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I have wanted to write this Instructable for a long time but could not bear the thought of a photo of a roach. I found a plastic one; problem solved. I think you get the idea from that sentence that I am just a little bit, somewhat, sort of, come to think of it, mildly, TERRIFIED of roaches. This is the story of how I got rid of the roaches in my home and they have stayed gone for 10 months now after just the initial treatment.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
maple syrup pour.jpg
Boric acid powder*
Karo syrup - you may substitute honey or maple syrup or pancake syrup
Rice flour - you may substitute any flour you have on hand
1 Popsicle stick
1 Mixing bowl

Amounts as follows:
2 parts Boric acid
1 part rice flour
enough Karo syrup to make a peanut butter like consistency mixture

Important note: Boric acid powder is not something you want to inhale (get into your eyes or swallow) so mix this up outside. Wear a dust mask too until it is mixed up. It has no odor.

For a 2800 square foot home with 4 bathrooms, I mixed 2 cups of boric acid with 1 cup rice powder and about 3/4 cup of Karo syrup. I used a plastic bowl to mix in and stuck the bowl and left over bait up into the attic/crawl space when I was done baiting.

*(available in hardware stores in the US as "Roach Prufe" (this was the only way I was able to buy it, the canister is 98% boric acid and 2% blue coloring).

Step 2: What my kitchen used to look like

Picture of What my kitchen used to look like
For every roach you see there are probably 100 hiding in the walls. If you see a roach in the daytime it means you have such an infestation that they are crowding each other out of their hiding places. Did I say gross?

Step 3: What my kitchen looks like now

Picture of What my kitchen looks like now
No more roaches!
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FoxysMyGirl3 months ago

I had a problem with roaches last year following a roof leak. It grossed me out. It was the big kind that are supposed to live outdoors. They found a way into my attic and it was terrifying to me since I am a big chicken about roaches, nothing else only roaches. I saw this recipe and didn't want to make anything that would be a bait and attract more but then I thought about how they would take it to their nests that I wouldn't even know how to find in order to spray or treat them. I did it and it has been Miraculous!!! Thank you!! No roaches, not one in an entire year! It took less then 2 weeks and even in the two week period I was seeing fewer and fewer. I didn't have a lot in my house but I would see a couple per week and I knew there was a lot in the attic. Had I not used this recipe I am sure I would have seen more and more and been disgusted every time. I saw a bug on my porch last night so I am making the recipe again today. He may have just been from the flower beds but I don't care, it is not starting again here. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this amazing information!!

Ninzerbean (author)  FoxysMyGirl3 months ago
Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I know it works, that's why I posted it so many years ago. I wish more people would simply do it. I mean just read the ible and follow the instructions.
can i use regular floor and regular syrup
Ninzerbean (author)  lisa.myles.10411 days ago

Yes, it says so in the 'ible, you just have to read the whole thing.

i have the stuff is it ok to use it
I am PETRIFIED of roaches. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl. I live in an old house built in the late 50's so we have a lot of cracks in the foundation of the house. For the past couple of days I have been seeing more of those critters then I care to see. I am going to try this and hope I have the same success as others.
Where can I found the roach prufe powder
I don't know - try looking online, I have seen it as ACE hardware and it was at the small hardware store where I used to live. Maybe you can order it online...Some people have even found it at the dollar store.

Oh you know what? I meant to address the fact that you are looking for roach prufe powder and I forgot until now - anyway the point is to use Boric Acid. It just happened that the only boric acid I could find back in '09 was the 99% in Roach Prufe. But it's all about the boric acid (never to be confused with borax) and not the brand name. Hope that is more helpful than what I wrote yesterday.

I mixed the exact ingredients exactly how you made it for your own house. As I'm putting out the bait a brave little roach approaches (no pun intended) the bait & turns away from it instantly. So I dropped more in front of him, he goes up to it for just a second and then moves on again. Is this normal?
Ninzerbean (author)  Andreacatanese08yesterday

Andreacatanese08, I was out of town with no internet and some questions did not get answered, so here we go: No, of course this is not normal - BUT the point of using this bait is that you are placing it in places that roaches run around, inside your walls, under the sink, behind drawers and all the other places I detail in step 8. So maybe your little guy was on his way somewhere and was not hungry, maybe he was trying to get away from you, who knows, but putting it out in the open is not how to use it or even why to use it. First of all if you have so many that you are seeing them in the daytime you have to use some other more immediate method to knock them down, get them under some kind of control before using the bait - I say this because there must be reasons that they are out and about - such as that they can find food everywhere, or there is a colony living inside of your game player, the microwave, the dishwasher, under the stove etc. You need to vacuum vacuum vacuum, get rid of all cardboard... you know what - I have to run, just read the comments, read ALL the 8 steps of the 'ible and keep in touch with how it goes. Good luck, sorry again for my late response.

Will Borax work? Having a hard time finding Boric Acid..

Ninzerbean (author)  JordanEaves_0yesterday

Sorry not to have gotten back to you sooner - no, Borax will not work. Someone found boric acid on Amazon. Have you tried online? Call some small hardware stores where you live. The big names don't seem to carry it because I think if they did they would not need to carry about 40 different cans of sprays and stuff that kill roaches but do nothing to keep them away.

YasirK12 days ago

thankyou so much for sharing this amazing stuff to get rid of roaches.this stuff really works for my home I read ur article 1 monhs ago and try it it works like a wonder there colony reduce by 90%

Ninzerbean (author)  YasirK12 days ago
Thanks for keeping in touch, keep at it so you get to 100%.
YasirK12 days ago

thankyou so much for sharing this amazing stuff to get rid of roaches.this stuff really works for my home I read ur article 1 monhs ago and try it it works like a wonder there colony reduce by 90%

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to write this! With six young kids, I have been looking for a solution that works and from all the comments, this seems like the best option. I looked on Amazon and it states that the Roach Prufe has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The only other option is 99% boric acid and 1% lure. Do you think the "lure" will have an adverse effect? Thanks again!!
Ninzerbean (author)  maryellenlopez2 days ago
No, I think it will be fine. You are basically just adding more lure, and the other stuff makes it spreadable so it can be applied in places where kids and pets won't come across it. Keep us posted on your success

OMG thank you for this! I am going to the store right now to pick up these items. My apartments will do nothing but spray once in a while and when you keep your house pristine and they're still everywhere..I was dreaming of burning this place to the ground lol. Thank you!

Ninzerbean (author)  kristen.r.swartz3 days ago
You are ever so welcome, good luck, read everything, especially take the time to read the comments, there is valuable help there as well.
Tommy7874 days ago
Would this bait help with mice aswell since it has the buric acid? I really dont want my indoor dog around sticky traps or other stuff that he can come in contact with.
Ninzerbean (author)  Tommy7873 days ago
No,'fraid not. Mice don't wear their skeletons on the outside like roaches do. Get a cat maybe?
wenderful3 days ago
Im not sure if this question was answered, I looked through some comments and my apologies if it was already answered, but how long do I keep the paste out for?
Ninzerbean (author)  wenderful3 days ago
Start to use it as soon as you make it, it will get hard in a few hours or so depending on the temperature and how thick you made it. If you can't finish your whole house at once put it in the fridge, covered, until the next day or so. Hope that is what you were looking for.
If you meant how long do you leave it stuck to all the things you have stuck it to, that answer is forever.

Hi Ninzerbean, I'm sorry to bother you again. I'm trying to fix this problem. I have been to 5 store none of them carry Boric Acid. Borax is also known to kill bugs, But will it work for this recipie?

Ninzerbean (author)  JordanEaves_03 days ago
No way will Borax work. It's not at all Boric Acid. You will have to order it maybe on line.
Where can I found the roach prufe powder
rduarte125 days ago
Hey ninzerbean,
I came across your post a few weeks ago and I've been going crazy with these "you know what's". I'm so glad I found this thank you for writing it. I bought my house (my first time living on my own) in 2005 we never had a problem with roaches, maybe an occasional giant spider but I have plenty of flip flops for those, about a year ago we got new neighbors. I knew the previous tenants were filthy but as long as it stayed away from my property I didn't care, but now since these neighbors moved in I've been seing more and more roaches. I've hired a pest control company (which I seen also servicing the neighbors house) and its been a year and I still have roaches. Today I went to my local home depot after going to osh and both places did not carry roach prufe, however I did find something called "hot shot roach powder" and its actually 99% boric acid, would I still be able to use your same recipe for this different brand? How often do I need to rebait? Will the roaches still be able to eat the bait once its dried?
JohnR126 days ago

so what do i do once its mixed? what do i put it on

Ninzerbean (author)  JohnR125 days ago
The 'ible has 8 steps. See step 7 for the answer to your question.
VIvanova877 days ago

Hello ! I live in a building that is fullllll with those devil creatures. I also have 2 month old baby. Is it save to have this around ?[he wont touch it but it wil be in the air] I am freaking out! I am able to see then during the day :( keep seeing very small ones [which i know is a bad thing] ..from the pets control came 98392 times and they have put some gel as well as some yellow pouder -no result ! long usually takes for any result ?Thank you !!I am plannig to make the mixture today [well my husband will ] and place it around ..

Ninzerbean (author)  VIvanova877 days ago
Your question makes me think that you may have opened only one page of the 'ible and not have read the whole thing. There will not be anything in the air. The bait has no fumes or odor to make you or the baby sick. It is a paste that you place in out of the way places that neither people nor pets will come into contact with. Good luck, read all the comments, it helps, every one is helping eachother with advice. Be sure to check out where your 'nest' may be - if not outside as with the larger palmetto bugs, look for cardboard, game consoles, microwaves, dishwashers, bottoms of ovens. Think water and heat.

Thank you ! If i cant find the nest and still put the paste around is it going the make a difference ?

Ninzerbean (author)  VIvanova876 days ago

I had regular palmetto bug roaches and so the colony lived outside but this will work better if you can find them inside - where they may be living just in case you have German roaches. Yes, it will still work but you must be more diligent with the German ones. Reading the comments really helps.

Mrsjo9 days ago
Ninzerbean, I have a question... My apartment complex that I've been in for 2 years now have roaches. I'm being blamed for it because the the exterminator seen my kitchen dirty one time, while I was in the middle of cleaning up. Now 1 person moved in next door to me, and before she did the person that lived there before showed me her laundry room that was flooded for weeks be cuz maintenance didn't fix it in a proper time. Someone on the other side of me moved out, doors wide open while things were being thrown out. Also there was a very bad leak in their living room for about 3 weeks. Now Ijust wanted ur opinion about where u think they more then likely came form? Oh, also they are telling me that the roaches would have been in my walls for a year and I wouldn't have known??
Mrsjo Mrsjo9 days ago
I forgot to mention, I've only seen one in my living room after they put sticky stuff in the kitchen. I've done a deep cleaning in my house and found no eggs, poo or anything! Apparently my neighbors have seen more than me in their houses, and they've been complaining for about 2 weeks.
Ninzerbean (author)  Mrsjo7 days ago

Mrsjo, I just don't know - I'm sorry you are being blamed, but from my experience here answering all sorts of questions I've come to learn that everyone everywhere wants to blame something or someone. Best thing to do is say to all that hey, we have a problem, let's take matters into our own hands and solve it rather than wait for someone who won't solve the problem because if they do they will be out of a job. Really, working together is what will solve this problem. Make friends, take charge, show them this 'ible. Be the leader!

I'm about to use your method in my apartment. You seem pretty confident so hey I believe you. I have a 6 month old and I'm worried that one day she'll find one and pick it up and eat it...So yeah definitely desperate for anything... Thank you and ill get back in to weeks to let you know how it turned out

Ninzerbean (author)  BerghandyLeigh7 days ago

Please do, share whatever, good or bad. We can all learn from each other.

how will this stuff affect my my pets?will my cat or dog be inclined to eat it because its sweet?we also have snakes,bearded dragons and a tarantula all of which are ,of coarse,in cages however is fumes an issue?

Ninzerbean (author)  PhilosopherK7 days ago

There are no fumes, no worries.

also,if by chance the animals are inclined to want to eat it because of its sweetness can you either omit or reduce the sweetner with out reducing the compounds affectability?

Ninzerbean (author)  PhilosopherK7 days ago

You are not going to be putting it in any places that your pets can access. I had the same unfounded fears because I have small always hungry wiener dogs.

THANK YOU!! I was gonna go crazy If I didn't get rid of them.
What if you have dogs i seen two every weekend one in the day today
Hello! I created an account just to comment. I have been looking over this and many other recipes for the last week, choosing carefully. My roommate helped me bait the house today and some of the greedy ones began eating immediately. My question is, when will I notice a difference? Obviously it won't be in a day but we've got them so bad it disgusts me. At night in the kitchen, the swarm the floor. We've had pest service before but they've come back full force. I actually think they went to all the neighbors and built an army with their bugs too. I am too afraid to walk barefoot in my own home. Also, when I removed outlet covers, the only room that showed any evidence that they were behind it was in the kitchen. Thanks for taking the time to read my reply!

visit our site to know more about how to get ridding of pests

hello there and have a good cockroachesless day

I'd like your opinion on something.Although you keep pointing out how important it is to put the magical staff all around your house, I'd like to put it only in a cupboard in the kitchen.

Living in a 30 square mt apartment and those last 3 years I ve been sleeping with one eye open (if sleeping any). The problem appears in summer and then dies down in autumn-winter(and god I hope it will, this time too). Thing is that after fighting it every summer, covering every crack in this hole-home (and cracks it had, my pride and joy), putting a white liquid bait all over the apartment, then adding a brown liquid bait [that made the job, obviously, a russian one] and laying boric acid this summer I had only one big dead. And then nothing. Did I say that I have German ones, oh yes, those biiiiiiiig dictators never fail bringing me nightmares.

A few days ago I saw a baby tiny winy in the kitchen.Then I checked the cupboard over the extractor (that I have sealed and never use after I realised that there must be a nest inside it). There were poo. Cockroach poo (a little difficult to be some other kind know, emphasis). I m just scared shitless to fully open this cupboard. The wood of the cupboard is not fully attached to the extractor's pipe, and this is how they travel now. I saw two other small others on the kitchen. And since I m too scared and tired to fully open it so I can put tape around it and clean it.......

Question: can I just put this magic staff only inside this area that has the problem? I ll slip it on a post-it.

obviously you don't really know since you don't have the same problem (and maybe because you're a bit more brave and you would flip this cupboard open and do your job) but an estimation will help me.

hope you'll see the message.

have a nice day

Ninzerbean (author)  ohasweethooooome10 days ago

Hi Ohasweethooooome - somehow your comment missed my inbox, I'm so sorry to not have replied sooner, usually I am within 12 hours or faster. Anyway first of all it's been 20 something days - how are you doing? I would have told you right away not to only bait where you see them, bait the whole entire house, it's vital. And you just have to be brave, think of people with REAL problems in Bosnia or somewhere who would trade your fear of opening the cupboard door with about a hundred other things. Or snag some person you meet to help you. Let me know how you are getting on, and I really apologize for missing your question.

Ldivasmom10 days ago
Hi I am wondering your thoughts I this working for me. I live in a row home and my neighbors are very nasty. Our problem started last year and we hired a professional extermination company and they come monthly. After a few months we saw improvement to not seeing any at all. Now the roaches are back full force like we don't have an exterminator come regularly. How could this happen if we have constantly been using them? Do you think this paste will work even though my neighbors is the problem? How much of this do you place out and where specifically? How soon to see results? Please help
Ninzerbean (author)  Ldivasmom10 days ago

For the last few weeks I am getting questions like yours that are answered in the 'ible's steps, yet I think people such as yourself are not reading the whole 'ible. Please read the whole thing, everything is very clear about where to bait, how much to use, why it works, etc. Exterminators do not, I repeat - DO NOT stay in business if they are successful, understand that and you will understand lots more in life in general. If you just want to do good in the world have a quality product, if you just want to make money have a crap product that works to solve the symptom and not the problem, and hope you don't believe in Karma.

Just follow the steps, you will soon be fine.


I believe that roaches are in the ceiling above my kitchen (the house has 2 stories). On several occasions I have seen them on the ceiling, and it's always by the recessed lights. What can I do about this? In addition, I have seen very tiny black roaches come out of the drain in the bathroom a few times.I am on a crawl space if that makes a difference. I did have an exterminator come by and spray and informed him about my concerns about the roaches coming from the recessed lights, but he blew it off as that's being impossible. Sometimes, I'd find dead roaches around the house, I just don't know what else to do. I know what I see. I do live in a wooded area if that helps, and it's not the type of roaches that people find on their kitchen counter, but a roach is a roach to me. Before we have guest over, we always check to see if a dead roach is around, plus I was SUPER embarrassed when on two occasions while in the kitchen one was pointed out to me on the ceiling...good grief. I have several questions;

Is it safe for me to take down the recessed lights and put the paste in?

How can one treat for possible roaches in the ceiling/walls?

What can I do about the tiny black roaches that I have seen coming from the drain in the bathroom sink?

Would you suggest I go under the crawl space and put the paste near the vents leading into the house?

It is possible that roaches are in the walls, what are my options?

I do have an attic, but I'm afraid that if I go up there I may misstep and fall though as it's filled with insulation and therefore I am unable to see the beams. Do I have to put the paste in the attic. or putting on the exterior of the house somehow?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Ninzerbean (author)  AlwaysGrateful10 days ago
You will be in for a large amount of money if you mis-step in your attic and come through the ceiling. Most of your questions are answered in the 'ible, make sure you are clicking to view all steps. The guy who blew you off is what is typical, and he knows NOTHING about where roaches live and hang out. Simply put, just following ALL of the steps in the 'ible and you will soon be fine. Little dabs anywhere you can get to inside your walls and ceiling will be fine, most of the time it is very difficult to remove ceiling light and get inside the ceiling, do your best, but if it is really hard just forget it, you don't need the added expense of an electrician. Once you bait and bait REALLY properly you won't have anymore embarrassments on the kitchen or guestrooms. Remember the expandable foam - use it in the appropriate places. Stay in touch.

I have had a problem with roaches for awhile. I have been using a spray, but there too fast. There infesting my kitchen and bathroom! Its gross. I Found the product Boric Acid Roach Killer at Walmart. It has lure in it. Will that affect this recipe? Also, Can I put this in different bowls throughout my house? Thank you.

Ninzerbean (author)  JordanEaves_011 days ago
Bowls? No. You need to read the whole 'ible. Hit the button to view all the steps, obviously you are only seeing a bit of it. And no, that product will not be the same, I would not use it, the purpose of the 'ible is to get the roaches to bring the bait back to where they live so they can tell...oh nevermind, I am tired. Just read the whole 'ible. The comment section will help as well. Good luck.

Hello :D. I've heard about recepies like this with boric acid all over the web! The first time I started noticing roaches in/around my home, was when I found some dead ones a few years ago in the garage. I didn't think much of it and moved on. That was also the year the pest man stopped spraying around the house. Well 3 years after that, I saw a small, light brown one in the hallway, two light brown ones in the kitchen and one dark one, another large one in the bathroom (E_E), and countless in the garage. All of these were at night. I have an extreme fear of them, and seeing alot of them just made it worse. The pest control man sprayed, which kept them at bay for a week at the most. Towards the Fall/Winter months, I started seeing fewer and fewer of them (Except for halloween, when the Jack-O-Lantern was on the ground outside and there were a few small ones in there). The year was tapering down, and we weren't seeing any more until May of that next year, when there was one in the hallway on the other side of the house, (a place i've never seen them). It was a medium brown one, which we killed promptly. We called pest control again (this time a different, smaller company that was rated highly). They put out a cream that looked like butterscotch, and by the next week we saw 2 crawling around outside dying, and found 3 dead ones out there. I only saw one in the garage that year, which made for a relaxing Summer. Fast forward to this year, the Summer was awesome, but I saw 2 roaches outside. One was when I moved a pot (where it was damp and dark before). The other one was at night, when I went outside to get something. A big one crawled from the bench to the grass. Since they were outside, I thought: A. They might be Palmetto bugs/Water bugs, or B. That's their natural habitat. I went all Summer without seeing one inside until yesterday, when there was a small, light brown one in the bathroom. Do you think this bait will work for me? Thank you!

Ninzerbean (author)  KawaiiSugoiChanel12 days ago
I think that the butterscotch bait was probably the same thing. The person probably just did not use enough of it - well I mean he or she probably did not thoroughly bait your house. It takes hours. I think it is against most codes to put the bait inside the outlet covers the way it was done for me when I lived in the first house in my story. I don't think though that you can expect not to see them outside.

So do you have a lot of cardboard in your garage? Anything that roaches like to eat? Well get rid of it.

And, yes, I think that this will work for you. Next time you can leave out all the details of color etc. - remember I am very afraid of them as well.

Sorry :P I thought the color of them mattered, because there are different types :\

Ninzerbean (author)  KawaiiSugoiChanel11 days ago

Yes, I was sort of kidding, sort of serious, it's just TMI for me personally.

I know how you feel :( I hate those things so much.

JessicaM611 days ago

I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT IT WILL HELP....I Am still in the process but this is my pIan. I wanted to comment on this as I am currently dealing with a German roach infestation thanks to my lovely mother and father in law. ( I am hoping after I rid myself of the problem I can help them as well ). I have spent more time in the last week researching German roaches than on anything else in my entire life. I have a 3 year old and 5 month old and cannot believe i have to deal with this. First of all I did use this recipe and it works great especially because you can use it in outlet covers, which is the German cockroach highway, it is how they travel. But I also used a mix of other things. I first started by getting rid of my toaster and microwave I saw babies climbing out of the vents on the side. I invested in a ton of 1 gallon ziploc bags ( the ones with the zippers) And big plastic crates. All of my cubbard food is in ziplock bags and all inside of a plastic crates with a lid, in all of my drawers everything is washed, dried and in plastic bags, I made my kitchen almost like nobody even lives there. I have completely quit using the dishwasher for now and have a strainer I wash and dry ( Drying is especially important as they love water) all dishes right away and put them in a big plastic crate, I have even been using paper plates because i have 2 kids and hate washing dishes but I take them out to the burn barrel right away and burn them, Germans love cardboard. Soooo after all that I not only used this recipe ( Which is great ) But I also bought Gentrol Point Source IGR, which is an insect growth regulator, It actually stops the babies from reaching sexual maturity therefore....NO more eggs. This is key!!! On top of baiting this is a must for Germans!!! Ok so as well as using this recipe and the IGR, I am going to put any extra clothes, books, blankets In Ziploc space saver bags. I put this bait everywhere, as well as chopped up banana on plates with boric acid sprinkled on top, from what I have read they love banana. When I tried just this recipe ( Which wasn't intended for german roaches) It helped a little but they breed so fast, So the IGR really is what is needed on top of thorough baiting.Also DO NOT ever spray them, all it will do is move them to other places in your home. I really hope this helps somebody because when i realized I had this problem on top of having a 3 year old and a 5 month old I sat down and cried, I felt so overwhelmed. I have just started this process but like i said i have researched this more than anything else in my life, and I really feel this is how it has to work.

Ninzerbean (author)  JessicaM611 days ago
Jessica - I really feel for you, this is a terrible situation but you really have a handle on it and I promise you that this will be a distant memory by the time your 5 month old is a six month old. Everything is better the next day, everything seems less horrible. You have learned so much and you are so generous to pass it on to all of us - so a big thank you!

I tell everyone with Germans to get rid of all the cardboard in the house, even pasta boxes, store it all in ziplocks.

I don't have a microwave any longer either, but not for the same reasons as yours but I don't miss it a bit. Soup tastes better heated on the stove and when I put things into the oven to heat up I am so busy doing other things that the time just flies and the crispy parts are so tasty.

