks or where pipes come into the house - but don't get it in your hair or on your hands or clothes, and plan where you are going to use it 'cause you can't use it again once it's opened.
KarenZ1 KarenZ16 months ago

Also, apologies for not formatting my comment into paragraphs, I was so focused on pouring my thoughts I forgot there was a paragraphing function available.

coll28506 months ago

Once it is mixed, do we put bowls of it near all the sinks, toilets, wash tubs, and all water sources? Next to the kitchen sink or under it or both? How does this get rid of the roaches?

Ninzerbean (author)  coll28506 months ago

That is what the popsicle stick is for. In step #7 you can even see it in my fingers, applying the paste to the various places. How the paste works is explained elsewhere in the 'ible.

Thank you.. I see now I didn't know I was missing so much of your post.
Now that I see all 8 steps, its clear. Great post. Thanks so much.
charko6 months ago
I think my last post got lost. Thank you for saving me money.I'm picking up 99% boric acid in home depot today (Sunday). Will be buying a light weight vacuum cleaner.This week,in your opinion which is better bag or bagless?
Best for the coming year and thank you for the tips.
Ninzerbean (author)  charko6 months ago
I would think a bag would be stronger suction but I have no idea. I have a central vac. I'm sorry not to be able to help here. I am a believer that what ever one has the most power would be best. Maybe read reviews?
charko6 months ago
Thank you for saving me money. Did not get a chance to go to home depot today. Will go tomorrow for the boric acid. they have something called hot shot max attrax. with 99% boric acid.on line they have something called jt eaton also with 99% boric acid but thats on line only. Is boric acid boric acid or is the roach pruff the only one you recomend?
Ninzerbean (author)  charko6 months ago
Any product with a high percentage of boric acid will do. I have not heard from anyone that they were able to get it at Home Depot. Online may be different though. Roach Proof was all that I could find, it was 98% boric acid. It's just a brand name: any boric acid will be great. Be sure not to confuse it with borax, not the same and won't do any good, well not for roaches anyway.
charko6 months ago

Tried,Ortho,raid,bug barier,bug stop and raid kill on contact. stuff burns my lungs, and have to hang over an open window until i can breath again. Exterminator wants $$$ and im a senior. said it may work if not he wld come back for more bombs and have to stay away for at least 2 hrs each time. Will be going to dollar store for mixing bowls and pastic containers. Any ideas on how to keep them away from my coffee pot that is always full?

Ninzerbean (author)  charko6 months ago
See step 7. They like water, heat, dark. Bait where it is wet, dark and warm. Why do you need plastic mixing bowls? Any bowl to mix in is fine, wash it and use it for food. It's just a place to mix in.
charko6 months ago

Has anyone ever made up a bowl and stuck it in the bathroom vent space?

mlbishop607 months ago

I am 54 and have NEVER shared my house with roaches.... until now !!!

I bought all the stuff from Walmart for roaches and even used straight Boric Acid. I have sprayed TempoSC, Permethrin, and Demon... and I still have them, not near as bad, but they are still here.. I am going to try this tomorrow...

Ninzerbean (author)  mlbishop607 months ago
I'm convinced that just killing them is not good enough, you have to convince them to leave your place by using this bait which they bring back to the colony, some die and then the survivors tell the others.
Susitna7 months ago
I am severely allergic to insecticides and ended up here in roach HEAVEN! My long term plan is to move home ( Talkeetna Alaska), but until then I'll try your method. I will also bait bait and bomb the shipping container used for shipping our household. NO UNAUTHORIZED PETS for me! Thank you.
Ninzerbean (author)  Susitna7 months ago
Roach heaven - that's so funny. Appliances and stuff that gets plugged in is where they like to live.
bonloveslife7 months ago
I just killed the biggest roach I have ever seen ...COMING RIGHT AT ME! ACK!!! Do you have to use RICE flour? Will it be just as good to use a cheap pancake syrup? Please help! P.S. What can you do if you are terrified of them getting up on your bed and falling from the ceiling?
Thank you!
Sorry, I just saw that you answered about the flour. I thought I did read the entire thing but, shoot, I don't mind reading it again! Thank you so very much for posting this! My mom just died 2 weeks ago and I can't handle anything else right now....especially roaches. This is a new apartment for us and it looks as though there us an attic space right out our door as if it may just run the length of the breeze way....I may ask the maintenance guy to put some up there..
Can I ask you a non-related question? A friend of mine said I "had" to start a blog because it would help so many people....could you tell me how you did this?
Ninzerbean (author)  bonloveslife7 months ago
Dear bonloveslife, I'm so sorry about your mom, I can understand how fragile you must be right now. Maybe it will help you put roaches in perspective, as they are not anywhere as terrible as losing your mom.
I don't know much about writing a blog, I wish I had done that years ago about moving north to find the south but anyway.... Do you think that this 'ible is a blog? It's not. It's an instructable, this is the best place on the internet - and you found it! Instructables! Wander around, become a pro-member, share, go on the forums, write an 'ible (short for instructable) about how to deal with your mom's passing or whatever you friend wants you to write about but if you really want to do a blog, which is really set up for that - check out Square Space. I love their clean format and themes all done for you. Good luck to you.
Jenni-07 months ago
Im thinking that when i moved to my new apartment that i took some with me but not sure how because i searched everything i think they were most likely in my sons toys i didnt have the heart to throw away all of his toys because i cant replace them right away. I threw away most i kept the ones i thought were okay. But they hitched a ride and now Im wondering should i just toss everything? I hardly kept anything just pots , pans, clothes that were washed at laundromat, toys, and my dyson vacuum that i really love and hate to throw out. But its possible they are in there. I keep it outside in a heavy duty bag. And I treated the new apartment when i moved in two weeks ago with combat no results from what i can see. And I just treated with your mixture two days ago and seen about 6 today and a few yesterday. Theres no exact spot i can pin point them except the baseboards. Sorry for the double post the comment section here is a little funky i couldnt tell if it actually post or not.
Jenni-07 months ago
I tried making your mixture i didnt have any regular flour on hand so I used pancake mix hopefully that doesnt ruin the whole thing but it does have flour in it. Anyway I placed it everywhere I could think of I have a small apartment so it didnt take long I did this two days ago. Ive been seeing more lately unfortunately I have no idea where they are coming from but there is a little gap underneath my baseboards and seen that a few hang out there there is bait there now. I havent seen any dead ones and ive put combat gel out 2 weeks ago. Im getting discouraged are they like immortal or something? I'll be back to update in a few more days hopefully Ive seen some improvement. Any advice on what I can be doing other than cleaning like a crazy woman because im doing that lol
RachelS77 months ago

