I have wanted to write this Instructable for a long time but could not bear the thought of a photo of a roach. I found a plastic one; problem solved. I think you get the idea from that sentence that I am just a little bit, somewhat, sort of, come to think of it, mildly, TERRIFIED of roaches. This is the story of how I got rid of the roaches in my home and they have stayed gone for 10 months now after just the initial treatment.

Update: By the time I moved from this home described here, the roaches stayed gone for 6 years, I baited one more time inbetween. It is important to click the button right under the title that says '8 Steps' or you will think that this 'ible is only one step long - it is 8 steps long. Be sure to read all of the steps before asking questions. Other questions you might have, might be answered in the comment section. Which is not to say not to ask questions, please by all means do so if you need to.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Boric acid powder*
Karo syrup - you may substitute honey, maple syrup, pancake syrup or make a simple syrup of sugar and water.
Rice flour - you may substitute any flour you have on hand.
1 Popsicle stick
1 Mixing bowl

Amounts as follows:
2 parts Boric acid
1 part flour - any kind of flour is fine: white, whole wheat, rice, etc.
Enough Karo syrup, or what ever sweetener you choose, to make a peanut butter-ish consistency mixture

Important note: Boric acid powder is not something you want to inhale, get into your eyes or swallow so mix this up outside. Wear a dust mask until it is mixed up. It has no odor.

For a 2800 square foot home with 4 bathrooms, I mixed 2 cups of boric acid with 1 cup rice powder (any flour will do) and about 3/4 cup of Karo syrup. I used a plastic bowl to mix in and stuck the bowl and left over bait up into the attic/crawl space when I was done baiting. If you don't get finished baiting in one day put the bowl into the fridge, covered, and it will stay workable for another day or two.

*(Sometimes available in hardware stores in the US as "Roach Prufe" (this was the only way I was able to buy it, the canister is 98% boric acid and 2% blue coloring). Also, commenter ScottP6 says he was able to buy boric acid on Amazon for $7 for a pound. That is enough to share with neighbors and friends for years. Any boric acid that you find will be fine though, just make sure it is mostly boric acid.

Step 2: What My Kitchen Used to Look Like

For every roach you see there are probably 100 hiding in the walls. If you see a roach in the daytime it means you have such an infestation that they are crowding each other out of their hiding places. Did I say gross?

Step 3: What My Kitchen Looks Like Now

No more roaches!

Step 4: Once Upon a Time....

About 16 years ago I rented a house that was infested with roaches, I called an exterminator who declared it was the worst infestation he had ever seen (in case you don't want to take my word). His company used a bait that had the consistency of peanut butter and he put a little dab of it behind all the drawers (out of reach of pets or children), under the sinks on the pipes coming out from the wall, and he even took off all the outlet and switch plate covers to put the bait inside the walls.

It was a miracle, I never saw a roach again. In that house.

When I moved I used the same service and the same guy (let's call him John because that was his name) did the same thing, but this time is was a new house that I had bought. Once a year John would come back and do the same thing and in 14 years I never saw a you know what. Alive that is. Once in a while there would be a dead one. Back then I had a husband so the dead ones were not so much a problem.

Step 5: Then.....

The husband left, I had to move and buy a new house and guess what? I took John with me, but this time John wasn't using the bait. In fact I was calling John every week for help with the roaches. My new house was new to me but really very old, and it had a lot of roaches. A week would not go by when I did not see one or two or .... more. It was so bad I could not get out of bed at night and turn on a light for fear of what I would see. I implored John to use his magic peanut butter but he just told me "we don't do that anymore". What was a poor girl to do?

The Internet to the rescue!

Step 6: And This Is What I Found Out!

The magic peanut butter that John's company had been using was so successful that clients started canceling their contracts. Oh. Gosh why hadn't I thought of that - who's going to hire a pest control company if they don't have pests. John wasn't using the stuff that WORKED because if he did his company wouldn't have any business.

It has been 10 months since I ended my contract with the pest control company and I baited my house with my home made poison, and (drum roll please) I have found one dead roach in all that time.

Step 7: How and Where to Use It

Using the popsicle stick, put a dab of the bait where roaches like to go - up high and near water. They also like to live in your home's walls so undo all of your switch plate covers and outlet covers and smear some on the back of the outlet cover itself. The bait is not sticky so I find it easier to put it in areas where it can sit so it won't fall off. After it dries out it becomes hard and stuck to where you stuck it.