Anyway please keep in touch, yours is the best info to date on the Germans.
Branderdini12 days ago

I just moved into my new house a month ago. I over cleaned everything pulled out stove, washer, dryer, and dish washer and cleaned behind around and in. I seen the Terminix truck at the house next door about 3 weeks ago.. I knew it was trouble. Now I am seeing roaches, ewww.. I am totally disgusted and freaking out over cleaning everything and I have three kids and totally freaking out about this new found problem. I cannot wait to try this recipe and get to work at ridding them from my house. But also totally freaked out about even opening the attic crawl space.

I wondered, would you place this paste outside of the home in the cracks?

Or would that just invite more unwanted bugs?

Since i am renting I am still going to have the landlord at his expense spray the house while I will bait everywhere.

Ninzerbean (author)  Branderdini12 days ago
I always used any left-over bait outside but really it is quite difficult to find places to actually put it where it won't wash away. I think you are doing the right thing. A good knock down doesn't hurt, just don't sign up for any monthly thing or you will be sure to have roaches every month.

I really know about the freaking out part, my heart goes out to you, been there. Sometimes it helps to play a game in your head and think how scared they are of you and how you are saving your children etc. I don't have anyone to help me so the occasional one I see I am on my own to dispatch it, my wiener dogs go nuts so I go nuts and I get out the central vac and make sure to hunt the lone sucker down. I pay people who come over for other things like the A/C or whatever to empty the canister. See what a wimp I am?

UGH Thanks to my neighbors I have a huge infestation of Roaches, that I see during the day......And after I stop dancing around and dry heaving, I am going to try to calm down. I live in an apartment building, and odly enough the roaches I have live in my dishes. I have not found them in my food cupboard but that doesn't mean they havent been there. My landlord is coming to spray tomorrow but if that doesn't work I am going to try your paste, although do you think it will work if the rest of the apartment building is infested too? I have only seen them in my kitchen does that mean that the rest of my apartment doesn't have any or do they just have free reign of the place? Ugh I hate hate hate cockroaches!!!!!! In the meantime I am throwing away all my food that isn't in a sealed container. :(

Ninzerbean (author)  denise.reddekopp15 days ago
Well spraying will kill the ones that are there but it does nothing to stop them from returning, it's how the pest control companies stay in business. Who else would we pay money to every month to do the same thing that does not work for longer than a month. Is your landlord licenced to be a pest control person? I would never let an unlicensed person use poison around my living area. Don't be crazy. No one but your mom has your best interests at heart.

Slow down, think about this, read the whole 'ible, read all the comments. Think before you let the landlord spray your place - if he is not licensed to do so. Hire a professional to knock down the infestation if it's really bad and then use my baiting system.

Have a meeting with the other people in the building to discuss this problem, show them the 'ible, maybe you can all work together at the same time so that all of your can be free of roaches.
Sorry I meant that the landlord hired an exterminator company to come in. So I would have to assume they are a professional company.
I am still going to use your system though. It sounds like the only permanent solution to the problem. :)

Thanks for your reply

can I use this in apartment in the presence of a crawling baby?

Ninzerbean (author)  asma.rizvi.79816 days ago
Does your crawling baby crawl inside of switch plate covers and behind toilets and inside of cupboard behind the drawers, on top of pocket doors, behind picture frames, under sinks and inside of crawl spaces? If not then it will be fine ; )

We recently moved from our old home in which we lived for 6 years without as much as one roach. now here a week and we have found 6 baby roaches (mostly at night) in the kitchen and half bath area. Went out to Menards and got the boric acid. Only type in this town is only 64% boric acid. Hope this works

Ninzerbean (author)  james.wiggin.1219 days ago
I don't think that will do the trick. Perhaps you could order some online?

its me again. So far, cockroaches number already decreases so much. I see them less now and hard to find. Also, the hoi hoi traps that i used there are only few cockroaches there now and most of them are babies. I wish to eradicate the, completely very very soon. Hmmm... Its hard to get rid of them, it requires many patience specially when cleaning all the poop they had. Im glad numbers decrease great. Thank you so much for this.

Ninzerbean (author)  Jonettemardavid25 days ago
Thank you for staying in touch, yes it is difficult because they live in so many places you would never think to look - like electronics! PS3 players, X-boxes, air conditioning units. Keep fighting. At least you are winning!

My husband and I moved into an area of the city that was a little impoverished and is being revitalized. I have never had roaches before and as soon as we moved in they came out. I have tried bait traps, a few home remedies, raid, and other bug sprays. no amount of cleaning or spraying these disgusting evil little things has gotten rid of them. Unfortunately I have seen them go into electric sockets in our home and I can't exactly seal them. I am going out today to get the Borax I have all the other items, I sure hope this works otherwise I told my husband we are moving into a hotel for a week and bug bombing the house! Oh also I hate to say this but I also just read don't smash them the other ones will eat the remains...great.

Ninzerbean (author)  Amandalynlewis217927 days ago
HI there,
I feel what you are going through, I hope that your writing Borax what a typo. I really hope that you really went out and bought boric acid. Borax won't do any good for roaches. Be sure to read the whole 'ible, especially about putting the bait inside your walls. It's going to be a battle. Good luck, keep me posted.

I have a German roach problem in Florida in the swamp. It's literally the perfect storm of pests. I'll definitely try this recipe. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

Ninzerbean (author)  tricia.yeager1 month ago
The Germans are very hard to get rid of, read the comments as you are waiting for them to die, you will learn a lot. Be tenacious. Some people have had good success and other's not so good, but I wrote this for the giant ones... It was a long time ago and I didn't know the habits of the Germans back then. It will work, but you just may have to add other things to the arsenal of weapons, depending on your situation. Keep me posted though.

I made your recipe and it seems to be working better than store bought baits! Its really easy to make and I'm using it as a stand alone in one room and with regular raid in another to directly compare it. My problem is far from over but I'm very happy with this malleable and useful idea!

(removed by author or community request)
Ninzerbean (author)  gina.camarata1 month ago
Thank you Gina! I don't think that that termite recipe is correct. It makes no sense, cat food is not what termites eat. I know that termite treated wood is treated with boric acid, but surely not with cat food. Not to mention jelly. Please look more, this can't be right. If you get rid of the pinebark mulch I think you can be sure the termites will leave as well. Why are you not using cypress mulch?
Thanks for getting back! I made the roach-be-gone goo and placed it all over the house and garage as you've directed. Florida has certain seasons when the bugs are worse. As the dry winter months near, I now feel prepared for them as they are attracted to moisture; pipes etc...
As to the other recipe, I thought it a little odd also and while I bought the ingredients, I didn't make any yet as I have 2 cats and an aging Golden. I am still designing an inaccessible way to bait. Here is the site I found it on. Any input would be great. As to the pine bark, it doesn't seem to matter, I used cypress in my side beds and they ate that too. Also found them in my garden where I mixed in some peat. They ate my pressure treated deck in 4 years. We don't call our place Junglehouse for nothin! lol
I loathe to use poison. Any idea before I have an army of raccoon and panthers after the cat-food bait??? Sincerely, gina

Hello! I am about to try this out. We bought our house a little over a year ago and recently, some disgusting neighbors moved and well.. all their bugs came to our house! :( My question is, I have boric acid but its not blue.. its called "boric acid III." I don't know if that'll make a difference or not. I didn't see anybody post anything about this in the comments section, any idea?

As long as it is boric acid (please, not boric soda) you will be fine. Sorry about your neighbors... but maybe that is why they moved.

ugh, sorry it posted through my business page.

CrazyPills1 month ago

Hello everyone, I live in FLA and never had a problem with roaches thanks to do your own pest control shops and websites. Here in NC it is aweful. I have the exact same problem as ohasweethooooome.

They only are here from June to October. Then finito. Even in the summer, however I never see roaches in my kitchen at night. I can open the light in the bathroom or kitchen late at night and NO roaches. Once in awhile, during the above mentioned time period, I see a live on or a baby one. Maybe once a week and that is during the day. I have made your mixture and put it outside. I have also taken large pieces of duct tape and put a dab in the middle. I do this outside because I tried inside and caught nothing. Buy the real duct tape and this works wonders. My mix is not blue because the boric acid I use is white. I still am afraid to leave my home for a vacation because I wonder what I will come back to!

So did you just leave the bowl out or did you actually put it on things (like roach bait?)

Ninzerbean (author)  katreceswenson1 month ago

I don't understand your question, sorry.

I had the same question... once you've made the mixture what do you do with it? Roll it into balls and place on work surfaces? How far apart?

Ninzerbean (author)  dcarma1 month ago

Sorry for the confusion, I think a few people may be new to the site and are not clicking the button to see all the steps on one page, step #7 explains how to use the bait, but really, you should read the whole thing. Not just #7.

she means do you just leave it in the bowl or do you scoop it out an put it in certain places? I was wondering the same thing, do you just spread little bits of it in random place throughout your house? Just kinda curious as to what you do with the mixture

Ninzerbean (author)  crystal.m.davis.181 month ago

See step 7. Maybe you are not looking at all the steps? If you are not a pro-member I think you have to click a button to view all the steps on one page, I guess that that would make the 'ible a bit vague if you were only see the first step. Thank you for explaining what Katreceswenson was asking, really I had no idea.

we have a bad problem in our kitchen in our apt and nothing we have done has helped people have come in and sprayed and even bombed i cleaned everything out and still nothing I am going to try this and I hope it works

we have a bad problem in our kitchen in our apt and nothing we have done has helped people have come in and sprayed and even bombed i cleaned everything out and still nothing I am going to try this and I hope it works

LSTC1 month ago

I just put down my first ultra cheap mini batch. It seems each time the apartment exterminator visits (monthly) the little critters get flushed our way. I noticed the only difference from what I prepared and what the dude used is the color. I prefer the DIY approach. Thanks in advance for your generous and helpful advice in the road toward a solution to a common problem.

wpickering21 month ago

How about adding a scoop of Cypermethrin to the mix? With the sugar content of the syrup, would the repelling feature of the chemical be mooted, or would it counteract the entire process?

Ninzerbean (author)  wpickering21 month ago
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This works, there is just no reason to add Cypermethrin.

Thanks for your courageous effort! I made a boric acid paste once to kill ghost ants and it worked great, but I only made a teaspoon to use near a water source they were invading.(the spray nozzle on my sink) Now I have high hopes for your blue goo roach killer! Florida living is a bug trial at best. There are zillions of creepy crawlies everywhere. The stuff is on my list and I am going to the store right now. I will keep you posted. PS: I found your site while searching for a termite killer recipe. Every garden bed I have is infested with them under the pine bark mulch. The recipe for that is Boric acid, grape jelly and cat food, but it needs to be inaccessible to pets and wildlife. I will keep you posted and pass on your wonderful site info. krzycat55

OMG! Thank you so much. I was mortified when I discovered what this bug was and in my kitchen! It seems I have the german type, but this site is the best I have found on advice. I will update everyone soon as to how this goes.

its been a week since i put a homemade bait and this hoi hoi traps everywhere. But im frustrated coz it looks like they are still many of them. I discover their nest at the back of out refrigerator and we clean it and put q bait. Now i made another bait again using peanut butter. How long does it take to kill them all?

Ninzerbean (author)  Jonettemardavid1 month ago
I could answer you but I really can't stand looking at that photo. All the answers though are in the 'ible, and in the comment section. It's quite a lot if reading but anything I wrote here would just be repeating.
LindaF11 month ago

I have had a serious German cockroach infestation for nearly 2 years. I just spent 2 weeks emptying my kitchen cabinets and moving all the appliances so I could dust boric acid and diatomaceous earth everywhere - everything is back in place and NOW I find your instructions! As soon as I catch my breath I'm going to whip up your formula and start all over. I can't believe I have to take all the switch plates off yet again. My roaches reside mainly in the kitchen. When I make a sandwich I have to be fast. If I have to go back to the fridge for a tomato or mustard there will be at least two roaches running at break-neck sped toward the sandwich! "Shy" is just not a word that applies to roaches. I am slowly making my way through the comment section here and I am amazed at the people who use wicker. German roaches love anything made of straw or wicker. I have had to discard everything made of straw and wicker because those materials provided so many hiding places that they were just teeming with Germans of all sizes - particularly babies and small nymphs. I will let you know how it goes. You have a very pretty kitchen - you must be a serious chef.

I don't know what the Germans use to kill "German" cockroaches but I do know that they call them "Russian" cockroaches!

Ninzerbean (author)  LindaF11 month ago
For a problem as bad as yours I would also suggest that you get rid of any cardboard containers such as cereal boxes, pasta boxes etc., maybe even put evertything with a label into some giant zip lock bags. Also check your dishwasher if you have one. Or any appliances. I think you need to fog the kitchen. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your prompt reply! I have already put everything that was in a cardboard box in zip lock bags. From what I have read on other sites, fogging does not work well for Germans because they can hold their breath for 40 min. Is fumigating and fogging the same thing? I have two questions:

(1) How long does this formula stay spreadable? I am a slow worker.

(2) Does this formula definitely work for German roaches? I have now read all the comments and sometimes it is hard to tell if people are discussing palmetto bugs or German roaches. It appears that some people use this formula successfully with German roaches - but, then, there are a few who apparently are not successful even though they affirm that they are following your instructions to the letter. I have a few Palmetto bugs, too. So I am still going to do your formula. It is hard to live in SC and not have Palmettos.

Even though I have read that the only reason you see Germans during the day is because they are experiencing crowding - I don't know that I believe it. I have destroyed four nesting areas in my kitchen during the last month but the number of roaches I see during the day has not lessened. I think the reason I see them during the day is because they are hungry. Since I have been discarding food scraps left on dishes immediately and taking the garbage out every night before bed, daytime roach activity has definitely increased. My German roaches are very aggressive. When I cook, either day or night - as soon as they smell the food, here they come. They crawl right on the stove among the cooking pots. If I'm slicing and dicing, they come right up to the food prep area. They act as though it is their kitchen and I'm just the "worker bee!"

Ninzerbean (author)  LindaF11 month ago

Dear LindaF1,

The bait will stay spreadable for at least 4 or 5 hours. But you can put it in the fridge and that will give you some more time. I now live in SC too. In the woods even. I still don't have roaches, except a dead one every few weeks, since I baited this house when I moved in 2.5 years ago. Fumigating and fogging are different. I really wanted to say bomb but am afraid Robot will hold up my reply to you. So anyway, I too of course have read all the comments and seen that some folks have had varying luck with the Germans, and I have learned a lot. This works like a charm with the palmetto bugs which was what I was dealing with in Ft Lauderdale. But in SC I have seen both and the Germans are the dead ones I find. No palmettos.

I recently talked to a restaurant owner about this solution and he was going to try mixing up a slurry of the bait and put it into standing water. This is fine for a restaurant but not something you want to do in your home - but in your case I think you might want to try something along these lines because unless you are pulling my leg you have a severe problem. Like your health is at risk from the bacteria and stuff these guys carry. You need to take really drastic measures.

Finding the infestations is fantastic, if not really gross, but I think you may need a severe knock down that only an exterminator can do, not a regular service call but something special. I would call a non- national company to find someone that can work with you and your situation until it is under control and then use my bait to keep it under control. In my situation there had only been infestation inside and it was in the bottom drawer of the oven in the house we had rented. But I'm worried that your problem is even bigger than " the worst infestation he had ever seen" as I wrote about in the beginning of my story in the 'ible.

I'm on vacation and using an ipad instead of my computer so there are sure to be tons of typos here. I hope you can work through them. Pls stay in touch.

aaryak6 months ago

my shoe works better than all these methods.
n then its splashhh

LindaF1 aaryak1 month ago

I admire your tenacity, aaryak. You must know something I don't! I have tried your method with no success whatsoever.

therese87 aaryak4 months ago

I read that if you do this you need to be careful not to leave any trace of the roach guts because that will attract more roaches as they enjoy feeding on the remains of their dead buddies :(

i will try this, but its hard to find the boric acid powder in japan, so i just bought the market ready roaches bait with boric acid. I bought something like rice cake flavor. I hope this will work. I upload an image of what i bought. The box has 16 pieces so i put it on every place that roaches may live. This post help me about boric acid

Ninzerbean (author)  Jonettemardavid2 months ago
I don't know, I sort of don't think this is going to be the same thing as my 'ible. I mean it does not seem to be any different than using the store bought stuff because it is just that. My baiting system is all about putting it (because it is sticky) on the backs of drawers, water pipes, behind toilets, up high, inside walls. I am sorry that you cannot find boric acid powder in Japan. Can you maybe try harder? A chemist shop maybe?
Companies do not want their roach bait to be effective in being brought back to the colony, they want you to see dead roaches laying around so you will think it is working, but that will not get rid of the problem. It will just make you buy more of it. If you use my system the roaches are gone for years and years, you only have to do it right the first time. It takes hours but it is worth it not to have to do it again for years.
I was out of my house for 2.5 months and got home last night and no roaches anywhere - dead or alive.

ok i already able to get the boric acid online and follow this step. i use mapple syrup. i hope they die very very soon. i have seen many of them at the back of the refrigerator, i have clean it and put some of this. ive been using a hoy hoy traps too.

boni14 Ninzerbean2 months ago

Plus she can order online.

wireman3321 month ago

I first wanted to say thank you for sharing this information. My mother has started having a problem with roaches showing up, and its really started to get to her. She cant stand the thought of it. Im going to make your mixture and spread it where you have shown.

Secondly i want to comment on the social argument going on in the forum. And i'll have to agree with the NOT social side. The definition of a social insect is "any of numerous species of insects that live in colonies and manifest three characteristics : group integration, division of labor, and overlap of generations." Roaches do have two of the three, but miss out on the division of labor. There are no "queen, warrior, or working" roaches.

But yet they do form colonies, and interact as Nizerbean has stated. I read of one study where the group made a cockroach robot that had characteristics so close to the living creatures that it was able to get the whole colony to follow it to anouther living erea. I looked for the webpage that was on before commenting here. While i was unable to find that particular page, it looke like they might be marketing the creation already. But why go through all that when such a simple solution as this is available.

Thank you again Ninzerbean, best wishes.

Ninzerbean (author)  wireman3321 month ago

Thank you wireman, very interesting - thank you for taking the time to write. I think that the comments to 'ibles are as valuable or more so, than the original 'ible.


If you follow the directions on where to put it your animals should not be able to get to it. I know that I would not my animals to eat it but on the other hand it should only hurt things that wear their skeletons on the outside. You should do the research you need to know. Don't just take my word for it.
boni142 months ago

Is it still effective after it get dry and hard?

Do you have to retreat. What about Apt. living? Thanks for info.

Ninzerbean (author)  boni141 month ago
Of course, depending on where you live and how humid and hot it is it will get hard or harder, but you want it to, you don't want it sliding off of all the stuff you have put it on the back of or on top of. If you don't use it all in one day it will be unusable to apply. I would only think you would need to re-treat every few years. I don't have first hand experience with apartments but from what I have learned on here in 6 years I think I would try very hard to get the other tenants on board.
shyatt26 months ago

I made this, after scouring the interwebs for different recipes what i have found is the same. It doesn't warn the roaches not to come back. The point is they eat it and they dry up and die. The roaches in the nests eat those roaches and die also. The syrup and flour/rice powder is the attractant. This is the same technique used in the little pods. Just much cheaper to make a large amount. Depending on your infestation it can take weeks to see results. This is why bombing/spraying to kill visible ones is important. Roaches come in waves as eggs hatch, so you will see them in crease in numbers before they dissipate. This bait will generally outlast the waves of roaches which is why it is much better than the pods. Once you properly bait your house with this stuff and they start dying off your house will be protected as long as it remains appealing to new roaches that come in from outside. Using an oil agent to keep it from getting rock hard can make it last longer. Source: I have successfully destroyed a german roach infestation with this recipe.

boni14 shyatt21 month ago

Thanks for suggesting the oil to prevent drying out and make it last longer.

Ninzerbean (author)  shyatt26 months ago
No, the bait doesn't warn the roaches not to go to your house. Roaches live in a colony like bees, they communicated to each other about where to go get the best food. The German ones live inside, I wrote this 'ible for the regular ones I had to deal with in Florida. When I wrote this back in '08 I think it was, there was no information online about baits, just digging and digging led to me discover that the pest control companies were stopping the use of this type of bait because people were canceling their contracts. Your information is very helpful, thank you for sharing.

best bait I 've heard of.. what also works is, if you see them in a path or a route, sprinkle baby powder down. when they walk through the powder they will suffacate because they breath through the underside. LOVE the borax recipe for places you can t sprinkle powder or for the buggers you don t see. I have wood roaches, because I live in an old house in the woods, and it works on them too! I have seen Florida roaches and they are really, really big and scarey so if it takes care of them, it will take care of every day roaches. thanx for the recipe.

Ninzerbean (author)  reikimaster55555 months ago

Thank you! And thank you for your tip about the baby powder.

shyatt2 shyatt26 months ago

Protip, german roaches use your electrical lines to get around the house. Make sure to bait inside your outlets, take off the coverings and bait inside.

Ivriniel5 years ago
Um, roaches aren't social insects so they don't form colonies.
boni14 Ivriniel2 months ago

Yes, they are very sociable.

Ninzerbean (author)  Ivriniel5 years ago
Yeah they are and yeah they do. Being that I saw a colony move one night I know this is true - a river of roaches - millions? Who knows. But check out LittleWolf's comments and some others, they attest to the social and colony stuff.


Although it is clear they live in groups and have some means of communicating, still,I wasn't so sure about a "colony", so I did my own Googling and one thing I found, and thought you might find as entertaining is according to this list: (scroll down to "Invertebrates") where you will find that while "ants" live in a colony, a group of cockroaches is actually called "an intrusion"... This would imply that no matter where they might be, they are not welcome there!

At any rate, I thank you for your contribution, and for your continued support of this ible you were so kind to share. My story start with me moving in here almost 12 years ago... I happened to see 2 dead roaches the first day I got the keys, so I put off moving for a day and used several foggers to try and get rid of any infestation. I don't know if that helped any but I have had many small harmless spiders, I never had a single cockroach, not dead and not alive. NONE.

Well, until this last new neighbor moved in a few months ago. As soon as he did move in, I noticed a big jug of name brand bug spray sitting on his patio. That's a big clue, as far as I am concerned as to what was to come. Sure enough and it was a few weeks after he appeared on the scene that I saw the first cockroach... And downhill it went.

I must say I started with the easiest of ibles I found on here, the "salt" method... And aside from (presumably) salty feet it did nothing else. Then I went on to the sugar and baking soda... Or was it flour and baking soda? I think I did both. And while I have used Boric Acid (in a mix with sugar and water) to get rid of ants in my garage -And I must say it worked like a charm- I have never used it for cockroaches but am now down to your recipe...

While I cannot doubt how effective it is, theoretically, I don't think it will permanently get rid of the problem because while it might eradicate those that cross the border into my unit, they may continue to thrive where he is at. In all fairness, I should mention that while I do not buy or read the local newspaper in my town, it was shortly after I had spotted the first few roaches in my kitchen that I came across a news stand that showed the front page of the local paper with a huge headline that said "ROACH INFESTATION" discussing how this summer might present a huge challenge with the little critters. So while I maybe attributing the problem to my neighbor by way of the jug of pesticide he has, it might be this whole town that needs to be treated, better yet, eradicated.

And so I think I might be simply delaying the inevitable, that being moving out and letting them have the whole place. And if an when I do move, I will only be taking the bare minimum... No cardboard boxes, no "I'll save this that or the other in case I need it later".