FOGGERS/BOMBS DO NOT WORK. DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY. IT DOESN"T MATTER WHAT BRAND. And the roaches you think are dead, they are still alive. I was scared to pick them up so I waited a few days till I could find someone who wasn't scared. By that time, they legs were moving and they were upside down. I decided to spray before moving into my new place since it seemed like the renters before me weren't so clean. I would see them even around the house a week and so later even though it is supposed to keep them away for about 3 months.. I did find a spray I used around my house that actually worked better. I spray often just in case the water wares it away.

mizzdawn7 months ago
I seen a few roaches a week ago in my kitchen cabinet I bombed about a week ago I put one bomb in every room with door closed. When I came home after 6 hours I seen a few dead.. I cleaned them up vacuumed threw the vacuum bag away immidiatly a few days later I have been seeing them every where little one big ones dark ones light ones... I also noticed the fleas had got worse too?? I woke up today with one of them on me and that's it for me either I burn this place down or I fix it FAST..... I'm thinking about using this recipe and bombing again? Any suggestions. What's the best bomb/fogger? I want them gone asap!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  mizzdawn7 months ago
That is a good question about which fogger is the best. I really don't know as I have never had to use one. But since you have already done this, I think you need to be thinking about where they might be living - this is kind of gross, but you will have to start looking around inside, around and behind all of your appliances and game consoles and/or audio equipment.

Because it is getting cold outside they are probably moving inside and are more active than a month ago, that is why you are seeing so many right now. The same thing happens after a big rain. But until you find out where they are living in your place the fogging will not do much. You should read the comments: there is a ton of help there.

You will have to really get into the habit of vacuuming every day (until you don't see any roaches at all), getting rid of all cardboard, cleaning everything as if you were getting ready for your Italian mother-in-law to visit you and her first born son.

Once everything is perfect and seems under control, then bait. Or you can bait now of course too, but you still need to find out why they are at your place, what they are eating, where they are living. Normally I would not give advice like this but because you fogged each room and it really did no good there must be a reason. The bait in my recipe will keep you roach free for years but you need to still be proactive in the very beginning, meaning that you have to do some work yourself to get them under control.

Hope that gets you off to a good start, keep us posted on your progress.
mizzdawn mizzdawn7 months ago
***I seen a few roaches 2 weeks ago not one***
Ymv137 months ago
Is 63% boric acid fine ?
Ninzerbean (author)  Ymv137 months ago
I would not think so, there might be other stuff in there that may counteract what you are adding or maybe even kill before it can be taken back to the colony.

But then again maybe someone has simply made a version of my recipe and is marketing that. Why don't you try it and let us know if it works and what it's called.
VeraA17 months ago

I'm living in a townhouse and for the past 8 months my home is being taken over by roaches... I have tried everything bombs, Raid, and Ortho Home Defense and none of them seem to work, so tonight I'm mixing up this stuff on the page to see if this will help me.,..however I have one question where all can I put the mix and will it cause any damage to the walls? Please help

Thank you

Ninzerbean (author)  VeraA17 months ago
See step #7. It won't hurt your walls, or painted surfaces but you won't be putting it anywhere that would matter anyway. Reading the comments will help as well.
zymirmommy7 months ago
Hey I have a bad roach problem and I am going to actually try this. I hate them and I feel like they are taking over my house . One question tho .. this is an old apartment with spaces in the corners and along my apartment walls. I feel they travel through there as well . I want to cover it up . Do you think like plaster or roach gel would do the trick ?
Ninzerbean (author)  zymirmommy7 months ago
Caulk would do the trick to seal up those gaps.
Bteamer7 months ago
I have a problem with roaches here at my apartment and I have seen testimonies on here but I have no idea where to go by the roach prufe some one can you please help with any idea hardware stores or etc because almost everywhere I call they have no clue where I can find it
Ninzerbean (author)  Bteamer7 months ago
It seems easiest to buy online. Googling it turns up a lot of resources.
Jenni-07 months ago
Hello Im going to try out your mixture. I recently moved out of my apartment and into a new one because the management there wouldn't hire an exterminator. It was really infested there and I took precautions when packing but those little ******* are tough and resourceful. Anyway I took some along with me I seen about 20 almost all babies and Im disgusted.. I put out gel bait everywhere and puffed boric acid along baseboards and under sinks. Im really scared that the will start making themselves at home and ugh start multiplying so Im trying to take care of this problem quickly. Im going to try this out and let you know how it goes. Please say somes prayers guys! I cant live like that again.
ezzyscofield7 months ago

If I make this mixture and put it around the house, will it harm my cats? I don't know if they would try to eat it and I can always keep them in one room until the mixture gets hard.