Roaches like to bring food back to their colony and when they bring this food back it will kill lots and lots of roaches, roaches who never even scurried over to your house. This is disgusting but even if he's a greedy roach and just eats and does not share with his buds, when he poops back at the colony and his buds eat that poop they will die.

It took me most of a day to go all around my home looking for out-of-the-way places to place the bait, undoing all the switch plate covers took the longest. Pulling out the drawers in the kitchen was really easy because most of the time you can access the back of the drawer from the cabinet underneath. At my former house it used to take a crew of 2 guys, 4 hours to do the whole house.

The most important places are the pipes coming into your home either for your sinks or you washing machine and dishwasher. Attics and crawl spaces are prime roach habitat. Roaches have no bones so they can slip through the smallest sliver of space. It's gross.

Step 8: Why This Works

Boric acid powder is a proven roach killer, what I am presenting here is a way to get the roaches attracted to it (sweet smelling Karo syrup) and to eat it (flour and Karo syrup). Making it into a paste enables you to place it in areas where powder alone would not stay.

I read a lot of information online 10 months ago to come up with this solution but aside from the boric acid powder it's not an exact science - I think peanut butter mixed with boric acid powder would work just as well. The thing that really got me really interested is when I read industry information about folks canceling their pest control service because the baiting method was so effective. I made up the recipe based on common sense, what I read, and what I had in the cupboard. The proof is my roach free house. It's a huge relief and I wanted to share.

2015 Update: It's been 6 years since I wrote this and I would like to add an especially helpful comment by NorEaster. There are over 900 comments at this point and they are very helpful, so here is this one, know that NorEaster's comment is about German roaches, which are a whole different bug game:

NorEaster to jules0803
Hope I can help with this. I moved to Hawaii 2 months ago and have already seen more roaches here than I've even seen in all my life (zero). I spend all my days planning and preparing for my escape off this infested island when military orders are up in 3yrs. So far this is my list:

(1) Get many, I mean A FRKN TON of airtight plastic storage bins (ZipLoc weathertight is a brand), it may end up costing, but its the way to go since roaches love to hide & lay eggs in the flaps & weaving of cardboard boxes.

(2) Tiny roaches will live & breed in the motors of appliances so toss them in plastic/garbage bags & store in freezer for a couple days before the move to freeze the life out of them!

(3) wash all your clothes, curtains & bed linens on the hottest setting (without damaging) and IMMEDIATELY move them from dryer into plastic bins so roaches wont have time to attach & hitch a ride.

(4) Those efficient little devils can feed off of the GLUE in your book bindings so throw all your office supplies, magazines, tampons, diapers, etc into the sealed bins with a roach bait station in every bin to feed & kill them & DONT open the bins for a few weeks, so that any placed eggs can hatch, feed & die also.

(5) Do a thorough cleaning of the new place before your stuff arrives, behind fridge & oven, etc then bring your stuff over & shake everything off outside! I know you'll worry what the neighbors think but at least they will see that you obviously are not comfortable living in filth & are taking measures to avoid another such situation. Wipe down & inspect everything before stocking shelves & cabinets & rewash all the linens again for good measure. I wish you luck & cant wait to do this myself in the roach-deterring snowy weather of NewEngland!