Thanks again for your contribution and I will update you with my success (I hope) or lack thereof!

Ninzerbean (author)  Omarsibles2 months ago

Dear Omarsibles,

If you would be as good a neighbor as you are a writer then I am sure you could approach your neighbor, without blame of course (because it is possible he ended up with a used infested ps3 player as so many others have) and say hey we both MAY have a problem, let's see if we can fix it together. Or how about going to the person who wrote the article in the paper? I am not trying to make money or fame, I have no vested interest in boric acid or any other M.O. other than to rid the homes of the world of roaches.

But you are really a great writer, do you write professionally? Where will you move to? Do you really want to move? Don't let the bugs win! I just visited the greatest town on my way home from months of travel - Fredericksburg, VA. I think I am going to go back with my cape on and rid that town of roaches, and having too many letters in its name. Actually I have no idea if they have a roach problem there or not.

Keep in touch.

Ninzerbean (author)  Ivriniel5 years ago
I just did a Google search on roaches being social and there were many hits - too many to just list one, but really you can look there if you want proof. I put as the headline "roaches are social?" I hope this will convince you. It's one of the reasons they are easy to kill. If you had to kill one at time without their help in bringing poison back to the colony you would never make a dent.
Darkie232 months ago

Hi I follow your step that you has. So far I got it from store. Here what I have.

Hot Shot MaxAttrax Roach Killing Powder with Boric Acid

Normal flour.

Pancake syrup.

I did mixing them. Then my mom start complain because that way I made that for follow your step, it start to dry like rock. I told my mom I just follow the step. So I need to know if I did right thing. I just follow your step, that all.

cdavis383 months ago

After getting rid of them 10 years ago,I cried when I saw one the other day.I'm trying this,because I became so sensitive to chemicals the first time that I don't know if I could handle the exterminators again. I will post again after using it for a month to see how it does.Thank You.

therese874 months ago

Hello, I have a cocroach problem and every once in a while see one in broad daylight (maybe once every week) and at night when I get home and turn the lights on there are at least 2 or 3 of em in plain sight. I tried a mixture of borax and sugar (2 parts borax to 1 part sugar) which I placed in 5 different likely places around my house, but I'm not sure if it did anything. It has been about a week and I have found a few dead wasps and large dead ants, as well as a brand new trail of tiny live ants, but no dead roaches. I saw no roaches at all for a few days, and signs of trails in the powder I had laid out, but no dead ones around. Then I saw about 3 or 4 all in one room, and now, a few days later as I got outta bed to use the restroom I saw ::gag:: 3 huge ones. They did not look at all like they were suffering the ill effects of borax. They looked very healthy and happy. I am so squeamish I can't squish them, so I desperately used up a whole bottle of hand soap trying to pour it on them, but two got away, and I only was able to suffocate one of them. I think I need to try this recipe, but I have a few questions:

1. Can I use borax instead of boric acid?

2. Does this recipe work on the giant ones I have here in Louisiana?

2. Will I see dead roaches around if it is working properly?

3. Will this recipe continue attracting ants into my house?

Help! Thanks in advance!

Ninzerbean (author)  therese873 months ago

Hey therese87, I'm back, how are you doing with the roaches? Did you find some Boric acid?

I did find some Boric acid. I have not had the chance to make the mixture yet, but I am still seeing signs of having an infestation. My house has some pretty old electric wiring, and all the electric outlets are in the floor. Any idea how I would attach paste underneath them to where it won't just drop to the ground? Thank you! Actually, I have been finding a lot of dead spiders near to the borax mixtures I left dead roaches though.

Ninzerbean (author)  therese873 months ago

Dear therese87,

I know I am going to sound like a grouch but again your questions only would be asked if you have not read the 'bile. Are you sure you are hitting the button that says "view all steps on one page"? You would NOT want to see dead roaches after using this bait. The whole point of it is for them to take it back to where they live so they can spread the news that your place is not a place to go to. They are like bees in how they communicate to each other.

Secondly it should not matter where your outlets are located for you to be able to take the covers off and (against all codes) put the bait inside the receptical.

Again, Borax is not, nor does it even contain, boric acid. If you have roaches and you have not used this mixture that I detail in this 'bile I am unsure of why you are writing about it not working. I am sorry if I seem at all negative, and believe me I have total sympathy with your problem, but the question about the location of your electrical outlets just makes me wonder what you are reading and what you are not reading. Can't u see from the photos that the whole reason for the paste is to be able to put it on vertical surfaces? Behind drawers, behind picture frames, on pipes, inside electrical boxes (again, against code) are not even vertical no matter where they are placed on your walls.

Ninzerbean (author)  therese874 months ago
I'm out of town and it's hard to try and answer from my phone but most of your questions are addressed in the 'ible and the comments. Borax will not work. I'll write more when I return.
FancyCheese4 months ago

I have a problem with large roaches coming into my home. They're not palmettos but the North American variety. I read that they don't live indoors but outside but an exterminator told me that they will sometimes live inside the walls. I don't even know where I'm going with this but I'm writing this in hopes that someone can give me some insight as to how to get rid of them once and for all. It's really taxing on me emotionally because I hate roaches (deathly afraid) and now.. whenever I think I see anything move from the corner of my eye I freak out. The main thing I'm afraid about is that if I do try this method out...could it possibly attract more roaches to find their way into my house?

Ninzerbean (author)  FancyCheese3 months ago
I really understand how freaked out you are. But this method is not going to attract more roaches to your house. Really. Trust me. I swear. Just read the whole thing through, read the comments, take you time baiting your home completely.

By North American variety I think you mean the big ones - those are indeed called palmetto bugs. The German ones are smaller and they do live inside of homes. They are harder to get rid of.

I'm applying it right now! I really hope this works! It's only the bathroom and my room that they've been getting you think I should still apply it everywhere? Thank you !!

Ninzerbean (author)  FancyCheese3 months ago

Dear FC, if you are asking that question you have not read the whole 'ible. Please go back and read the whole thing. You have to do it right for it to work, like most things actually.

ElvenChild4 months ago

Question, I irrigatem if I were to put this outside, or say in a sink overflow drain,would it wash off after it hardens?

Ninzerbean (author)  ElvenChild4 months ago

Yes, it would wash away. You can still put it outside but in protected areas. It won't last as long but it can't hurt.

I live in northwest Florida (with the big roaches.)

I have two thoughts to contribute:

1. poisonless kill on sight: a single shot of soapy water in a spray bottle will kill roaches in 10-20 seconds.
dawn handsoap works fine. twist the knob till the stream begins to turn
into spray and mix enough soap that the spray turns into a very runny

2. if your roach killing blobs are drying out too quickly and
not attracting roaches anymore, try coating them with glycerin, it's a
humectant meaning it absorbs water from the air to keep things moist as
well as stop evaporation from inside the main body. it is also anti bacteria and antifungal because it can't be broken down enzymatically. it's also non-toxic (and a
sugar substitute for diabetics and in dental safe chewing gum) wal-mart carries it in 6oz bottles as a skin emollient which should last you several years if you are making them every 6 months or so.

chennaiman4 months ago

Hi Ninzerbean

I am still struggling with your formula. I like the ease of preparing it and setting it up. But the little german roaches don't seem to fall for this trap. I have tried honey, pancake syrup and peanut butter so far. Maybe I should try corn syrup. Maybe I should also add some oil like olive oil. As for doing it up all over the place, I do that painful work, but the results have been unsuccessful. Any new thoughts welcome. Thanks.

gracefam725 months ago

Hi Ninzerbean! We just moved into an older house about two months ago and we started seeing dead american roaches in our dining room (not really sure why they were dead but i was totally okay with it). So we hired an exterminator about two weeks ago and now our problem seems worse! They are now in our living room! We have two young children and the thought of roaches all around their toys...ewww. So my husband and I are going to try to take care of the problem ourselves but I wanted to ask you some things first: Since these are American Roaches should we still apply it in the walls if they live outside? Also, we have only seen them in our kitchen and now in our living room, should we put the bait everywhere or would that just attract them to the rooms we havent seen them in? I feel so helpless after hiring a "professional" and it getting worse.

Ninzerbean (author)  gracefam725 months ago
The thing is that the buggers are like bees, they talk to each other. Using my baiting system lets them take the bait back to the colony (and you really don't want to ever see one, I have and I wish I had not) and then they communicate to the others not to go to your house any more. There seems to have been numerous complaints with electronics, and especially PS3 players. Did you bring one with you by any chance, or recently buy a used one? It seems that they like to live in electronics and window/wall unit air conditioners. My guess is that is is warm, safe and well I don't know what else seems to attract them. Also dishwashers. Yuk. I would suggest that you cancel the exterminator for various reasons that I have written about in the 'ible. They really only stay in business if you see roaches. Success makes you fire them, it's so obvious when you think about it. Be really thorough when you do the baiting, it's the only way. It takes a long time, but you won't have to do it again for years and years.
acline26 months ago
I'm going to do this today but I have a few questions:
Does the electricity to outlets need to be cut off before removing the faceplates?
Will this roach bait attract mice or rats with the sweet smell? I just saw a giant rat scurry across my neighbor's patio and I don't want to bait my house with stuff to kill roaches that will attract the mice and rats to move in. I hate this. I can't handle roaches and critters. It has me thoroughly freaked-I can't handle going into my kitchen at night for fear of seeing a roach. My anxiety is too high over this and I'm in the middle of college finals, but I have to take a day to deal with this.
Also, thank you so much for making this intructable. I'm a broke college student and can't afford an exterminator-although now that I've read your story, I understand it wouldn't have helped for the long term anyhow.
Ninzerbean (author)  acline26 months ago

Acline2, sorry for the late reply, I had a zillion things going on, Ok first off it's totally against codes to put this stuff in the faceplates, that said, there are few other ways to get it inside your walls. Obviously don't use anything metal to put it in, but no, you don't have to turn off the juice. Rats and mice will not be affected by this mixture - it only is poison to things that wear their skeletons on the outside of their bodies. But I also don't think they will be attracted to it, well actually I don't know, but in all the years I have been using it I have never heard or anyone having that as a resulting issue. Good luck on your finals, I totally understand where you are coming from, it's going to be OK.

Thanks and this worked like a charm! It only took about 24-48 hours before the adults were gone. Every once and while I'd see babies, but I was unable to find the egg sacks <gag>. Also, I had previously read that the babies can only eat soft stuff and that's why they eat adult roach feces <gag>, however I wasn't seeing any adults anymore, so I'd put out a dollop (about the size of a dime) of this mixture on several post-it notes and laid them out around the kitchen at night (I couldn't leave them out because I have a dog, plus it would have hardened). Consequently, it only took about 2 more weeks and there were no more babies to be found! They loved this stuff! At the risk of sounding gross, I'd flip on the kitchen light at night and the teeny baby roaches were chowing down on this paste. Thanks again for making this! It is inexpensive, easy to use, effective and convenient!
Ninzerbean (author)  acline25 months ago

Great news and a great tip - thank you!

acline26 months ago
I did this yesterday and added a few tablespoons of olive oil so it will stay moist. Also, I found 100% pure boric acid for $2 at Dollar General. So, you don't have to go to a hardware store for 98% boric acid if you have Dollar General stores near you. They also sell light corn syrup (the same thing as Karo syrup) for $1.25.
boneyabba6 months ago

Hi Ninzerbean! Great article. Questions- I read that the paste still works after it hardens... if that is the case does it matter if you use something with oil or not? Before I found your article I made two rounds with just water, flour, sugar, borax. The first round I spread on a cookie sheet and let dry then spread the clods around- many dead roaches for days after. Still saw some roaches though so I made another batch- this batch I spread around in batter form... couple deaders- several live. I went to make a third batch, but noticed I've still got clods and dried batter paste from both batches around- which makes me think I should still be finding dead ones... Thoughts?

chennaiman8 months ago

I am in India and have the German roaches troubling us.Its heartening to know you have done so much work to eliminate the roaches. I want to try your method. Since Karo syrup is not available can I use honey instead? Or, should I try peanut butter for results? I will keep you posted on the results.

Ninzerbean (author)  chennaiman8 months ago
I think peanut butter. Because of the oil that will keep the bait softer longer. But now that it will smell good be sure to put it in places that little kids or dogs won't get to. It would be harmless in such a small dose of course, but why take chances.

And of course honey will work just fine, why not add a little edible oil to the honey because the honey is so thick. If you add water to thin the honey it sets up too fast.

Thanks for writing and keep me posted, we may all learn from what you share. I just can't believe that when I die that this will be my legacy.

Hi.. Thanks for your response. Day 1 has passed but no results so far. I used honey instead of Karo, Maple syrup or Peanut butter as these are very expensive here. I am hoping to see results soon.

Ninzerbean (author)  chennaiman7 months ago

It's been 21 days - how is it going?

Hi....For some reason, honey with boric acid powder and rice flour seems to have minimal effect on roaches. There seems to be a population explosion suddenly. Am wondering if you can give me any ideas. It is frustrating but I am patient. The roaches are slowly spreading out.

Ninzerbean (author)  chennaiman7 months ago

I wish I was there to see what you are doing, it's sort of confusing to me about how you have baited so many times with a variety of baits - this should only be a once every few years thing to do. When you write that you have "set up" the bait again it makes me wonder how and why you have to do this. Once the bait is in all the places - under the sink, on top of doors, near water pipes, behind drawers etc., that is it. It does take quite a long to time to do a place properly - about 4 hours for an average size home. Unscrewing all the switchplates and putting them back on is the reason. But when you say the bait was flakey... well it won't stick to anything if it is flaky, so how can you use it? The ratio of powder to liquid is to get a peanut butter consistency, so you add more or less liquid to get that consistency.

Chennaiman, are you reading all the steps to the 'ible? Sometimes people think there is one one or two steps because they have not selected the button to "see all steps on one page". Could that be the problem?

German roaches are very difficult to get rid of, there is something wrong with the comments on the 'ibles right now so you can't read the 400+ comments that used to be here, there was so much info and it's sad it is gone, but you have to get rid of all the roaches you see to start with if you have German ones, they are different in that they live inside vs outside like the regular ones we have in the US, the giant ones. You have to be more vigilant with the vacuum everyday, maybe set off a gas canister, get rid of all the cardboard, find out where they are living in your house (they love video game players) and attack that area. I think with an infestation such as yours (German ones) you may need more help than I can give you with my bait. That is why I wish the comments would come back, they are working on it but it's a low priority. People had shared great ideas there. I don't know what else to do.

​The bait worked in the kitchen but to a limited extent only. I had used boric acid powder, rice flour and honey. There are a few ones still moving around after 3 weeks. I cleaned up the mess regularly. Last evening, I have set up the bait again but used peanut butter instead of honey. But I have not got the jelly type consistency with it. Its kind of dry and flaky. Will wait and share developments.
Sjc08587 months ago
We just moved into this home Jan and I started noticing signs of roaches pretty soon after. Roach feces all in cabinets ( which I thought was just dirt at first as I have never had issues with roaches to this extent until now), a dead roach a day in the kitchen along with 2 live ones on different occasions, also found some old egg cases in the cabinets about a week ago. I am not sure if they were here with the last tenants or if they invaded in between while the house was dark and vacant. The house was clean ( or so we thought) when we arrived but after I decided to pull out the appliances I realized it wasn't so clean. The housing office has been working with me. I found some huge gaps that lead to inaccessible open dark spaces in our bottom kitchen cabinets. I believe that is where some were hanging out so they came out and sealed off those large gaps.. I have also been using the foam anywhere I can. I have become obsessed and have realized I have a fear of these things! I do not have the German ones but the American ones and I had read where they prefer feasting on organic matter. I found some feces in my daughters clothing drawers. It is a very old piece so I am sure they are loving it. Your concoction: I came across this a few weeks ago and decided to give this a try a few days ago. I did not have the roach prufe but I had hot shot powder which contains 99% boric acid so that is what I used. I put the stuff everywhere! I cleaned out all my cabinets from roach poo, keep my house spotless, used the foam and thought I had sealed up all the gaps. I was hoping that would solve it but this morning I found fresh poo in my cabinets.. I am hoping that the hot shot stuff will work, if it doesn't I may go get the roach prufe and do it all over again. I am thinking it may take time for this to work, depending on how many are lurking around here. How long did it take for you to be rid if them? I'm sorry if this was answered in a previous comment, I am going to start searching through them now, just needed to get this out! I told my husband he may have to commit me! Lol!
Ninzerbean (author)  Sjc08587 months ago
There is a problem with the comment section of 'ibles and so you will only be able to go back 4 months which is a shame because there were over 400 comments. But anyway we will figure this out. OK, I just have to ask these questions - did you put the bait in all the places I suggest? Are you looking at all the steps of the 'ible? The stuff you used sounds like it should be just fine - you did mix it up with the flour and syrup right? You need to do a really big cleaning and get rid of the egg cases that could be anywhere. Vacuum every day for a while. This should work in about 24 hours. There should not be any live ones running around the way you are having them. There must be another egress into your place.

Many people have reported to me that the roaches are living in their playstation things. Check that our if you have one. They like warm places.

There just has to be something you are missing, this should not be happening. Do you have carpets? Could they be under the carpets? Put bait there. I really don't think you have to use Roach Pruf .

I know how you feel, I really do, I wish there was something else I could suggest. But this will get better. Keep in touch.
Thanks for your prompt response. Yes, I followed the recipe using flour and maple syrup. I had to use a little more syrup to get the consistency and I put it everywhere you suggested. I really think the brown banded ones are coming from the old dresser I have since that is the direction they were headed from and I found some poo in their recently. Gonna take out all her clothes, wash them and put them elsewhere. I think I should treat the dresser real well. I feel like we should just bomb this whole place but I am sure our exterminator will not want to do that. I thought they might be under the carpets as well and brought that up to the exterminator. He wasn't sold. We will see.:/
Ninzerbean (author)  Sjc08587 months ago

Just keep in mind that your exterminator does not want to get rid of your roaches or he will be out of a job. You can bomb the place yourself, that is easy, sometimes it is necessary too. But really training the roaches to think of your place as a death trap and telling all their buddies is the key. When they bring the bait back to where they live they will spread the message. They are sort of like bees that way.

True. I'm hoping that what you described is happening right now since I put the bait out this week and those little roaches were pretty small so I am guessing those egg casings were there before I baited. I know those brown banded prefer organic matter but am hopeful they will at least nibble on that stuff! I may have to bomb. I have never done that before. Will I have to wash everything I own after the fact? So exhausted! Lol! The one positive thing is I have massively de-cluttered and continue to do so. Though I am on the verge of throwing everything out at this point. Ha! Never knew what a nightmare this could be. Thank you again for taking time to help! Really appreciate it!
Sjc0858 Sjc08587 months ago
So we fumigated this past weekend. We spent about $50 and put cans all around the house to include the garage and attic. I expected to find dead roaches everywhere upon return but only found about 5 dead babies and a couple of silver fish. We have been thinking that the roaches were hanging out in the walls and attic so hopefully it killed them. Since last weekend I haven't seen a single roach or feces. I am hopeful but afraid to state we are rid of them as of yet.:)
Ninzerbean (author)  Sjc08587 months ago

That's a good sign. Sometimes it takes extra measures to get control, but once you do then the bait will be all you need and it should last for years. Congrats!

Sjc0858 Sjc08587 months ago
K, right after posting this I went into my daughters room and found 3 live baby brown banded roaches, one crawling on the wall and 2 on the carpet. I am just overwhelmed and over this mess.:(
Sjc0858 Sjc08587 months ago
Btw, I have been vacuuming every day downstairs were we really "live" but should probably start upstairs as well.. Thanks again!
dlo167 months ago

HEY ! I am going to try this but let me tell u a little bit about my problem. I live in an apartment, the whole building has a roach problem. Now my kitchen is so infested they roam during the day, huge ones. My husband and I used to move all the furniture everything and start killing them, once a month. When it came time to do it this time, we barely moved the fridge and we saw a glimpse of 40-50 in one spot. It was horrendous, we couldn't kill that many because we noticed that every time we kill 20-30 it doubles. So we left them and decided to look for an alternative. We found this and we are going to try it, now my only question is, do I leave some of this in a bowl next to the fridge or do I leave some near a wall? I'm really hoping this work. We are moving in about 3 months but it seems like an eternity!

Ninzerbean (author)  dlo167 months ago
Well I guess you could leave some in a bowl, or put it on some cardboard so you can throw it out later on. You probably won't want to clean that bowl - also, the bait gets so hard it would be really difficult to clean. If possible you could post a link or just put up a sign in the building that says to go to "No More Roaches" so everyone could join the fight. Be sure to hit the button that says to see all the steps on one page so you don't miss any, and tell everyone else that as well. This could be a great way to meet your neighbors that you are moving away from anyhow... still. For a problem as big as yours is, it might be best to bomb the apt first. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.
dixiecrystal7 months ago
I just want to say that yes, this does in fact WORK! along with sweeping up, wiping down countertops and drying out the sink every night before bed the treats did work for me. haven't seen a roach NOT ONE SINGLE ROACH for 3 weeks or more now!!! can't express how nice it is to have my kitchen back! personally, I put out fresh "treats" every other night on post it notes and put them all over the kitchen (while singing COME N GET IT YALL ITS SUPPER TIME LOL) but instead of the flour and stuff I used BBQ sauce with a dab of water (as to not dry fast) and good helping of boric acid. you did an excellent job on your ible and I thank you for putting it out there! I did fumigate before going to work one morning (not the fogger, the fumigator has more % of killing power and is not messy) but after cleaning up the dead roach massacre I still saw them but just stayed with my game face on and gave them the BBQ treats. just keep dishes done, sink wiped (even sprinkled boric in sink too before bed), and sweep n stuff n ya should be good (: thx again instructables!
Ninzerbean (author)  dixiecrystal7 months ago
Thanks for sharing Dixie!
Jelei8 months ago
Hi, I made this mixture and put dabs of it all over my apartment. It's been about 3 weeks and I have seen less roaches but still see baby and adult roaches. My question is does the mixture still work even after it hardens. I noticed that it's so hard, it's even hard to get off if I try to take it off, I'm just worried it worked at first and now that it dried up it's not working. Thanks
Ninzerbean (author)  Jelei8 months ago
If you are still seeing roaches I have to wonder how thorough you were. When you say dabs all over did you follow the directions of putting it on waterpipes, behind kitchen drawers on top of doors etc? It takes a long time to do it right. There would be no reason to remove the dabs, and yes they get hard and they still work. But you must be really thorough the first time. If you miss spots - like not putting it in the walls etc you are really not making your house a place the roaches are going to tell their friends not to go to. Also, if you are seeing baby roaches you have existing egg cases, you need to vacuum everywhere and everything. Hope that helps.
Jelei Ninzerbean8 months ago
Thank you, I have got every spot you can think of except the inside of walls that's the tricky part how could I get inside the walls?
Ninzerbean (author)  Jelei8 months ago

It's not to code and all that, but did you read about taking off all the covers on the light switches and outlets? I fear many questions I get are because the whole 'ible is not being read. You have to click on the button to see all the steps on one page. Did you do that? That is really why the baiting takes as long as it does to do properly.