Ninzerbean (author)  ezzyscofield7 months ago
See step #7, you are not really going to be putting it in any areas that cats can get to. Even so, I can not imagine a cat wanting to eat this. I have to ask this, being that I receive so many questions like yours - are you reading the whole 'ible, all 8 steps? Maybe I need to edit the 'ible so that people know to look at all the steps. If your cat can take the screws off of an outlet cover... well, I really don't know what to say, except that roaches are the least of your problems.

I'm about to use your method in my apartment. You seem pretty confident so hey I believe you. I have a 6 month old and I'm worried that one day she'll find one and pick it up and eat it...So yeah definitely desperate for anything... Thank you and ill get back in to weeks to let you know how it turned out

Ninzerbean (author)  BerghandyLeigh7 months ago

Hey BerghandyLeigh, how is it going? Good or bad I want to know.

Ninzerbean (author)  BerghandyLeigh8 months ago

Please do, share whatever, good or bad. We can all learn from each other.

80sbaby4ever7 months ago

hello, so I have roaches! I've used teremix, orkin, home traps, raid,hotspot gel...NOTHING HAS EVER WORKED. At one point I didn't see any got comfortable and started leaving dishes in the sink over night....bad idea they came back. Retreated with the diatomaceous earth didn't see many for a while. I felt like I was finally winning the war. Recently I went on vacation and they moved in full force...It was so gross. So i cleaned out that area threw away everything I thought I Got rid of the "source" stopped seeing them as much. 3 days ago we decided to bomb the house to "kill the rest" bad idea bc now I'm seeing them at night (not 7-8 at night which I kill with raid or my shoe) All over thebed room door and bathroom door. Could it be that the bomb brought more of them out? Bc they were never out like that before. I feel like the bomb was a bad idea:-{

Anywhoo. I'm going the make your mixture in the morning bc me sharing my house with bugs of any sort isn't going to fly. My skin is crawling as we speak talking about those little suckas. Thanks for the advise...I'll be back with a success story.

SN can i use Hotspot boric acid or will I need to get a certain brand?

Ninzerbean (author)  80sbaby4ever7 months ago
I don't think bombing was a bad idea - I think you are seeing them at night because when you were seeing them in the daytime it was from overcrowding. I don't know if Hotspot Boric acid will work - what you want is just boric acid, look at the ingredients and see if the boric acid amount is really most of it. Stay in touch. This is going to work. I love leaving my dishes in the sink overnight.

I just purchased some Hotspot Boric Acid. I read the information on the bottle and it said 99% Boric acid. So I am assuming it will work.

Ninzerbean (author)  marvel.knight.37 months ago

Assume away. I will be assuming away vicariously with you. Really though, it sounds like just the right product.

I never saw them in the day time only at night. But I'm going to go to Home Depot today to get the boric acid. Thanks for the reply
stacirox7 months ago
I did half a cup of boric acid, 1/4 cup of flour and added a little powdered sugar and then the then the syrup. Do you think that the sugar would be okay? I found them in mine so i decided to add some haha
Are u still taking questions?
Ninzerbean (author)  myeasha.gregory7 months ago

Almost every day. What's your other one?

Do I just put the bowl in the kitchen and leave it there? Do I have to make a new mixture every day? I have 2 kids (5 years and 14 months) are they safe? I also live in an apt...this is grossing me the heck out. I have seen them in my kitchen, freezer, dishwasher, bathroom...

Ninzerbean (author)  shannon.m.loughnane7 months ago
There are 8 steps to the 'ible, see step 7. I think you are just on the first page.

WILL it work for german (small)in my apartment .I have used boric acid powder(not bait) in past but this does not work any more .They always come back.Is bait method more effective?

Ninzerbean (author)  asma.rizvi.7987 months ago
The bait is WAY more effective because the powder alone will kill the roach that runs across it but the bait is so that the roach will bring it back to its colony to feed the others and they will die and the ones that don't die will be really upset so they will look for another place to set up house.

And yes, it does work for Germans but it will be more effective if you can find out where they are living in your place. The big ones live outside but Germans live inside and so you have to find out where and dispatch them. They like warm appliances and game players. Electronics are heaven for them.
CaseyJaye7 months ago

HI, I have alot of roaches (we seem to have both kinds of roaches) all in my kitchen they seem to be coming from behind the cabinets as they are not set flat against the wall. There is about a half inch space between the wall and cabinets, so its really difficult to put anything between. Last night I prepared the boric acid dough balls. I used 1 part boric acid, 1 part flour and a lil bit of sugar. I placed the lil balls all over the kitchen and house as wel,l where i've seen evidence of roaches. The roaches was attracted to it like it was the best thing they've had in years. However this morning when i walked in the kitchen i seen so many roaches big and small. Way more than usual. Is that normal? Does the boric acid draw them out?

Ninzerbean (author)  CaseyJaye7 months ago
Well according to some people that has been the case, but it seems to just be evidence that is it working. I don't know the reason why, I would only be guessing. This didn't ever happen to me but it may have been because the exterminators (on my first house, the one I was renting) did a big knock-down before they baited. I don't remember that, I'm just guessing.

Keep us posted on how it goes. I suspect it will get better every day from here on out.
TaraT27 months ago

I made this but it became very hard after about 24 hours, is this right?

Ninzerbean (author)  TaraT27 months ago
Yes that is normal. It's good. That way it won't move. But if you didn't get the whole house baited and you have left-over which went hard then it's probably too hard to spread and you will have to make more. If that happens again store it in the fridge (covered) until you can use it all up.
CaseyJaye TaraT27 months ago

Mines have become hard as well, but the roaches are still on it lol. I guess they like crunchy too lol. On some of the balls they've eaten a hole into them. I'm not seeing as many as this morning. The true test will come tonight at 1am.

cwhitty137 months ago
Great thank you! We are doing it today, I have had Orkin pest control for over a year and they have just gotten worse so I'm hoping this helps!
Ninzerbean (author)  cwhitty137 months ago
Of course they got worse, why else would you be calling them back each month, it's sort of planned ineffectiveness. They would not be in business if they were effective.