Hi!! I found your site in complete desperation. After reading several hundred comments I was convinced I'd try. So after 2 days of a complete cleaning spree and baiting every outlet and foaming every crevice I could find, im feeling hopeful. My question is <br>Is it normal to see them more after baiting? I believe I found the nest. Which was Christmas boxes stored in my living room cubby. I just threw the whole thing away. Oh, I live in Florida. So I'm plagued with German ???. Thank you so much!
Does this work for any kind of roaches? I have the small german ones, i think they are called. Is it a pointless endeavor for me to follow these steps? Is there something else I should do? Please help, anyone who has used this stuff for german roaches and let me know if you have had any success. Thanks.
Was hoping that maybe you still read these comments and reply! I have a roach problem, help!<br><br>Never in our lives have we had roaches. We are pretty clean people and have never had a bug problem before in general.. and then we moved to an apartment in a 4 bedroom flat in downtown Soulard (st Louis). This is a historic district so you are very VERY limited on what renovations you can do.. we are renting however. The building itself is very old. If I had to guess I'd think the are coming from the building next door..it's pretty close and the back looks uninhabitable.. However the interior of our placeisn't terrible, just a little outdated.<br><br>Anyways, the week before we moved my boyfriend went in and painted the whole place. He said he saw one roach but that's all and wasn't concerned. However it seemed that someone (landlord or previous tenant who also seems pretty clean, I viewed the apartment while she still lived there) left behind roach hotel trap things. She had moved out earlier so it had sat empty for a couple weeks. My boyfriend mentioned to our landlord he had seen a roach but our landlord insisted that they &quot;were just water bugs&quot; and he &quot;sprayed&quot; (what he sprayed, I don't know).<br><br>Fast forward a couple days and we are cooking our first meal in the new place.. right as it's done, I mean literally as we are getting plates down, 5 or 6 pop up over the back of the stove - a medium sized one and the rest were pretty small. Upon researching they look Ike Germans. We sprayed bug spray all around the area and chose to get take out instead.. but now we keep seeing them.. on the stove, on the counter, on and in the dishwasher (keep in mind these are all on the left side of the kitchen which is also the wall that faces that empty looking neighbor building)... now they are progressing to the other side of the kitchen which has the pantry.: if I flip on a light at night a couple will scurry under the pantry doors.. I purchased tempo spray for the baseboard and doors and advion gel bait but does anyone else have any tips?? I'm absolutely terrified of them! We've been keeping everything spotless, and luckily it seems they are only in the kitchen so far, however I've quit eating the food from home cause I'm too grossed out. <br><br>Oh and none of our neighbors said they have had any problems. What do I do?? We have a BRAND NEW $1200 washer and dryer in that kitchen that I'm 100% scared they are going to infest!
<p>Hi Tijo, We had them in our electric range and the dishwasher. What happens in the dishwasher is they come up the drains, then they go to the electronic panel of the dishwasher, behind the push buttons. They love the warm electrical circutry. The german ones are tenacious. YOu have to put bait in dishwasher, they love the dampness inside. One thing I recomend is after you use dishwasher, keep door open to let dry inside with ac on or heat. They can live months without food, bud only a week without water. They love kitchens because of food crumbles, ware electronic wires and mosture of sink and dishwasher. Good luck it is war against them. </p>
After you follow all of the steps and still have roaches lets talk - I don't think that will be the case of course, but you need to do that first. I do not know about the stuff you already used - I only know my method. Germans are harder to kill, it will take finding out where they are living in your house and getting rid of that nest - the vacuum will become your best friend, and then baiting.
I tried your bait last night and today i woke and found a dead roach! Im so pleased that it begin to work within one night! Thank you so much!
<p>This instructable saved me! We recently bought a home that unfortunately came with a ton of roaches. We spent the entire first weekend following the steps - bait everywhere and caulking/foaming every place we could find. Week 1 we kept seeing them but when we did we were careful to caulk up where they were coming from/running to. By week 2 we were seeing fewer and smaller ones. By week 3 it was only tiny ones and I am delighted to say I haven't seen one at all in week 4! Thank you, thank you, thank you! One helpful tip I read elsewhere is to get a good spray bottle and fill it with soapy water - that will freeze them in place until you can smash them (sorry, gross) - very helpful if they're running up walls or in hard-to-reach corners.</p>
Will this method work for silverfish?
I don't know, never tried it but if you do and it works please let us know.