Jelei Ninzerbean8 months ago
Thank you I have read it again and will do the walls and hope that does the trick!
Jelei8 months ago
I added some under the sinks, on the pipes, on top of the door frames, behind Picture frames, under the fridge, oven, mirrors .. Everywhere it's just so frustrating because I have a 4 month old baby and wish they could go away and ofcourse the landlord got an exterminator but that hasn't worked.
nico67079 months ago
Hello Ninzerbean … I am seeing roaches (I think german type) at least 2 or 3 a day (1/2 Inch long) in my kitchen (counter) and only one marching on one of my bathroom's walls. I have spread Boric Acid behind my stove, refrigerator, corners, etc … I live in an apartment and I see that there could be many sources of the "infection." I saw a few roaches on the hall's floor and a couple more in the garbage room. I checked with my super and what their exterminator uses is a type of repelant … I think I made a mistake calling the exterminator …. this guy is using that stuff that does not really solve the problem … after his visit, I've been using pure boric acid but at this point I don't know who will die first, the roaches or me. I've been using that powder all over my 800 SF apartment. Another hypothesis I have is that the plague comes from the apt's heaters (this building was constructed in 1957) … my question to you is whether I can use your recipe inside hot places (thinking on putting the bait inside the heaters) … wouldn't it dry very quickly and lose any of its magic properties ? Other question, how long does it take to not to see any more roaches marching in my apt ? … is it matter of days or weeks ? ….. none of the commercially advertised products seemed to work either. Any other input will be really appreciated.

Thank you.
Ninzerbean (author)  nico67079 months ago
Well spreading boric acid around will only kill the roaches that run across it, and it won't harm you by the way, unless you have your skeleton on the outside of your body. But the bait is a way to attract them, plus you can stick it too anything. But the heat will not dry the bait up, instead it will melt. So that is not a good thing for the heater - is it the heater vents that you think they are coming through? Why? Over the years of being the roach person I have realized that the German ones are a lot harder to kill than my nemesis, the regular palmetto roach. But it is still do-able. You must read all 400+ comments though, well, just skim them until you find the ones that apply - there is a wealth of help there.
Keep me posted on your progress.
Oh yes, your last question, you will see results the next day. But keep in mind that it takes a long time to properly do a place, even 800 sq. ft. Make sure you are hitting the 'see all steps on one page' button so you are reading the whole 'ible.
Thanks Ninzerbean … Yes, I am thinking they come from the the heaters vents …. could it be possible ? I assume heaters provide them warm shelter and a place to reproduce. I am getting ready my arsenal to attack these unwanted visitors this weekend and I don't want to miss nor a single spot where they might hide.
Ninzerbean (author)  nico67079 months ago
Did you read the comment about the pasta water? Anyway, good luck!

Ok… here is my report. I applied the bait as indicated in the manual. I also applied pure acid boric under the refrigerator and dishwasher …. and since I had gotten caulking for cracks and crevices, I drilled some holes at some locations on my walls, large enough to introduce the tip of the boric acid container and easy to repair after injecting some acid into the walls. I also removed the covers of all outlets (and I found, of course, roach eggs) so I applied boric acid inside the electric boxes. Well, after 10 days… nor even one roach dead or alive (that part I don't get … nor even dead bodies?)…. so all of this brings me to think that I conquered my kitchen from the German domain. Now, I began seeing them in the bathroom (did de move?)… so I applied the bait all over the bathroom (doors frames, cabinets, behind the toilet) but for some weird reason the bait is ignored by the roaches. I see one roach every 3-4 days ( I hate them … so even 1 roach a month is an infestation for me) …. anyway, I got this product from Dupond (Advion) and I applied it all strategic points in my bathroom … let's see if it works. Keep you informed guys.

Ninzerbean (author)  nico67078 months ago

Nico6707, I am guessing that when you 'did' the whole house that you skipped the bathroom? Look, the thing with the boric acid powder is that is will not work in the same way at all - yes, if a roach runs across it it will die, but death is not what you want at first, you want the roaches to take the BAIT back to their colony to tell their friends not to go to your house. I can't stress enough pushing the button that lets you view all the steps on one page, that way you don't go off half cocked with less than the full amount of information. Injecting boric acid into your walls will not work in the long run, what you are going here is for the long run - if you do this right you will only have to do it every 2 or 3 or 4 years. Killing roaches is NOT the answer, you must bait them with the mixture so they go back to the colony to warn their friends. That is the only way this works. Poisons are just a quick (like a month) fix.

By mixing two poisons and my bait you are not going to have success because you need to BAIT the WHOLE house. If you kill a roach that doesn't get back to the colony, and you will kill them with the bait if they eat it at your house, you are setting yourself up to be infested again.

To think like a roach you must understand the colony they live in. They are not solitary monsters. Think bees. I wish you had only used the bait. If I were you I would sweep up all the power and put bait where you put the powder. Thank you for getting back to me, and also for trying to help that poor guy who obviously did not follow the 'ible.

One more thing…. I discovered that roaches came from my neighbors apartments …so I installed a door sweep and a whether seal around the frame of my door …. That helped a big deal too.

THIS DOESNT WORK. MY ROACHES DONT EVEN GO NEAR IT!!! I even just put the blue roach prufe down and they walk around it. I flung a couple of them in it manually and that was the only way. I still see a bunch. But mixing it with Kara etc is BS

I understand your frustration too… It might sound silly but it is also a psychologic war….. be prepare, be patient, be smart and respect the enemy … roaches are smart creatures … you just need to be one step ahead. Design a plan, determine what you will do, be clear on where the bait will be applied, keep records of when and where you applied baits … have a second plan working simultaneously (no repellants if

you use baits) …. once again, it sounds funny but think like a roach … where would you hide …. and and and DO NOT LOSE CONTROL !!!

Ninzerbean (author)  roachesarenotdying9 months ago

I would like to try to help you - it really does work. Did you read all the steps? Put it in all the right places as shown? Do you have German ones or regular? I don't benefit in anyway from this 'ible, I don't sell a product, have a website to link to. I just wanted to share what works for me because I have such a phobia of roaches. You are the first to dis the ible, so let's back up and see where you went wrong, or what happened exactly - so others may benefit from your experience. Did you actually mix up the bait or just use the blue roach prufe? I understand you are angry and frustrated, but lets see what went wrong, because this does work.

I own a restaurant in a hotel the building is about 70 years old and all sudden 6months ago we became infested with German cockroaches. We've hired an exterminator but are still seeing about 30 a day. I'm worried they will start getting into the food or migrating out into the dining area. Is it even possible to get rid of them now that they moved in. I'm from Alberta Canada and roaches in a restaurant is completely unacceptable out here. Please Help

DWaghorn9 months ago

I've read most of the comments, but it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm tired so need to ask this question before I begin baiting tomorrow. I have a Dyson bagless vacuum. Once I've vacuumed, if I empty the cylinder into a bag and throw it in the trash, will that be OK, or will I set up a safe harbor for roaches in the canister of the vacuum? I'm thinking I should add some boric acid to the canister just in case. Please let me know what you think and thanks so much for all your hard work.

Ninzerbean (author)  DWaghorn9 months ago
Don't put boric acid powder in the vac. It will be fine to empty the vac into the garbage. I worry that you will be breathing the powder when it vents thru the vac, this would be very bad for you. Bad idea. You are welcome and don't worry, you will be fine, very soon. Once I had a window unit a/c, it was infested, I put it in a large garbage bag after I had dusted the whole thing with the boric acid powder. A week later it was still full of live roaches. They really have to eat the stuff.
ayoanii9 months ago
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ayoanii ayoanii9 months ago

Hello Ninzerbean!

I have a pretty bad roach problem at my parent's the point my boyfriend and I saw a baby roach once in a while crawling on our bed and today we saw a bigger one near our pillows. I'm horrified! We don't have sufficient funds to move out though. This place is a 16-17 year old neglected trailer and we're thinking about trying your instructable but I have some problem areas I'm worried about:

1) The fridge, we think that may be a homebase for them since the fridge is leaking something. I know there's an outlet behind there, but we're terrified of moving that fridge.

2) My counter/oven area. It's slightly separated from the oven, if I put it anywhere near/in the oven, would it affect food or cookery? Sometimes I see them crawling out of the small holes in the oven door.

I was wondering what your thoughts would be on this. I know you say cover every outlet covering, pipes, under areas, every nook and cranny. I fully agree but I'm really freaked out about what I'll find in those areas.

Ninzerbean (author)  ayoanii9 months ago
I understand how afraid you are, but before you bait you must move that fridge and have a strong vacuum and stomach ready. Get a neighbor to help, I have found that neighbors think it's really funny to be afraid of roaches and so they love to watch you scream, and that is why they help. I'm afraid the oven needs to be investigated before you bait as well. Because it is a small space and it does seem that there could be a nest inside I would suggest a b0mb of some type, then the helpful neighbor to move stuff, then bait. Good luck, it's going to be worse before it gets better. keep me posted on your progress.
GP2M10 months ago
I made my bait just like you said and i put it in a bunch of shot glasses around the house. I put a bit extra syrup but the same amount of roach prufe and flour. do you think that is sufficient? I still see roaches and i am wondering if they can find the bait or maybe they don't like it? lol I have used roach prufe before so i know it works but i am just wondering if the mixture is OK. like i said the only thing that i did that was different is add a bit more syrup because mine was very hard to mix.
Ninzerbean (author)  GP2M10 months ago
Sometimes I wonder if people have hit the "see all steps on one page" button. If you didn't see all the pages of the 'ible, perhaps this is why you put the bait in shot glasses. This won't work. Please go back and look at all the pics and read about where to place the bait. It is a paste for a really good reason - so you can put it on surfaces where roaches like to go. The amount of syrup is just the amount it takes to make a paste, that can vary by how much powdered stuff you are using. Put the shot glasses up in your attic or crawl space, they are not going to work. Sorry. That is why it takes so long to do a house properly.
GP2M Ninzerbean10 months ago
No i didn't notice the "see all steps" button, thank you.
Ninzerbean (author)  GP2M10 months ago
This only dawned on me today, but I think it is why I get so many questions that are clearly explained in the 'ible. If you are a pro-member you automatically see everything - and there are no ads. This place is such a huge sharing of knowledge place, well worth the price to support it. Good luck to you!
radhaks10 months ago
Hi - I have an old home in south fl that was tented for termites 3 years ago and then largely renovated. Most walls & ceilings were opened and are new. All of kitchen and 2.5 baths are brand new. Never had any issues w pests, except a carpenter ant next - which seems to have moved but is still there - and silverfish. Not fond of chemicals so have up to last year only allowed dusting and barrier spraying by pest control. we still have the same issues they were here for so, stopped service 1 yr ago. We have installed, on a concrete platform and about 30ft from the house, a shed of plastic, with shelving and plastic containers to store things. Recently took out my plastic containers of christmas stuff and left it in the house for 24 hrs. Went to unpack on the deck and realized the containers were all infested with what look like american cockroaches - all ages and eggs. That night I found 2 flying roaches...killed them, sprayed (with ecosmart) and 2 nights later found another flying & killed. I have now bombed the shed, with all items inside. Found tons of dead roaches. Cleaned out this stuff as much as possible but worried about my house now having these roaches - do I need to bait the whole house (2400 sq ft) with your bait? I will def bait the entire shed - planning on tracing the vents and corner/floor crevices. Does that sound like a sufficient plan?
Ninzerbean (author)  radhaks10 months ago
Gosh, I don't know. It's a big job to do when I am not sure you have an actual problem. Lots of plastic bins have air holes and that is how the roaches probably got inside the ones in your shed. The fact that you now have roaches in your house but have killed the ones you saw would make me think it would be a wait and see sort of situation. This is such a busy time of year, I know you don't want to invest 4 hours into baiting your house when you are not sure - and I am not sure - yet, if you have a problem. It's always better to be safe than sorry of course, and if indeed you have roaches that didn't get killed you would be ahead of the game if you did bait. Personally, I would bait. But I have a phobia. I'm going to leave it up to you to decide. That's my 2 cents.
radhaks Ninzerbean10 months ago
Thank you so much for your quick response. I too have a roach phobia & I wish I could turn back time & check those bins before taking them in!! I will bait the shed and maybe the area around where the bins were left inside (there is a huge potted plant right there)...see how that goes. I was also told to maybe fog the place, to be sure...just not excited to pack my kitchen up for a problem I might not have! Anyway - this is a very helpful site and will start w the shed. Thanks again for your thoughts!
Ninzerbean (author)  radhaks10 months ago
You are welcome. I am not a fan of fogging. It only kills the live ones and does nothing to alert the others not to come to your house the way the bait does. Read all the comments and you will learn more than you want to know, but they do help a lot.
r00_oo11 months ago
Update r00_oo :)) After my initial post 11/4 the next day it seemed like the roaches were coming out everywhere in places i never saw them before .. we must have killed about 8 and a few babies... Then nothing for 3 days.. i was like WOOOOOOOOO there all gone then 2 every day for 2 days then another 3 days with NONE ..... now its one here and there maybe one every day then none again for a few days .....
Ninzerbean i was at the point where i just wanted to go and live in a hotel lol ..... i couldnt take it anymore i understand that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed. The first thing i do when i get home is look at the walls or if i open a clauset i inspect it first just incase. Hopefully a day will come when my husband and i are not sitting looking at the walls anticipating. We ripped out the kitchen what we found behind the cabinets gave me nightmares for weeks, but we cut off the water supply there now for 2 months ripped out the sheet rock and replaced it, foamed out all the water exits in the walls and left bait and boric powder behind the walls just incase. We are about to put in the new kitchen and i will get my caulk gun out again, caulk every cabinet.
We are halfway through the house now but i have baited everywhere apart from the garage. So my job this week is to go bait he garage and go round baiting what i might have missed first time around.
is that normal behaviour of dying roaches? wow i remember when we were killing 10+ a night and now its one here and there. I guess i am still getting a bit freaked when i see one incase they are re-grouping and starting up a new colony. i am going to put it outside of the house as well just to make sure... I cannot tell you the language i am using when i am baiting as there is a "be nice" comment policy here loooool ....
For a scottish girl living in NJ that never came across roaches before i think i am doing quite well with killing them and overcoming my bug phobia :)) ewwwwwwwwwwwww i hate hate hate hate roaches :(( ........ will i ever be able to just open a clauset again without checking it first.
Thanks for all the information .... I have read alot of the comments and there is some really good advice on here. Its also soooooooooo great to know you are not alone in the war of the roaches ....
Do you think it is safe to unpack yet?? all my stuff is still in bins in the garage :((

Ninzerbean (author)  r00_oo11 months ago
I'm just a bit worried with your wording - "boric powder". Boric powder is like washing soda, it's not the same thing as boric ACID powder. I'm hoping it's just a fast type and you are using boric acid powder, mixed with the yummy stuff that will make them eat it, it you think that having them just run across the powder is going to work - well it won't. They have to eat it and bring it back to the colony. Reassure me and let me know if you are doing it 'right', meaning the way I have it explained in the 'ible. Please.
r00_oo11 months ago
So glad I found ur site. ... we moved into husband's moms house it was infested with roaches... we emptied it and we have bombed it and sprayed It to get rid of the load we could see... we had to move in sooner than expected and got here just over a week ago... we have ripped the house apart, ripped out the kitchen and the nest that was behind there was soooooo gross but all dead .... we have taken out the toilet and sinks to replace the sealers and stuff .... so we have begun to paint room by room as i go round the rooms i am painting it then baiting and caulking every hole crevis even in the clausets, doors, power switches plugs, cable holes windows.... if there is a hole or a split in the wood it gets caulked :)) we have also taken off every plate to expose the switches to replace them ......I am seriously getting BUGGED OUT eewwwww I hate roaches.... I made the bait and as we are going around decorating I am putting it everywhere before caulking... filling up holes in bathroom and kitchen with foam..... its going to take us quite a few weeks to get the place done its 4 bedroom ... will I keep going with what I am doing or bait the whole place?. .... because we are decorating I have my cute dog I didn't want to bait in some places because it would just come off and maybe the dog would get it...... since the initial cull.... we have been seeing some babies and young roaches about 4-5 a day... tonight i saw a big roach but it looked like a young roach compared to the ones that were here before. .... feel like I am winning loosing battle :((. .... plus I think I am allergic to them....... just feel grossed out every day its awful x x
Ninzerbean (author)  r00_oo11 months ago
Yes, it is awful, but you seem to be on the right track - at least you have an empty house to work with. I am just a bit worried that you are putting caulk over the bait - how will the roaches get to it? Put the bait up high so the dog can't reach it, make sure you put it behind (on the back of your kitchen drawers), no one can get to places like that. Even if your dog eats some it's not harmful to animals that don't have an external skeleton. I mean it's not great but inhaling it is much worse. The stuff won't come off, it's like really stuck on once it is stuck. And yes, it takes a long time to do it right but it is so worth it not to have to deal with the monsters for years. Remember to read all the comments - there is a lot to learn there from others, and look for wet or damp places - roaches like moisture, so be sure to look behind your washer and dryer pipes and bait there. Keep using that expanding foam - it's great for sealing up large gaps. Good luck, you will be fine and roach free very soon. I promise.
d4an611 months ago
no i did not see that button, thanks actually just spayed only seen two more but that is it.
d4an611 months ago
Okay i found 10 really big roaches, like 6 behind a freezer , one on the counter, and one on the stove, it was at night. Have not seen any baby ones anywhere. killed all of them with spayed, how bad do you thing my infestation is? bomming tomorrrow and spayed to tonight, when you bait do you put alittle in a spot and how do it in the reciplcales? thanks
Ninzerbean (author)  d4an611 months ago
I don't think your infestation is that bad, but I am confused by your question because the 'ible details what you need to do to apply the bait - is it possible that you did not click the "see all the pages" button and only saw a small part of the 'ible? Reading all the comments here will also help, but really the instructions are all in the 'ible. Good luck, keep me posted.
Thank u so much. I have five month old baby. We have never had roaches but our neighbors did and were told if they didn't clean up they would be kicked out so they started moving lots of junk from around the outside of their trailer. I have seen 4 roaches and I am deathly afraid of bugs. I can't even kill them with my shoe, broom or spray. I have to leave the room. But the hubby is great he put this down inside and out ( also we put in our outside trash can). No more roaches! So thank u a million times over.
Ninzerbean (author)  Patrina20081 year ago
Somehow I missed your comment when it came, I know this is late but I wanted to that you are sooooo welcome. Thanks for writing!
jyeadon1 year ago
We are currently having a huge problem with these devils. We have had the pros out here twice and while they killed a ton of them, I'm still seeing live ones everywhere. We completely cleaned out the kitchen and put everything in boxes. It looks like we just moved in! We've been living this way for over a month now and still have bugs. Our house (an old schoolhouse) is a very old building and is over 4,000 square feet but mostly with solid concrete walls. We have three small walls that are sheetrock. Also the downstairs ceiling is that old time holey stuff. Anyway it means our ceiling is infested. Our kitchen is downstairs. I'm so beyond tired of fighting these evil creatures!!! I've read tons on the internet about getting rid of them and I keep seeing how sweet, sugary bait no longer attracts them. Is this the case for German species? That is what we have and with how long it will take to put this bait in a house this size I want to be sure to mix up the right stuff. Any and all advice will be GREATLY appreciated!! Oh and thanks for this instructable!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  jyeadon1 year ago
First thing - is all your stuff packed up in cardboard boxes by any chance? Get rid of all cardboard in the house, if it indeed looks like you just moved in you are actually providing them a place for their colony. Unlike palmetto bug cockroaches, the big brown or black ones, German roaches live inside - and worse - they procreate really fast. The big guys come inside and eat the bait and go back to the colony but the German ones live inside and they are simply from what I have learned here on this 'ible, harder to get rid of. The bait will still work but you must me more tenacious with other things too - get a service company, preferable a small one who does not have to abide my some crazy company policy to really help you. I could tell you tons more but really the best thing for you to do is read the hundreds of comments on this 'ible, you will have to go through lots of pages to do so. My readers are all trying to help each other and have shared so much. Good luck and get rid of the cardboard boxes. Keep in touch too with what happens, you will conquer them, it's just going to take more time with the German ones. It will take you about 5 hours or more to bait your house.
Yep, cardboard boxes...tons of 'em! The company we have been using is a small, hometown one. I hope that means they are doing everything they can to really get rid of them and not just keep themselves in business. They used several different things in the house (sprays and foggers), no baits though. I know one of the sprays they used is a kind of birth control stuff that is supposed to make the egg sacs unhatchable and I must say there really has been a significant decrease in babies. It just isn't complete! I still see babies now and then, when I want them GONE for good, ya know! I don't want to just keep it manageable, I want them all gone. These bug guys that told us to remove everything from every cabinet in the whole house and put it in boxes though, and they never mentioned cardboard being an issue. :(
I'm to the point now that I'm thinking of just really condensing things down and throwing out anything we don't absolutely need. That should pare things down enough to maybe just sit it all around and throw out all the boxes. I don't know. These things are a nightmare. I've been calling it my "War on Roaches"! I have read a lot of the comments here, but not all. I will take the time today to do that.
By the way, how we got them in the first place...just to help out others who might not know this is possible. We let a friend move in with us when she was down on her luck. She lived in an apartment building in Iowa (we are in Kansas) and with her belongings she had a computer and a tv set. It was less than a month later that I saw the first roach in the kitchen. When we started really looking around we found that both her computer and tv were so infested you could see the roach feces in piles inside both. :( So those suckers traveled all the way here from Iowa in her tiny car in the middle of December! When she got here, we left all her stuff out in her car over night. It was 20 Degrees F the day she moved in. So the cold didn't even kill them off.
Ninzerbean (author)  jyeadon1 year ago
Yep, those guys love electronics, you will read about a PS3 player I think it was, on here. They are very hard to kill because they can go so long without eating, freezing does not seem to faze them either. I think you can put your stuff in drawers and cupboards again, put some bay leaves in with your clothes. I have heard it helps, I used them but then again I don't have roaches - at the moment. Now that I live so far in the woods I bait more than I used to in the city. I see a dead one about every month, but that means I have not done enough baiting. Yes, it is a war. As far as cardboard goes, I try to put everything in giant ziplock bags. Especially stuff I don't use often such as cereal, taco shells, etc. Every type of flour goes into the freezer. You have got to put bait up in that ceiling. Lot's of it in different places.
As far as helping your friend - no good deed goes unpunished, right?
You don't want to sit the bait around though, put in the right places - up high, behind, inside, near water, behind your washer and dryer - sometimes the the holes they make to put the pipes and vents in are quite larger than they need to be, and do they seal them up? No. You have to do that.
Yes that is something I learned after the pros came in! I had no idea they were up high...all the spraying and powders I'd done on my own were at the floor baseboard areas and behind drawers and cabinets. I'm going to check all the holes too and put some sort of caulking in them. We are going out of town this weekend, but I'm going to start on Monday with this new plan. Get rid of cardboard and excessive junk, put foods in freezer and sealed containers, bait the house. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks so much! Are you sure you don't want to just come stay a few weeks with me to help me battle!! LOL. ;)
Ninzerbean (author)  jyeadon1 year ago
You might want to fog up in the ceiling while you are gone. And, no, I don't want to help you - ha ha, I am so scared of the things my voice goes horse from screaming when I see one. I even made my son afraid of them.
eilu1 year ago
Mixed up a batch using honey instead of syrup. It works but you have to add a bit of water, since the honey is too thick.
Unfortunately *someone* mistook it for me making a mess and patiently spent the whole day cleaning it out of all the nooks and crannies I hid it in. Going to mix up a new batch and put up signs. I'll add some green food coloring so people know it's poison.
Ninzerbean (author)  eilu1 year ago
Someone must think you are crazy.
I am soooo going to try this. I live in an eight unit apartment building...and every single time someone new moves in, seems like I see bugs. Usually in my bedroom...not the kitchen.
I had an idea to share with everyone.
I have an old meat infuser. (A syringe that you stick in meat to fill it with spices and such) and thought that would be perfect to stick into the walls where I have already put a nail in the wall to hang a picture. The infuser doesn't have a typical needle on it like a medical syringe. It flows out the sides, instead of the tip! Maybe make a batch that is a little bit thinner in consistency, and you could fill your walls up! lol! I am going to do it.
Ninzerbean (author)  natastrophy1 year ago
Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing.
We moved into a very, very old cottage in the Bahamas. We had to do the cleaning of the house and furniture when we moved in and guess what - roaches - American giant ones, german (baby and adults) everywhere - they seem shocked we were there. After a nervous breakdown, an exterminator came after a week of terror but it really did not do the trick. I found this instructable and this is what I did:

1. Clean the house decently including vacuuming and locating all of those nice egg casings ( wiped walls and base boards decently)
2. Two days of cleaning furniture (found dead giant roach inside the wicker) outside and decontaminating it with anti-bacterial
3. Vacuuming every single day
4. No food in house for one and 1/2 weeks. Any take-out food was in plastic bags at all times sealed.
5. Made your magic paste and put it everywhere just like you said. Wish I had left the container left over in the attic but I had not found the attic opening on the first run through. Put container outside behind the house where pets cannot access near water pipe into back apt.
6. Sadly, because it was so bad, we had to also spray Spectricide with residual. Sprayed the base of the house and all windows and sills; sprayed out buildings; sprayed base boards inside house (did not do cabinets in kitchen etc. because exterminator already did that). We also had to bait the kitchen with Tat and Combat but those went on the floor. The magic paste went everywhere else.
7. Sealed up between floor and wall where there were gaps; caulked the windows as best as possible (rotten wood old house nothing we can do - we do not own)
8. Two weeks after all of that - major change: Saw dead roaches but no alive ones.
9. It is now two and half months after that and we are still seeing dead german roaches.
10. Never saw them in the coffee maker or stove and we do not have a dishwasher. Have not seen them in the microwave. We live in a place where electricity is high so might I suggest what we do. We leave all electronics unplugged when not in use. I have to figure out how to check computers, t.v., cable box, phone etc.
11. In two and a half months, still seeing one/two dead roaches every few days.
12. Have not put clothes in drawers or shoes in closet yet because want to be able to check drawers and floors etc.
13. We cook in the house but we seal the garbage bag inside the trash can before going to bed.
14. There are tons of old cars in the yard right behind our house - would that be a roach place too? We can't do anything about those cars but maybe we could spray or bait the cars?