But keep us posted so we know how you are doing.
VickiD17 months ago

Hello, I just moved into an apartment and it has roaches. They are mainly in the kitchen but I've seen a few in the bathroom and in the living room. When I initially saw them the day after I moved in, I bombed my unit. There were over 2 dozen dead roaches throughout my apartment. Babies and adults. I contacted the management and they said that they would exterminate but they had to wait a week because I had bombed and it would not be effective. During that weeks wait, I continued to kill roaches but I put them in a zip lock bag and took them to the rental office to show them that I mean business and I will not live like this. Naturally they were not happy I did that, but I'm not happy living with roaches. So a week has gone by and they exterminate (or so they said they did) I have no proof. I have been here for 2 weeks and today was the first time I have eaten here because of the roaches. I have no food in the cabinets, only in the freezer and a few items in the fridge. Today I decided to cook a frozen pizza, I opened the freezer and there was a baby roach dead between the cracks (insulation) in the freezer. I turned the oven on and put the pizza in the oven. When I went to check on the pizza there was a roach crawling along side the cabinet. I killed that one. Then when I went to get something from the dish washer there was on crawling inside the dish washer. I couldnt kill that one because he got away. No sooner than I turn back around towards the stove there was another roach crawling up the cabinet. I have never seen that many at one time. I thought I was home free because I only saw one here and there throughout this week, but to see 3 in less than 10 min. Do you think it was because I turned the oven on? I sent an unpleasant email to the rental office saying they need to exterminate again this week. I want to do your bait solution but do you think it will counter whatever the exterminators (if they are actually coming) will do? Also how often should I use the bait solution? I live in an apartment and I don't want them thinking they can travel back and forth to my unit.

Ninzerbean (author)  VickiD17 months ago
If the exterminator came and did not leave a receipt or a card I sort of really doubt anyone came. But more to the point, I LOVE that you are taking the roaches to the rental office - what a brilliant idea!

Obviously the roaches are living inside your oven, and fridge, that is why they started moving when you turned on the heat. They live there because there is warmth in the electronics.

My bait will in no way interfere with what the exterminators do, you can use both. My bait does not need to be done more than once every few years, to be safe you could put it out (it does take a long time to do) once a year. Whenever you buy used electronics know that roaches could be living in them. Read through the comments to see how many strange places that roaches live.

I would suggest meeting your neighbors and getting together on this issue with the landlord. The roaches are in your walls, so everyone must have them. Unless of course they are using my bait.
cwhitty137 months ago
I can't see all the comments and I'm sure someone has asked this before but how long does it take for this stuff to work? Is it like a week or month or year before they are gone?
It took me about 2.5 weeks for it to work. It actually seemed to get worse the second week and I was losing hope and just started spraying the ones I could see with raid and then one night.....GONE!! I couldn't find any for 4 more days and one night I saw one more roach which I quickly sprayed and I have not seen any now for a week. It works!!! I am so grateful I followed the instructions and I have my kitchen back now.
Ninzerbean (author)  maryellenlopez7 months ago
It does start to work the same day but how fast you will see results I guess depends on how proactive you are in finding a possible nest if you have Germans (that live INSIDE your home), or how bad your infestation is to begin with.

Thanks for telling us your experience. That really helps.
Ninzerbean (author)  cwhitty137 months ago
Right away. Like a day or two.
Thanks I will try this
cwhitty137 months ago
So I could use this if it says 99% boric acid 1% other
Ninzerbean (author)  cwhitty137 months ago
belma.rueda7 months ago
Thank you it may be safer to get rid of the microwave, I haven't needed it this past 2 weeks anyways, my husband will have to adjust, or I'll get a small one down the line if needed, I will update again in a few weeks as to how everything is going!
belma.rueda8 months ago

hi, let me start by saying I have a huge phobia of roaches, so as you can imagine, I have been having a very hard time since I noticed I had this unwelcomed visitors in my home. First it was only the big ones from outside, so i hired a professional exterminator, they came out once a month, the second month I notice a little one, the third time he came out I pointed it out to him and he said they were german roaches, after googling them I almost had a panic attack, seeing how fast the reproduce, and by then thinking i'd have thousands more, so he came out again and did something he called a "flushout" he used a little can to spray the cracks and cervices of cabinets and inside and many came running out, anyways, I thought that was the end of it. But no, now there's more than before, I see maybe one during the daytime, and a couple at night, mostly when i open the cabinets in the kitchen or in the bathroom, I don't walk into my kitchen at night at all, I'm literally afraid.

So yesterday, I made your magic potion exactly as stated, I found 100%boric acid, maple syrup, and flour, I had a limited amount of time, so I only placed it in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, under kitchen appliances, under sink, in the bathroom, and pantry, which is in the hallway, I saw one there, and behind the tv in the living room, i killed one there one time too, and above all doorframes, tomorrow, I will be going through the pantry, throwing away all boxes, storing everything in plastic containers, and baiting throughly again everywhere, but my question is, today, after halfway baiting yesterday, I saw a few very alive ones during the daytime, so does this bait, actually make them come out more before it starts killing them?