I made this yesterday after my housekeeper had been to clean the house. I put it everywhere and wheh i got home there were even more cockraoches running around my kitchen than normal. I have no idea why that would be and what went wrong? I got up this am and opened the one kitchenboard where i normally see a few (and where i baited) and there they were walking around. Please help
This has happened before- I mean twice people have written of such a thing, apparently you have Germans, which live inside the home vs outside, I understand your frustration, others have written of this happening - but I think they are looking for food as they have found the bait dangerous. I hope you will see less every day and then none in just a few days, if not I hope you will write again. Have you put the bait everywhere - the whole house has to be baited, not just where you see the roaches. When I wrote the 'ilbe 8 years ago there were no German roaches where I lived, I had never heard of them. But according to the faithful who write in the comments this will work for Germans as well, pls keep in touch, and read a few hundred comments for help - example - maybe there is a nest in the kitchen you need to find and dispatch.
<p>hi, I made the magic peanut butter last night and put it out all over my house like you said. This morning I got up and I have live roaches every where and they come right up to you lol what did I do wrong ? Please help !!!!!!</p>
That's what happened to me
I'm at a loss. This is a new outcome. Wait a day and write me back.
Hi help please I did the remedy but roaches are appearing more and more I did it yesterday and I found more than six alive roaches in the kitchen. That was disgusting
Did you skip any steps? You spray-foamed under the sinks? Got into all the switchplate covers, etc. I only ask because you should have immediate results of seeing only dead roaches. Is there a nest inside - meaning you have German roaches - that you have not found? Is everything in plastic, no cardboard anywhere? Yes, that is disgusting, I feel for you, I just don't know what to say other than to make sure you did all the steps, it take a good 4 hours to do a small house.
I did all the steps yesterday. I mixed two cups of boric acid with one cup of flower, next, I put Coran syrup to make a past like pinaut. Then I did small balls I put them every where in my kitchen behind the fridge, every where in the kitchen. I found 7 german adult roaches and a lot of baby german roaches I am really concerned. Please please please please help me I am crying. I ca not believe how I cooked dinner it was so taught for me to be in the kitchen and meet a roach every 5 minutes. Now I am thinking about how to be in my kitchen tomorrow
<p>The purpose of the paste is to stick it to places that are out of the way and where roaches go - like the backs of your drawers in the kitchen, on water pipes under the sink, on top of doors, behind picture frames... I think you need to re-read step 7 to see all of the places to place the bait. I don't know why you made balls of it. You must first see if there is a nest in your house and clean out where they are living to get them under some sort of control first. Just baiting your kitchen won't help, you need to bait the whole house, you need to get inside the walls, you need to clean everything really well and if you think there are roaches in the kitchen find out where and deal with that first. I'm sorry I can't help you anymore than that, I know how terrible this is. Try reading a few hundred of the comments and see if you can glean any more knowledge from them for your situation. German roaches are very hard to get rid of because they live inside vs outside. You must get rid of everything they eat such as cardboard.Your vacuum will become your best friend. It takes a lot of work, but it will pay off in that you will get rid of the roaches. But you must bait the whole house, not just the kitchen.</p>
I will redo tho remedy I still have the ingredients. Tomorrow I will clean the whole appartments very well and after that I will make a past not balls in all over the house thank you for spending time and writing to me. I feel good when I read your comments
I just moved to New York. We rented an apartment of one bedroom. But I have a problem. I hate roaches and can't stand them. I sometimes see tinny ones, but the problem is I cannot even kill them. If my husband is home I would cry and tell him please kill it. But if I am by myself I would run to the room. I have seen them most behind the fridge and in the bathroom. I am about to use your remedy. I wish I will get rid of them as soon as possible. I am really suffering from them. They cause me to be stressful all the time. Today I bought the ingredients, and on Wednesday I will do it. Thank you so much.
Aw Zaloma,<br>I know how you feel, I really do. The only advice I can give you is that you have to put it in perspective - think of something much worse you would have to do, then trade that thought for killing a roach. If you put it in perspective you will see that you CAN do it. The first few are really really hard, but I promise it does empower you and you will become stronger than a roach. <br><br>Think how much you do not want a very small bug to have this sort of control over you. You can do it, I have faith in your abilities to see the larger picture. There are literally millions of people in the world who would trade places with you and live in a one bedroom apartment in the coolest city in the world (besides Tokyo) in exchange for dealing with some small bugs once in awhile, because where they live there are roaches every day, every hour of every day of their lives.<br><br>And the sooner you bait your apartment the sooner you will be roach free. Promise.