Some questions for the Board.

When can I feel comfortable about putting our clothes away without living in fear of a roach dead/alive in the drawers? I am going to keep the shoes in baskets for now so I can "see" the floors quickly. I am really freaked about the clothes in drawers.

Also, when can I ascertain that the problem is resolved? (I know this probably does not have a real answer). We do no see anything dead or alive for a week or so, and then a dead one.

We are also going to spray the house once per month since the directions stated the bait lasts two years. I am baiting the apt. next door since it is now empty and will then put the container in the attic as I can now access it. It is not that clean but I am too disgusted cleaning this house to do that one.

Note: I mixed boric acid with baby oil and killed a small drywood termite nest so this stuff is the real deal.

The Instructable was great and after arguing with my husband about the power of bait, I truly think that the spray helped the initial barrage but that the bait helped weed out the massive problem. I sure hope it lasts two years because baiting does take forever.
Ninzerbean (author)  cammylicious1 year ago
Wow, thank you for such detail on what you did, I am sure it will help others. The thing with the bait vs the spray is that the roaches live in colonies, huge colonies, and they need to take that bait back to their colony to feed roaches who are hanging out there, pretty soon they all know not to go to your house. If you kill them with spray they can't warn the others to stay away. Of course my bait kills the greedy ones who eat it at your house before they bring it back to the colony so you are going to see those dead ones. What you want to happen though if for the word to get out that your place and the apartment next to you are dead zones they must not go to. That was really smart of you to do the apartment while it is empty. The cars would certainly contain roaches, there are all sorts of yummy things to eat in old cars and it's dry there too. They need water but like to hang out in dry places. I think you are doing everything that can possible be done. I think you are safe to put your clothes in the drawers, there is no reason for them to go in the drawers anyway. Compared to how things were when you moved in I think your problem is basically over. German roaches are very hard to get rid of, harder than regular palmetto roaches. But please do the cabinets that the bug guy did, I swear what ever they use is not effective, they would go out of business if it was.

Tell me more about how you used the baby oil and boric acid to kill the termites, that sounds pretty dang interesting.

You could bait the cars too you know...

My kitchen is all ripped out and a new kitchen is going in, while the insulation and drywall are gone I am going to do a bang up job of putting bait on all the wood walls and studs. You would not believe how many dead roaches I found when we ripped the drywall off. The people before me (I'm in a new house from the one I did the 'ible in) had used a system where there were small tubes that ran all around the house put in when when it was built, periodically the exterminators would spray some poison into the terminals on the outside of the house. The result was that the house was infested when I moved in. But 10 months later, the contractor and I did not find one live roach in all the de-construction we did.
Ok we moved but NOT because of the roaches. Because we had no water. If you have a nest which many have many - you have to spray and bait. There will be that many of them. Bait for the later ones...spray for the get out now. And it cannot be raid. It needs to be a residual. Sorry Ninzergal! Sometimes you do need the bait and the spray.
Ninzerbean (author)  cammylicious1 year ago
Of course. I agree. There is not a "one size fits all". All of the experiences contribute to help for those in need. You have been a big help- thank you and stay in touch.
dwighthe1 year ago
I used powdered roach pruf with a squeeze bottle and squirted in my top cabinets, behind the electrical plates, under the sink etc. about 20 years ago. I've also used it any time I have a wall open for remodeling etc. Other than spraying "Home Defense"(from Loews) around the exterior doors, I have very seldom had any infestations. The few I've had have been during very hot dry weather or very cold weather(not a common occurrence in Southwest Louisiana).

Before roach proof it was a constant battle to control them.
Ninzerbean (author)  dwighthe1 year ago
I made the bait because it is easier to get into more places and not get vacuumed up. You can't put the powder on the backs of kitchen drawers for example. But my solution started because I already had an infestation. It's good that you stay on top of them. I used the Home Defense from Lowes too, but the spiders and every other bug still hang out on the outside of my house. I wish there was a way to stop spiders from being everywhere.
ive made this paste/butter that you instructed above. and the roaches are actually coming out more its so gross. I feel like they're not dying. I have the little roaches about a inch big. and sometime we have 1 or two HUGE ones about 3 inches its so scary!!! but the little ones are everywhere. I live in a 2 BR apartment and we have a basement where I guessing most of them are and also a BIG hole behind the one counter in the kitchen which we didnt find till AFTER we moved in. ive put this stuff everywhere and they will not go away. im looking for a new apt. fast im scared they'll crawl on my on while he's sleeping. =[
Roaches get a bit active as they get poisoned. Also those big 3 inch ones aren't roaches. Well, sorta. They are in the roach family, but they can't lay eggs anywhere except under the bark of trees, so no real infestation. They just roam around and happen to come across a way into your home and just walk in. They will either die of old age or leave to reproduce.

Water bugs are actually American roaches and are a light brown but roughly the same size as the German version, but aren't as aggressive about reproducing as the German roaches, and well, they like to be around water.
German roaches are known as "house pets" as it's almost impossible to get them unless someone physically brings one into your house(or a close by neighbor has his house damaged in such a way as to make them want to leave, like roof caved in from storms or such) Being clean or dirty has nothing to do with it. If someone brings in a single pregnant female roach in a box or something you will have roaches.

So best advice to those that don't have them is to be very careful of what comes into your house, especially if it is coming from an apartment as they will spread all through it no matter who brought the first one in(apartments are all physically connected and roaches like to roam around)
Ninzerbean (author)  lordgarion5141 year ago
Thank you for your input - you have stated very clearly what I have been saying in bits and pieces.
Ninzerbean (author)  missdesireelynn1 year ago
You have to seal up that hole with some expanding foam. When there is a really bad infestation it will seem like it goes from bad to worse for a few days, then magically it's like all gone. But if you can find a new apartment at least you know what to look for this time and can put something in your lease about them, add bed bugs too. I have not had a problem with them but I hear they are very hard to get rid of. I wish I owned a pet anteater. I think they would be huge help not to mention they are one of the coolest animals I have ever seen.
atwar1 year ago
i have seen between 1 to 4 1/4" sized dead american roaches in my bathroom every night. i have seen two live ones but they were not very active to get out of the light and away from me. i think those two may have been in the proccess of dying. not sure. i bomb my yard 2 times a year and keep the foundation and weep holes sprayed and filled with steel wool. i have caulked the pipes coming out of the wall and sprayed a along the walls. for the past few days i have had on and off times of finding dead ones. i think it may be getting better. not sure. i have put some hotshot bait in a few places but may put more in others. will the little ones just venture from outside to come in from the extream heat and little rain we have here in texas? i have yet to see a large one in the living areas of the house but a few big dead ones in the garage (i keep it clean and sprayed) i did find two large dead ones in a glue trap in the attic but thats it for the attic. there are two attic vents i think they came in thru. thats about where the glue traps are (thought i had mice at one time but was a squirrel). any other suggestions? thanks
slevin11 year ago
Hi! It's been a week since we bombed the apartment after the blue goo paste didn't work. We were still seeing a few german cockroaches in the kitchen. After more Internet research, I bought bait gel advion and an IGR called gentrol on amazon: Cockroach Professional Pest Control Kit ~~ 2 Tubes Advion Roach Bait Gel w/ 1 plunger 30 grams per tube & 10 Gentrol Point Source IGR Insect Growth Regulator Discs ~~ Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky-Brown, Brown, Asian, and Brown-Banded species of cockroaches KIT1044

I put that down on Wednesday and so far haven't seen any bugs... Fingers crossed but it seems that these two products do work for German cockroaches. At least for now.
Ninzerbean (author)  slevin11 year ago
Thank you! I hope this helps everyone battling the German ones. I wonder what they use in Germany?
jodog811 year ago
Update: I still have roaches, not as many. I have seen them come out of my table crevices. (eww).
The cracks and holes in this apartment is NUMEROUS, seems to be never ending! So I have been surfing through a lot of information. Ran across a comment that led me to Advion by DuPont used by pros. Using Amazon, I seen what others ordered with it. It's Gentrol IGR. (It will make the adults abort their eggs and sterilizes them!)
I figure I'll buy this. It cost as much as the caulk and foam I'll have to buy (knowing that I won't be able to seal all.)
Good news is these things absolutely know they are NOT welcomed. They are on the run. Faster than they were.
I'll post again once I get the stuff and give it time to work.
Have a good day!
Ninzerbean (author)  jodog811 year ago
Well you have your work cut out for you, sealing up the holes to get in and out is going to be a priority for awhile. I would even think you may want to bomb the place too. Thanks for the update.
IN REPLY to February 24 Ninzerbean (it won't let me reply through Reply button)

Ha ha! Would you not know this 100 year old cottage near the beach has roaches and dry wood termites? Just saw a rat crawl across the yard under the shed last week (but we have big dogs so those will definitely leave.....vermin and dogs/cats just do not mix thankfully)....... Well, we cannot rip out the cabinets and deal with tenting for termites in a rental soooo. Found out boric acid just kills all kinds of insects including drywood termites. I mixed the boric acid powder with baby oil so the baby oil would soak into the wood. I started in the areas where I could see kick out holes that drywood termites make and you see the pile of crap on the floor, window sill etc. That is where they are "active" and visible. I took a hammer and nail and made holes into all of the wood a few inches apart (and some more - might was well be thorough). Then I took a syringe (yip....needle and all - but a rubber medicine dropper that one never uses again will work) and filled it with the baby oil and boric acid and put it inside all of the holes where the kick outs were and where I saw rotten wood. The baby oil is so that the mixture will soak into the wood. NO more kickouts within an hour. (I was getting massive activity) Now drywood termites do move but I know one thing - tent this house all you want - all you are going to do is kill the ones that are there and you are right back to where one started in a month because termites are everywhere here. I did discover that if you soak/treat your wood used to construct anything in the house in a boric acid solution (so that your wood is basically also boric acid) you will never have a termite problem ever. Some guy from New Zealand says that is the only kind of wood they use there to build. Treated wood with boric acid.....sounds smart. Makes sense because on an Island - you just cannot get rid of termites. No way it is going to happen.

A side note for everyone. I did not have the attic sprayed with residual spray so will be baiting the attic; all outbuildings; and the cars. In fact, I might continue to just bait "surrounding my house" entirely also. I am on my very first week of no dead german roaches at all and it has been exactly 2 and one half months so I am pretty sure the bait is what did the trick (as well as my new love of caulk). We did not spray until a couple of weeks after we baited with the magic goo of doom. I forgot to mention that part. Now to bait the air conditioner and furnace etc.
Ninzerbean (author)  cammylicious1 year ago
Wow, impressive - you ought to write an ible on it! Thank you ever so much for all of your sharing, I'm pretty happy for you - and your love of caulk which made me laugh out loud.
Ninzerbean (author)  Ninzerbean1 year ago
Cammylicious, it's been 5 months, I'm just checking to see how you are doing. Anything to report?
jodog811 year ago
Been at war with them for a day! The population exploded after the recent spray by land lords. They crawled through the walls from the neighbors' about a year ago. I'm sick of them!! Apt. looks a war zone. I bombed them yesterday morning. Came back with residual spray and cleaning everything. Then noticed I need to seal things up. So back to "wally world" for some caulk. Killed 2 "generals" (eggs on them) and many many small troops. Nastiness, found 3 nests so far. (One was in a cabinet the day before they sprayed. Then found one Sat. on the fridge. Then another one last night in the cabinet above.) Been noticing some coming from the vents.
There is at least 2 species German and Banded.
Between the poisons and this recipe, maybe they will be gone! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks.
Ninzerbean (author)  jodog811 year ago
Getting some spray foam to seal up underneath sinks between where the wall is and the pipes come in and the cutout for the plumbing parts of the sink drain and faucets. That seems to always be a place of egress because it is very open to the wall and sometimes even the outside. Also another spot to look out for an egress is where your dryer vent goes to the outside, sometimes these are put in very slap-dash and there is a bend or space for roaches to enter the wall cavity, not just your room where the dryer is but the wall cavity - from there they can go all over. Remember they have no bones, they can slide under and through just about the smallest crevice you can imagine. Read all 400+ comments, there is a wealth of information generous people have shared.

You must have all your foam-able places in your mind in advance because the can only lasts for a few hours tops. It's expensive and you want to try to use up the whole can at the time you 'open' it, or it just goes all hard and useless. If you use too much don't worry, you can cut the excess off with a bread knife or a box cutter after it is dry. Do not get it on your clothes, it never comes off. Same for your hair. You have to cut your hair. Obviously I learned the hard way on all this stuff.

Use that caulk to caulk under your baseboards and shoe or quarter round molding to seal the walls in your rooms. Wipe up excess with a damp rag. right away. Keep rinsing the rag so you are not wiping dirt into the caulk. Keep me posted on how you are doing. It is a war we can win.
brose71 year ago
It's not letting me reply under my original post. Ok so I killed so many of them last night, they just kept crawling out of the door and the wall. When I woke up today I knew I'd be killing them everywhere and I am! This is the grossest thing ever!! They are popping out and crawling around in the kitchen and living room. I don't know what to do other than kill every one I see but I know for every 1 I do see I'm sure hundreds more are hiding somewhere. I think I flushed them out of their nest and into the house. I talked to a guy about putting a new door on and he says he can probably get to it in a week or so. Should I go that route? How do you think I will get them all or will this be a long term fighting battle now that I disturbed their nest?
Ninzerbean (author)  brose71 year ago
This is a good news bad news story, good that you know where they are but bad for the obvious reasons. Your situation is horrible, can't you just go to Home Depot and buy a new door? Do you think they are in the walls of the house? If so I think you need to bomb or get professional help in getting rid of them, for sure you have a colony. Please keep me posted on what happens, I wish I could be of more help.
brose71 year ago
Ok I have a problem! I did the baiting like you said and have still been seeing roaches. We had them last year, fought for most of the year and hadn't seen them again until recently. Our pest company was just like well that's what happens. So today I went on a hunt to figure out what is going on here and I found the nest! After blood curdling screams and a serious panic attack I have collected myself a little better. Our back patio door has rotted wood and they just came pouring out of that area when the door would get closed (my husband was going in and out trying to grill) I sprayed the area really good with roach spray because there were roaches from teeny tiny to huge daddy roaches (Ive never seen them that big before, ever!) So now I'm not sure what to do. I want to rip the door out, treat inside the wall and then hang a new door. My husband says that's going to be too expensive and we can't afford it right now so he wants to just spray the wood and possibly rebait and then replace the door at the end of the year. The door was very crapily hung and secured to the frame. I'm also afraid once they get in there that theres going to be serious problems if we do take the door out. Can you please please tell me what you would do if you were in this situation? I'm not seeing tons of roaches IN the house, it was just one here or there, and then only at night but now its getting more frequent. Please give me some advice!
What if my sons friend brought a infested game system in my house and left it over night and now ive seen a cockroach in my kitchen the past week do I have a colony ????
Ninzerbean (author)  Freaked out1 year ago
I don't think so, colonies live outside, except for the German ones. Was it a small one? Have you tried a lot of vacuuming? Have you tried the bait? I don't have enough to go on here. Are you sure the game system was infested? Sometimes when I am feeling totally overwhelmed by outside forces that I have no control over I tend to blame others for what is happening, like you blaming the maybe infested game system, it could be a coincidence and you are just blaming the friend instead of doing something about the problem. I am not berating you - I'm just saying that I do the same thing myself sometimes. And sometimes even when it is not your mess or your fault you still have to clean it up, so to speak. But then it's done and over-with and you will laugh at how mad you were and it will be something you won't even remember 2 months from now.
Hi! I haven't gotten to the storage room yet but I wanted to update you a little on whats been happening. I decided to clean out the garage because that too had a lot of boxes and needed a good cleaning just to make sure that wasn't the source of the bugs.
After the garage, I completely cleaned my room out. I lined the walls with boric acid powder because I was too afraid of baiting in my room and attracting even more in there. Should I have baited it? I saw one baby one again tonight,walking in my room! Even after all the cleaning! Now I'm getting confused because I have no idea where they are coming from. I have a long glue trap that goes across my doorway because I am too scared to handle them, so there is no way it came from outside my room. I do have a few tiny holes in my wall from cables being put in for TV/internet/whatever access. Could that possibly be the source? If so, how can I prevent them from getting into the rooms without sealing the holes?
I'm so sorry for this long long comment. I am pretty scared right now because I am moving back to school in 3 weeks and don't want to risk bringing them with me!!! :( Thanks again for your response!!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  funkadelliec1 year ago
You can use a can of expanding foam to seal in the holes where the cable is coming in, you must use up the whole can in a few hours though or it goes bad, so find some other areas like underneath sinks to use it on. Do you have any electrical equipment in your room? Sometimes they live in there. It's warm, they like that. Stereo stuff, game consoles? a TV? You have to check it all out. Just pretend not to be scared for one hour and do a really thorough search. Before you go to school shake out all your clothes. As scared as I am of roaches, spiders make me scream until I am horse, but one time there was a huge spider in my son's room when we was in a crib, I had no choice to be be scared, no one else was home and no neighbors were awake at that hour, so I killed it. For me it was one of the bravest things I've done in awhile - to put that in perspective with all the crap that is going on around the world - that is pretty silly to think that killing a huge spider is brave. So put it into perspective to someone living in appalling conditions with no food and no family and no dog and you will fill feel that a small bug is really nothing to get the better of you. How do you feel now? Better? Now go out there and step on some babies! Roaches that is. Do you think I could be an inspirational coach? Say yes. I hope you are laughing.
Can you use borax instead thats what i have i hate to go out and spend more money. I live in public housing and they will not help with these roaches i see them in my yard from people across from me that are moving they crawl thru my front door at night and i will see them in the trimming. And Housing tells me to spray around my door put bait in my trimming and thats it. They wont seal it off for me or anything!! I have spent soo much money on sprays bait stations and whatever else i'm a single mom of 3 and one of my kids are allergic to roaches has bad allergies&asthma been getting shots for 4yrs now! I stay up all night cant sleep thinking about em. Can you also put the bait in maintenance rooms with water heater and furnace is? Sorry this is soo long.
Ninzerbean (author)  sleepie10961 year ago
No, you can't use borax. It's not the same at all. I'm sorry about your situation with the housing people but I don't think there is much then can really do. Pest control companies have no interest in getting rid of bugs for more than 30 days. They don't even try to find the colonies. Boric acid only costs 6 to 9 US dollars to get a can of the stuff I used. It will last you for years. But you must put some type of physical barrier up so that they can't come into your house from under the door. They have no bones so they can get in to the smallest openings. Yes, you can put the bait in the maintenance rooms with the water heater and furnace. Reading all of the comments will help you too, you are not alone and other people have shared a lot of knowledge.
Hi! I followed your ingredients exactly (except using multi-purpose flour and maple syrup instead) and put it around my parents' condo last night (mostly around the sinks, wall cracks, toilets, room corners)

I haven't seen any big roaches since I have been staying here the past two months, but have seen roughly 3-4 baby ones everyday (most of which are already dead). It isn't an extremely severe infestation, but it definitely was enough to make me uncomfortable. I am also concerned that this situation may worsen quickly. I have a feeling there may be a nest in the room next to mine, which my parents have been using for storage (and it contains many cardboard boxes).

Would you suggest "bomming" the room before I begin cleaning it out? Also, since I am only seeing the baby ones, are there more specific spots you think would be effective in attracting them to the bait?

I really appreciate you reading and responding to all this feedback. It must be crazy but its so nice to know that someone out there who is (was!) dealing with this problem has a heart to help everyone else out. I know you say you're no expert, but you sure seem to know what to do ! :)
Ninzerbean (author)  funkadelliec1 year ago
Thanks, my mom thinks this is hysterical that as much as I hate these things I have become an 'expert' on them. Anyway back to you - I think you should bomb the room (but still, don't stay in the house when you do even just a room) with the boxes, that way there will be no scurrying to other rooms. And you should do the kitchen - pull out the drawers and put the bait behind them. If you do a really thorough job the first time you bait you won't have to do it again for years.
Whatever the problem is in your parents' place I think you have it under control because you are only seeing dead ones. With that room of cardboard it's possible they are coming out and eating the bait and dying, but it is likely that that is where they are coming from.
Good luck, keep me posted on what you find in that room. I'm curious.
slevin11 year ago
Please don't feel like you let me down! I think your bait recipe has to help more than the Combat and Raid things I was buying... and it's cheaper. I'll keep the board posted once the management bombs our apartment next week.
slevin11 year ago
Sorry for the confusion! Yep, used your special green goo bait. I put it behind drawers, on pipes, in any crack I could find, in corner joists in cabinets, in all the outlets and light switches, a dab on top of door frames. I wonder, do I need to put a strip across the entire back, side, and top of each cabinet? So far I've just put it in the corners. How thick do you think it should be applied?

BTW I've read through all 400+ comments over the last few days! They're oddly reassuring :)
Ninzerbean (author)  slevin11 year ago
OK good. The German guys, unlike the big yucky ones I had, live inside and they multiply a lot faster. Because the colony is inside they probably do not take the bait back 'home' to poison their mates. They probably just eat it on the spot then die. So because you can't poison the whole colony they are harder to get rid of. Cardboard is something you have to be diligent in getting out of the house.