Update: so it has been 2 weeks since I used the mixture, applied it everywhere you mentioned in the steps above, and then some extra places, I deep cleaned the house, got rid of a few small appliances, a few others have been in sealed bags in the freezer for 2 weeks now, the microwave has been sitting outside also for 2 weeks, I threw away all cardboard boxes, all my kitchen and pantry items are sealed in plastic bins or ziplock bags including my cutlery and all kitchen utensils! Along with baiting I also dusted (very lightly) the boric acid all over the walls and baseboards, and ceiling, and inside the rest of the electronics, I.e. Tv's, dvd's came consoles etc, I just puffed the powder into the vents.
At first I started to get worried because after the baiting and dusting I started seeing more come out during the day and all hours, and more towards the hallway and one tried to sneak into my bedroom, but after much googling, apparently this is a good thing, since they only come out during the day when it's overcrowded, OR, when there is a stress in the environment, such as the boric acid, now I knew my problem wasn't overcrowding because I had a profesional come out before and he said it wasn't bad, because I noticed in time, so the other option was the stress caused by the boric acid which made perfect sense, specially since they just stood there, when they came out barely walking, or when I would cook they would come out because there was absolutely nothing else for then to eat, so this continued for about 10-12 days or so, the first few days I would see a few and then fewer, it's been 2 days and I haven't seen one! I'm still afraid to open the kitchen cabinets though because I feel like I'm gonna see one there but everything in there is dusted from top to bottom, (yes we've been eating on disposable) when I cook everything gets washed, dryed and put away, and cleaned! I still won't say that I completely got rid of them althought I hope I did, but I will continue to dust and clean! Specially since I told the kids we weren't having a Christmas tree if there were still roaches in the house!
Now I do have a couple of questions though, :)
I only saw a very few dead roaches in the mornings, does this mean that they could only be hiding and not gone like I hoped? Althought the ones that came out that I killed were half dead!
And my microwave has also been dusted inside and out, for 2 weeks as well as been sitting outside where it's kinda cold, would it be safe to be brought back in? I'll still probably give it another week out there if so anyways
And thanks so much I really do hope I have gotten rid of all of them, I will continue to dust just in case but I hope I'm free of roaches!! Oh and it kills the ants too, and the flies!
Ninzerbean (author)  belma.rueda7 months ago
I can only tell you of my experience with an air conditioner. I bagged it up after totally powdering it with boric acid and let it sit outside for two weeks. Totally still infested. I had to have it taken away and had to buy a new one. I don't think it is safe to take apart a microwave. Personally I don't even own one anymore, it's been a year and I don't miss it a bit. But it was only because I could not find room for one in my new kitchen and I think they are ugly. But that's just me.

As to your first question - I just don't know. I'm not a fan of using the dust because it only kills them. They can't take it back to the colony and get the message across that your place is a place to stay away from. They don't eat the powder by its self. It just kills them if they get any on themselves.

And don't believe anything a pest control guy tells you. They are trained to lie like rugs.
Ninzerbean (author)  belma.rueda8 months ago
No, seeing more was just because you are opening up everything and so you just noticed more. I'm sure there are plenty of things in your house to feed them without this bait. I don't mean you are not keeping a clean house but roaches can live on toenail clippings for some crazy amount of time. You need to be diligent about vacuuming and vacuuming and getting rid of cardboard and worst of all you have to actually look for where they are living - this is really hard to do if you are like me and I think you are. You have to pull out the stove, look inside the vents on your microwave, shake your game players (gently) and read all of the comnets to learn more than you ever wanted to know. You need to finish baiting the whole house asap. If you don't think you can knock them down enough I would have fog the place, then again vacuum vacuum etc. It's a war, really. But a war you will win. Get some help though to deal with the fear factor. Keep me posted and good luck, it's a huge effort but it does pay off.
Thank you for replying, I didn't see any when I was baiting, I mean the day after even today 2 days after baiting they're coming out in the daytime, which rarely happened before, they're just running across the floor, which I hope is a good thing meaning they're somehow dying right? Otherwise they wouldn't come out during the day right? I poured the boric acid straight onto the ones I saw so they'd take it back to the nest hopefully!
I forgot to mention on my original post that I had a wood cutting board, sitting behind the sink one day I saw one run under it, so I put it in the sink and turned the hot water on it and they started coming out of the sides of the board (thank goodness I didn't use it) I threw it away, so could that have been a nest?
One more question, sorry, how long after the baiting should I wait to see if if worked? I will be thoroughly baiting, cleaning and throwing out cardboard today, so after that how long should I wait or how would I know it really worked? Before calling a professional again!
Ninzerbean (author)  belma.rueda8 months ago

Hi Belma.rueda, I think you have German roaches. They are harder to get rid of, I was going to tell you again to read the comments but it seems hundreds of them of disappeared! I will contact HQ about getting them back because there is a wealth of info there. Or was. Anyway back to you, the bait works right away and you should see a difference the same day - BUT I think you still have colonies or nests in your house for you to see so many. I think you really might want to fog two times over a few weeks to kill any hatchlings which are not affected by the fog when they are in the egg cases. When I had my terrible infestation the guys did a big knock down with sprays or something, it was so long ago....I can't remember but they came back the next day to bait the house. See with the larger regular roaches that live outside it is easier. But living in your cutting board tells me that there are more that are crowding out others to live in such an openish place. Keep me up to date on how it goes though.

And I don't think (except for killing) that pouring boric acid right on the ones you see will do any good - you want the roaches to bring food back to the nest so they can all eat it and say this is terrible, let's move. It's not so much about killing them as having them relocate. You are sort of working with them. All the comments about the colony behavior are gone, this is now making me rather irratated.

We've used this recipe successfully on several rental Houses we used to manage. Instead of using a liquid such as syrup or honey, we used a few tablespoons of sugar. To get into really tiny cracks or behind cabinets, lightswitches, etc., we used a small plastic syringe (no needle). This works like a charm.