It's been a while that I've posted to this but I would like to say it's been almost 2 years ROACH FREE! Everyone is different maybe mine wasn't as infested as others. I know some people need to redo treatments every 6 months or so. I was at my breaking point when I found this and after trying so much this was my last hope. I had just moved in to my new apartment and there was roaches everywhere on the walls in cabinets everywhere. I cried for days trying everything I could to fix it. So I went on google and found this beautiful post. I did EVERY SINGLE STEP. It took over 4 hours to do a three bedroom two bath apartment. I put that stuff everywhere! And I found roaches here and there but DEAD. And since then I haven't seen any since. Please read everything and do ALL the steps. It will give you back your sanity. Thank you so much again my children and I are forever grateful!!!!!!!!
Dear Tasha,<br>Thank you so much for taking the time to write - I am so glad you are roach-free. I know what a relief that is too.
Thanks Zinzerbean for getting back to me about the caulking. I was able to bait every single outlet and switch in the 3 levels of the house this past weekend because I didn't need to do the caulking. I'm not sure where I picked that idea up - maybe in the comments somewhere... I baited on door frames in the kitchen and bathrooms as well. We had our exterminator come last week (after being out here 6 weeks ago) so I haven't seen any but I closed the AC vent in the kid's bathroom as the large ones were coming in through there. The exterminator told me he would bait one switch plate in each room (big whoop). I still went ahead and did all of them, including the ones that had the magic peanut butter from the exterminator. Many of the electrical boxes were dusty and that it was hard to find a clean area to put the bait down. I halved the recipe and still had a bunch of bait left over that I put in the attic near where I saw a ton of cockroach poop. The tree guy comes out on Wed and I'm really hoping that, along w/the baiting will help take care of this issue. I need to go in the attic and remove the insulation from around the HVAC vent going into the kid's bathroom to see if I can foam and/or tape any holes shut. Another thing I do is use packing tape - I put it around the attic access door (as there is a hole near the edge) and over the outlets in my daughter's room where I saw the poop. Not sure if it helps in reality or just helps me sleep better so I don't worry what's coming out of those holes. Thanks for all your help!
Wow KathleenA21, you have been busy. What a horror story about the AC vent - but it could be good news - there is a leak in your duct work somewhere - air is getting in which causes condensation which causes roaches to come have a drink. Having a leak in your ducts is a waste of money so get a duct person - HVAC to take a look - or you can do it yourself - there must be videos on how to do an inspection. In my house it means getting under the house and no way am I going there - BUT there is special metal tape to use on the ducts - much better than packing tape. Its like really heavy duty tinfoil but sticky on the back. Cool stuff.
<p>I'm in a similar situation to Kathleen, i've read articles and how-to's with similar instructions (it all comes down to the boric acid, prepared in a variety of fashions). This one, is by far the best, the comments, and your &quot;part-time job answering them&quot; have inspired me. I plan to buy the stuff tomorrow.<br>-Will be posting with results a couple weeks from now.</p><p>But, for now, just wanted to say that the &quot;heavy duty tinfoil&quot; is simply duct tape. The Duck brand has totally confused the country - maybe world... Duck tape, is just sticky cloth. Duct tape is what is used in the HVAC industry. If you try and tape a duct with Duck tape, it will start to degrade quickly and be useless within a year.</p>
Hoping you still check comments - we just sold our home and bought a new home. Previous owners were pest control workers, so I know the new home is bug free, as was our previous home. The problem is that we were in between the new home and the old home for a bit and moved most of our stuff to storage for a month while we moved out and moved in. We thought the storage was nice and clean, boy were we wrong.<br><br>We found dozens of baby German cockroaches and a few adults in my husband's dresser and a few here and there on the ground. We have bombed (several times), baited, and sprayed the storage unit. But the problem was we had already moved a few things over before we realized there were bugs, like our couch.<br><br>The stuff we've moved was just in the garage so we baited some sticky traps for a few days and no sign of any bugs, so we moved the couch inside, as well as a few other things. <br><br>Today, we found a baby/juvenile roach in the basement family room where that couch is. I put three of these &quot;treats&quot; in the basement, one in the kitchen, and two in the garage where the rest of our stuff is.<br><br>Since it's our stuff that has roaches and not our home, do you think this will be good enough? Should I do more or see if they become an issue first?<br><br>Also, these were made with borax, as that's all I could find. Will it still work?