I only put a dab on the top of the insides of my drawers, doors etc. Basically anywhere it would stick and be somewhat out of sight. Kinda thick, a small glob, about as thick as a pencil?

I feel like I am letting you down somehow, I don't have any more ideas on why you are still seeing live buggers. 400 comments - it is somewhat helpful to see what others have done - when I first wrote this years ago I did not know about German roaches and it is only from the comments that I have learned how insidious they are. I think doing a bomb will help get things under control and then the bait should keep things that way. Remember to vacuum vacuum vacuum - and check out your electrical stuff like stereos and game consoles, dishwashers - all those place that they like to live. You need to be constantly cleaning what the other people may have left behind. Good luck, keep me posted on your progress
slevin11 year ago
Help! We moved to an apartment building about a month ago. In the past 3 weeks we've seen 1-3 German roaches every day, usually in the kitchen near the sink. I baited 4 days ago, but am still seeing one or two roaches every morning. I just rebaited under the sink, cabinets, and on top of the cabinets. Hopefully this helps. The apartment management is bomming our place next weekend. Any advice? I've never had bugs before and they're haunting my dreams!
Ninzerbean (author)  slevin11 year ago
When you say you baited did you use my recipe? You can't just use it in isolated places, the whole house must be done. German roaches are a lot more difficult to get rid of than the one's I was plagued with but you just have to be more thorough. Reading through the comments here will help you tremendously. But at this stage I do not know if you used my bait or another product, if you sealed up all the holes with expanding foam, etc. Yes, it's very gross and it is terrible not to feel comfortable in your own home, but persevere and you will get there.
sluna541 year ago
for this recipe do you have amounts for a smaller batch please let me know thanks
Ninzerbean (author)  sluna541 year ago
Of course, any amount of boric acid mixed with a bit of flour (because you want the roaches to be attracted to the bait) and enough syrup to make a paste. The syrup is to entice them also, so don't use water, that makes it too hard to nibble on.
skraw1 year ago
I'm sorry, but I don't understand how to "bait"
I'm definitely going to try these as soon as I know how to bait :)
skraw skraw1 year ago
Ha! never mind after reading many of the comments I now understand how to bait, so tomorrow I will try this. Though, I am scared to go in the small attic of our upstair bedroom where we spotted about eight big roaches. Our house is four years old and for the past month my son started complaining about having to kill one or two until a few nights ago when he killed three big ones and the next morning he was awaking by one crawling on him, soooo... that's when we found a "nest" in the attic
Ninzerbean (author)  skraw1 year ago
Skraw, you have to to upstairs to the attic, you have to, you can do it. Or enlist a neighbor's help, a great way to meet your neighbors. They will either help or they won't - I've found both kinds but you have to get the bait up there. "Bait" can be both a verb and a noun.
Hello everyone. I just made the special sauce and the consistency was a little different than described. More of a goo than a paste. Plenty of boric acid in there, though. Maybe 3 parts boric acid to 2 parts flour with a good helping of maple syrup (had trouble getting the syrup to mix in, I don't think it's pure maple syrup but it's all I had access to). It's pretty viscous, but definitely wouldn't call it a paste. Do you think it will still work?
Ninzerbean (author)  lucasmklaus1 year ago
Just add some more flour - I made mine too much of a goo one time and it dripped everywhere for days.
ashx981 year ago
I did this 2 days ago and I still see a couple of roaches. Anytime I could do?
ashx98 ashx981 year ago
Ninzerbean (author)  ashx981 year ago
If the roaches are dead this is normal, if they are alive this not what you should be seeing. Reading all of the 300+ comments will be of invaluable help. But mostly being sure you did a complete job. It takes hours to do a normal-sized 2 bedroom house. Are you sure you did a really thorough job? If not then do it again. Keep me posted on your progress.
Saw a couple roaches in the kitchen today so today so I made up a batch of this roach paste, it's so tasty I ended up eating half of it myself so I don't have much left, but I will let you know if it works.
Good thing it takes more boric acid to kill you than salt.  (source)
Ninzerbean (author)  RoachWisperer1 year ago
- love your name!
tgrsam211 year ago
You are the go-to person because you found something that works and are willing to help others. It's a compliment.
Ninzerbean (author)  tgrsam211 year ago
My mom thinks it's hysterical.
tgrsam211 year ago
Well! I live in an apartment complex on the 3rd floor so I am basically surrounded by other apartments. I tried this back in Nov/Dec and hadn't seen any roaches since then. (I was so freaked out back then I was posting a million times a day it seemed..I would pick up a grain of rice off the counter and go "OMG IS THIS A ROACH EGG???" Until I finally saw one for real and facepalmed. Once you see a real will never forget! )

I ended up getting a puppy (about 4 months ago) and scraped some of the more accessible goo up so he can't eat it. I know you say your pets leave them alone but mine is a big doofus and eats anything he can get his mouth on. Well, just last night I found a dead one on the bathroom floor. It was tiny. teeeeenny a little bit bigger than a grain of rice (we eat a lot of rice...) I haven't had a single one since I put the stuff down (about 8 months ago.) Do you think it is just time for a redo because I scraped it up? The stuff behind the cabinets and drawers and what not are still there...I just had a couple spots like behind the toilet that he could reach. Does this stuff expire? Or is it possible that they were just testing me to see if I was vulnerable again? We've had tons of rain...almost every single day...we even had a lot of flooding in the area about 2 days ago - some coworkers living on the first floor of a different apartment complex lost everything! Could it be that they are just being driven inside because of all the water? We don't have any other signs of them and I have been unable to sleep lately so I am constantly up and doing things around the house at 2am and haven't seen a single one. This one tiny one in the bathroom is the first in 8-9 months. I was curious if I needed to make up a new batch or if it might just be a fluke. Thanks for the info! I'll keep an eye out for any more just in case.
Ninzerbean (author)  tgrsam211 year ago
I think it was the rain. A fluke, besides he was dead so you know the stuff is still working. For a person who hates roaches (me) I sure seem to the go to person for information about them. Sort of ironic. Anyway, the rain can do it for sure, and even though your bait is still good you may see more dead ones because of the rain. Don't worry, they will go away after the rain sinks in. The colony is probably swamped so they have to re-group first.
luv2learn1 year ago
Hi! Thanks for this - excited to give it a go. Disgusting infestation right now!!! Will this work with ants and mice too?
Ninzerbean (author)  luv2learn1 year ago
Ants yes, mice no. Their skeletons are on the inside.
brose71 year ago
I just started seeing roaches again after being rid of them for 6 months. We got them at the exact same time last year and it took the pest company coming out almost weekly and 6 solid months to get rid of them. My youngest has respiratory problems so roaches are a bad thing for him to be exposed to and then the chemicals they use to spray aren't good for him to be around either. Not to mention the fact that I'm also terrified of them and they make my skin crawl!! I don't understand how we keep getting them other than the fact that I'm a home health Nurse and even though I'm very careful and clean I must somehow carry them in with me. Which is so disgusting!! I'm glad I found this post because the local pest company refuses to bait and the one in town that does bait costs an arm and a leg! I'm going to get this stuff to do this tomorrow and get my husband to help me put it out. Praying I see a difference and don't see any more live ones after this. I can't stand it!!! I feel like burning the house down and starting over anytime I see one. Thanks for the post!
Ninzerbean (author)  brose71 year ago
You are seeing roaches because your pest control company would go out of business if they were to get rid of your roaches, right? That's why the one that baits costs so much, you won't see them again. You are not carrying them in, don't worry about that, they are back because the pest control company you used wants you to use them again so they only killed the ones you had in the house for 6 months. That did nothing for the colony. Read the comments and you will understand more. You will be fine very soon.
mnation1 year ago
I have a huge phobia of roaches too so I had to giggle when I found this website and learned that I was not alone! :-). I live in the south, so bugs are around alot. Last year I started noticing roaches in the dishwasher (gross). I sprayed and did the normal stuff and they seemed to be under control. Boy was I wrong. This year i noticed ALOT more and they were everywhere in my kitchen- especially around and in the dishwasher. I baited and did other stuff but they were everywhere- and there were ALOT of them. So, I found this website- thank you!!. Yesterday I made my blue magic potion and put it everywhere like you said. First I used spray to flush most of them out of the crevices they were living (gross, gross gross) and then put this potion everywhere you said to (and then some). I don't know how long it takes to work but as of this afternoon, I have not seen a live roach and that's a first in weeks!! I am so thankful. I know I may not have conquered the whole thing yet, but I can tell you that this potion is working already! Eat away gross creatures! I made this just for you and your colony! :-) thanks!
Ninzerbean (author)  mnation1 year ago
You are soooo welcome, it does work right away. My house is so deep in the woods that it looks like I am going to have to do it again and it was only a year ago that I moved here. I saw a huge one two nights ago and I know he is still here. It is such a pleasure to walk around at night inside and know you are not going to see any scurrying creatures. Thanks for writing.
I live in a two room apt. I share a wall with two apt's but there are 8 apts that share a patio, stairs basically 8 apts are connected. Will your goo used by me alone kill the ones in mine.
Ninzerbean (author)  soonersseth1 year ago
I don't know. It will, but you have to make sure that new ones can't enter your place. They have no bones so they can squeeze through amazingly small places. Good luck. It should make a huge difference at least.
I did this last summer. It worked GREAT!!! Last night I saw the biggest roach ever outside my bedroom door. Do I really have to do it every year? Does the Boric Acid expire? I read somewhere it doesn't expire if it stays dry. Maybe it would make sense to put dry Boric next to the mixture?
Ninzerbean (author)  Cindy Tobin1 year ago
I don't think you need to do this every year, maybe every two or three years. Is it possible you didn't do a really thorough job when you did it? Putting boric acid powder down will kill the roaches who run through it - but they won't bring it back to the colony and and learn not to go to your house. It's like bees. They communicate to each other.

There are hundreds of comments here - maybe you can glean some insight from reading them. Maybe a new colony moved into the neighborhood and they don't know about your house yet, but they will.

It never hurts to mix up another batch and put in places you might have missed the first time around. I know how scary that must have been to see that roach, I hope it won't happen again.
casadebug1 year ago
Hello, thanks for your reply, we did bait our townhome 1400 sqft of it. Since we baited almost 2wks ago we have not seen any dead or live roaches in our kitchen or dishwasher or next to our refrigerator. It is like they all just disappeared. My hubby and I think it's crazy, either your roach mix works magic or they got the hint and decided to go next door. I'm hoping they ate the bait and it killed the colony. Still haven't talked with the neighbors yet, but want to as soon as I get the courage. Just in case they "return". Anyways, thanks for your roach concoction and maybe the pest control company as well, and our persistance.
Ninzerbean (author)  casadebug1 year ago
What ever worked or the combination of the three, I'm just glad it did. Thanks for writing.
jaipea1 year ago
I just moved from a roach infested apartment. And I mean it was infested! The last month or so I had seen around the freezer door and two even made their way into the fridge! I don't know if it was us or the neighbors we stayed there over a year roach free until the the past year. I threw away the microwave, George Foreman Grill , toaster, couch, reclining chair, entertainment center, VCR and my nice wooden dinner table. All of these items had roaches either in them. I just moved last Saturday and so far I have seen about 10 in the new place. I bought 2 bottles of 100% boric acid ( Zap A Roach brand) and sprinkled around some of the base boards- no all because I ran out. I NEED to get rid of these pests. Would peanut butter mixed with boric acid and sugar be a good bait. I have have 3 Hot Shot bombs I plan on doing tonight. Any suggestions you can bring would be helpful! Thanks!
Ninzerbean (author)  jaipea1 year ago
You can give it a try - anything that will get the roaches to eat the boric acid it good. I have never tried peanut butter. Let us know if it works. Good luck.
jmcalder31 year ago
It won't let me Reply to your comment.

Thank you for your reply. We bombed and fogged Friday night, the bombs we sat off were Bengal bombs enough for almost triple the amount of sq footage of the home. We left the attic way open and all the cabinets/fridge too. We also went a head and took off the covers and light switches to help it get in there good too.

Saturday we went and made the goo. We put it everywhere really thick... behind drawers, on door frames, in closets, behind light switches and covers, in cabinets and on the outside door frames too... with what was left he put it in the attic and left the container up there. Then we put the expandable foam around all the gaps that we could find... we moved the dish washer and put it there too.

Since then there have been a few big live ones in the kitchen and in one bedroom (which there never was one in the bedroom before).. However, there have been a lot of baby ones (smaller than ants) in the window sill in the living room. When our tenant went to kill them, some went outside through a tiny crack in the windowsill.. On closer inspection she says the babies are on the siding on the house.

Is this a good thing? How do we treat the outside of the home? My husband is going over later to caulk up the crack. I think we are all so stressed out about these things.

But with not seeing many big ones in the house that is a good sign right? How long til we should not see babies anymore? How do we treat the outside of the house?
Thank you for all your help :)
Ninzerbean (author)  jmcalder31 year ago
I was thinking of you guys this morning so I'm glad you wrote. I used to put bait around the house, anywhere I could stick it outside. This was usually because I mixed up so much I just wanted to use it all up.

I feel like the roach lady, I wish I knew more to be able to answer your questions with definitive answers, but all I know is from my own research and experience and other folks's comments. I think you have done everything there is to do. I'm proud and impressed. Anytime I hear about roaches after a treatment is because the people didn't do the whole house, like they didn't do a basement or a bedroom. But everyone who has been as thorough as you have has had success. I don't see why you won't. But since you are worried I am worried. I am the designated worrier in my family. So don't you worry, I'll worry for you.

As far as babies go, the egg cases you may have missed will still be able to hatch, but those babies won't be around more than a day before they eat some bait. Really, I actually don't think I even need to worry for you, you are going to be fine - and roach free. Really.

Write to me in a week and tell me you are not stressed any longer. This kind of thing sort of just sours everything in your life until you have it fixed, I understand.
jmcalder31 year ago
Thank you so much for such a quick reply. I talked to the girl who rents from us, and she thinks we are dealing with german cockroaches.. will this bait work well for them? She is the one who introduced me to this page (so glad!) and she thought she had read where they weren't attracted to the sweetness of your bait. I am going to go back and re-read the comments and take notes as you suggested. But I think we are dealing with german cockroaches and probably other kinds as well, she thought she has saw a few different kinds.

I went to the local hardware store today and bought Bengal bombs (I heard their the best), Bengal Gold Spray and the Roach Prufe that you had bought. The man there told me to bomb the place this weekend and then do it again next weekend. I told him that we were making this paste that you had talked about on here and he said yes that will bait them... but he said the bombs will not hurt the bait. But I am really afraid that they will, and if we do all this work I would hate to have to do it again next weekend.

So I am so confused!

She has removed all the cardboard from the house, and is keeping food in sealed containers. There are pretty close neighbors, but their not attached to the house. The house has a crawl space/attic that I think we should treat also.

I have never dealt with roaches before and after we get these taken care of, I hope I never have to again!
Ninzerbean (author)  jmcalder31 year ago
It's going to be fine, don't be confused over the opinions of bombing first or baiting. Just bomb, then bait. It's only my opinion but based on how many bugs you are going to kill in the bombing and how many egg cases they have on them, when you go to bait you will be at the very least dealing with less creepiness and it will be cleaner because you will have vacuumed up the dead guys. It's important to bait because of the colony thing - you want your bait to leave the house to go back to the colony so they can learn that your house is a threat to them. Think about how smart bees are - how they can tell each other where there is good food, where there is a new place to bring the hive to, it goes on and on. I think roaches are the same in that they live in a colony and they do communicate with each other in a simular way that bees do. This is my opinion only, I am NOT about to study roaches any more than I have already. But it makes sense.

Anyway, the german ones will die, don't worry, there are just more of them so it takes longer. You are going to be fine, your hard work will pay off, you will forget this whole experience one day, you are getting really sleepy. *snaps fingers* OK, wake up and go bomb and bait. Get the bait up in that attic/crawl space. Keep me posted. I care, we all learn from each other here.
jmcalder31 year ago
Hi, I am hoping to try your method on my rental house this weekend. We have started having a problem there (noticeably) 4 weeks ago. Mostly in the kitchen (inside and behind the dish washer and fridge mostly) and a few in the bathroom and other places. We have bombed, sprayed, put out baits, boric acid and moth balls. We have not had much luck in getting rid of them. But we are going to take the day on Saturday to put your pastey mixture everywhere. Also we are going to get the foam caulk to do the places like you suggest.

My question is, do we put out your mixture first and then wait to see if it takes care of the problem or do we also bomb/spray.. or do we bomb/spray first then put out the paste.

The live ones that we see (if there are any after this) do we kill or let them take this bait back to their "friends"?

I am REALLY hoping that this works, I will update after this weekend.Sorry to ask so m any questions, I just don't want the paste and bombs/spray to cancel each other out.
jmcalder31 year ago
Hi, I am hoping to try your method on my rental house this weekend. We have started having a problem there (noticeably) 4 weeks ago. Mostly in the kitchen (inside and behind the dish washer and fridge mostly) and a few in the bathroom and other places. We have bombed, sprayed, put out baits, boric acid and moth balls. We have not had much luck in getting rid of them. But we are going to take the day on Saturday to put your pastey mixture everywhere. Also we are going to get the foam caulk to do the places like you suggest.

My question is, do we put out your mixture first and then wait to see if it takes care of the problem or do we also bomb/spray.. or do we bomb/spray first then put out the paste.

The live ones that we see (if there are any after this) do we kill or let them take this bait back to their "friends"?

I am REALLY hoping that this works, I will update after this weekend.Sorry to ask so m any questions, I just don't want the paste and bombs/spray to cancel each other out.
Ninzerbean (author)  jmcalder31 year ago
This is a good question and one that you can only answer by evaluating how bad your infestation is. Personally I think I would bomb, then bait - reason being that I think it will be faster. Killing roaches is all well and good but getting them to tell their friends not to go to your house is better. So think this through.

Sealing up acces with the foam is really good. Getting rid of all cardboard is really really good. taking the time to get the bait into the walls using any access you have is really important. The dishwasher is something that if at all possible should be pulled out and the hoses that attach to the water checked to see if large gaps were left after the plumber set up that area for the dishwasher to be installed. Use the foam to seal those gaps.

As I know you have read, it takes a great deal of time to do this correctly - but you only have to spend that time once in 2 years or so. It's hard work, have your vacuum running near you incase you see egg cases, roach poop, dead roaches etc, then dispose of the bag or whatever your vac uses.

There are over 300 comments on here, there is some very helpful advice - and it's pretty entertaining reading, I would sit down and read and takes notes as you do so.

You won't see any live roaches after you bait. On the off chance you do kill them of course. I would bomb first for sure, I don't want to take a chance that you actually poison the bait so that they won't eat it.

Keep me posted on your progress, it will work, you just need to be super thorough. I say this because you have already done quite a lot and it has not worked - oh, don't use mothballs, those are toxic for you to breath and they won't bother roaches.

Remember to pull out your drawers to put the bait behind them - think to yourself that dark, damp, and up high places are where they like to go - so that is where you bait. And I can't say this enough - get rid of any cardboard. Put your pasta in freezer gallon bags, your flour in the freezer, your cracker boxes in the garbage and put everything that comes in cardboard in big ziplocks. The freezer kind I like the best because the plastic is thicker.
crj10241 year ago
Hello I am wanting to know how we get rid of any roaches/nests etc that are in electronics or appliances? Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Ninzerbean (author)  crj10241 year ago
If you read through the comments you will find a good one on a PS3 player and I think something else, anyway bag the component up in a black garbage bag with bait - just putting the power alone will not work - I had the same experience with a wall unit AC. I finally gave up after 7 hours of work over the course of a week because the colony was so intrenched, but I was not able to take the 65 pound unit to the car wash and use their powerful vacuum, also I could not take the whole unit apart. This will be hard but taking the unit as much apart as you can after bagging for a week with bait will help. I'm sorry that I fear this is going to be a hard one unless you can disassemble as much as possible. Keep me posted though. Everyone can learn from what you do.
casadebug1 year ago
We have been battling german roaches for almost 2 mos. all in all about 20 roaches we have spotted. but who knows how many more are hiding in the walls. the first sight was by the dishwasher in kitchen, saw 2 and immediately called an exterminator. they came baited, put traps and dusted with something called maxforce. after that we did not see any for a couple of weeks. then spotted small baby ones again by dishwasher so my husband pulled dishwasher out and found 2 casings or egg capsules. we were beside ourselves! called exterminator again and came out to do same thing. they suspect it might be coming from neighbors? since they are mainly near dishwasher and sink or occasionally under sink.

after a week went by husband found one upstairs in the sink on his toothbrush yuck! and then following day found a HUGE one by the refrigerator that got stuck on one of the traps. it looked like it had a egg sack stuck to it's butt. my husband walked 2 blocks away from our home and killed it! didn't know what to do with it?

anyways we are done with these roaches and want them to go away completely.
how do we ask our neighbors, hey do you have roaches?
what else can we do besides what is already being done? an suggestions would be appreciated, please help us!
Ninzerbean (author)  casadebug1 year ago
Well first off killing them won't work - that is why the pest control companies stay in business, if you did not see dead one's you would think it was not working. The thing is that you have to use my bait so that they bring it back to the colony and kill them there and then the leftovers will spread the word that your place is not the place to go to - they don't want to die, they have skills, they won't go back.

Now on the other hand your neighbors are easy - you haver roaches so they have roaches, maybe from your place - but together you sit down and read the 'ible and follow it. Anything more I would write here is just repetition, read the comments too there is a ton to learn there aslo.

People who are not even slobs or even dirty pigs have roaches, it seems like an insult but it's not about you, it's about the colony, how it works, what was in your place before, neighbors yes, but it's more about controlling them before they control you. The roaches, not the neighbors.

Don't worry (I always say this but it is true), you are going to be alright, you will not have roaches, it takes time to do a good baiting, you can do it, you will get rid of them, be vigilant with that vacuum. NO NO NO cardboard in the house.
Thanks for the reply. I only added a tiny bit of water and it was to help get the mixture mixed! I was having trouble with it turning into the consistency of peanut butter. Instead it was just like a ball of dough, so I added maybe a teaspoon of water. I did whip up another batch of it and this time was able to get everything to stir up into the consistency I was originally looking for! It just required a little more syrup than I put in it before. I just moved into a new home and was greeted by these nasty little buggers! I have sprayed, fogged and put out the Combat gel bait. I was still seeing some though, so I knew I had to try something else. I sure hope this does the trick! I'm hoping it does as I don't think that it was a bad infestation.. ...but then again, ONE roach is ONE too many for me! Anyway, I will let you know if it works! You've definitely helped many (by what the comments say) so here's to hoping for the best! :) .thanks again!
(And for some reason I couldn't reply to your comment to had to leave a comment this way)
Ninzerbean (author)  edwardsb4211 year ago
I'm glad you mixed up a new batch. It's not an exact science except not to add water, just more syrup until you get the right spreadable consistency, as you have found. But you don't have to hope it works - it will work. My mom sort of collects stuff and her house is sort of impossible to clean really well because there is so much stuff - in boxes made of cardboard no less, anyway I have stayed with her 4 times in the last year, once for a month, and there has not been one roach! She baited when I first wrote this 'ible and has not had to bait since - that's about 3 years now...maybe more. It works.
Hi Ninzerbean! I came across your 'ible and wanted to ask a couple of questions!
I made up some of your "goo of doom", but since I didn't need as much as you made, I mixed 5-6 HEAPING tablespoons of boric acid, 1 1/2 tablespoons of flour, 2-3 tablespoons pancake syrup and some water.. Do you think this should this have enough boric acid in it to kill roaches?
Also, once I mixed everything together I did get a consistency of creamy peanut butter, but once I placed the bait out and went back to check a few hours later, it was like putty. Not rock HARD, but not peanut butter either. Is this the way it's supposed to do?
Thank you very much! I really hope this concoction kills these nasty little pests. I love my new home and really don't want a reason to despise it!
Ninzerbean (author)  edwardsb4211 year ago
You should not have added water - that makes it get really hard. I think you used enough boric acid but not knowing the size of your home I really can't say if it was enough. You have to get bait on all of the places that the 'ible tells you to.