Ninzerbean (author)  audrey.lindsey.7127 months ago
Thank you ever so much for your input - but I don't understand - you are pulling the powder up into the syringe (and then squirting it out)? So no liquid at all? That is great for cracks and crevices and it is a good suggestion to use that AND the sticky bait so it can be stuck to more things on horizontal surfaces.

Everyone will be grateful for your idea.

Well I am about to use your bait for the first time and fingers crossed Im praying it works,but i have a question for you first. My husband and I live in a older model mobilehome with our two toddlers and two teenagers,I know not enough room and nobody wants to clean.I havent had roaches in 10 years and we live about 350 feet from my mother in law who has been dealing with her own german roach problem for some time now,well guess what 3 months ago i saw the first one here. Of course we bombed and bombed , yeah right like that worked, now ive just sprayed down my house with demon wp and a IGR ,noticed a decrease in population, but now they seem desperate for food and especially water. Our mistake was not baiting waywhen we sawthe first one .Now they are in every room the kitchen being the main ,but literally under the coffee table ,do I bait everywhere ive seen them?

Ninzerbean (author) months ago
Try to get the bait in all of the out of sight places you can access, be creative and see all of the photos in step #7. I suspect they may be living in some warm electonics - teenagers = game consoles? Maybe something like that, a DVD player?

So, first of all you have to absolutely clean clean clean so that the ONLY food they can find to eat is the bait you are putting everywhere. Then go work on your mother in law's place. Just to be nice.

To specifically to answer your question, I don't advise baiting where you have seen them but trying to find out where they are living and to deal with that, then bait, and vacuum everyday, get rid of any cardboard. AND make those kids help. Give them a nickel for every roach they kill and have a contest for the biggest one that is killed.

I do think that bombing does work, but I also think they are living somewhere inside. Keep in touch, let me know how it goes.

Well I am about to use your bait for the first time and fingers crossed Im praying it works,but i have a question for you first. My husband and I live in a older model mobilehome with our two toddlers and two teenagers,I know not enough room and nobody wants to clean.I havent had roaches in 10 years and we live about 350 feet from my mother in law who has been dealing with her own german roach problem for some time now,well guess what 3 months ago i saw the first one here. Of course we bombed and bombed , yeah right like that worked, now ive just sprayed down my house with demon wp and a IGR ,noticed a decrease in population, but now they seem desperate for food and especially water. Our mistake was not baiting waywhen we sawthe first one .Now they are in every room the kitchen being the main ,but literally under the coffee table ,do I bait everywhere ive seen them?

vbanaszak7 months ago

I live in an apt building and we have them bad. I usually don't see them to often in my apt. but recently I have been under attack at my desk at night. Gross! I'd be typing away on my computer and all of a sudden feel something crawling on my arm. I started noticing them in the desk drawers and cleaned them out. Still haven't found out where they are coming from. I have tried everything and even have my place sprayed monthly. Looks like i will be going to the hardware store to get the good stuff.

Ninzerbean (author)  vbanaszak7 months ago
I would not be surprise if they were not living in some electrical equipment near your desk. They love warm places.
vbanaszak7 months ago

I live in an apt building and we have them bad. I usually don't see them to often in my apt. but recently I have been under attack at my desk at night. Gross! I'd be typing away on my computer and all of a sudden feel something crawling on my arm. I started noticing them in the desk drawers and cleaned them out. Still haven't found out where they are coming from. I have tried everything and even have my place sprayed monthly. Looks like i will be going to the hardware store to get the good stuff.

nomore848 months ago

So I started seeing roaches outta nowhere in the apartment I have lived in for some time. I believe they are german cockroaches from the pics i googled (ewwwww kill me now). I followed your instructions word for word even putting the bait behind the light switch covers. I have only seen now dead or dying roaches. I hadn't seen one for days and just saw a dying one in the hallway to the entrance for our apartment(we have seen a lot there). Now I am wondering...are they coming from the apartment building and maybe are just not mainly in my place? If so, how can I ever expect to fix this problem? As I have said I haven't seen any more live ones (except the one dying on its back in the hallway), so I know what you told me to do is working! However, we are moving soon to a beautiful house and we are worried they will follow! any advice? thanks

Ninzerbean (author)  nomore847 months ago
I think that the only way they could follow you is if you brought along some infested electronics things. They love to hide in PS3 players and stuff like that, microwaves, toasters. You just need to be sure there are not any living or hiding in your stuff. Before you even unpack at your new place, spend the time and bait it. Don't make the mistake I did thinking that if I just sealed up the electronics so there was no air for a week that they would die. Nope.
Bootssie8 months ago

MOST of the roaches we have found have been isolated to the kitchen. I want to try this, but I am concerned that using syrup in the recipe might attract ant. Though that would be MUCH better than the roaches, I'd like to avoid both. Do you know if anyone else who has tried this has had the ants coming in? I couldn't possibly read through over 600 comments to find out.

Ninzerbean (author)  Bootssie8 months ago
This will get rid of ants too. I had some coming in in my old house and just followed their line and put the bait in crevices along the line and in a few days there were no more ants.
courtney.r.528 months ago
So my apartment was sprayed last for roaches in the kitchen and washrooms....there gone from there.....but now ive seen them in my room!!!!! Gross help me!!!!! I want them gone...ive done everything possible I vaccum and clean the dog dishes about twice a week. I dont kno what to do will. Thos remedy be safe around dogs? I just want them gone :'(
Ninzerbean (author)  courtney.r.528 months ago
Well just read the 'ible, all 8 steps, it is safe to use around pets because you won't be putting it where they can access it. The exterminators are not going to solve your problem because they would go out of business if they did. Right? This will work, just do your whole place.