First Borax won't work, and secondly you really need to do your whole house. Germans are a different story altogether. They live inside vs outside. You need to take that couch apart with a flashlight and make 100% sure there is not any evidence of roaches. This is really going to be a mess because as you move in they are moving in. I'm out of town so it's really hard to write all this I. My phone but re read the whole ible.
Thank you so much for your reply and the great article. We found some real boric acid at a local hardware store so I'm going to re-make this and put it through the house. Thankfully all the light switch covers are off, because we are re-painting anyways :).
<p>I thank you for this! I mean seriously, thank you. I just moved into our place and saw 2 small roaches on the hallway (double banded) and 1 dead german roach in the kitchen. This was enough to make me want to start working on getting rid of these bugs and I used your stuff exactly how you instructed. This was 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have only seen two dead roaches. My question is how do you know if you eradicated them for good?</p>
Well that's a good question, I always just cross my fingers. You could try that too. IDK, maybe just not seeing any lets you know it worked, sometimes it does seem too good to be true, but it's true. Thanks for writing
I just want to say thanks for your post. I woke up two days ago to a large roach crawling up my wall near my bed. I sprayed the sucker with spectracide and called my dad over to spray with a 12 month spray. There's a large hole under my sink amd i am going to by spray foam, and the stuff to bait today. I read comments for over an hour and feel much better. I hope i can stop shoving towels under my bedroom and bath room doors so i can semi sleep at night. If you still read comments i will post agian once we've baited the house!
Do I read comments? It's like a part time job answering them! 9 years now I think.
<p>I moved into a house and it was infested with roaches. After an expensive extermination, I found the pest just returned in a couple days. then I found your bait recipe. I mixed it up and put in inside all the wall sockets, pocket doors, water sources, etc. in the house. I had ONE roach (dying) appear in ONE YEAR). I reapplied in certain spots. It has been almost two years with NO BUGS!!!! the exterminator came by to see if I wanted him to spray again. When I explained that I no longer had a roach problem and why, he nervously requested that I not tell anyone, as it would put him pout of business! Thank you. so much. YIou are a life saver!</p>
<p>Thanks for writing, I'll try to feature your comment - it's what I want everyone to read.</p>
<p>Reading the comments on this page are giving me hope! I'm not sure how much of an infestation we have, but I want to stop it as soon as possible. Me and my two friends just moved to south GA from Ohio. I'd never seen a roach in my life until I moved down here. Unfortunately, the place we moved into is very old, and there's not a door in the house that leads to outside that doesn't have big cracks or gaps in it, so I often see them coming in from there. On top of that, the people who lived here before were certainly not the cleanest, so much so that every time the maintenance guy has come to fix our many problems with the house, he's made comments about how amazing and clean the house looks compared to what it used to look like, even though I certainly wouldn't say our house is always spotless.</p><p>We normally see at least one roach a day here, I thought it was just normal as one of my friends lived down here for a few years and saw them in every house she lived in. I've been killing them as I see them, but the other day found tons of baby roaches in both litter boxes for our cats. This is making me realize maybe this problem is much worse than we thought. We ended up just throwing out the litter boxes, but I'm going to try this and pray that it works! These bugs actually make me miss the cold weather!</p><p>But I do have one question, I tried searching it and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know if wood paneling or wood cabinets attracts roaches more? Sadly my entire bedroom is wood paneled walls and cabinets/shelves, and when I picked up the littler box and they started running out, they went straight for the cabinets. Does this have to do with the fact that they are wood, or just because it's a good hiding spot? </p>
Hi EmaleeY,<br>The wood has nothing to do with the roaches, they don't care where they go as long it's dark and away from you. Knowing that they like the kitty litter gives you a great place to put bait. Your cats won't eat it and they would not die if they did taste it.<br><br>Good luck with your place and your war against roaches.