I have no idea if the roaches will still be attracted to the bait when it is that hard, I don't see why not but then again I really don't know. I personally would not take any chances and would do it again without water. It's your call though, keep me posted.
I just recently rented a house the has roaches. fogged twice still horrible... But after reading this I will be making the goo.. But I was thinking of an idea.. I used to have a lizard and I bred blatipica dubias.. to feed my lizard.. And in order to keep water for them I used the water crystals the would swell up when the hit water.. This was a way for the roaches to get water without drowning.. So I think I am gonna make you goo. Plus mix some of the powder in with water and poor it over the crystals.. and put them in the frigerators drain pan and in a container under sink stove and where ever else I can add it next to the goo, So that they have food and water... just a thought..
Ninzerbean (author)  bcutnbords781 year ago
Please let us know how that works out.
Mjc1861 year ago
If I have an indoor only cat, will it be ok to put bait around the house?
Ninzerbean (author)  Mjc1861 year ago
Yes, cats won't eat it. Just don't put the powder around like some people are doing, use the bait, put it in the places I suggest. My dogs and cats were not interested.
TheMLBB1 year ago
(For some reason it won't let me reply to the messages specifically)

OK... we are on day 7. I'm freaked out. The German roaches must be a whole other problem than what most experience on this tutorial. We are seeing many of them come out of the wood works- ones we have never seen in places we have never seen them. I'm getting so disgusted and don't know what to do!

While I think that it must be killing some, it seems to be just agitating the others and they search for moisture and food... and travel to uncommon areas. It's not like we see ten all in one place but more like one big one at a time in places we have not ever seen them. Any ideas how to battle that? All areas are fully baited and we are vacuuming and cleaning and continually killing ones that come out looking for food.

I keep seeing the babies in the kitchen area more than anything and know there must be a "nest" as you call it somewhere but can not find it. I wasn't able to get the dishwasher door off because it requires a special type of tool that I am not familiar with.

I did read that comment on the pasta water, I think I will go back and read it again... if memory serves me correctly, she "boiled pasta" more for making the mixture and as it was boiling, set out bait for the roaches to go to... since they were already out looking for food? May be worth a shot at this point.
Ninzerbean (author)  TheMLBB1 year ago
Yeah, you are going to have to get to the nest - and it sounds like it is inside the appliances. This is harder than having a nest outside. Can you guys leave for the weekend and bomm the place? Maybe twice? I am really worried about the dishwasher - first of all it's a water source and secondly I am afraid that the stuff in a bomm (I am misspelling it so this message won't get caught up in the filters) won't get to it. Can you go somewhere and get the right tool? From what I have read about video games - see in the comments about the ps3 player that they had to take to a car wash vacuum place, I now am convinced that components (heat) and appliances (heat and water) are ideal habitats that have to be dealt with. Keep me informed.
tgrsam211 year ago
We stopped seeing dead babies, in fact we didn't see any roach at all for about two days. Now, I've seen one more adult (about an inch long) that was basically having a seizure in my sink. Now, I am afraid the process will start all over again with it laying more eggs and the colony will keep coming back. We haven't found any egg cases and judging from where we see the bodies, they have to be behind the cabinets/counters. Which means we can't get to them to clean them up. The problem is that the way our counters are made make it almost impossible to seal them. In fact, the only place that the counter walls and counter top make contact is at the areas of support (corners and support beams!) The rest of the walls have an inch or more of space at the top. Not just side walls, but the walls in the back that lead into the space behind the cabinet and in the front where the counter top ends. Also, whoever drilled holes for the pipes seems to have used the largest bit imaginable for every size pipe. Some of the holes could fit the pipe 2 or 3 times! I've tried duct taping what I can, but it is a 30 year old apartment building with cracks in every thing and I'm kind of at a loss on how to seal them away. I'm very sorry I keep posting so much, but you seem very knowledgeable and so far the bait is the best thing we've found.
Ninzerbean (author)  tgrsam211 year ago
Expandable foam - get that for your pipes, it hardens and in my experience it is roach proof. The duck tape is not a good idea, the glue....yum yum yum for roaches. The can is only good for about two hours so plan ahead where you are going to use it. See it on some of my photos in the ible around sink pipes. How's it going now anyway, sorry I was out of touch there, then when I returned I forgot to write to you.
For the most part the pipes and cracks have been sealed with the expandable foam. I kind of went crazy with it one day... needless to say I have learned how to use it
szen11 year ago
Hi, I've had some experience getting rid of german cockroaches and yes they do look disgusting. First of all, yes you will see more of them if the boric acid works because it dries them out so they get desperate for water. They can drop their egg sacs too which hatch later. I have also read that some do learn to avoid the bait so just a few can survive and then start multiplying again. So, you may not see them for weeks, a month even, and then suddenly start seeing them again. You can get rid of them but it will have to be an all out war probably for at least six months and longer as a preventative measure. They can eat anything, but they absolutely need moisture. That is why they congregate in kitchens and bathrooms around the pipes.

Sealing everywhere a pipe goes in a wall is helpful. You can also dust some boric acid in the wall before sealing for good measure. That you have seen them in your appliances is not good, but that they seem to have limited themselves primarily to your kitchen is good. With a bigger infestation they spread out farther. Because they are around pipes, I set out most of the bait close to them but all the lower cupboards usually get explored by them. They travel along crevices so the bait needs to be placed there for them to find it. Bait along the back of the cabinets every 2 feet or so. Also put bait along the crevice in the toe space where the cabinets meet the floor. Because it is possible they do learn to avoid it, so use multiple bait recipes.

You want to contain them while you are killing them so they don't spread out looking for healthier surroundings. Bay leaves repel them, so, after you put the bait out, put bay leaves where you really don't want them, like on your stove, in your upper cabinets, in and under your fridge, under your microwave, etc. You may want to put them in your bathroom where ever you think they might be entering. They are not dangerous except perhaps as a choking hazard if your children are very young.

I'll post a couple of other recipes in another post.
szen1 szen11 year ago
The dishwasher probably holds some residual water that the cockroaches are attracted to. They don't like dishwashing liquid so maybe a squirt of that where the water remains would help.

I find using my liquid potion the best remedy but it's a pain because it keeps evaporating.

Cockroach Potion
24 ounces of very hot water
4 tablespoons of boric acid
1 cup of sugar

The boric acid tends to settle at the bottom so you have to shake the bottle. Even though it also separates a bit after pouring it is still very effective.

Cockroach Balls

1 part icing sugar
2 parts flour
2 parts  boric acid

Add enough vegetable oil, butter or bacon grease to form a dough. It will no longer be effective when it dries out so you have to replace it but it keeps well in a jar.

Another recipe is:
8 ounces of boric acid
1/2 cup of flour
1/8th cup of sugar
shortening or bacon grease to form balls
optional - half a small onion chopped

Although I haven't tried it they are also attracted to flat beer so that could be used instead of water in the potion.

Only tenacity can win the war against cockroaches.
TheMLBB szen11 year ago
Thank you so much for all your help! I feel like I have been battling them for the past 16 months so I hope all this will finally get rid of them. I have definitely seen more of them come out, which does freak me out. I am trying to keep places dry but this house does hold moisture too. I try to air it out by opening windows and wiping off condensation often though.

Also thank you for the other recipes too. I will for sure be keeping those at hand because I don't want roaches- and I don't want them trying to trick me either. Ack...

TheMLBB1 year ago
Thank you so much for such a fast reply :) You are awesome! I've just been trying to keep battling this problem. I was finally able to completely finish baiting today. We spent so much time in the kitchen area I think we didn't do as good of a job through out the rest of the house. We did bait but not as well as in the kitchen. Anyway, we have been seeing results... not really typical of what I have read but I'm hopeful.
Day 1- lots of them seemed to come out to get the bait in the kitchen
Day 2- We still some but not as many... and we have seen a few dead
Day 3- Saw them really dying. We keep seeing babies so you are right, there are those stupid sacks somewhere. I have been able to find some of them and get rid of them but not all.
Day 4- Saw some in the bathroom which we normally don't. (I also had sick kids so no energy for blasting bugs)
Day 5- Today, finished baiting all outlets, door ways, and drawers, even into the ceiling where the fire alarm is located. Anywhere in the walls I could think of. In the bathroom where we never see them, the one plug outlet there is actually had some IN THE PLUG AREA(not just after taking the face plate off- SO NASTY) that apparently went in there to die. That freaked me out tons so I was given an extra push to get it all done. That was the worst looking outlet of the whole house which seems odd because we rarely ever saw them in there. I have vacuumed lots and will continue to do so.

None the less, I think the last place I have to conquer is the dishwasher door... like inside of it. I *think* this may be where these babies keep coming from.

I'm definitely finding dead ones and live babies. My husband said he killed two big ones in the kitchen this morning though. He says they acted weird though, going in circles. One he thought was a moth at first because the outside looked flaky- it just fell and he finished it off while I kept my distance. I think that means the boric acid did it's job on that one.

Staying hopeful that this will end. Still having the jitters when I go to the kitchen though.
TheMLBB1 year ago
Where do I start? We bought an 1105 sq ft condo, upper unit of a four plex just about 15 months ago. We had plans to remodel almost everything accept the cabinets... That was until we discovered the horror in the hinges and underneath the appliances... That is when I made the final decision that ALL THINGS MIST GO!!!!! Seriously I wouldn't have bought the place had I pulled the dishwasher out and looked under it. The image will forever haunt me. SOOOO, everything went bye bye... We did completely new flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances.... Everything. We sprayed a ton of bug spray- the industrial strength- before moving in. Well, 15 months later we have definitely seen less but still way too many! They are German cock roaches, the pest control companies have not been great with advice other than keep everything clean, use bait traps, and spray regularly and that we'll have to always deal with them in our place. Before moving here, sails my neighbor, there re apparently 40 or so Hispanics living here on and off- it's got 3 bedrooms and one bathroom... We have 5 people here and it's cramped!!! Anyway, I have been told multiple times by pest control companies and others that "third world" natives just store food differently such as not keeping eggs in their fridge so this is when larva hatches and so on. We live in a diverse neighborhood. Ok, slightly side tracked, so Our appliances that are just over a year old have become the "it place" for these things that, if I used curse words, I would insert I front of their names.... My brand new appliances people!!!! Yes, I have had roaches get into the oven clock, yes I have in a fit of rage, shaken my oven then proceeded to take apart the back panel and even the clock portion to make the things suffer and die right before my eyes. Yes I hate hate hate roaches!!! Also, they seem to think it's ok to get into my dishwasher area(this was the worst area before we gutted the condo)... I have had babies hatch and one day I called my husband in a complete panic because there were 30 or so in my new dishwasher!! I even got crazy and sprayed bug spray to kill on the spot into my dishwasher... Then ran it through a few bleach cycles to clear it out!!! Luckily it hasn't been that bad ever since... I smoked them out of there like crazy! I sealed cracks around pipes and any holes... Still we couldn't go into our kitchen at night without shoes and we always turn the light on, pause before entering... Then hurry and stomp the heck out of whatever we see. I have decided to not enter the kitchen at all costs at night.

AND THEN... I was so desperate I began begging for a reference for a bug man that could rid the place of them For good. Got a food reference accept they came to do a free estimate, said it would cost $200 and they could get rid of them but more than likely they will come back because we are connected to other units who must have them too. I've talked to 2 of the 3 neighbors and they say they do not have roaches... The others speak Spanish and I don't know Spanish well enough to find out if they do.

Anyway, $200 bucks and them directly saying they will come back though unless all units do it, just wasn't going to happen. I did feel slightly comforted when he said it was not what he would call an infestation and that it probably was before we took over... So we did manage to at least kill tons of them just not all. (Also, one person said they found the roaches were living in the roach bait centers... We had that happen too... So dang nasty)

I was so glad to finally run across your 'ible as I have not found anything else out there saying they can get rid of these blasted things.

So yesterday we spent a good 2 1/2 hours for our tiny condo, mainly in the kitchen area... Baiting with your goo of doom. After reading all the comments right before bed last night, btw...never do that- you'll have night mares about roaches, I need to do a bunch more in depth work through out the entire house even though we have really only seen them in the kitchen and super rare even in the bathroom area.

I can't tell if it is working though because I have seen a bunch of babies out during the day light today... I will have my husband check tonight when they are usually scurrying across the floor, and countertops.

Is it normal to see them come out more after baiting? I keep reading comments that kind of suggest no, it's not. Even during the day yesterday I saw quite a few after baiting... One was dead in the boric acid powder though. Maybe they just don't like that we found their hiding spots?

Also, we did dust some areas with the powder, places kids can not get to and places we didn't necessarily want them to be attracted to since we didn't normal see them there. We still have trimming to put up on our cabinets(I know... 15 months later and we still haven't finished) so I also filled in the cracks above the cabinets with the stuff.

As another one posted, I am also pregnant and I freak out majorly when I see the blasted things... Talk about heart burn and anxiety at it's worst. My kids have probably thought that their mom was taken over by some monster because I keep telling the roaches, "prepare to die!!!!!" I want them to die a fast and horrible death! We don't usually talk about death in our house so much- my kids are still quite young- but when it comes to these pesky things... I am very open about wanting them to die!

Anyway, I will for sure update with joy if they are gone!!!!

P.S. I found your 'ible on Pinterest... Thank you to whoever it was that pinned its!!
szen1 TheMLBB1 year ago
I meant to respond to you but my post ended up at the top of the list instead so please do read it.
Ninzerbean (author)  TheMLBB1 year ago
I think you are going to be fine. Reading the comments is so helpful because there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned from others. I don't suggest JUST using the power though as that will only kill them and they won't take it back to their nest to poison their friends and for the survivors to tell other roaches not to go to your house. I may sound like I have no scientific evidence to back me up - and I don't - but I still am a believer that anything that can live on toe-nail clippings in a sealed jar for 3 months is "smart" in a way to survive our attempts at extinction. When you think of how many beings humankind has eradicated from the planet without even trying, and then you think of roaches... well 'nuff said.

So anyway you are on a mission, and I know it will work. But I disagree with the tech who told you that you don't have an infestation. Granted, I was dealing with what is also know as 'palmetto bugs', which are not the German ones, but believe that if you see them in the daytime you have such an infestation that they are being crowded out.

So please keep me posted, I really care, and being that you are dealing with German ones, everyone else will be able to benefit from what you find out. Just remember to always follow the money when something does not make sense. Pest-control companies would not be in business if they were successful. That sounds strange but I think that people have been lulled into thinking that having roaches is normal.

As far as Spanish speaking neighbors go, just write what you want to ask them and do a google translate. Maybe you can translate this 'ible and hand it out to them. Something here is not making sense though, no one wants roaches and you have done so much to correct the problem... there is no cardboard in the house is there? I understand the German one's just love cardboard.

Anyway, seal everything in your pantry in ziplock bags, find out where they are coming from and half your battle will be done. And thank you for writing.
TheMLBB1 year ago
So glad to see you comment back! :) LOL... I'm kind of consumed with this right now. Well, we don't usually have much card board in the house, maybe just a few boxes with storage in closets that I haven't seen roaches in, most everything is in bins. I started putting everything into the air tight containers in my pantry a long time ago... but still need more containers. Oddly that isn't where I see the roaches either- so glad I don't. I'm sure there have been some somewhere around there but I haven't ever seen them there. Anyway, last night, my husband killed two bigger ones in the bathroom... which we never see them in there either. We did dust and bait in there and it's on the opposite side of the wall of the kitchen so I'm thinking maybe we block off their access? It just seems like more came out after we baited. We just assume that it's because they are finding the bait... but I haven't seen one today at all yet... that's better than yesterday and Saturday. Hopefully tonight there won't be any either.

About how long before you don't see them any more? a week?

**Side note, I was once told that not just the paper grocery bags bring in roaches but the plastic ones do too and contain roach larva... i used to save them for trash can liners... to say the least, I never keep them anymore.
Ninzerbean (author)  TheMLBB1 year ago
I think a week is normal to stop seeing them. But with your level of problem I am afraid that you have to stop with the powder, there is a nest somewhere and you have to poison the nest, the bait it going to be the best answer. Did you read the comment about the pasta water? That is so strange and there is an answer there for you too, I just don't know what it is. Yet. Constant vacuuming with suck up egg cases, be sure to do that every day. Maybe a shop vac where you can throw out the debris instead of wasting money on bags. They are just pretty noisy.
onrust1 year ago
Awesome instructable. The comments are just as informative if not more.
tgrsam211 year ago
You answered really fast! Thanks, that is awesome. I just came home for my lunch break to clean more and found a fourth baby on the floor..which is now, also, under a cup! Any idea why I'm only find babies dead and not any adults? The ones on the floor are all very tiny! I found one under the sink, but I haven't found a single dead adult yet.
Ninzerbean (author)  tgrsam211 year ago
You are only seeing babies because they just hatched, the adults are gone. They are either dead somewhere in your walls or dead at the colony or just got told by their 'friends' not to go to your house anymore. Babies will continue to hatch as long as there are egg cases. Vacuum, and give your boyfriend a massage.
tgrsam211 year ago
Ok, I have a few questions...I moved into an apartment. (My first one ever.) I've been here about 5 months now. About a month ago, I saw one roach in the middle of the night when I went to the bathroom. It was running around inside the trashcan. One of the brown ones...tiny (baby?) Then about 3 weeks later, I saw TWO in the kitchen in the middle of the night! (GROSS!) One got killed, the other got away. These ones were bigger, but the biggest was still only....half an inch? Maybe a little more? Well, I immediately got the stuff to kill them and we put it behind the light switches, under cabinets, on pipes, and under the fridge and dishwasher. We didn't put any on tops of doors or behind paintings or anything because we didn't know if it would stain the apartment and we'd lose our deposit. Anyway, that was...Monday. We saw one roach last night that got killed...medium size. Then this morning, I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find 3 baby (?) ones on the floor. I put cups on top of them so my lovely boyfriend can kill them but when I did, they didn't try to run. They didn't run when the light came on and when I kind of swirled teh cup around with them in it..they kind of circled the cup but very slowly. (Like they were dying.) Please, I need your opinion. Do you think we have a serious problem? Were the tiny ones in the kitchen this morning there because they were dying? Does this mean the bait is working? Should I expect more bodies? How do I know the bait is working in general and about how long do you expect it to take to finish them off...will they ever be gone completely? We are fairly clean people...according to the office manager...certain bugs are seasonal. (we had ants for 3 weeks straight and apparently my apartment building is "notorious" for them.) So, I don't really expect their monthly bug control to do anything constructive with these. Since the ants, we don't leave dishes in the sink anymore and we wipe down the counters every single day. I don't really know why we have the roaches but I hate thinking I'm dirty or thinking they are crawling on me at night.
Ninzerbean (author)  tgrsam211 year ago
You are not dirty, don't be silly, roaches can live on almost, and sometimes even, NOTHING. They love glue on cardboard boxes, so get rid of those, vacuum every day for awhile and throw out your vacuum bag if you think there is any chance a roach egg case could hatch and babies make it back out of your vacuum. The adult roaches are dead or dying, they are telling the other roaches in the colony not to go to your house - but they lay those blasted egg cases all the time, until those babies can eat the death bait they will continue to hatch. They should die off soon, you can help speed this along be intensive vacuuming. Remember water and height, these are the two favorite places for roaches to hang out. A little smear on top of doors is never going to be seen by anyone but roaches, I would make sure you have all of your pipes coming into the house done very well and any holes coming into the house closed up with expandable foam. Get rid of any moving boxes or any cardboard you may have. It's gong to be fine. Just give it a week to work.

The 3 you found on the floor sound like good news, they seemed sick to me. Reading through the hundreds of comments really helps too. You are going to be fine, and your boyfriend deserves something special for being such a brave guy. I do not think you have a serious problem. Really.
SongWinter1 year ago
i did it with peanut butter and worked great ! i´ve noticed the baits aren´t gooey anymore,the peanut butter has dried out and they´re hard now.
Should i do new baits ? or moist them with water? will that make them ineffective tough?

Ninzerbean (author)  SongWinter1 year ago
Hard is fine. Roaches don't care - they eat cardboard! They should stay effective for about 2 years. Water will not do anything, don't do that. You're fine.
MaskMarvl1 year ago
I noticed that in your picture you have wheat flour but the receipe calls for rice flour. Which one should we actually use or works best?
Ninzerbean (author)  MaskMarvl1 year ago
Haha, read it again - it says rice flour but use any kind you have on hand. I knew I had written that and yet I could not find it just now - then I saw it.
I did read it, and yes I know it says "rice flour" but in your PICTURE you have a bag of Gold Medal (Wheat) Flour. That's why I was asking. :)
Ninzerbean (author)  MaskMarvl1 year ago
Yes, I understand, but where it lists the ingredients it says 'rice flour, but use any flour you have'.
I used to live in a motor-home and not had a single bug ever then I moved in with my girl friend and there are roaches everywhere. I hate bugs. When we moved I wanted to leave the electronics to sit while I get rid of the bugs but she didn't listen and moved everything inside. now they are so bad that they are everywhere even crawling on us as we sleep. I will be using your everlasting Roach-B-Gone Goo of Death in hopes that it works. I have tried roach traps and found they were living in them. I have been using pantyhose to cover my electronics to keep the buggers out.
Thank you for your info and all your work
Ninzerbean (author)  The Old Fart1 year ago
Check out some of the comments, actually check them all out - it turns out that roaches will make a home inside the electronics. Take them all (wrapped up in garbage bags tight) to a carwash with those strong vacuums. You are going to have to open them up a bit.

You need to be vacuuming your place every day for awhile too. You have a colony living there, that is harder than just a few coming in from outside. This is major. I think that the roaches may already be inside your electronics.