Where do you think is the best place to bait the little monsters? Any good places that you would recommend?

Ninzerbean (author)  scott.welch.5036458 months ago
See step 7
dawn.otto.948 months ago

we have a bad. Infestation I read that if you see them during day time then it is crowded were they are at well we have a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom they are even in the stove it is really bad we will have to pay 3 hundred dollars to get it exterminated and it is my moms do day this week and don't wont to have to pay that much ( my step dad any way ) what can I do to help it is relly bad and it is worse I would spray roach spray and they slater out it is grouse and need help badly we live in coalgate by the manner in ok and the oner said that when they spray at the hospitals and manner then it is really bad here and at the houses we try as much as we can to keep the house clean but it hard when u have a 3 year old 4 year old 8 year old but it is not all my brothers they are friends of uncles help us plezzzz

Ninzerbean (author)  dawn.otto.948 months ago
I'm sorry that I cannot help you, it sounds pretty bad. All I can so is suggest that your parents read this 'ible and see that they can so something about the problem that really costs so little. I am sorry I can't do more.
Ssanders278 months ago
I am SO GLAD I found your post! We have been struggling with the disgusting roach problem for a few years and we have tried everything but this. And it is pretty sad that exterminators know what gets rid of them but won't do it so they can get their monthly payments from customers. We got sucked into that as well. We will be trying this for sure today! I am so ready to be rid of these gross bugs!
Ninzerbean (author)  Ssanders278 months ago
Yep, when something doesn't make sense, always follow the money. And the thing is is that people would pay for a service that really worked, but it is a service that really only needs to be done every few years.
JamesJ88 months ago

Hello, while making your recipe I added too much karo syrup and now it has a honey-like consistency. Did I dilute it too much for it to be effective anymore?

Ninzerbean (author)  JamesJ88 months ago
Just add more boric acid or flour to make it thicker. A honey like consistency is not going to be very easy to apply. It will slide off.
MsMakish8 months ago
Last post went awray somewhere. Let s try this again. No one told me not to purchase a used refridgerator. I have never had roaches before until my fridge went up and purchasing new was'nt an option. No I have roaches .. big ones, small ones, black ones, brown ones.. needeless to say all of them.are equally disgusting. I thank you so much for helping out this single mom with 2 girls...all of which are afraid of going into the kitchen at night. Question ? I use the cordless phn base to kill one roach and about 50 more fell out after me banging it around, do I need to get rid of my apliances that are plugged in providing a warm place for them to live ? (i.e. microwave, fridge, phone charger base. Wifi box. Etc. ) Thanks in advance .. I pray this works.
Ninzerbean (author)  MsMakish8 months ago
Oh what a drag MsMakish, that is so terrible. I'm afraid you might have to either get rid of them or disassemble them to get the roaches out. Yes, they love warm and they love being inside appliances and game players.
MsMakish8 months ago
way to the local Wally Mart to gather ingredients and get this done tonight ! I dont care how long it takes.. thanks sk much. Will let you know how it goes.
badazz_sd8 months ago
I just recently bought a home and it is infested with roaches.... I had the Orkin man come out to spray.... a month ago and he has been back once since then and sprayed again but they are still there. By me using your mixture will it react to the chemical they have sprayed and cause it not to work? What should I do I want them gone and the orkin man told me not to Fogg the house cause it will mix the chemical and then they will not work.....
juan.mic.58 months ago

How long are you suppose to leave the bait/paste in the areas before cleaning and removing it?

Ninzerbean (author)  juan.mic.58 months ago
There is no reason to ever clean or remove it, it's out of sight doing it's thing, no need to ever remove it.
Where can i buy the boric acid i was told to use borax i tried it kill a few but i didnt see any improvement i want to try ur receipt asap
Ninzerbean (author)  angelito.hermoso.928 months ago
Borax is not Boric Acid, it will not work. I just did a google search for Boric Acid and got tons of hits, Amazon, Wal-Mart, True Value, I don't think there are any shortages of where to find it. Good luck.
Allodynia8 months ago

Dear Ms. Ninzerbean: Your roaches are by far the biggest I have ever seen. If your recipe killed those critters, I know it will send my puny roaches to their eternal rest. II hope your recipe will also eliminate some annoying crickets and just today - a mouse. Just one. Maybe. If your recipe rids my house of these pests, you should be given the Nobel Prize. Thanks for such a thorough, well written and illustrated Recipe to Rid Roaches.

Ninzerbean (author)  Allodynia8 months ago
Dear Allodynia, It won't kill mice, and your puny roaches may be the German kind so read all the comments for help with these critters. Thank you for your nomination. If I could just rid the world of roaches I would be so happy. And chiggers too, they are the worst, but at least they don't come into houses.
suzysmith8 months ago

We had tenants in our new house for a year before we moved in. My husband 'forgot' to tell me they had roaches. I have never been so disgusted by anything in my whole life. I am afraid to go into the garage at night. So far they are oriental ones and only outside and in the garage. Thank you so much for your recipe I am going to use it ASAP. I'm embarrassed to say anything to the neighbors since we are new, but I suspect the neighborhood may have a problem also. If this doesn't work I'm getting a new house or a new husband.

Ninzerbean (author)  suzysmith8 months ago
Yup, I hear ya. But at least your husband is not afraid of them - obviously - so make him dispatch them until you get the WHOLE place baited, and have him help with that as well, it's a big job. Good luck, it will work.
I found a boric acid roach killer at my local wal mart could this work just as good? Im anxious to try this and get rid of them things
Ninzerbean (author)  vanessa.mejia.78 months ago
You will have to read the back to see how much of it is boric acid. The stuff I used was 99% boric acid. Use your best judgement.
Katmom8 months ago

We have such a large problem, I'm not sure where to begin. Don't know how it started...