<p>Ninzerbean, Thank you so much for all the time and energy you have expanded on responding to the comments on this posting. I am so impressed and grateful for you. I just had all the outlets and switches opened this past weekend to puff Delta Dust in them. Wish I had seen this article b/c I could have done the baiting and caulking at the same time. I'm sharing my story to help others who may be in the same boat.</p><p>We moved to GA from NJ a year ago. While we like many things about living down here, the bugs have been a huge bummer (for me)! The 2nd night in this house we started seeing the big cockroaches (water bugs, american cockroaches, etc). I FREAKED out and started researching anything I could about how to get rid of these suckers. I was so ill prepared - I didn't realize that they were in GA. I am so creeped out by them that I have trouble sleeping. </p><p>I would see them all over the house in random places not always near water sources (which is where I had read that they usually are). We had them in bathrooms, kitchens and living room and play room. Also in finished basement and unfinished part. We had pest control come and spray and that would work for a little while but they always came back. We didn't see them for a few months over the winter - a nice reprieve - but they came back in May again. After one fell on my husband from the fan in the bathroom, we figured out that they were in our attic. We live in a wooded area with a lot of trees, many that hang over our roof (had them trimmed but have decided to bite the bullet and take down a few to minimize the bugs dropping from them onto our roof). They were in our HVAC system as well (coming through vents to all 3 levels of the house!! Yikes!!) The HVAC system in the attic was old and died this summer so we replaced that and had all the vents cleaned (they found dead cockroaches and their poop all in side the vents - more ugh). Then I hired a new pest control and told them about the roaches being in the attic. I had read up that Niban granular works well in attics but it's only 5% boric acid which is interesting - not 100% like your recipe. So it only lasts about 3-4 weeks and back they come! I guess so you have to keep buying the product...</p><p>This weekend we painted the kids rooms and I found a ton of cockroach poop in the outlet in my daughter's room. I checked all the other outlets in the upstairs (as I was puffing Delta Dust into them) but didn't see any poop. I am so upset it's in her room. I also saw two CR babies on her wall the day after I cleaned all the poop out. So they are definitely in the walls, likely coming from the attic. Zinzerbean is right - they use the wiring in the house as a highway to get around your house. I went back in and checked that same outlet and a bunch of poop was back in there so it's an active infestation. </p><p>I've used Max Force gel in the past and the exterminator asked me to stop doing that b/c roaches build up immunity to it and it can counter act what they put down. Also, after 2 mos, it dries up and the roaches won't eat it. I wonder why that's not the case w/the recipe here. Maybe because the Max Force gel is formulated to dry up and not work after a while so you go out and buy more....?</p><p>I plan to do this recipe exactly as stated. I did foam up under all the sinks last year in an attempt to stop the onslaught never realizing that they are coming from the attic. I plan to put the bait on paper plates and put them around the attic. I would imagine I would need to reapply every 6 mos or so due to the heat up there. I also am going to bait in the HVAC ducts in case we start to get them coming through there again. (Please dear God, no!) </p><p>I ordered boric acid from Amazon and will pick up karo and flour today at the store. Will start baiting in her room and the surrounding rooms as well as caulking. I have to practice my caulking skills! </p><p>Thank you again Ninzerbean for your dedication to sharing this information. I was pretty hopeless last night when I googled &quot;cockroach feces in electrical outlets&quot; and your article came up. Now I have hope. I'll check back in once I'm done w/the outlets to let you know the status (could take me a few weeks since I work full time and have a busy family). </p>
<p>Ninzerbean, I'm going to start this weekend on the outlets and switches. In terms of caulking, is the objective to seal off the between the plate and the opening in the wall so these buggers can't escape out or is it to minimize their movement in the wall between outlet/switch boxes? The reason I ask is because I saw another tutorial online showing caulking around everything and anything in your house basically trapping them in the walls. (There was no baiting so not sure how that approach would work w/the roaches multiplying in the walls.) I just want to be sure to apply the caulk correctly. My husband is not in favor of foaming in the outlets because of the issue with it expanding and possibly affecting the boxes. Can you let me know your approach? I looked over the instructible but still am not entirely clear. Thank you!</p>
Caulking the outlets? Foaming inside the outlets? You have my instructable mixed up with some crazy information. Do not do either of those things. My god it's too dangerous to even waste time trying to think why anyone would suggest that. Please try and view this 'ible on a computer so you can view all the photos and read through all 8 steps again. Step 7 shows where to foam, caulking is up to you - baseboards are the normal place to caulk. The bait it put inside the walls because that is where the roaches roam from room to room. Putting the bait inside the outlet boxes is just a way to get the bait into the walls. Foaming around where water pipes come into your house is because there is usually a lot of space there that is open to the walls, bait in there before you foam. If you have any more questions please write to me .