Remember, they like heat, water, height. But you may have to start with a bug bomb. Then move to the goo of death. I'm really sorry for you, this will be a big job, but I am sure in about 10 days you will be roach free. But don't stop the constant vacuuming, you want to get those egg cases. Throw out the vacuum cleaner bags after ever major vacuuming if you are not sure that the vacuum kills them. Or store the vacuum outside. Keep me posted, I really care. I know how it is.
SongWinter1 year ago
how often do you have to change the baits? great work!
Ninzerbean (author)  SongWinter1 year ago
Every 2 years should be fine. Just make sure you do it right the first time. It takes awhile to be thorough.
Hello, came across your site looking for a way to kill roaches. Followed all your steps and looked as if it might work. A week later we noticed they weren't being reduced like we thought would happen. Then I noticed the "THE BAIT" (That's what we call it) was hardening and losing it's smell. So I took some trading cards from my collection that are worth just pennies that have a good Glossy Finish and put some BAIT on them and every night for a month I took the cards with the BAIT on them and ran them under HOT WATER. This not only soften's the BAIT, but also makes the Syrup smell real loud. And the water just runs off the Glossy cards and does not moisten the card. (You have to use the Glossy cards or the cards with soak up the water). And in the end we have no mess because you can pick the cards up and move them and fit them in just about anywhere. I put approximately (30) of these loaded cards around the house and do the wetting before going to bed every night and after one month we have not seen one BUG! I just want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this wonderful remedy and I hope others will try the card trick because it eliminates the mess and is so universal - Thanks again and Good Luck!
Ninzerbean (author)  WILLIAM ISAAC1 year ago
Well I am glad you came across this 'ible looking for a way to kill roaches rather than being sad you don't have any. It really is OK for the bait to harden, it will only really get hard if water is used and that is not the thing to use. It will get hard enough not to fall off where you stick it but even hard it is really OK, but all the same I am glas this card trick worked and that you shared it. Thank you.
miamibeach1 year ago
Great instruction. I would like to know if you have a solution for those small ants, They mostly shows up in kitchens.
Ninzerbean (author)  miamibeach1 year ago
I used the same thing and it worked, I smooshed it into the places I could trace the ants coming in from.
polpol311 year ago
will borax instead of boric acid work as well?
Ninzerbean (author)  polpol311 year ago
No, it's not the same stuff. Read the comments for more info.
sa950351 year ago
3 weeks back, I bought a cabinet (second hand). I realized it had roaches. I cleaned it up very well but didnt throw it out. Since then i started seeing one roach a day. I gave lived in this apartment for 2 years and never had a problem. I bought sprays from OSH and sprayed the entire apt next day after buying the cabinet. It didnt work. On the 10th day, i called an exterminator and he has put Avert bait dry powder in places where he felt good and used only one maxForce FC roach bait station in the apartment. I felt that the bait station was effective but he has only put one in the entire apartment. I called him to put more but he says its enough. He said I have mil infestation.
I want to take more steps on my own. I am planning to order more Maxforce bait stations that has fipronil, do you think that will work or should i make the bait at home ? How long do you think it will take me to fix this problem ? will this problem ever get fixed ??

Please reply. I am in desperate need of advice as I want to control this before it becomes a bigger problem.

kllincoln1 year ago
Hi! Here is my quick little scenario. 2 weeks ago I bought a play station 3 off craigslist. After it being in our house for about 3 days I noticed a small bug crawling on the wall behind the tv stand where the ps3 was sitting. I squished it and thought nothing more. Over the next few days my hubs and son said they had seen about 3-4 total around the same spot. I then found one the next day on my wall and instead of squishing it I put it in a bag for closer examination. Shoot its a cockroach!! So i get boric acid and any other kind of roach killer I could find and decked out my house. Then I got to thinking and it dawned on me to check the ps3, I took it outside and kind of shook it on its side to only have a TON of roach body parts fall out!! I was mortified! I started to vaccuum out the vents on it and just got an abundance of partial roaches. I removed the cover and there was a live on just staring at me!! Now I put some of that gel bait stuff you can buy at a store inside a crevice of the ps3 and then sealed the whole thing in a garbage bag and left it sit for a week now. I am going to use your goo of doom around my house even though i have not seen any since. But what are the chances that if I open the bag they are still alive? I am possibly going to place the ps3 in a bag with you goo!! thanks!
Ninzerbean (author)  kllincoln1 year ago
Oh that is just horrible. You see I told you they were smart. There is a very good chance the one inside the bag is still alive and that there are a ton of egg cases in there as well. I think you are doing the right thing though. The bait will kill the live ones, and any that hatch will die from the bait in your house. That is a creepy story.
IT IS!! We have never had roach or bug issues other than the occasional fly or a random spider. Last night when I was watching tv there was one on the wall and one by the tv. The ps3 is still bagged and I have not opened it. This sunday it will have been bagged for a week. I cant open the ps3 completely since there are some sort of "key" screws that need to be removed. I called a few gaming places and they wont open it for me due to the possibility of them infesting their store. I got the stuff last night to make your goo of doom and I will post an update as to what happens!! Thank you for your article by the way!!
Ninzerbean (author)  kllincoln1 year ago
Try vacuuming the ps3 - outside of course or take it to a carwash, they have very strong vacuums there. I think that is your best bet. I am sure the people who sold it to your had no idea of the problem. Take it as much apart as you can safely do. I really feel bad for you, keep me posted.
ok here is the end result. I got the security screwdriver bit and took the ps3 completely apart, after 1 week in a bag with nothing but poison and dead comrades bodies, I found 1 live one in the ps3. but I could not believe how many dead bodies were in there. I took it to a car wash like you suggested and spent like $5 on the vacuum to make sure every little thing was out. I made the goo of doom and pretty much lined my house with it. baseboard, backsplash on the counter meets wall, cupboards, the entertainment center it was sitting on, I even put it in the little roach bait things. I put 3 small drops inside the ps3 just in case I missed something. and needless to say I HAVE SEEN NONE!! yay i am so relieved I stumbled on your page. I was ready to move lol. I have passed on your page and recipe to alot of people now. THANK YOU!!
Ninzerbean (author)  kllincoln1 year ago
Whew! That is a story with a happy ending. I wonder why they like to be inside components. I hope more people will read these comments so they know that that is a place to bait, I better add it to the 'ible. Thank you so much and I am so happy I was able to help you.
pkmn3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Ninzerbean (author)  pkmn3 years ago
Karo syrup is cheapest I think, you can use anything you think the buggies will be attracted to; peanut butter, honey, simple syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water, boiled), maybe soft drinks? How about glue, they sure like that, but you will have to work fast.
KRod Ninzerbean2 years ago
A couple of weeks ago I was boiling pasta and accidentally spilled some of the water on the floor. Before I could even get a paper towel to clean it up, roaches that were hidden were coming out to drink it like fiends! Remembering this, last night I mixed 2 parts boric acid, 1 part flour and boiled some pasta. I let the pasta sit 10-15 minutes so the water could thicken up, added it to the flour mix (just the thick water, not the pasta) and put it in a squeeze bottle. I really didn't measure how much of the pasta water I used, the consistency resembled a watery milkshake I guess! The roaches immediately were running to it from their hiding places!! It caked up pretty fast but that has not stopped them from eating it. This morning, it was like something I had never seen before. So many were out and about trying to feast on my mixture in broad daylight. Right now approximately 7 hours later, they are dying. Is it normal that they are dying so fast? I kind of expected this whole process to take a lot longer. Tonight I will blast them again and experiment with the consistencies.
Ninzerbean (author)  KRod2 years ago
This could mean you have a nest in your house, usually the nest is outside. Thousands and thousands will live in a nest and go foraging into houses and bring back food to the nest, and of course eat it themselves. The boric acid makes them sort of shred from the inside out, or blow up, anyway, they die, fast. So I don't think what you are seeing is unusual but I am concerned that you might have a nest inside your house. This calls for bigger measures, maybe a commercial fogger is in order to get things under control.

Anytime you use water in this bait, it will harden very fast. But of course this pasta water is what is attracting your bunch. They will learn from this though and I don't know how long it will work to draw them out.

I am still concerned that you have too many to deal with on your own. But keep me posted.
Update: 6 days later
What a difference 6 days has made! I am still finding 4-5 dead bugs every morning. I ran out of boric acid about 5 days ago so and will be buying more tomorrow so I can thoroughly take care of the bathroom. I am finding dead adults and live babies in the bathroom.
I am hoping we do not have a nest in here. We live in a six-plex (like a duplex but 6 houses connected together). Our problem started when some unruly characters moved out of the first unit (we are in the 2nd unit). The landlord sprayed their place and I think it made them all come over here. I have heard of other neighbors having problems through the years off and on. The people who live in the first unit now have not seen any. I'll keep you posted on further results.
KRod KRod1 year ago
They are gone!! I did some boric acid "maintenance" and bought the sprayable foam to seal cracks. We even found a half-dead black widow spider that we think might have eaten a poisoned roach! Thank you again for this info. I never thought we would be able to get rid of so many this way but we did it!
Ninzerbean (author)  KRod1 year ago
Yipee! Tell all the neighbors! Make some money - offer to do it for them.
Stazy13781 year ago
Ok.....we did it today. We used the ketchup and mustard bottle idea. But, didn't add water. I did a whole bottle of 100% boric acid (dollar general) it's about 3 1/2 cups and added karo and molasses and two cups of flour. I mixed in syrup until it would squeeze out of the bottles (after we chopped abot half the tip off of the bottles) and then I took had the bowl of doom and stuck a putty knife in THAT. So the three of us have been squeezing and spreading the stuff, I hope this wraps it up. I've got them knocked down already. My kitchen is a fortress as it is...but the suckers have been spreading out (just a few here and there) on the hunt for food and water. DEATH TO THEM ALL!
koadave1 year ago
Have to share what I just saw. We live in Hawaii, where there are 2 common kinds of roaches, the "B-52's" that are up to 2 inches long and FLY, and a smaller version that doesn't fly and prefers to live in the soil. Both of these hardly qualify as "roaches" to me, as they prefer to stay outdoors, and only occasionally wander inside. They don't hang out in the regular roach places inside and don't look for food. Lately we have been having a bout with German Browns, which love to live inside and scrounge food. Tried boric acid by itself, with minimal results. Today i mixed up some of this goo of doom, and thinned down the leftover so I could pour it on top of the scum in our septic tank. The solution hardly landed before the B-52's were all over it! I mean pushing and shoving each other to get at it! The germans were a lot more cautious, but within a minute or two they were at it as well. Further proof that this stuff works. I'll post later for how it goes inside. Thanks for the info.

Ninzerbean (author)  koadave1 year ago
Amazing, thanks.
GDParduhn32 years ago
has anyone tried adding a Sterilizing agent to your mix ,, ???

I have been using one and now switching to a new one,, you add a 1 oz bottle or measured amount to any other product/ sprays/ (your bait) and wala not only do they die but their eggs and and their carcass become a sterilizer against any other roaches making more babies !!

Roaches i have come to find out, eat their fallen comrades bodies so the more you taint them the better !!

which is another reason you don't see as many dead ones as you should.


im not shure why but i spoke with a pest control service/ products sales shop owner and he stated that once you get the boric acid wet its rendered useless ,

However he also stated that diatamasous earth was useless agaist roaches as well and great as a cleaner..

i say the more the merrier as every colony probably has an ingrained "watch list " of sorts of what to stay away from.

For example, many will climb the walls to avoid a foggers fumes and stay at shoulder height just below the heat and above the cold narrowly escaping the cloud, ( i have only seen older large ones do this.)

(of course once found being intelligent i make sure they never share this information with the others.)

Ninzerbean (author)  GDParduhn32 years ago
That is NOT true about the boric acid becoming wet and becoming useless - unless the guy meant with water and dissolving. Anyway what sterilizing agent are you thinking of?
TrissieEtta2 years ago
Would this bait still work by putting into small plastic containers with holes in that would allow roaches to enter but keeping pets from consuming the bait? Would the roaches go into the containers to get the bait?
Ninzerbean (author)  TrissieEtta2 years ago
The whole point of a sticky bait is to put it in places pets can't get to. What would stop a pet from picking up a plastic container? Also the containers would prevent you from putting the bait inside the walls, on pipes, over doorways, behind drawers etc. It really defeats the whole reason why this system works.
HStich2 years ago
Hi! We recently noticed Smokey Brown roaches in our basement-turned-playroom. The room has walls, carpet, toys & school-things. We never bring food down, but last week my daughter let her cup leak with a little milk. Also, my mother-in-law gave us tons of boxes (many cardboard) of old books she's been storing and we are thinking either it started there or in our terribly messy gutters and leaf piles around the house. (I can't get my husband to do gutters for anything!) About a week or two ago we notice lots of tiny babies, some 'teens' and a few bigger ones. I freaked out and cried "Infestation!" I immediately bought boric acid and gel bait and put it out. Still saw a couple babies and a big one and then came across your site. Put your paste out last night and checked back when it got dark and the hubs saw two big ones on the wall and left them, as they were near some bait. But I haven't seen any today, even dead ones. (I also put some bait all on the back porch, as the dog's food attracts them like crazy, so we need to figure that out... My point is, I'm worried that I'm seeing very few roaches, since just a week ago I saw one down there every time I turned around. (I saw a couple in the upstairs, but nothing like the basement.) Since I haven't even seen dead ones, should I worry? Are they dying in the walls? I guess I should be happy that they are few all of a sudden, but I'm worried for some reason. Could it be that fast? Maybe my infestation wasn't like I thought? Or are they meeting to form another plan to invade my house?! Thanks, by the way! :)
Ninzerbean (author)  HStich2 years ago
You are OK, the roaches have to eat the food to die, they usually eat some and bring some back to the colony. They die a slow terrible death so it is not like you would put the poison out and see dead roaches in a hour, more like just what you are seeing.

The dog's food is another story and one I will have to think about. Well there are some obvious ideas but I am sure you will think of them too.

I think the cardboard is what brought them to your basement, not the spilled milk, or even if there was a bit of food, it would not matter, but the point is that they won't come back - you must do a really thorough job though, it takes time and effort, but it should last for a few years.

My house up in the woods in SC is finally safe from roaches, I only ever see an occasional dead one. It's spiders I am contending with now.
Good luck with the spiders! I feel like bugs have just been invading us lately! One more question, though I know you aren't a professional bug researcher. ;) I'm not seeing anymore (besides a dead one here or there) in the basement, but all of a sudden I'm seeing 8 tiny babies a day, UPSTAIRS, all in one spot in the kitchen. I'm constantly killing them. I can't tell from where they are coming, but they are always in the same spot and there are usually two at a time. It's driving me crazy. Does this mean it's working you think? Or is this a bad sign? Thank you so much for your comforting advice!
Ninzerbean (author)  HStich2 years ago
Hmmm I would say to do your kitchen again - did you pull the drawers out as far as you could and put the bait on the back of them? Babies mean egg cases, I don't know how long they take to hatch but you must have a slew if you are seeing them every day, the cases are somewhere where your vacuum has not reached. Vacuum again. Not a real bad sign, it just means you missed somewhere.
mpatton62 years ago
This is just not working! I applied it Sunday everywhere and it is Thursday, now I'm seeing them in day time and all over my walls when before I had only been seeing them at night. They have also gone to the upstairs bathroom when I hadn't seen them there at ALL! : (
I talke dto a Pro the other day about other options besides poison....

He said Crushed Bay leaves = keyptonite for roaches and

SALT your carpet.

Your problem sounds a bit more intense though and may require a professional....
Ninzerbean (author)  mpatton62 years ago
Please go over the 'ible again to see if there is anything you missed doing. Seeing roaches in the daytime means they are being crowded out of their colony and means a really bad infestation. Are you getting rid of anything that could be harboring a colony? Check your under the oven area - maybe there is a pull out storage place? Really this stuff works very well, but you must do your part and thoroughly clean too. Is is possible the colony is actually living in your house - and you will have to find it. This is very rare. Truly it is unheard of for this stuff not to work. Please let me know any more details so that maybe I can figure out why it is not working for your situation. It does take a long time to do it correctly in an average size house this could mean 2 or 3 hours - do you think you have done a good job? Have you read any of the comments or all of them to see if you can glean something there that may apply to your situation? I really want to help so let me know.
ZaneEricB2 years ago
I have to admit I was slightly skeptical, but....If I see a roach its dead now!

I used the basic formula you suggested, but I decreased the amount of flour and added alittle water so I could use a caulk gun to apply this roach terminator to pipes, nooks, crannies, and other various roach homes. and just to make the smell more roach freindly, and cheaper, I used molasses.

This stuff was thick, smelled great(hard not to taste it... :) ) and kills roaches and wards off ants. I had all the ingredientsand this was too easy not to try.

Thanks for the help!
Hatebugs2 years ago
I don't have any roaches (thank goodness), but I am very paranoid about the possibility of getting them. A couple of my neighbors have roach and mice problems in their homes, and I worry. I have a detached garage, and I did get some mice last winter, but I also found quite a few dead ones after I put out some stuff I picked up at Home Depot. No signs of mice or roaches in the house, but I am very paranoid. Is there anything I can do to make sure they stay out. Since I moved in less than a year ago, I still have some unpacked boxes in my basement, but I'm slowly going through them. I was thinking of trying your Death Paste as a "just in case," but I'm afraid that if I don't have either in the house, that the sweet mix will just attract them. I want to keep them away, not invite them...even if it is to kill them.
Ninzerbean (author)  Hatebugs2 years ago
I really think it would be best to use the bait even if you do not have roaches, it will not attract them to your house any more than nail clippings and crumbs or cardboard would.

As far as mice and rats go I have been so impressed with a $30 device I bought from Home Depot that plugs into an outlet, you can use an extension cord to place it anywhere if the outlet is not close enough for you. I had rats and mice in my old house when I first moved in. They ran around in the ceiling at night and it was terrible. I bought one of these things and the problem was solved immediately. I know it works because I had them in the garage loft - I found the droppings - and I put one up there too, the reason I know it works so well is that about 3 years later I found droppings and checked the "ratinator" and it had burned out, the little red light was off. I really like this little device because the dogs can't hear it, I can't hear it - even when I put it up to my ear, and it really works. You don't want dead mice or rats in your walls stinking up the place, this thing just makes them go away because it makes a hight pitched frequency they don't like. I hope that helps - and I wish I knew what it was called, I just call it the "ratinator".
Ninzerbean (author)  swinterscott2 years ago
All the answers to your questions are in the 'ible - also there is great information in all the hundreds of comments.
lind21762 years ago
Thank you very much for your detailed how-to!
Here's my background before asking my question:

Just recently moved from the Pacific NW (which has no cockroaches, not where I'm from) to Georgia. The hubs and I have moved into an apartment and, you guessed it, we are experiencing cockroaches. Most of which I have seen either on the kitchen floor or the bathroom. Our apartment gets sprayed inside every other month. They sprayed last week, and already just this morning I saw one sprint across the kitchen floor. I'm beginning to wonder if the spray they use really works, so I'm going to give your method a try.

I'm going to take your advice and take off the switchboards, put it behind the drawers, and around the pipes. I'm trying to think of any other places in the kitchen to put it, but running out of ideas. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. We don't have kids or pets, so we are not too concerned about the toxic part of it.

Here's my question: once I apply this "goo of doom", should I be prepared to see more cockroaches due to the attraction of the paste? As ridiculous as this sounds, I'm almost more comfortable killing a few cockroaches individually throughout the week rather than seeing big groups of them. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm getting real nervous just thinking of the new group hang-outs I'll be making for the roaches. Or do they eat and run?

If my memory keeps up with me, I plan to post a follow-up. Thanks again for all of your help.

Ninzerbean (author)  lind21762 years ago
No, strangely you will not see piles of dead roaches. I think they take the food back to their community and most of the time they die there. After I apply the bait I may see one or two dead bugs - and I believe they are the ones that made me put out the bait in the first place.

Another good place to put the bait in your kitchen is anywhere up high - on top of your cabinets if that is possible. Just think about hight places and wet places and food and cardboard places.

This is going to work. Think about it - your exterminator comes every month, if you didn't have roaches why would he come? You would let him go. That is why what they use is made to not work very well, and certainly made to not last a whole month. When in doubt about anything that is a puzzle follow the money.

Thanks for writing and I hope you will follow up.
Okie doke, it's been almost two weeks after applying the Goo of Doom in all of your recommended places and here is the result: no more live cockroaches! WOOHOO!! We have seen three so far, all dead. We are loving this, and feeling much better about our situation.

It's kinda funny, when we put this all together, it smelled like a maple bar donut lol. No wonder the bugs would go for this stuff! Thank you very much for all of your help and for this recipe. I am spreading word around about this stuff, because being in the South, we definitely aren't the only ones with a cockroach problem.

Thanks again!
Ninzerbean (author)  lind21762 years ago
Hooray! Don't you just love Instructables? It's helped me so much to do so many things. Thank you for your feedback.
Esmagamus2 years ago
I hate having bugs around the house, all sorts of them. Ants, flies, mosquitoes, roaches.

So, this time, I went all the way and bought myself a bottle of industrial (used in restaurants), permanent, non-staining bait. All I have to do is mix a cap full of the stuff with two litres of water and spray it everywhere. Every time we see roaches, they're dead. And so are flies and ants. Have I mentioned there are no spider webs anymore?

Looking at the sort of trouble you had baiting your home, I'm glad mine is made of stone and doesn't really have hollow walls and crawlspaces.

Hope you get rid of those pests permanently. Your house is lovely.
I would like to know the name of this product also. I have tried several sprays which seems to feed them instead of kill them.
One thing you'll notice on the domestic insecticide sprays is that the active ingredient concentration is below 1%. So, not only they are not very poisonous, they'll also dissipate quickly. What one needs with these persistent infestations is a poison that will stay there when you're busy doing something else. It is also important that the insecticide is present in sufficient quantities and takes a longer time to act than sprays so the bugs will have time to carry it back to nesting areas and poison whole colonies.

Again, I don't know what you will be allowed to buy, as these products are very poisonous to fish but any permethrin based product will do a good job as it is both poisonous and repellent to insects. Toxicity to humans is also low and I know it is common practice in the US to soak military uniforms in the stuff.

If you do want sprays to kill airborne insects, there are machines that take special cans of spray insecticide and release a puff every few minutes. Those sprays have higher concentrations and will kill flies instantly.

Do a thorough cleaning of your home, especially your kitchen. Rip the baseboards under the cabinets, wash that hidden area thoroughly and apply permanent insecticide, plus rat bait and ant bait to create a denial zone. If you force them to seek alternative routes, they will show up where you can see them.

If your home is made of wood, you'll have to have additional precautions that I am not qualified or experienced enough to give, as homes in my area are exclusively built out of masonry and thus have no crawlspaces or access to insulation areas.

Go to a farmer's supply warehouse and I'm sure they'll have the stuff I'm talking about in powder or oil emulsion form. They usually spray cattle pens with it.

I can't stress this enough: follow the manufacturer's instructions, watch out for contamination of food preparation surfaces, fish tanks, etc. Be responsible and in doubt, ask and use common sense.
Ninzerbean (author)  Esmagamus2 years ago
But wait wait, what is it? I have moved into the woods, I feel like I have made a huge mistake that I can't get out of, spiders every where, bugs that I have never even seen before or knew existed, and I baited with my stuff and it worked great and then this morning a roach just drinking water out on my deck.

I dumpster dive and there are funny little roaches on everything, I have never seen this before. I am so deep in the woods I can only talk on the phone outside on the porch. I hate bugs. I feel like a prisoner in my house now, I have been so attached by chiggers I think I will have scars for life. My dogs are fine, I am not. What did you use, how can I get some? The spiders here are out of a nature channel show. The mud wasps even build their nests on door handles.
I suspect you're carrying eggs home with your dumpster diving. Do get some sodium hypochloride solution (13% concentration bleach)) and thoroughly disenfect all you're bringing home.

I can't tell if the exact product I used is available on your area. I used a Bayer product but, since I'm away from home the whole week, I can't tell you the name right now.

Any decent farmers supplier should have a permethrin-based insecticide for wall applications. Cattle farmers usually spray any fly resting place with the stuff. They touch it, they die. That's the sort of product I'm using. I mix a sprayer full of it and coat every surface with it. Walls, under cabinets, on top of cabinets, around baseboards, under stairs ledges, around windows, doors, drain holes, ceilings, you name it.

Pay attention that the stuff you buy is non-staining. I will give you that bayer product name when I get back home. :)
Ninzerbean (author)  Esmagamus2 years ago
I'll bet you are right. I use my leaf blower and sometimes the pressure washer on the stuff but it must not be enough. I know where there is a feed store so I will go there, thank you ever so much, you don't need to get back to me with the name, knowing it is permethrin based is all I needed to know. And non-staining.