We see them in every room, especially the kitchen. First it was just kitchen really bad. We live in a 30 year old mobile home that had been updated completely about 10 years ago except the kitchen. We thought it was the cabinets being original and they were eating the cabinets. We remodeled the kitchen this spring with all wood cabinets etc. the problem has not gone away. Since then we have redone the floor and walls of dining room and both bathrooms in that part of house. We have a 2 story addition on the house, but they had never been in that part until recently when the problem seems to have exploded. We have had an exterminator visit 1-2 times a month for over 3 years. We are clean people who keep kitchen cleaned, all food in sealed containers, trash taken out, surfaces sprayed and cleaned with disinfectant type cleaners etc.

They crawl around everywhere in broad daylight. There can be 10-20 crawling around kitchen when it is clean. They crawl over stovetop while I am cooking, I have seem them inside the microwave even after it has been running, they crawl out of the dishwasher every time I open the door(even after it has ran), anytime I open a drawer or cabinet 5-10 will come running out. We even used the Kilz paint on every surface of the gutted walls before putting in new cabinets. We got a new oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink as well. If we have been gone(even in day) or walk in the room at night there are literally hundreds on every surface. We gave up trying to kill them when we see them a long time ago.

They crawl all over the living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom walls and ceilings. Just this summer(after finishing kitchen) we remodeled the rest of the mobile home part. (This is the living room/dining room area, master bedroom, and the only 2 bathrooms in house) Because of the remodeling this summer we have painted every ceiling and wall in the mobile home part of the house and there is nothing hanging on the walls. (Note also that mobile home part is on a foundation with a crawl space and addition is on a concrete slab). I have seen them on my bed comforter, they crawl out of the bottom of the alarm clock when I pick it up to wipe off nightstand. They fall off the ceiling onto me in bed at night. I always turn on light and check toilet seat before using it. They crawl on the shower walls.(everything in bath is new - walls, ceilings, shower, tile, sub floor, flooring, vanity, mirror, etc.) we even have new sub floor and laminate flooring and walls in living room and dining room. Kitchen has ceramic tile that was put in about 10 years ago. Sitting on couch one can crawl across you, you will not sit anywhere for 10 minutes and not see one. I am not sleeping now because they have crawled on me at night. I am afraid that I will be in public and one will crawl out from under my sleeve or something.

I don't know what kind of roaches these are. I know I need to thoroughly clean kitchen cabinets and drawers. There is the black specks, dead ones etc. all over in them. But it is impossible to keep them clean with the scope of the problem. Even within a week of getting kitchen done they were dirty. I know they are in all the appliances, toaster, Keurig, microwave, etc. I even see them crawling across the digital clock display on the oven.

I want to try your idea. (Well, I really just want to burn the house down and everything in it. Or move, but the bugs would move with us. Or tent the whole house and fumigate it) I have read every page of steps and over 400 or more of the 600+ comments, but have some questions.

1. What steps should we take before we bait the house, due the scope of this?

2. Should we fumigate/fog/bug bomb the house, clean up the dead and their droppings, and then bait?

3. What is the difference in the above mentioned fogging/fumigating methods?

4. How do I get them out of small and large appliances, clocks, DVD players, game systems, etc?

5. What about our duct work for our central heat and air systems? Should we get them professionally cleaned?

6. What, if anything, should be done in the crawl space under the mobile home side?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you can respond.

Ninzerbean (author)  Katmom8 months ago
Dear Katmon, I don't have good news for you. I think the scope of your problem is too big for anyone but a professional. Then you are going to need a commercial type of shopvac to vacuum up before and after, many times. I have had no luck myself with trying to get them out of appliances. I had to throw out an A/C after hours and hours of meticulous work. You know that expression about sometime you eat the bear and sometimes it eats you, well in the case of appliances that you can't get into every single part, you lose.
I could go into all of your questions but I think you really need to call a small (not national) extermination company that will agree to come out every time you see a bug for one price, until you see no more bugs. Then bait.
My uncle, who refuses to do anything himself had this problem, he wouldn't use my bait, the problem got so bad they were fighting each other over food left on the counter, I refused to visit, then finally he found a small company that agreed to get rid of the roaches - and they did. But because he won't bait with my stuff, they will come back.
I think because you read so many of the comments you know what you have to do, fogging the place yourself will help alot, but your cleanup has to be thorough. The ductwork questions and crawl space questions are best answered by a professional. I wish I could be of more help but you will get this under control and then bait with my stuff. It is just one of those situations where every day it will get better, it can't really get worse right?
JordanEaves_08 months ago

Will Borax work? Having a hard time finding Boric Acid..

Jordan I found Boric Acid At Co-Op today. It is on the Table with all the ingredients waiting for you to take action. Your pro-active I love it. -Your Dad. Ninzerbean Thank you for Answering Jordans question I've been buying Borax... lol, I guess we can get a lot of whites whiter... Single Father.

Ninzerbean (author)  JordanEaves_08 months ago
Hi Jordan's dad,
That is pretty funny. Borax is just washing soda so you may add it to the colors too, it's just like a detergent booster.

Well who would have known, thank you for the tip. I just can't wait to see the Results of this 'Ible. The people Next door have a Really Really bad infestation, they moved and new tenants came in last week, Geez, I've never seen so many of the things. Yes I'm a Guy but they Creep me out and scare me so bad my Daughter has to deal with this. I'm signed in as her I think, She's a bit sharper in some aspects...i.e. Computers. We really do appreciate the time you have taken to acknowledge us.