<p>Ninzerbean, </p><p>First off let me start by saying thank you so so so much for sharing this! I finally have my sanity back after endless nights of sleep deprivation, and hugging a can of raid every night! (not literally, but yes always ready on my night stand). -- I apologize for the length of this--</p><p>My family and I moved into a home that my father owns and was previously rented out to filthy tenant. Of course, it was infested with huge flying American cockroaches. I cleaned every inch of the house literally on my hands and knees &amp; repainted. I too am TERRIFIED of roaches, and can't count how many times I cried, squealed, jumped, and yelled for my husband every time I saw one. At times I would be brave enough to spray them myself, but they would charge towards me!! AHH, My husband finally got tired of all the crying and complaining &amp; called a professional exterminator. He came and sprayed outside and the baseboards. </p><p>I would see some dead, but I would still see a lot alive, if not more than ever. I studied them one night sitting at the kitchen table around midnight and I noticed that one by one by one they came out from behind the kitchen cabinet where the sink goes. Long story shorter- there was a nest back there &amp; a hole leading right outside. I took the entire cabinets to the dump &amp; fixed the hole. ( I installed all new cabinets)</p><p>I WOULD STILL SEE ONE IN THE RESTROOM EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!</p><p>SO, this is where you come in! I did EVERYTHING you listed in the steps. I have gone through 4 cans of foam, and atleast 8 of silicone caulking. This house had so many gaps, and crevices! I spent countless days just sealing every room! In addition to this, I also bought new weatherstripping.... I strategically placed the boric acid paste in every room, every outlet, every door way. I didn't skip a single one. </p><p>I HAVE NO MORE ROACHES!!! </p><p>After 2 or 3 days of putting the paste, I saw ONE live one... It's now been two weeks and I haven't seen one. Not even a dead one.</p><p>I'm just in denial.. Is this real? Are they really gone?! </p><p>What you posted here works! ....Don't take &quot;shortcuts&quot;, &amp; these steps do pay off.</p><p>THANK YOU!</p>
how long did it take to see get results after placing this remedy in the recomended places?
Nevermind. I read 2 or 3 days. Dee dee dee moment
Dear Dseg1512,<br>Thank you for taking the time to write. Comments like yours make me so happy.
Hi Ninzerbean, it's been a year since I tried your magic &quot;peanut butter&quot; &amp; had been roach free living in bliss. Until now.<br><br>Sadly, they've come back with a vengeance &amp; I've been finding a dead one every morning for the past week. Tonight I'm awake because I found a live one and cannot sleep. Should I reapply the mixture?<br><br>I have no idea what could've brought them back? We haven't brought anything into the house &amp; the foam remains in place. <br><br>Any advice is greatly appreciated
I thought they were gone four times and they kept coming back. The first two times they were still the big ones but the third time they were medium sized and then tiny. The tiny ones are the last ones I seen inside. I found out later thats kinda normal when you bait. I still see those things outside and thats why Im here. The shopvac is your friend ?. Im going to try this mix outside. I have no love for these things.
<p>Dseg1512, Something brought them in, not back, just in, you must have bought something that had them attached or inside, it could be as simple as a used game player, a box of contaminated food, a bag of potatoes. Just get on top of this right now and they will be gone. The bait does not wear out in a year, it just has to be something that came into your house that had them living in it. Anyway just re-bait so there is fresh lovely stuff around and it will be OK very soon. I may be about to have the same problem myself because I had to bring back a ton of stuff from a relative's home that was infested with roaches. I've already seen one dead one and I know there could be more.</p>
<p>I just posted a comment, was it deleted?</p><p>&quot;The magic peanut butter that John's company had been using was so successful that clients started canceling their contracts.&quot;</p><p>Reminds me of some doctors. Oh we have a new disease and it is incurable you will need to come in for appointment every week. We are trying all sorts of medication, cant find one that works, need more funding for research and medication and equipment and fancy expensive outfits that match with name tags.</p><p>As I was saying, You can use a glass/ cup/jar with a little fruit juice or sugar water in the bottom and leave out over night and it will have a number of roaches in it the next morning.</p><p>The roaches with egg sacks aren't so silly though, never found one of those in there, maybe they fast and hide before and until they lay their eggs.</p><p>Don't know.</p>
Could this mix cause ants to come? I've tired the mixtures behind the electrical outlets and I've noticed ants coming from the outlets, could this be caused by the mixture?
Yes, but it also kills ants.

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